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Professional Networking by Kanda
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Professional Networking by Kanda


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Professional Networking by Kanda

Professional Networking by Kanda

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  • 1. Content• Personal Branding• Brand Ambassador• Professional Content• Social Media for Professional + Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn• Call-To-Action
  • 2. Internet Users Mobile Telephone Users> 25 Millions > 81 Millions Year 2012, Truehits AIS Vision 2013 Moving ForwardMobile Internet Users(EDGE-GPRS-3G) Facebook Users Did you see your target customer?>14.1 Millions 18 Millions+ AIS, DTAC, TRUEMOVE Annual Report 2011Twitter Users LinkedIn Users1.98 Million+ 520,000+
  • 3. 57% of people prefer tocommunicate online overof face to face interaction.
  • 4. But social networking sitesare not only being usedsocially, it is clearly the newway to professionallynetwork.
  • 5. Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn are a triple socialnetworking sites of many thatare being used by popularbusinesses to achieveimproved interaction withcustomers.
  • 6. How do successful candidatesstand out from the millions ofpeople in the online world?
  • 7. The most important way to standout is to brand yourself.
  • 8. Branding is an idea, animage, a promise. It isabout what makes youdifferent from everyoneelse, and what otherscan expect to gain fromyou.
  • 9. คิดเสมอว่าตัวเองเป็ นรู ้ว่าตัวเองมีดอะไร ี เจ ้าของกจการ ิ(Self-Esteem) (Your Own Company) มีจดยืน ุ (Be Yourself) รวมวงสนทนา ่ (Join Conversation) สร ้างคุณค่าให ้ผู ้อืน ่ (Offer Value)มุงมัน สรรสร ้าง เรียนรู ้ ่ ่อยางตอเนอง ่ ่ ื่(Build and Learn ่ เปิดชองให ้คนตอบสนองConstantly) (Build Destination) รับผดและรับชอบ ิ พูดจารู ้เรืองกับทุกกลุม ่ ่ (Be Responsible) (Communicate well)
  • 10. Corporate HRMarketing What is your role? CEO IT MD
  • 11. 4 Tips to convert your employees to “talent brand ambassador”. Source : LinkedIn Talent Solutions
  • 12. "Corporate Web 2.0 Tipping Point"• ENGAGE directly with customers, employees, investors, suppliers• Instigate ACTION• Boost MORALE• LEADERSHIP role model• Infuse corporate CULTURE with openness, transparency
  • 13. Social Media Promotion
  • 14. Content is king. Bill Gates, 1996
  • 15. Most Retweetable Words& 11.Please retweet2.twitter 12.great3.please 13.socialmedia4.retweet 20.newblogpost Source :
  • 16. Least Retweetable Words&Phrases 11.well 2.going 12.sleep 3.haha 13.gonna 14.hey 5.but 15.tomorrow 6.watching 16.tired 17.some 8.home 18.back 9.night 19.bored 10.bed 20.listeningSource :
  • 17. • Articles• Videos• Photos• Info Graphics• White papers• Surveys• e-Books
  • 18. One size does not fit all. Which social network is relevant for professional networking,recruiting, for my brand, my message and my target audience?big ?small professional fun
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21. Top Tips for Twitter• Use Profile to Sell• Search and Follow• Read and listen• Post• One a day !!
  • 22. 200 m+ +2 new 100 m+Members worldwide Members per second Monthly unique visitors
  • 23. LinkedIn is a professionalnetworking site that canachieve business goalseffectively in a businessenvironment.
  • 24. • India 19m•China 2.9m• Philippines 1.57m• Indonesia 1.49m• Malaysia 1.1m• Singapore 1m• Hong Kong 604k• Thailand 520k• South Korea 500k• Vietnam 470k• Japan 460k•Taiwan 416k Source :
  • 25.
  • 26. Jobvite’s latest Social Recruiting Survey
  • 27. Jobvite’s latest Social Recruiting Survey
  • 28. 1. Create and control your professional profile2. Google search allows others to find you3. Choose contacts to keep up to date, communicate with4. Search and apply for jobs5. Connect with recruiters, influencers and employers6. Join groups to engage and exchange with7. Post and answer questions and discussions to expert8. Learn of events in your industry9. Research companies and professionals10.Get references and professional testimonials
  • 30. Existence Relevance Visibility DemonstrationCompetition TestimonyLeadership Education Validation Confidence
  • 31. @pakadaPROFILE• Picture• Headline• Activity• Summary
  • 32. Administration Business Business Travel Operations Career and Conferences and Finance & Education Event Planning AccountingFinancial Markets Government & Health Non Profit Hiring & Human International Law and Legal Resources Management Marketing and Non Profit SalesPersonal Finance Product Professional Management DevelopmentStartups and Small Sustainability Technology Businesses Using LinkedIn Feel free to discuss, give and take..
  • 33. • Status updates• Articles• Links• Job Postings• Profile Updates
  • 34. • Mirror offline network• Colleagues• Clients• Candidates• Competitors• LIONs and cats (Pros & Cons)
  • 35. • Personalize• Common Connection• Demonstrate Value• Never sell• Avoid IDK (I Don’t Know)
  • 36. What to do?• Transparency & Authenticity• Learn to listen, have a personality• Develop relationships• Encourage the conversations• Try to add value to your industry and community• Connect with the influencers / help them find you• Create content and products worth talking about• “Build communities” instead of “doing communications” “Attention Needed”
  • 37. Personal BrandingBrand Ambassador Content is King Find Your Tools
  • 38. Twitter : @pakadaEmail : pakada1881@gmail.comLinkedIn : : pakada.comFacebook : @AdeccoThailandTwitter : @AdeccoThailandLinkedIn : Thailand Thought Leadership SocietyWebsite :