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Student BusinessWise March 2012

  1. 1. Celebratingstudent successStudents onplacementNew York Study TourImprovinggraduateemployability
  2. 2. Message he freoumetDean Ex c tiv INESSWISE. A warm welcome to this edition of BUS d to showcase a wide Nor thampton Business School is prou experiences beyond the variety of student achievements and classroom. n of the outstanding It is always so pleasing for me to lear gives me a sense achievements of our students and it thampton Business of immense pride knowing how Nor full potential. For those School helps people to realise their the University of readers who are considering making e that this will give you Nor thampton your first choice, I hop articles throughout this a good insight into life with us. The our work with national edition demonstrate the strength of s for work placements, employers, highlight the opportunitie lisation throughout show our commitment to internationa e on celebrating the curriculum, prove the value we plac incredible possibilities student success and make evident the for your future. see what our current Our Facebook page is a great way to to join our online students say and do and I invite you community and hope you will see what makes The University of Nor thampton a great choice. nbsuninorthants @ianbrooks6 Featured in this edition... Aiming high at IBM P.3 Luke strikes out on his own P.5 Comments s 2012 P.6 Would you lik Accounting and Finance award e to commen on any of the t stories Internationalising the MBA P.8 featured in th is edition of BUSINESSW nted reality P.10 ISE? Got an Unlock the potential of augme idea for the n ext issue? Let know –email us New York study tour 2012 P.11 businesswis northampto e@ Celebrating success P.13 Guest lectures P.14Published by Northampton Business School T. 01604 892036 E. Hayley Hunter and Michelle Smith. Design: effort has been made to ensure that all of the information contained in this edition of BUSINESSWISE is correct a the time of going to press.Please note that The University of Northampton accepts no liability for the accuracy of statements in this and other marketing publications.
  3. 3. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 2Welcome to theFebruary startersNorthampton Business School were pleased to welcome We all had a good time, in o Hellour new students who started in February 2012 with a particular, the interactionprogramme of events arranged to help them find their way part! The atmosphere wasaround campus and meet their fellow students. The week so good that students,culminated in a night of traditional English entertainment tutors and dancers learntwhere students had a chance to meet each other and chat the dance together. Wewith university staff while they enjoyed a buffet followed talked and laughed. All inby entertainment from the Moulton Morris Men. The Vice all, this was an evening thatChancellor Prof. Nick Petford stopped by to greet the new I will hold in my mind forstudents and a good time was had by all who attended. much time to come, and I Many of the students got into the spirit of the dance look forward toby joining in and one student remarked how similar Morris seeing more such activities helddancing was to an African drum dance from his home within NBS and our university!”country, proving that we are more similar that you may think. Xihui Chen commented “I was so pleasedthat our university and the Business School value ourinternational students’ experience so much! Last year aChinese lady showed off the traditional Chinese dance andgong fu cha (tea), but this year, wow! It was a chance toexperience the English culture- Morris dancing!Chinese New Year GalaBUSINESSWISE asked Xihui Chen (Haviour) of the GlobalStudent Society to comment on the Chinese New Year Gala. “It was my great honour to host the Chinese New YearGala for the Chinese Students and Scholars Associationthis year. In that night, we were very pleased and gratifiedto see such a large international audience attending ourcelebration. We welcomed Chinese, English, Dutch, Brazilian,Canadian, Indian, Pakistani, Russian, Thai, Turkish, SriLankan, Mauritius, Nigerian students and many othernationalities! We had such a wonderful night! More than300 people attended, I was so pleased that they were allinterested in the Chinese culture, especially when they hadseen the traditional Chinese dressing- Qipao, and the typicalChinese dancing. Everyone watched with interestand enjoyed the performances. I was so glad that I could host the gala, representingthe Chinese Student Society, and introduce Chinese cultureto people across the world! Additionally, I’d like to saythanks to everyone who performed that night and to ourteam for their time and effort in organizing this event.Wishing you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!”
  4. 4. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 3Aiming highat IBMHarry Paul is a BA (Hons) improved skills by delivering oodles ofBusiness Studies student at presentations to sellers,the University of Northampton clients and schools. I have Our Paulwho is currently on the improved my adaptabilityundergraduate placement by doing different jobs as well as having the chancescheme at IBM. Harry to widen my networksrecently visited NBS to share which will help me for thehis experiences of the IBM rest of my life.”recruitment process and his Q. How will thetime as a placement student in placement at IBMthis prestigious organisation. help you in theBUSINESSWISE took the future?chance to ask him a few “Due to my currentquestions about his placement placement at IBM, when I graduate and apply “Seeing thewith IBM as a System X Sales for IBM’s graduate progress I haveOperations Analyst. scheme I am entitled to be Fast Tracked to the made within IBMQ. What does your placement assessment centres, this will help me getas a System X Sales OperationsAnalyst at IBM involve? is of great advantage to me as I would like the most out of my“I work with 40 sellers, three managers to work for IBM after university degree”and one director to the System X brand graduation. I will bringof IBM to ensure what we are projecting back the 9-5 mentalityfor the future in terms of sales targets for to university which willthe quarter are ok. The data that we look help me balance my professional and Q. What advice would youat and analyse involve last year’s targets, private life. The placement will help me give to students applying forcurrent trends, aims, markets, products to understand the IT market and broaden placements?and checking the readiness of the brand.” my horizon by learning new ways of “When you are applying for placements doing things in terms of marketing, remember that the quality of yourQ. What have you learned so far? analysing data etc. Seeing the progress applications is more important than“I started the placement in July 2011 I have made within IBM will help me get the quantity of applications. Howeverand it ends in July 2012 but there is a the most out of my university degree and the more you apply the better yourpossibility that it might get extended. hence open up more opportunities for application’s get it’s like the sayingAt IBM I am constantly learning and my me. I will not have to struggle as much as goes ‘practice makes perfect’. There isskills are always improving personally other graduates upon the completion of a job out there for everyone, you justand professionally. I have to meet my my degree.” have to find it. Always follow up onaims and goals in a high pressure setting your applications as this leaves a goodbut the managers are always helpful. I impression. You should not think ofhave gained confidence and applying for the easiest jobs always aim higher, THINK SMARTER.” Calling all final yearent Surde-nts stu vey Have your say in The National Stud Complete the survey online @ www.thestudentsu
  5. 5. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 4 Improving Graduate Employability Michael’s 5 step guide to improving graduate employabilityCoco Careers is a new University 1. Get it down on paper Write an honest profile or CV. Assess whether youof Northampton backed Social have enough content to impress an employer. IfEnterprise focused on improving there are shortfalls in experience or knowledge use your time from now to graduation to work on theseGraduate Employability in areas.Northamptonshire. 2. Know yourself Consider investing in a psychometric assessment.It has three simple objectives: Properly used this can give you a competitive• Improve undergraduate employability advantage by telling an employer how to get the best out of you. Coco’s assessments are• Deliver commercially aware, productive, industry very revealing about your key competences and ready graduates into graduate level jobs behaviours.• Provide scholarships and bursaries for studying at The University of Northampton 3. Network Social networks and old fashioned handshakingThe first students and graduates were placed into work in offer excellent advantages when properly used.December 2011. Follow these tips: 1. Be generous (you are looking to make good, mutually beneficial contacts here.)Staffed by Business School Graduates 2. Follow up each new contact you make. 3. TapThe two newest members of staff are both recent into your network – let them know you’re there!Business School graduates: Michael Pettigrew BA 4. Be realistic(Hons) Business with Media and Sarah Hull, BA (Hons) Let’s face it, you are brilliant. But you may not beHuman Resource Management. They have a very able to go in at Managing Director level in yourclear view of the current graduate jobs market and the first graduate job. Be clear about the industryunique challenges of looking for employment as recent sector or company you want to work in and theUniversity of Northampton graduates. role you ultimately want to secure. Then make a “It’s vital to start thinking about how prospective realistic decision on the entry level roles you canemployers will view you, as early as practical,” take upon graduation to start the journey to thatrecommends Michael Pettigrew. “Extra-curricular position.activities, participation in voluntary work and gettinginvolved with student support activities are always 5. Register with Coco Careersviewed positively by employers and we definitely Use Coco for an honest, focused and helpfulencourage you to follow those pursuits.” strategy to get you the right graduate job and“We know that what employers really want is a work to gain temporary or part time work during yourhistory that is relevant to their industry and verified study at Northampton Business referees; this can be really hard to achieve with thepressures of a University work load and the competition Contact work placements - this is where we can help.” 01604 24 25 91 or 01604 24 25 92 @cococareers
  6. 6. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 5Luke strikes out on his own Luke Wale, a BA (Hons) Business Studies stu dent talks to BUSINESSWISE about the launch of his new company and his con tinued studies.Experience of The inspiration behind Future aspirationsuniversity the company Since starting Strike Web Solutions, II was never certain of what I wanted Now that I have had time to think have been contacted by Coco Careers –to do after college – I chose A Levels I about what I want in life, I know that I a social enterprise who are “Focused onenjoyed and was interested in, but only aim to be self-employed, or in a position improving graduate and undergraduateapplied to university on the chance that of employment that I feel comfortable employability in Northamptonshire”,I would possibly decide to go. During in. I realised that at university, I and have made it possible for mecollege, I worked as a telesales agent at have brilliant opportunities ahead of to be hired as a web designer andDomestic and General, a job which was me, and it was then that I saw an developer with MossFace – a positionthe deciding factor for me to come to opportunity to take a hobby, I am grateful to be in, as it has sinceuniversity, and to aim higher in life. opened more doors for me, making me and turn it into a business – the Now as a second year BA Business more employable, plus giving me the step forward to what I wish to achieve.Studies student, I have thoroughly vital experience I need to help me with I am the owner of Strike Webenjoyed my time at university and my quest of running my own company Solutions, a web design and webam trying to make the most of what - especially as it is a closely related services company aimed at improvingit offers; both through social and industry to Strike Web Solutions. websites owned by small businesseseducational factors. Yes, university I am not limiting myself to just the in order to help them achieve greatercan bring some stresses, but one industry, or one line of work growth and maximise efficiency, andthis is just the window to the to also take those businesses with no at the moment, although I willreal world, and you should take current web presence, provide them put everything I have intothat and any challenges you with a professional website, with a everything I do - I am always guidance service, allowing companies keeping an eye open to othermay face in your stride, and to focus on what is important – running opportunities that may arise, whetherany challenges that you may they become reality through the the business.face. Next time you think that your university or from my own load is too much, stand back andlook at your technique – something Ihave learned, and still learning to some @strikewebsolextent, is that university life is verymanageable… but only if you take thetime to actually manage your time –remember that it is important to focus!Presenting PhD researchRichard Hazenberg, a PhD student in the Business School, presentedthe final results of his research to students and staff on Tuesday 7th February.Richard’s PhD examined work-integration programmes for young people not inemployment, education or training (NEET) that were being delivered by socialenterprises and non-social enterprises. It specifically focused on the impact ofthese programmes on individuals’ self-efficacy. The results of the study showedthat whilst social enterprises had no greater effect on self-efficacy than non-social enterprises, the ‘added value’ that they provided was evidenced in theirwillingness to work with and support more ‘socially excluded’ NEETs. The resultswere also discussed in relation to the pressures placed on such organisations byfunders and policy-makers and how this affects the delivery of such programmeson the front-line.
  7. 7. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 6 ACCOUNTING DS ND A FINANCE AWAR 2012 • Best in advanced accounting – 17 students from Accounting Amarjit Makkar and Finance courses within The • Best in corporate finance – Dana Iliuta University of Nor thampton’s • Best in financial strategy – Andrew Nelson Business School have picked up • Best in taxation – Matthew Swift prizes at the annual Accounting • Best disser tation – Samina Begum • Best overall in year 3 BAAF – and Finance Awards at Sunley Christopher Beale Conference Centre. • Best overall distance learner non-specialist The awards – presented across undergraduate, accounting – Martin Timms postgraduate and professional courses – • Best in corporate repor ting MSc Accounting recognise outstanding performance of the & Finance – Weilan Huang students within their studies. • Best overall MSc Accounting – Ikenna Onyekwelu The full list of award winners are: • Exceptional performance in ACCA studies – Christopher Cook, Divisional Leader, Accounting, Michael Haywood Finance and Information Services, commented: • Best overall in Year 1 non-specialist accounting – Kirstie Gray “We congratulate all students being presented with awards on their hard • Outstanding achievement in year 1 BAAF – work and achievements. They have bright John Crick futures ahead of them in the accounting • Best overall in year 1 BAAF – and finance industries.” Tryagain Kashaya The awards featured a keynote speech by Steve • Best overall in year 2 non-specialist Robinson, Partner at Grant Thornton, a leading accounting – Daniel Rhodes chartered accountancy firm. Northampton • Outstanding achievement in BAAF – Business School wishes to thank all sponsors Anish Chudal of the awards – PQ Magazine, BPP, LANSCA, • Best overall in year 2 BAAF – Adam Rippin McIntyre Hudson, Hawsons, Nationwide, • Best in audit – Syeda Rizvi Hays Recruitment, Grant Thornton and Deborah Harry.
  8. 8. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 7In F cus Fly your own within the workplace. “Graduate employers are more frequently seeking employees rocket who can demonstrate an ability to learn Kate Russell, Managing Director effectively within a range of contexts and work-based learning is a perfect way for of Russell HR Consulting students to develop and demonstrate this” (, has been a regular speaker at Helen, as the academic consultant, has been Northampton Business School at the forefront of the creation of the new for the past five years. Her most NBS Centre for Employability (C4E). The recent presentation covered the C4E aims to support NBS students in the issues of employment legislation development of key skills and attitudes which she gave to current HRM that will enhance their graduate career students. Kate is also running prospects. Through the C4E, students are offered a range of skills development a series of workshops which activities and because of Helen’s strong are free to schools, colleges connections with the corporate learning and universities through her agenda these workshops reflect the consulting company to give current expectations of graduate students practical advice on recruiters and employers. The C4E is how to plan and achieve their establishing strong relationships with future employment goalsHelen Ure joined NBS employers to provide students with 2009 as a Senior an opportunity to meet and work withLecturer in Work Based employers through placements, mentoring schemes, shadowing and mock interviews.Learning having workedin graduate recruitment, Helen’s research interests are in the areasgraduate development and of work-based learning and employability skills. Previously she has conducted smallmanagement and leadership research projects looking at the barriers fordevelopment. students when seeking one year placements and also the expectations of internationalAs well as her academic role at the students in relation to work experience inUniversity she maintains her connections the UK. In addition to her own research intoto the corporate environment via her how work-based learning contributes to thelearning consultancy activities. Helen is a development of student employability, HelenFellow of The Institute of Leadership and is currently supervising two URB@N projectsManagement and The Institute of Training on student perceptions of employabilityand Occupational Learning as well as a and also the positive impact of undertakingmember of CIPD and CMI. a placement. Kate says:Through work-based learning Helen workswith full-time and part-time students to help “I feel we have a duty of carethem maximise the opportunities for learning to educate students to be more realistic and sensible in their job applications. I believe it is useful to have links with the University, Marketer of the Year it not only gives me the ability to share my knowledge of the industry but it also enables me Congratulations to Daniel Jenkins- to meet potential employees. Ferguson (CIM Professional Diploma in We have already done some Marketing) who won the Marketer of the Year award at the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards work with a former University of 2011. BUSINESSWISE will be finding out more Northampton student and hope and catching up with Daniel in a future edition. to do more.”
  9. 9. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 8Internationalising A foot in the doorthe MBAAs part of the Masters in Business Administration, students are offered an with Clarksopportunity to internationalise by working with a company overseas to look at an BUSINESSWISE spoke to Freyaaspect of change they have recently undergone. A number of groups have taken up Virdee about a recent week of workthe challenge with destinations including, India, Thailand and Portugal. experience which she arrangedThe MBA course leader Linda Lee-Davies said “It is so important for modules andteaching to enable students to internationalise their qualification and to increase directly with Clarks HQ in Somerset.their employability in terms of promotion at work. We are facilitators for their talentand clearly on receipt of that chance they shine. This one post graduate module on “I managed to gain a week’s work experience atthe MBA is a good example of how the University creates added value beyond the Clarks HQ simply by emailing and making qualification itself.” phone calls to the International team. It took Laura Wood, Julia Evans and Hayley Hunter have been working with Talent about two months to get the final ‘Yes’ but theyUniversities based in Portugal to look at the acquisition of IADE, a design school were extremely efficient and kind. I had to sendin Lisbon. The purpose of the visit was to talk with senior managers about how a cover letter describing myself, what degree Ithe acquisition had affected the culture of the organisations within the group. The was undertaking, what I wanted to achieve fromholding company are based in Porto and manage IPAM, the Portuguese Institute my work experience and why Clarks in particular.of Marketing Management and IADE, the Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Perseverance, manners and personalityMarketing. definitely helps gaining opportunities. The link with the organisation came about through a former MBA student, Filipe ‘Clarks’ shoes are one of the biggest nonMorais who is now the Executive Director for IDIMCOM, part of Talent Universities, sports shoe retailers in the world, selling onresponsible for research output. Filipe was instrumental in helping to arrange average 55 million pairs of shoes annually andinterviews with senior managers prior to arrival and offered a warm welcome to are pioneers in innovative shoe technology toLaura and Hayley in a very chilly Portugal. Unfortunately Julia was unable to join support and care for consumers feet as well asthe others in Portugal but kept up to date with Skype calls and provided valuable aiming at contemporising their footwear designsback up research during the week. to appeal to new, younger cliental. Colleagues who think this was an easy week can think again, there were some My first day was nerve racking, arrivinglong days and lots of travel involved getting to see all the sites in Lisbon, Porto and for duty at 8.30am with no idea what the dayAveiro however it was well worth it and the reward was a day of rest on Friday to had in store for me. I was met by the Head oftake in the sights of Porto and attend an international jazz festival. International Marketing’s PA and taken to the Laura, Julia and Hayley will submit a management consultancy report to Talent Marketing department, where I would be basedand as part of their assessed work to show how the organisation have approached for the week.the acquisition and make recommendations to address issues which the group have I met the team and explained what I wasidentified during their visit. hoping to gain from the week, although extremely Julia said “To be able to use the work we have done in the classroom on the busy, everyone made time for me, explainedpart time MBA course in a real life business environment has greatly enhanced things when I needed guidance and alwaysmy studies and given me hands on experience of applying business principles and invited me out for lunch so I didn’t have to sit likemodels to analyse a current situation. This has enabled me to compare and apply it a loner in the huge ‘Cow Shed’ my own working environment, it has been very advantageous and has added real During the week one of my main tasks was tovalue to the learning experience.” assist Jane Walker, Head of International PR, with Laura commented that “Being able to apply the theory learnt on the course and regards to sourcing product displays suitablework on a real life business issue has given me a deeper understanding of what for a showcase conference. Buyers, wholesalersorganisations face rather than just text book views. It has definitely increased my and press will congregate to preview the newconfidence and knowledge of what organisations face during change, and by being collection, and the whole venue had to ooze agiven the opportunity to internationalise this report, it will prove invaluable for particular theme, in this case ‘Old England’.my career.” Another task handed to me during the week Hayley added “I would really recommend taking the opportunity to was to work with the Graphic Design team on theinternationalise the MBA, it is such a valuable experience working with colleagues content and layout of the monthly internationalfrom different cultures and comparing working methods” newsletter, for distribution to European and Asia Pacific retail and wholesale markets. TheBUSINESSWISE will report on the other student visits in future editions. newsletter consists of monthly updates from the Clarks Street HQ, pictures of press days and a short story of one member of the team per month. As well as interacting with PR teams for the conference and graphic design for the Laura, Filipe newsletters I was also shown how to use the and Hayley company’s computer system and was given a deep insight into their key operations, I helped with international orders and design briefs, and received a great week of work experience at Clarks HQ.”
  10. 10. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 9 Anglo Baltic News - two years onIn May 2010, BUSINESSWISE channel to do some work regarding areported on third year BA Business Latvian person who used to live in theManagement student Datsa Gaile and USA! Also, every year Latvian TV comesthe launch of her Latvian newspaper, over to film my progress in the UK.Anglo Baltic News. BUSINESSWISE I am opening The Latviancaught up with Datsa, two years on, to Supplementary School in Northampton.see how her business was progressing. The school will be opened by the “Anglo Baltic News is not just a Latvian Ambassador and guestspaper anymore. I have a media and will include representatives fromproduction company www.abnonline. Northampton Borough Council and the biggest Latvian news the Head of the Supplementary Schoolagency in organisation in Northampton. Hasn’t she done wellthe UK. Other projects include opening the Since graduating I have also been first Latvian library in the UK which willworking with The Times newspaper, I be based in Northampton and runninghave had a case study written about the Latvian Award 2011 Ceremony @anglobalticnewsme in The Independent, and I have where we expect 500 guests fromrecently been contacted by The New Latvia and the UK.”York Times and an American TVNorthampton student runnerup in Freemans StudentFashion Writing CompetitionEmma Wilson, 22, a Fashion the quality of the entries we received This competition is one of a seriesMarketing student at The University from students for this competition. of competitions organised byof Northampton won the runner- Emma highlighted some of the to support fashion andup prize of a Sony digital camera quirky trends of A/W 2011 within her journalism students wanting to developafter submitting a blog post styling post which helped to showcase her a career in the ultra-competitive fashiona seventies inspired dress for the defined style and individuality.” industry. Through giving students theChristmas party season. Emma’s entry Emma said: “I want to become a chance to have their work publishedis posted on the blog fashion writer as fashion is a subject professionally and gain importantalong with the other winners. which I love, and feel that by writing fashion writing experience, it is hoped The Freemans Student Fashion about it I would be able to share this this will help students with their chosenWriting Competition attracted many passion with others. career path.entries from university and college I entered the competition asstudents all over the country. Freemans is a great, reputable online Sukhvinder Sangha, Online shopping service, and enjoyed anAcquisition Manager from Freemans opportunity to reflect individualitysaid: “We were really impressed with through outfit choice.”
  11. 11. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 10 Engine Creative unlock the potential of Augmented RealityNBS would like to thank the Strategic life by overlaying computer-generated Step 1:Director of Engine Creative, Andy Wise, content. This computer-generated Download the Aurasma Lite app forfor his recent work with Marketing and ‘virtual content’ can be almost free from the App Store or AndroidAdvertising students at NBS. Students anything - video, 3D models, dynamic Market.were set an Augmented Reality project web content - and it can be triggeredwhere they had to demonstrate how by an image, a location or abrands can use this technology. combination of the two.” Step 2: Open the Aurasma app and hover your Engine Creative has created device’s camera over the album imageAndy explains: Augmented Reality campaigns for high cover above. profile brands such as Top Gear and“Augmented Reality (or AR) is a term Sony Music. Their work for the Tingthat has been in the mainstream public Tings resulted in the first British band Step 3:consciousness for decades. Despite to have a fully augmented reality Watch the magic unfold!all of the promise, it is only now, since album cover.the rise of powerful smartphone Experience AR for yourself by Try it where you see thetechnology, that AR is finally a following these simple steps (works on logo or hover your device overmainstream reality. iPhone, iPad and high powered Android the back of a £10 note Put simply, AR is the term used to devices):describe an enhanced view of realCfAP Mentoring SchemeThe Centre for Academic Practice (CfAP) provides academic guidance CfAP are looking forand resources to students in order to help them achieve their second or final yearacademic potential. CfAP’s new Mentor Scheme initiative within NBS students to become mentors. Don’t worry – you will receive fullis aimed at helping students in their first and second year. training before you begin!What you can expect from a student mentor What will it involve? You must be willing to:The student mentor will: • share your knowledge and experience• assist you by sharing their experiences • give a minimum of 30 hours over the academic year• support taught learning• give advice on how to approach assignments In return CfAP will give you:• provide one-to-one support • a reference for your CV• guide you through your studies • a volunteering certificate at the end of each academic year.• ensure all support provided is confidential The Mentor Scheme is confidential, voluntary and available to students. If you are interested in receiving help from a mentor or STUDENT MENTORS NEEDED! want to volunteer as a mentor yourself please email for further information or visit Tanish in room C121 (The Hub, Cottesbrooke Building).
  12. 12. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 11S tudent trips New York Study Tour 2012“ The trip not only in terms ofgreat success this January was a seeing some fascinating insights into a wide range of businesses but also the drive and enthusiasm which was on display wherever we went. The two parallel study tours visited a total of 20 businesses which included The Food Network TV channel, NY & Co e and design agency Graj+Gustavsen for If I can mak the Marketing and Entrepreneurship it th ere group whilst the Fashion Marketing I’ll make it anywhere and Retailing group visited such diverse organisations as Armani Exchange, Two of the comments gathered as Tommy Hilfiger and the social This has left a strong impression on our 44 marketing studies made there enterprise Dress for Success. students with many of them being more way home from New York: One of the main questions for determined to investigate internship our (mostly young) hosts was ‘how and placement options as well as “The people, the advice, the did you get your job?’ and the reply applying what they had seen to their enthusiasm they had and their was invariably through lots of hard studies. work and commitment, getting as It was not all work however and passion about their jobs” much experience as possible as well as the Chinese New Year was celebrated (Fashion Marketing 1st Yr) having high aspirations in the first in style along with a great deal of place. “ shopping, eating, walking and soaking “It has inspired me to fulfil up the atmosphere in New York. my goals, I have seen what is achievable” Gill Gourlay (Business Entrepreneurship 2nd Yr) It ended with Oedipussy! A group of over 20 students and staff Adrian’s 1st year students – and he enjoyed an afternoon at the Royal & welcomes more contact between our two Derngate Theatre, with a behind-the- important institutions in the town. “The scenes tour hosted by Richard Clinton, arts have a lot to teach business” says Operations Director, and culminating in Adrian, “as they have to manage talent a performance of Oedipussy. Oedipussy and knowhow alongside all the usual is a spoof comedy based on the classic business functions such as marketing Greek story, this new work commissioned and finance. We are lucky to have such by the Derngate is already receiving a good theatre in Northampton, and I good critical reviews before it goes on am keen to explore in more detail the link trip to the theatre tour. The group, led by NBS’s Adrian between business and the arts.” Several Pryce also enjoyed nibbles supplied by of the students said they would love to Hope Catering, a new social enterprise go again and didn’t realise how big the We are lucky to have such a facility in chaired by Adrian and linked to the theatre was, which is in the centre of town. Students should note that free and Northampton’s homeless charity, The Northampton. discounted tickets are available for many Northampton Hope Centre. The Derngate, which is one of the performances – more information is The event arises from a growing biggest provincial theatres in the country, available on the theatre’s website at: relationship between the Derngate and was awarded Regional Theatre of the NBS. Martin Sutherland, the Derngate’s Year in 2010 by The Stage 100 Awards. or at their box office. CEO, is a regular speaker at NBS to
  13. 13. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition NBS studentsOlympics Site in the City Students from NBS had a lovelyand Wimbledon day visiting important financial institutions in London. Beginning with a tour of the historical building of the Chartered Institute of Insurance, where students learn’t about theStudent thoughts from the visit fire marks which were used to mark insured houses - the fire brigade would only respond to calls from these! The students also had a tourStudents from the Leisure Field negatives of the games and how through the financial district of(tourism, events and sports these will impact London in the short London, taking in the sights of themarketing) paid an educational two and long term, he also explained Guildhall, Mansion House and theday visit to the developing Olympic the decision processes in the venue Royal Exchange, to Lloyds’ of London.Site in Stratford East London to learn designs and functions. Even in the Although Lloyds’ began its life as a coffee house (Lloyd’s coffee shop) itabout the proposed impacts of the rain he held my attention and I would is now an important internationalgames to the local and wider area. definitely recommend a visit to the market place for insurance and The trip comprised of an Olympic Village!” reinsurance, and has a uniqueextended tour of the Olympic site, Katriona Campbell said “The niche in unusual, specialist businessincluding the completed Olympic Olympic trip was very interesting, we such as kidnap and ransom, fineStadium, the aquatics centre, learned how all of the venues have art, aviation, marine, and otherbasketball venue, the velodrome, had to be adapted to accommodate insurances. The Titanic, for example,along with brief visits to West Ham the amount of visitors, and the was insured by brokers at Lloyds’ ofstadium (exploring the legacy of the preparations and strict guidelines in London for $5,000,000 in April 1912. At the time, many thought that thereOlympic Stadium), the O2 arena, place for ensuring sponsorship deals was one in a million chance that theExCel Centre and Greenwich. are kept. I especially enjoyed visiting ship would sink. Although it sank at Wimbledon, and learning about 2.20am on the 15th April 1912, it how they are accommodating is unclear when insurance was put the games.” in place for the Titanic. It has been Nina Gandy added “I think claimed that the Titanic may only that the Olympic Trip was have been insured after it had sunk extremely beneficial to gain a and that its sinking may have been better understanding of the part of a wider insurance scam! Students saw the record relating to overall impact of the Olympic the Titanic and on the day when the games on a variety of different bad news reached Lloyds’, the Lutine venues, such as Wimbledon bell sounded across the floor as an and Excel not just the alert to the huge loss. Olympic Park. The students then headed to theDay two included a visit to I enjoyed the Olympic site visit Bank of England’s museum whereWimbledon, where the students were and the trip to Wimbledon the most, they had fun lifting a gold bar thatable to learn about the business of as a lot of information was gained on weighs two stones (13kgs) and onWimbledon, including its use for the the enormous task that is undertaken the day was worth over £433,000. Students learned about the role of2012 tennis events as part of the to change the use of a venue such as the Bank in controlling inflation andOlympic Games. Wimbledon for a major sporting event the horrific effects on businesses if BUSINESSWISE spoke with some like the Olympics. Staying in the hostel that goes out of control. Althoughof the students on the trip: was also good fun.” clearly exhausted by the end of the Grace Chettle “For day, students went home feeling veryme, my favourite part of the inspired and had an enjoyable andOlympic Trip was having a memorable day touring the capital.walking tour of the Olympicsite from a local architect,he gave praise for thetransformation. His tourhighlighted the positives and
  14. 14. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 13Celebrating success BrothersGraduation Winter 2012 graduate together Two brothers were amongst the graduating student cohort at The University of Northampton’s recent Winter Graduation Ceremonies at Royal & Derngate Brothers Samuel and Isaac Imhanwa, from Northampton, both graduated from the MSc IT Service Management. Samuel stated: “Attending The University of Northampton has been a great experience for me. The staff are friendly and professional and have in-depth knowledge of their subject area. The environment is conducive for learning and the University is always expanding with new infrastructures every session which shows that it is keen on growth and student satisfaction. Studying with my brother in the same University and MSc course has been a great achievement for both of us. We shared opinions together, and motivated each other to achieve our goals. We both graduated with good grades and are both pleased with the standard of teaching provided by The University of Northampton.” Samuel Imhanwa okSee more pictures on Facebo
  15. 15. BUSINESSWISE - Student Edition Page 14 Guest Forging a lectures partnership Tom Lloyd, a management author hosted the latest in our guest lecture series. On a cold and snowy night we welcomed over 100 students and members of with the the local business community to explore ways in which business and leadership are shaped by cultural and contextual factors. Tom proposed a new approach to management emerging in China that will challenge the Cobblers Anglo-Saxon approach. The lecture was well received by all who attended and Tom fielded some great questions from the audience. Adrian Pryce and Prof. Nada Kakabadse were pleased to announce that Tom had been confirmed as a visiting Fellow of the University so we hope to see a lotFollowing on from a more of him in the future.successful partnership with Northampton SaintsRugby Club, NBS hasrecently agreed to dosimilar research on behalfof the town’s professionalfootball club. Over the lastthree months NBS Senior In addition to the guest lecture series, we have beenLecturers Alan Seymour fortunate enough to attract a number of guest speakersand Ross Thompson have for specific student lectures.been working closely withNorthampton Town Football Kate Russell Managing Director of RussellClub. Specifically, the HR Consulting came to update the Human Resource‘Cobblers’ are interested in Management students on the latest employmentfinding out the level of fan legislation.satisfaction with the various services available onmatch days. Hubert Thomassen and Henk Vrijheid Alan and Ross together with a number of sports and from GE Capital came to talk to the Cross Culturalmarketing students are in the process of conducting a series Management students about cross-border mergers andof fan interviews at a number of home games in the spring acquisitions from a global company perspective.of 2012. The questionnaire design was essentially structuredaround the ‘fan experience’ and focused on such elements Paul Harbottle the Chief Executive Officer from Atmosphere Bars and Clubs visited students studyingas pre and post-match entertainment, catering, opportunities the ‘Managing customer and clients’ module to talkfor fans forums and a number of other key factors that would about the fact that while traditional marketing, includinghelp in the total fan experience. social media is important to get people to a venue, it is Once compiled and analysed this data should prove the experience of the visit that is all important for repeathugely useful to the ‘Cobblers’ as they seek to refine and business.develop their match day services. The data produced will alsoform the kernel of a research data set which Alan and Ross Martin Sutherland, Chief Executive ofare looking to share with the wider academic community. Northamptonshire Arts Management Trust hosted Andy Wooldridge, Commercial Manager for a lecture to students studying on the ‘BusinessNorthampton Town Football Club commented “The survey Environment’ module. Martin spoke aboutis a valuable way for us to understand what our supporters understanding the external environment that impacts upon running the theatre, using the famous PESTLEare really thinking. It allows them the chance to talk to the framework. This was followed by a lively Q&A sessionclub directly and gives us the opportunity to shape our future in which he also gave insights into managing artistes –decisions based around what our customers and supporters talent management.want and need. The biggest challenge we as a club face is that direct Andy Wise, Strategic Director of Engine Creative,contact with the majority of our supporters comes in a two to an agency here in Northampton, is at the forefront of athree hour window each week, so we are very grateful to the new technology called augmented reality. Andy came toUniversity and their students for their help with this. speak to some of our 2nd year Marketing students about We hope the students will benefit from the experience and this amazing technology and its use and application inwish them all well with their ongoing studies.” marketing.
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