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NATS Brochure for Asia Pacific Region
NATS Brochure for Asia Pacific Region
NATS Brochure for Asia Pacific Region
NATS Brochure for Asia Pacific Region
NATS Brochure for Asia Pacific Region
NATS Brochure for Asia Pacific Region
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NATS Brochure for Asia Pacific Region


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NATS brochure illustrating our proven expertise in maximising airport performance in the Asia Pacific region. …

NATS brochure illustrating our proven expertise in maximising airport performance in the Asia Pacific region.

NATS leads the aviation industry in business and technological development, offering wide ranging expertise
and innovative services to meet the on-going challenges of airports, airlines, governments and ANSPs.

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  • 1. Performancethrough innovationCompellingProven expertisein maximising airportperformance in theAsia Pacific region
  • 2. NATS leads the aviationindustry in businessand technologicaldevelopment, offeringwide ranging expertiseand innovative servicesto meet the on-goingchallenges of airports,airlines, governmentsand ANSPs.2.14mFlights handled in 2012Responsible for the London TerminalAirspace – handling traffic flying toor from London’s five airports in themost complex, high intensity pieceof airspace in the world53Aircraft an hourGatwick is the busiest singlerunway airport in the world,handling over 250,000 flightsin 2011NATS services are proven in theworld’s most complex airspace andprovide our customers around theworld with a valuable commercial focus.Backed by the substantialresources of the organisation,NATS is constantly seeking innovativeways to manage every aspect ofair traffic, helping our customersperform and grow with maximumsafety and efficiency. Our solutionswill help your organisation performat the highest level.FindingbettersolutionsTotal ATMs 2011Air trafficmovement (ATM)for top airports3 runways2 runways1 runway400k500k300k200k100kKey:0New DelhiSydneySeoul (Incheon)EdinburghGatwickGuangzhouJakartaShanghai(Pudong)Hong KongSingapore ChangiBangkokKuala LumpurMumbaiManilaMelbourneTokyo (Narita)ManchesterNATS controlledOtherAucklandHangzhouLondon StanstedHeathrow
  • 3. Ourservices1,300Flights managed atHeathrow per dayMoving 90 aircraft per hour duringthe operating day, it is the mostintensively utilised airport in EuropeTo deliver performance at the very highest levelwe offer a comprehensive range of productsand services. These are grouped into six distinctservice lines, providing focused solutions inall areas of air traffic management.AirspaceCombining people and procedureswith cutting edge technology inthe en route, terminal and oceanicenvironment, NATS provides airspaceusers unparalleled customer service,environmental efficiency and safetyassurance.AirportsWorld leading airport optimisationand capacity enhancement. NATSimproves operational capabilitythrough our experience and knowledgegained daily at the busiest runwaysin the world. In the UK NATS providesATC at 15 of the largest, most complexairports including London Heathrowand London Gatwick.ConsultancyExpert services providing efficiency,optimisation and capability whateverthe challenge. NATS supports airports,airlines, governments and ANSPs inimprovement programmes acrossthe whole aviation sector.EngineeringSeamlessly and safely integratingtechnology in operations across theglobe. NATS’ experience and expertiseensures that the integration andtransition of new systems into airportoperations provide the regulatorycompliance, performance enhancementor cost efficiencies that the customerrequires without impacting uponoperational performance.DefenceSupporting and optimising militaryoperations by sharing costs andexpertise. NATS offers joint solutionsimproving airspace usage, technologysharing and operational innovationthrough encouraging partnershipbetween civil and military authorities.InformationUnlocking the value of data anddelivering the next generation ofcustomer services. NATS provideshigh quality dynamic data servicesoptimising airline and airport operations.
  • 4. Since our formation in 1962, NATShas acted as a pioneer of air trafficcontrol. Our progressive approachhas established NATS at the forefrontof the industry, leading evolution toincrease safety and efficiency as wemove into more technologicallydriven times.In 2001 the Public-PrivatePartnership became effective for NATS.This saw the company undertakea journey as NATS evolved to bestserve our customers: the UK regulatorCAA and its UK airport owners.Since then we have expanded ouroperations internationally, providinginnovative solutions that answer ourcustomers’ toughest challenges at atime when cost as well as performancehave never been more critical.Ourjourney1996NATS is reorganised intoa company and becomesa wholly-owned subsidiaryof the CAA 2000Transport Act enshrines thePublic-Private Partnershipthat introduces a new ownershipmodel to drive efficiency200310 year £1 billion investmentprogramme launched1972Becomes part of UKregulator CAA1962NATS established2011NATS wins Spanishtowers contract2010Completion of the two-centrestrategy with control centresin Swanwick and PrestwickFor a full history of NATS, visit us
  • 5. UKUSACanadaUSAIrelandNorwayNetherlandsGermanyDenmarkEstoniaBelgiumLuxembourgRomaniaGibraltar JapanAustraliaSpainTurkeySouth AfricaKuwaitUAEQatarOmanIndiaSlovakiaBruneiSingaporeHongKongBahrainBahamasJamaicaSwitzerlandRegionalactivityProvidingservicesworldwideInternational FocusNATS works with airports, airlines,ANSPs and governments aroundthe world providing answers to thecritical issues the global aviationindustry faces today. Supportingcustomers in over 30 countriesacross the globe, we help them keeppace with change through a rangeof innovative solutions.Guardian of UK AirspaceOur regulated business operates underlicence from the UK’s Civil AviationAuthority and provides air trafficcontrol services for aircraft flying ‘enroute’ in UK airspace and the easternpart of the North Atlantic. We provideATC services at 15 of the UK’s majorairports including Heathrow andGatwick, the world’s busiest dual andsingle runway airports.1. India› Capacity enhancementstudy to analysereducing congestion,enhancing productivityand increasingoperational efficiencyat Mumbai and DelhiInternational Airports2. Hong Kong› Airspace redesignand ATC trainingservices for CivilAviation Department3. Japan› Airport capacitymodelling and analysisat Narita› Memorandum ofUnderstanding (MoU)with the MitsubishiResearch Institute toexplore opportunitiesfor collaboration onATM projects4. Singapore› Terminal airspacedesign and ATC systemsurveillance trackingperformance projects5. Australia› Airport capacitybenchmarkingand operationalperformance analysisfor four airports:Brisbane, Melbourne,Perth, Sydney› Programme managementenhancement forAir Services Australia6. Brunei Darussalam› ATCO andsupervisor training› Ab-initio training› Met observer training623541NATS contracts
  • 6. Contracts won January 2010 – December 2012YourpointsofcontactFor more information:www.nats.aeroChief Executive OfficerRichard DeakinPA: Amanda FarrowT: 00 44 1489 616380E: Director, ServicesPaul ReidPA: Jane BenfieldT: 00 44 1489 445504E: DirectorDavid HarrisonPA: Pauline Carter-HedgerT: 00 44 1489 616421E: Development DirectorAndy HeadPA: Sophie RichardsonT: 00 44 20 8750 3608E: Strategy DirectorJonathan AstillPA: Rebecca BrownT: 00 44 1489 615273E: Director (Airports)Mike StollerPA: Louise McPhailT: 00 44 20 8750 3705E: DirectorIain HarrisPA: Louise McPhailT: 00 44 20 8750 3705E: Accounts DirectorSimon LearyT: 00 44 2087 503612E: of ConsultancyFergus CusdenT: 00 44 2087 503629E: of InformationAndy SageT: 00 44 1489 61 6001E: of EnvironmentIan JopsonT: 00 44 1489 616001E: ManagerCustomer AffairsAndy ShandT: 00 44 1489 444924E: Consultant,India and Asia PacificSteve HathwayT: 00 44 2087 503631E: Pacific Client AccountManagerChristopher DannerT: 00 44 1489 615385E: ParkwayWhiteleyFarehamHantsPO15 7FLUnited KingdomT: 00 44 1489 616001E: