Mobile Report September 2013
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Mobile Report September 2013



This month's snapshot of the latest mobile trends in the local and international digital landscape.

This month's snapshot of the latest mobile trends in the local and international digital landscape.



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Mobile Report September 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Mobile ReportSEPTEMBER2013
  • 3. HOWTOUSETHISREPORT This report is intended to be an easy-to-reference tool. It is a resource that you can flip through in your own time – and not necessarily read from front-to-back.
  • 4. CONTENTS » Executive Summary » Section 1: Mobile Landscape » Section 2: Mobile Innovation and Campaigns » Section 3: Mobile Devices and Operating Systems » Section 4: Mobile Networks » Section 5: Technology » Section 6: Social Networks » Section 7: Facebook Statistics forAfrica » Sources and Contacts
  • 5. Executive Summary
  • 6. EXECUTIVESUMMARY 1. Africa’smobilemarketispredictedtoquadrupleby2020 2. Africa’stoptenlargestmobilemarketsidentified 3. Nigeria’sGTBank tosellprepaidairtime 4. FreeDSTVMobilewithSamsungdeal 5. Chromecelebratesits5th anniversary 6. MicrosofttoacquireNokia’s handsets andservicesbusiness 7. AndroidKitKat:thenewAndroidversionrevealedbyGoogle 8. FirefoxisnowavailableinXhosa
  • 7. EXECUTIVESUMMARY 9. TwonewphonesfromApple:iPhone5Sand5C 10. Vodafoneplanstolaunchitsown-brand4Gsmartphone 11. TelkomMobiletestedfreeWiFi 12. FacebooktestsTwitter-likefeed 13. WorldWideWorxreleaseditsresearchresultsaboutSouthAfrica’ssocialmedialandscape 14. Facebookstatisticsfor Botswana,Zimbabwe,Ghana,LesothoandSwaziland
  • 8. Mobile Landscape SECTION1
  • 9. FNBIN-CHATMONEYTRANSFER PATENT » First National Bank (FNB) has registered a patent in South Africa for a methodoftransferringmoneyusinganinstantmessagingserviceandhas includedthefunctionalityinitssmartphoneapp. » ThisisaccordingtotheheadofFNBConnect,FarrenRoper. » Roper said that although instant messaging and mobile banking on their own aren’t patentable, the combination of the two is what makes the technologyuniqueandpatentable. » UsersoftheFNBappcansendmoneytoacontactasaninstantmessage inmuchthesamewayastheywouldsendaphoto. » Funds are sent from and received by an FNB eWallet, a service which is opentonon-FNBcustomersandlinkedtoyourcellphonenumber. » Userswhoaren’tFNBcustomerscanonlyloadmoneyintotheireWalletat anFNBATMthatsupportsautomateddeposits(FNBADT)afterregistering atanFNBEasyPlanbranch. » FNB promises that this registration is an easy process and that it only requiresagreenbar-codedSouthAfricanidentitybook. Source: mybroadband, 1 September 2013
  • 10. OVER800,000GHANAMOBILE SUBSCRIBERSPORTNUMBERS » ClosetoonemillionmobilesubscribersinGhanahaveswitchednetworks byportingtheirnumbers. » This is according to Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA), whichsaysthatduringAugustthenumberofsubscriberswhosuccessfully completed ports reached 817,202, two years after the NCA introduced MobileNumberPortability(MNP)inthecountry. » MNP allows mobile telephony customers to move from one service providertoanotherwhileretainingtheiroldmobilenumber. » AndaccordingtotheNCA,447,095mobilephonesubscriberssuccessfully portedtheirnumbersinthesecondyearoftheMNPprocess,whichended July7.Thisinturnhasdepictedanincreaseof21%overthecorresponding periodlastyear. » “Currentfiguresshowthatthenetimpactoneachoperatorrangesfroma positiveof5%toanegativeof2%oftheirrespectivesubscriberbases,with newportstypicallyrunningbetween25,000and50,000permonth,”said PaarockVanPercy,hedirectorgeneraloftheNCA. » MobileoperatorsinGhanaincludethelikesofMTN,Glo,TigoandAirtel. Source: ITWeb Africa, 4 September 2013
  • 11. ‘AFRICA’SMOBILEMARKETTO ALMOSTQUADRUPLEBY2020’ » Africa’s booming mobile phone market is forecast to almost quadruple in size from a value of $60 billion in 2013 to $234 billion by 2020, say researchers. » US-based research firm Manifest Mind LLC forecasts that the African mobilemarketistogrowatanannualrateof21.27%from2013to2020to reachtheabove-mentionedtarget. » Africa’s telecoms sector growth has surged in the last ten years as the continenthasovertakenEuropeandLatinAmericatobecomethesecond biggest market in the world for handsets after Asia, according to global mobilephonebody,theGSMA. » Figures from the GSMA also indicate that from 2007 to 2012 mobile connectionsinAfricamorethandoubledfrom283millionto735million. » In2005,thenumberofmobileconnectionsinAfricaamountedtojust15% ofthecontinent’stotalpopulation,accordingtotheGSMA. » Butby2012,thispercentagehadjumpedto72%ofAfrica’sestimatedone billionpopulation. » Mobile network operators are to be the largest beneficiaries of the growth duringtheforecastperiod,followedbymobiledistributorsandretailers,says Manifest. Source: ITWeb Africa, 5 September 2013
  • 12. GSMATOACCELERATEAFRICAN BROADBANDROLL-OUT » Six sub-Saharan African countries have joined forces with the global associationformobileoperators,theGSMA,totrytoacceleratetheroll-out ofmobilebroadbandintheregion. » Botswana,Lesotho,Malawi,Mozambique,TanzaniaandZambiatogether withtheGSMAhaveagreedtoaseriesofmeasures,includingthecreation of a ‘Joint Task Force’ to strengthen regional cooperation to support investmentinmobilebroadband. » According to a GSMA statement, the mobile ecosystem currently contributes 6.3% of GDP across sub-Saharan Africa and could grow to 8.2%by2020withtherightpoliciestoencourageinvestment. » And the agreement between the GSMA and the six countries is further expectedtohelpcreateanadditional3.2millionjobsintheregionby2020. » “The provision of universal broadband access is vital in driving economic growth and improving the quality of life in Botswana and across southern Africa,”saidNonofoE.Molefhi,Ministerof TransportandCommunication. » “Withgreatercoordinationbetweenregionalgovernmentsandbetweenthe public and private sectors, mobile broadband can play a critical role in closingthedigitaldivide,”saidNonofo. Source: ITWeb Africa, 9 September 2013
  • 13. MOBILECLOSETO20%OFINTERNET TRAFFICGLOBALLY » According to data from StatCounter, mobile devices now drivealmost20%ofallglobalinternettraffic. » InAfrica,it’s25%,whileinAsiait’snearly30%. » 1in4smartphoneusersgloballynowbeingChinese. » India is the most mobile-centric country in the world, with 61%ofitsinternettrafficcomingviamobiledevices. » Google’s mobile OS is growing at a break-neck speed. Android has gone from making up a mere 1.6% of total smartphone sales in Q1 2009 to accounting for a whopping 74% of total global smartphone sales in the first threemonthsof2013. Source: Marketing Land, 4 September 2013
  • 14. NIGERIANGOVERNMENTORDERS53 GOLDIPHONES » To mark Nigeria’s upcoming independence celebrations, the country’s government is reported to have ordered 53 customised gold-plated AppleiPhones. » Nigeria is to hold celebrations on October 1 to commemorate its independencefromBritainin1960. » And according to reports, the federal government has commissioned British luxury products company, Gold and Co, to engrave 53 Apple smartphonesingoldwithNigeria'scoatofarms. » Founder of Gold and Co Amjad Ali, whose clientele include royal families, governments and wealthy individuals, told the UK's Independent newspaper that the Nigerian government had made the orderforthespecialgoldplatedphones. » Ithasalsobeenreportedthatthephonescouldcostanythingbetween £3000and£50,000(N750,000toN12.5million). Source: ITWeb Africa, 4 September 2013
  • 15. AFRICA’STOPTENLARGESTMOBILE MARKETS » From2007to2012,Africa’snumberof mobileconnectionsmore than doubled from 283 million to 735 million, according to global mobile communicationsindustrybodytheGSMA. » In the last ten years, Africa has also overtaken Europe and Latin America to become the world’s second biggest market for handsets afterAsia,saystheGSMA. » AndUS-basedresearchfirmManifestMindLLCforecaststhatAfrica’s booming mobile phone market is to almost quadruple in size from a valueof$60billionin2013to$234billionby2020. » In light of these key figures regarding Africa’s mobile phone market, ITWeb Africa has put together a list of the continent’s top ten biggest mobilephonemarkets. Source: ITWeb Africa, 16 September 2013
  • 16. AFRICA,MIDDLEEASTMOBILEPORN AUDIENCETOHIT24MN » Pornography could be viewed by 24 million people in Africa and the MiddleEast onmobileand tablet devicesbythe year2017, according toJuniperResearch. » In a report called ‘Mobile Adult Content Monetisation, Technologies & Legislation 2013-2018’, Juniper says a total of 243 million mobile content users across the globe could be using mobile and tablet devicestoaccessadultcontentby2017. » Content that these users are expected to consume includes adult mobile subscriptions, adult mobile video chat, adult SMS and adult mobilevideocontent. » The report adds that of the forecast 243 million mobile adult content users,10.6%oftheseareexpectedtoliveinAfricaandtheMideast. » “TheproportionofusersinAfricaisremarkablysimilarfor2013,at 10.5%oftheglobalmobileadultuserbase,”authorofthereport,Siân Rowlands,toldITWebAfrica. » Inaddition,Rowlandssaystheriseofthemobileinternetfacilitatedby thegrowthinsmartphoneshasenabledmoreuserstoaccess websitesandnavigatethemwithease. Source: ITWeb Africa, 26 September 2013
  • 17. NIGERIA’SGTBANKTOSELLPREPAID AIRTIME » Nigeria’s Guaranty Trust (GT) Bank has partnered with global mobile messaging and transaction services firm Clickatell to provide a virtual airtimetopup(VTU)offeringtobankingcustomers. » As a result, GT Bank customers are set to be able to buy prepaid airtime via mobile money, mobile banking or internet banking services thankstothedevelopment. » According to a press statement, the next phase of the partnership is planned to include prepaid data, prepaid fixed lines and prepaid BlackBerrybundles. » “I think VTU will be a great mobile prepaid product distribution technology that will revolutionise the telecoms distribution space becauseofitseaseofusage,securityandavailability,”saidSamsonIsa, directorofClickatellWestAfricainastatement. Source: ITWeb Africa, 30 September 2013
  • 18. Mobile innovation and campaigns SECTION2
  • 19. SEACOMPARTNERSWITHFRANCE-IX FORFRENCHCONTENTBOOST » Africa may get faster access to online French language content thanks to pan-African broadband service provider Seacom and internet exchange operatorFrance-IXformingapartnership. » An IX (internet exchange) or IXP (internet exchange point) allows service providers to connect directly rather than through one or more third-party networks. » The 17,000km Seacom subsea broadband cable connects Africa’s easterncoastlinetoEuropeandSouthernAsia. » ThecablehaswhatSeacomofficialscallpointofpresenceareasinplaces suchasNairobiinKenyaandMaputoinMozambique. » ButthecompanysaysitalsoconnectstoWestAfricavia‘meetmepoints’ that connect to partner cables in countries such as Ghana and Nigeria, whichhavelargefrancophoneneighbouringcountriessuchasCameroon, IvoryCoastandBurkinaFaso. » Seacom says the commercial offer is planned to be officially launched in SeptemberduringtheAfricaInterconnectionandPeeringForum(AfPIF)in Casablanca. Source: ITWeb Africa, 2 September 2013
  • 20. FREEDSTVMOBILEWITHSAMSUNG DEAL » SamsungSouthAfricahaspartneredwithDStvtoofferconsumersathree month DStv Mobile subscription for free when buying the newlylaunched GalaxytabletandDriftamobiledecoderforAndroidbundle. » The Galaxy tablet and Drifta mobile decoder bundles are available at networkoperatorsandleadingretailers. » “This partnership enables us to offer a mobile broadcast entertainment experience,inlinewithourphilosophytoassistconsumerstoenjoyamore connected lifestyle,” said Craige Fleischer, Director: Mobile CommunicationsatSamsungSA. » “This limited edition bundle with Samsungisanotherstepinourjourneyto bring the exciting realm of mobile television to more South Africans,” said MarkRaynerCEOofDStvMobile. Source: mybroadband, 16 September 2013
  • 21. Mobile devices and operating systems SECTION3
  • 22. CHROMECELEBRATESIT’S5TH ANNIVERSARY » Google's browser celebratesits 5th Chrome-iversary, and is nowa driving force behind cuttingedge web innovation that commands around 17% of theglobalmarket.AndChrome'snotdonewithyouyet. » Not long after Google delivered its Chrome browser to an unsuspecting world,Microsoft'sCEOSteveBallmerdownplayedthesignificance. » "Opensourceisinteresting,"hesaidataMicrosoftconferenceinAustralia, describingWebKit,therenderingenginethatChromewasfoundedon. » At the time of Chrome's launch, Microsoft's much-derided but dominant Internet Explorer commanded around 72% of the market, with Mozilla's Firefox holding close to 20%, Safari taking just under 7%, and Opera and otherbrowsersmakinguptheremainder. Source: CNET, 2 September 2013
  • 23. MICROSOFTTOACQUIRENOKIA'SDEVICES& SERVICESBUSINESSFORAROUND$5BN » According to Nokia, Microsoft will purchase "substantially" all of Nokia's device and service arms as well as licensing the phone maker's patents andmappingknow-how. » The Redmond companywillpayNokia3.79billion euros($4.99 billion)for thebusiness,and1.65billioneuros($2.18billion)foritspatentarmory. » Microsoft hopes that allyingwith itsbiggestWindowsPhonemanufacturer will speed up growth (and improve its smartphone market share) -- the companyisalreadypromising"increasedsynergies.” » CEO Steve Ballmer added: "It's a bold step into the future - a win-win for employees,shareholdersandconsumersofbothcompanies. » According to the companies' press releases, 32,000 people will transfer acrossMicrosoft,including4,700peopleinFinlandand18,300employees directlyinvolvedinproductmanufacture. » Microsoft will also take into ownership Nokia's Asha range of feature phones. » Patent-wise, Microsoft gets 10-year non-exclusive license to its Finnish partner's library of ideas and "reciprocal rights" to use Microsoft patents withinitsHEREmappingservices. Source: Engadget, 2 September 2013
  • 24. LOWCOSTANDROIDSPURS208%TABLET GROWTHINMIDDLEEAST,AFRICA » Tablets have passed PC growth for the first time in the Middle East and Africaregion,accordingtoIDCdata. » Tabletshipmentsforthequarterwereupanenormous208%yearonyear -managing2.79millionunits. » Byvendor,Applewasontop,buttheAndroidOSwastothankforthemost growth-grabbing2millionofthetotal. » WindowsOSdidnotgainmuchtraction. » IDC Middle East, Africa and Turkey analyst Victoria Mendes said Apple's iPad mini launch did not stop the company losing share to Android, particularlyascustomersintheregionwerecostconscious. » Apple's market share for the second quarter, 2013, was 24.44% - with Samsungnotfarbehindat22.48%. » Next of the typical big brands were Lenovo, Asustek, and Acer, although otherbrandtabletstookaformidable40.82%ofthewholemarket. » ThisisinlinewithMendes'insistencethatlowcosttabletsarespurring demandintheregion-whetherthey'refromtheexpectedmultinationalsor fromotherAPACbrands. Source: TechEye, 3 September 2013
  • 25. ANDROIDKITKATREVEALEDBYGOOGLE » In what can only be a massive marketing boost to Nestlé, Google has announced the name of the forthcoming iteration of its Android mobile operatingsystem(OS). » ThenameisnotKeyLimePie,butratherAndroid4.4(KitKat),afterNestlé’s popularchocolateandwaferconfectionery. » InordertomarkthereleaseofAndroidKitKat,morethan50millionspecially branded KitKat bars will be available in 19 markets including South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Middle East, Russia, the UK as wellastheUS. » Nestlé stated that these packs will lead consumers to the website, where they will have the opportunity to win prizes that includealimitednumberofGoogleNexus7tablets,andcreditstospendin theGooglePlayappmarket. » Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS, powering a commanding 79.3%of allsmartphonesshippedduringQ22013,accordingtothelatest figuresfrommarketresearchfirmIDC. » Various iterations of the platform have sported sweet-themed namesever since the release of Android 1.5 Cupcake back in 2009. Cupcake was followedbyDonut (Android1.6), which wassucceededbyEclair(Android 2.0),itselffollowedbyFroyo(Android2.1,FrozenYoghurt). Source: techsmart, 4 September 2013
  • 26. GOOGLERELEASESANDROIDUSAGEDATA » InthewakeofitscrunchyKitKatnews,TechgiantGooglehasreleasedthe latest Android mobile operating system (OS) usage data, revealing which versionoftheplatformisdoingdutyonusers’smartphonesandtablets. » Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.1 - 4.3) continues to boost its usage rates quicker than the wink of an eye. Jelly Bean now powers 45.1% of all Android-runningmobiledevicescomparedtofouroutofeveryten(40.5%) lastmonth. » Among others, Jelly Bean’s growth has come at Android Gingerbread’s (Android2.3.3-2.3.7)expense,asitdroppeditsusagesharefrom33.1% to30.7%currently. » Also melting a bit in the adoption heat of JellyBean is Android Ice Cream Sandwich(Android4.0.3-4.0.4),withashareof21.7%thatisslightlydown fromlastmonth’s22.5%. » The tablet-loving Honeycomb (Android 3.2) is still clinging on for dear life, handlingtheoperatingon0.1%ofAndroid-powereddevices. » Honeycomb’s Android retirement village neighbour, Froyo (Android 2.2), possesses a 2.4% Android usage stake. Donut (Android 1.6) and Eclair (Android 2.1) have finally been put out to pasture as both these outdated iterations of Android no longer even feature in Google’s usage data summary. Source: techsmart, 6 September 2013
  • 27. FIREFOXFINALLYAVAILABLEINXHOSA » Web browser Mozilla Firefox is now available in South African language isiXhosa,thankstogloballanguageserviceproviderRubric. » isiXhosa isSouthAfrica’ssecondmost widelyspokenlanguageafterZulu with16millionspeakersaccordingtoStatisticsSouthAfrica. » Meanwhile, Firefox is the world’s second most popular web browser after GoogleChrome,sayW3schools.comfigures. » The Firefox browser, which is developed using an open source model, alreadyhassoftwarepacksforSouthAfricanlanguagessuchasAfrikaans, ZuluandevenVenda. » And isiXhosa speakers now have this luxury as well, thanks to Rubric translating30,000wordscontainedintheFirefoxbrowserintoisiXhosaand donatingthelanguagepacktotheopensourcecommunity. » “Google Chrome and Internet Explorer already exist in isiXhosa, but an advertisingduopolyisnotagoodthingfordiversity,”IanHenderson,Rubric chieftechnologyofficer,hastoldITWebAfrica. » “OureffortistogetisiXhosatoasmanypeopleaspossiblewithouthaving to give away personal details which get hovered up by Google and Microsoft in order to target their adverts more closely,” Henderson has explained. Source: ITWeb Africa, 10 September 2013
  • 28. APPLEUNVEILSTWONEWIPHONES: THE5SAND5C » Forthefirsttimeever,AppleunveiledtwonewiPhones– atraditionalupgradeofits iPhone5aswellasasimpler,cheaperversion. » AppleCEOTimCooksaidtheiPhone5SandiPhone5Careareactiontoachanging smartphonemarket. » TheiPhone5C willsellforaslittleas$99,fora16GBversion,and$199foronewith 32GBofstorage. » The5Sfeaturesahandfulofperformanceupgrades,includingwhatApplecallsa dramaticincreaseinprocessingspeed.Itwillhavethefirst64-bitchipinasmartphone- -Apple'sA7--whichistestedtobeatuptotwiceasfastastheiPhone5'sprocessor. » Thelistofnewfeaturesinclude:amotionco-processor,thatwillletthephonebeused asafitnesstrackeralongthelinesofaFitBit..Batterylifewillbe"thesameorbetter" thantheiPhone5anditscamerawillhave15%moreactivesensorspace,improved whitebalanceandauto-focus,andanewflash. » Itscamerawill,forthefirsttimeoniPhone,allowvideoinslowmotion. » ThemostdramaticnewfeatureonthephoneisTouchID,afingerprintscannerfor addedsecurity. » TheiPhone5Swillsellfor$199fora16GBversion,$299fora32GBmodeland$399 forthetop-end64GBphone. Source: CNN, 11 September 2013
  • 29. VODAFONESETFOROWN-BRAND4G SMARTPHONELAUNCH » VodafoneGroupappearstobeplanninganown-brand4Gsmartphone,withthe devicehavingrecentlypassedthroughtheapprovalsprocesswiththeUSFederal CommunicationsCommission. » AccordingtodocumentscitedbyEngadget,thedeviceisarebadgedCoolpad 8860UfromChinesevendorYulong–oneofthetopthreesmartphonevendorsinits homemarket. » TheAndroiddevicehastribandLTEsupport(800,1800,2600MHz)alongside2G and3Gconnectivity. » Whatisnotimmediatelyclearisthetargetmarketforthedevice:Vodafone’sown- branddeviceshavetraditionallybeenaimedatcost-consciouscustomers,whileits 4Gconnectivityplanstargethigher-spendingcustomers(itscheapestUKSIM-only offeris£26permonth). » WithLTEstillinitsinfancyintheUK,andVodafone’srivalscontinuingwiththeir positioningofitasapremiumservice,thereseemstobelittleincentiveforthe companytopush4Gadoptionfurtherintothemassmarket. Source: Mobile World Live, 18 September 2013
  • 30. BBMLAUNCHFORANDROID,APPLE SUSPENDED » SmartphonemakerBlackBerryhasfailedtodeliveronitspromiseoffully launchingitsmessagingapplicationforAppleandAndroiddevicesbythe weekendof23September2013. » ThestrugglingCanadiansmartphonemakersaidthatBlackBerry Messenger(BBM)wouldbeavailableasafreedownloadforAndroid smartphonesonSeptember21,whileAppleiPhoneuserswouldbeable todownloadtheapponSeptember22. » ButafteraleakedversionoftheAndroidversionoftheappwasreleased, thesmartphonemakerhasdecidedtotemporarilysuspendthelaunchof theapplication. » “PriortolaunchingBBMforAndroid,anunreleasedversionoftheBBM forAndroidappwaspostedonline,”saidBlackBerryonitsblog. » “Wearepausingtheglobalroll-outofBBMforAndroidandiPhone. CustomerswhohavealreadydownloadedBBMforiPhonewillbeable tocontinuetouseBBM.TheunreleasedAndroidappwillbedisabled, andcustomerswhodownloadeditshouldvisitwww.BBM.comto registerforupdatesonofficialBBMforAndroidavailability.” Source: ITWeb Africa, 23 September 2013
  • 31. Mobile Networks SECTION 4
  • 32. AFRIHOSTMOBILE:10GBFORR197 » Afrihost has unveiled its latest mobile data prices, which include a 10GB pre-paidmobiledataproductforR197. » Afrihost said that its new mobile data products will be launched on 5 September2013,whichwillincludea“3GB+7GB”packageforR197–a pricewhichisguaranteeduntil30November2013. » “After30Novemberthisofferwillberevisedorextended,”Afrihostsaidina pressstatement. » Afrihost will also introduce standard Topup rates at R99 per GB – as opposedtoout-of-bundledatacharges.AllAfrihostMobiledataproductswill bemonth-to-month. » Afrihost will be introducing a range of mobile devices in addition to its HuaweiE5331HSPA+3GMiFidevicepricedatR996. Source: mybroadband, 2 September 2013
  • 33. STANDARDBANK’SPAYMENTAPP MODELWINSMTNAWARD » SnapScan, a Standard Bank-invented payment app model which is currently being piloted in parts of South Africa by Standard Bank’ South Africa’s +innovation hub Beyond Payments, has been awarded the 2013 MTNBusinessAppoftheYear. » The app permits clients to use their phone to make payments at any merchant point showing the SnapScan logo, without having to pop in an electronicwallet. » Aftertheappisdownloadeduserscanscantheircreditordebitcarddetails, andusetheirphonetopay,. » SnapScan cuts payment periods, eliminates any need to carry cash aroundwhilealsoallowingreceiptstobeemailedtocustomers. » SnapScanwasstartedin2013andiscurrentlybeingpilotedintheWestern Cape region, among local traders and retailers in and around the Stellenboscharea. » “Merchantsrangefromsmallscalecurioandhandcrafttraderstohigh-end delis and restaurants, and even a fuel filling station,” John Campbell, the headofBeyondPayments,saidinastatement. Source: Ventures Africa, 2 September 2013
  • 34. MTNSASLASHESAFRICACALLRATES » Mobile operator MTN has slashed call rates to five African countriesfor its SouthAfricansubscribers. » Inapressstatement,MTNsayscallstoZimbabwe,Mozambique,Nigeria, LesothoandSwazilandaresettocostR0,75cperminute. » MTN SA chief marketing officer, Brian Gouldie, says in a statement that MTNobservedaneedamongalargebaseofitscustomerstomakecalls toAfricancountries. » “We are introducing an offering that would address the growing needs of ourcustomer’stomakecheapercallstointernationaldestinationseitherfor businessorforpersonalreasons,”saysGouldie. » “We understand that these are financially strenuous times and it is of important that we boldly bring products that seek to address customers’ needsforaffordablevalue,”Gouldieadds. Source: ITWeb Africa, 16 September 2013
  • 35. TELKOMMOBILEFREEWI-FITESTED » TelkomMobileisoffering60minutesoffree,unlimitedWi-Fieverydaytoall consumers in a promotion which runs from 8 August to 15 December 2013. » TelkomMobile’sfreeWi-Fiserviceisavailableinareaswherethecompany hascoverage,whichincludesshoppingcentresandotherpublicareas. » MyBroadband tested the service to see what people can expect from the service.TheCenturionMallwasselectedasthetestingground. » TogainaccesstothefreeTelkomMobileWi-Fiservice,youhavetoSMS the company, after which an access code and PIN will be sent. This processworkedperfectly. » MyBroadbandtestedtheservicebydoingwhatmostpeoplearelikelytodo onafreeWi-Fiservice–checkinge-mail,surfingtheweb,anddownloading afewsmallfiles. » Whatbecameveryclear,veryquickly,wasthattheservicewasnotstable. Intermsofdownloadingfiles,checkinge-mail,ordoingspeedtests. » TelkomMobile’sfreeWi-Fiservicewasfrustratingtousebecauseofthe relativelypoorperformance,butitisafreeservice. » Ifyoudonothaveanotheroptionsandyouwanttocheckyoure-mailorvisit awebsite,itservesitspurpose. Source: mybroadband, 16 September 2013
  • 36. TELKOMTODOUBLESAADSLSPEEDS » SouthAfricanfixedlineoperator,Telkom,planstodoubleADSLspeedsby theendofthisyearatnocosttocustomers. » Downloadspeedsof1,024Kbps(around1Mbps)willbemigratedto2,048 Kbps(2Mbps)and2,048Kbps(2Mbps)willbemigratedto4,096Kbps(4 Mbps). » Meanwhile,subscriberswith4,096Kbps(4Mbps)lineswillbemigratedto 10,240Kbps(10Mbps)speeds. » Accordingtoacompanystatement,theupgradeisexpectedtotakeplace inaphasedapproachcommencing11November2013. » Thestatementalsoreadsthat“usersaresettobenefitfromplannedspeed upgradesatnoadditionalcost”. » TelkomhassaidmigratingtobetterADSLlinesispartofitsplanned ‘NetworkTransformationProgramme’,whichisexpectedtoincreasethe performanceofthelinesandmeetthecountry’sgrowingbroadband demands. » Headded,“Thesespeedenhancementswillcontributetodrivingfixed broadbandpenetrationintheSouthAfricanmarketasitfacilitatesthe accessforISPs’customerstorichmediacontentsuchasvideo,musicand seamlesslivestreaming. Source: ITWeb Africa, 20 September 2013
  • 37. Technology SECTION 5
  • 38. SAMSUNG,QUALCOMMMAKE FORAYINTOSMARTWATCHMARKET » SamsungElectronicsandQualcommunveiledsmartwatches,tappinga potential"wearables"marketworthanestimated$50billionasthehigh-end mobilephonemarketbecomessaturated. » ThecompanieslaunchedthedevicesatnearlysimultaneouseventsinBerlin andSanDiego,andsomeanalystsimmediatelyquestionedwhetherthe devicesweretoocostly,withexpectedpricesofnear$300. » Samsung'sGalaxyGearsmartwatchworksasanaccessorytoitsmarket- leadingGalaxysmartphone,withasmallscreenofferingbasicfunctionssuch asphotos,hands-freecallsandinstantmessaging. » Qualcomm's"Toq"smartwatchcanplaymusicandhandlephonecallsand messages.Itwillbethefirstsmartwatchwithatouch-enabled"Mirasol"colour screenthatcanbeviewedeasilyinbrightsunlight. » Themarketpotentialforwearabledevicesissignificant.Leveragingadvances invoicetechnology,biometrics,communications,cloudstorageandpower consumption,smartwatchesandotherwearabledevicescouldbea$50 billionmarketby2017,accordingtoCreditSuisse. Source: ITWeb Africa, 5 September 2013
  • 39. LOVEFORPERSONALCOMPUTERS ONTHEDECLINE » Tablets have a small edge over laptops and desktops when it comes to customer satisfaction, but consumer love for PCs in general is down, accordingtoanewAmericanCustomerSatisfactionIndexreport. » TheACSI'sHouseholdApplianceandElectronicsReport2013measuredthe satisfaction levels for personal computers (including desktops, laptops, and tablets)basedoninterviewswithmorethan2,700customers. » Ona100-pointscale,tabletsgrabbedascoreof81,slightlyoutpacinglaptops and desktops, which earned 79 points each. PC devices in general saw a 1.3%declineinsatisfactionfromlastyear,withatotalscoreof79. » Among device makers, Apple took the lead with a score of 87, outshining Windowsdevicemakersbyanywherefrom8%to12%,accordingtoACSI. HP came in second with 80, followed by Dell with 79, Toshiba with 78, and Acerwith77. » "Microsoft'srevampedWindows8operatingsystemdoesnotseemtohave provided a bounce in sales or in customer satisfaction for these manufacturers,"ACSIDirectorDavidVanAmburgsaidinastatement. » "Moreover,thevastmajorityofdevicesofferedbyHP,Dell,andothersmaller PC makers are desktops or laptops -- a category that consumers find less gratifyingthantablets.” Source: CNET, 16 September 2013
  • 40. Social Media SECTION 6
  • 41. FACEBOOKTESTSLINKEDIN-ESQUE ‘PROFESSIONALSKILLS’TAB » With Facebook’s ongoing quest to combine every other social network’s features under its own blue slab, it appears Facebook is now adding a “Professional Skills” section where users can, well, boast about the things they’regoodatgettingpaidtodo. » Currentlyintesting,thefeatureisreminiscentofLinkedIn’sSkillssectionwhere users can select an expert field, skill, or interest and have all this information encompassedundertheirFacebookprofile’sAbouttab. » TheprimarydifferencebetweenFacebookandLinkedIn,however,isthatwith Facebook’s skill tab, you can click the skill to search forother people who’ve listedsimilarexpertise. » At the moment, LinkedIn does not let users find other job candidates with similarskillsets, though thereisan ironicallymore socialaspect since friends andcolleaguescanendorseyouforwhateveritisyousayyou’regoodat. » That isn’t to say that LinkedIn hasn’t been, say, inspired by Facebook’s featureseither. » It also borrowed the infamous “Like” system so users can approve of posts andupdatesmadebyfriendsorcompaniestheyarefollowing. » Thereisnosetdateofwhenthisfeaturewillbecomeavailable Source: Digital Trends, 9 September 2013
  • 42. FACEBOOKOPENSTWITTER-LIKE FEED » Facebook announced its latest bid to unseat Twitter as the hub for real-time online conversations: giving a few media partners the ability to tap into its “publicfeed”ofalltheFacebookpoststhataremadepublicbymembers. » That means companies such as CNN and Slate will be able to see a real- timelistofpublicpostsrelatedtocertainkeywords. » Only posts that users have marked “public” will be available for this stream, thoughsomeusersmaybesurprisedtolearnwhattheyhavemadepublic. » FacebookisonalongmarchtostakeitsclaimtowhatTwitterhascalledthe “globaltownsquare.” » InJune,Facebookofficiallyrolledouthashtags,orkeywordsthataremarked by“#,”aftermonthsofwork. » ThehashtagwaspopularisedbyTwitterusersaboutfiveyearsago,asaway toeasilygrouptweetsonrelatedtopics. » Withthenewchanges,Facebookistryingtoraiseitsprofileasaplacewhere peoplegototalkaboutwhat’shappeningnow. » Mediapartners,includingBuzzfeed,NBC’sTodayShow,SkyTV,andSlate, willgetaccesstowhat’scalledapublicfeedAPI,meaningthatthey’llbeable topullfromFacebook’sfirehoseofpublicposts. Source: Digital Trends, 9 September 2013
  • 43. WORLDWIDEWORX:SA'SSOCIAL MEDIALANDSCAPE » Twitterhasgrowninthe pastyearfrom2.4millionto5.5millionusersinSA.SouthAfricanspost54million tweetsamonth,with85%oftheseoriginatingfrommobiledevices. » 9.4millionSouthAfricansareonFacebookand87%ofusersaccessFacebookfromamobiledevice. » SA'stopfivemost-visitedsitesareGoogle,Facebook,YouTube,LinkedInandYahoo. » Mxithas"lostitsmojo",with7.4millionactivemonthlyuserscurrentlyontheplatform(downfrom9.5million ayearago) » Thetop200YouTubersinSAeachhavemorethan1.5millionaccountviewsbuttherearealmostno celebritiesamongthetop100oftheseYouTubers. » InSA,thereare466828activeGoogle+users–0.7%oftheglobalGoogle+base. » Thereare2.7millionregisteredLinkedInusersinSA,withthetopdemographicbeingthoseaged25to34 (34%),thetopindustrybeingfinanceandthetopcategoryentrepreneurship. » ThetopfreeappinApple,GoogleandWindowsappstoresisWhatsApp.TheAppleAppStore'sother topdownloadedfreeappsareInstagram,followedbyDarts,FacebookandYouTube. » GooglePlayStore'sothertopdownloadedfreeappsareFacebook,BBMforAndroid,BBMAndroid RegistrationandWeChat. Source: ITWeb, 10 September 2013
  • 44. TWITTERTOGOPUBLIC » The leading social media platform is set to go public after it filed an application for an Initial Public Offer (IPO) with the U.S security and exchangecommission. » According to an analyst, the news of the media’s IPO request is not surprising,givenasuccessfulmovebysocialmediagiantFacebook,and expectsthebird-logoedsitetothreadasimilarpathinextendingitsreach tomobilemarkets. » Theinteractiveplatformwhichhasattractedover200millionactiveusers since its launchinMarch 2006, hopestobecomeanactive playerin the mobilebusinessindustry,citingthesuccessFacebookhasenjoyedfrom exploitingpotential-filledmarket. » Twitter has gone one step further to ensure a smooth floatation by acquiring a mobile advertising business, MoPub, which would enable it buyadspacesautomatically. » Thebuyoutwasfinalisedinastake-swapdealworth$300–$400million, whichwillgivetheadvertisingfirmapieceofTwitter. Source: Ventures Africa, 13 September 2013
  • 45. Facebook Statistics for Africa SECTION 7
  • 46. BOTSWANA » Activeusers:420.000 » Penetration: 20.02% » 280,000 Gaborone; 44,000 Francistown; 4,800 Molepolole; 780Moshupa » 46.9%Female; 53.1%Male » The largest age group of users is 19-25, followed by the usersintheage26-35 » 37.6%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers » 85.7%mobileusers;14.3%non-mobileusers » 42.6%Android;11%iOS;46.4%others Source: Social Times Me, 20 September 2013
  • 47. ZIMBABWE » Activeusers:1.260.000 » Penetration: 9.98% » 740,000 Harare; 28,000 Chitungwiza; 168,000 Bulawayo; 42,000Gweru » 37.1%Female; 62.9%Male » The largest age group of users is 19-25, followed by the usersintheagecategoryof26-35 » 27%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers » 84.1%mobileusers;15.9%non-mobileusers » 76.9%Android;10.8%iOS;12.3%others Source: Social Times Me, 20 September 2013
  • 48. GHANA » Activeusers:2.400.000 » Penetration: 9.74% » 1,400,000 Accra; 340,000 Kumasi; 56,000 Tamale; 9,000 Bolgatanga » 31.9%Female;68.1%Male » The largest age group of users is 19-25, followed by the usersintheagecategoryof26-35 » 28.3%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers » 70.8%mobileusers,29.2%non-mobileusers » 74.6%Android;11.6%iOS;13.8%others Source: Social Times Me, 20 September 2013
  • 49. LESOTHO » Activeusers: 112.000 » Penetration: 5.80% » 90,000 Maseru;2,600Mafateng;1,160Butha-Buthe » 48.2%Female; 51.8%Male » The largest age group of users is 19-25, followed by the usersintheage categoryof26-35 » At25%,collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers » 83.9%mobileusers; 16.1%non-mobileusers » 28.9%Android;5.8%iOS; 65.3%others Source: Social Times Me, 20 September 2013
  • 50. SWAZILAND » Activeusers: 145.000 » Penetration: 10.24% » 43.7%Female; 56.3%Male » The largest age group of users is 19-25, followed by the usersintheagecategoryof26-35 » 26.8%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers » 87.3%mobileusers; 12.7%non-mobileusers » 53.9%Android;10.8%iOS; 35.3%others Source: Social Times Me, 20 September 2013
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