What have you learnt from the Audience Feedback


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What have you learnt from the Audience Feedback

  2. 2.  We have learnt many things from the audience. In order to get hold of valuable information from the audience we used a few methods, such as: o Survey Monkey o Verbal reviews from the audience
  3. 3. SURVEY MONKEY Survey Monkey allowed us to create a survey to get important information from the audience we are targeting at. This survey allowed us to ask our audience many different questions and helped us to understand our audience and what they wanted, this was essential because it helped us to make a decision for the genre of the film.
  4. 4. THE RESULTSFrom this question we learn the majority From this question we learnt that 80%of the audience preferred comedy films preferred comedy drama Although the results show majority of the audience enjoys watching comedy films, we decided to go against that, as we felt, as a group we can present a new genre and story line that providing them with a wider range of genres.
  5. 5. THE RESULTS  The two top answers to this question was ‘audience can relate to the characters’ and ‘relationship between characters’. This helped us to make decisions on our main protagonist and the problems he may face, e.g. suffering from schizophrenia, in the film we also have scenes where we see the relationship between characters.
  6. 6. THE RESULTS In the survey this question was asked, the responses we received from the audience are listed below, o ‘Explores real life situations’ o ‘Something completely unpredictable and lingers long on your mind’ o ‘Real life stories’ o ‘Leave it to the audience to think how the film ends’ We felt these were very helpful, as its something the audience would like to see and so we included these in our film. For example when we see the main protagonist realising he is the one that’s hurting his wife, it leaves the audience on edge and wondering how the situation will be resolved
  7. 7. THE RESULTS This question was asked in order to help us come up with a strong opening for our film, we received many interesting comments for example: ‘A question to the audience’ – this shows the audience want the film to start with a mystery, so we started our film with a slow motioned flash forward of the chase scene. ‘The music’ – the sound can determine what kind of genre the film is. For the beginning we created our own sound as we wanted it to be very tense and mysterious this would make the audience wonder whats happening. ‘If its an interesting opening line’, the audience felt the dialogue would make it interesting, however, we decided not to have dialogue because we felt the flash forward and music was more effective than speech.
  8. 8. FEEDBACK The feed back we received from the audience from the audience over all was a good response, however, they also gave us some tips in ways we could improve it. We have asked several students to view the film and let us know what they thought. Most said they was not expecting to see the main protagonist as the attacker and found it shocking. However, they said the dialogue was not clear as it was not loud enough. Some said there needed to be more tension music for the most dramatic part of the film instead of leaving it silent.
  9. 9. FEEDBACK We put the film on a Facebook a social networking site where we can receive many comments and views from the audience. The tip we received from Facebook, was it needed ‘scary music in the bit where his hurting her’.
  10. 10. AFTER RECEIVING FEEDBACK After receiving these feedback, we improved the sound on our film by using Final Cut Pro, increasing it to make the dialogue more louder, as we want to make it seem very powerful. However, we did not add anymore sound or music to the film as we felt there was enough tension in the music.