Mobile Report August 2013


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This month's snapshot of the latest mobile trends in the local and international digital landscape.

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Mobile Report August 2013

  1. 1. Mobile ReportAUGUST2013
  3. 3. HOWTOUSETHISREPORT Thisreport isintended to be aneasy-to-reference tool It isaresource that you can flipthrough in your owntime – and not to necessarily read from front-to-back
  4. 4. CONTENTS » Executive Summary » Section 1: Mobile Landscape » Section 2: Mobile Innovation and Campaigns » Section 3: Mobile Devicesand Operating Systems » Section 4: Mobile Networks » Section 5: SocialNetworks » Section 6: Facebook Statistics forAfrica » Sources and Contacts
  5. 5. Executive Summary
  6. 6. EXECUTIVESUMMARY 1. SouthAfricahasAfrica’scheapestpostpaiddatapricesandthenumberofinternetusersreaches14millionmark 2. WhileKenya’smobilemarketshrinks,Botswana’s internetsubscriptionsgrow 3. KenyaAirwaysunveil mobilemoneyintegration 4. LaunchofM-PESAinIndia 5. UbuntuEdgemissesitstarget,butstillthebiggestcrowdfundingcampaignever 6. MySmartEyeappforsmartphonesallowsblindpeople‘see’what’saroundthem 7. FirstTri-SIMsmartphonebyGoophoneandLG 8. Apple’siPhone5SlaunchisexpectedinSeptemberandSamsungisworkingon5S
  7. 7. EXECUTIVESUMMARY 9. Blackberrymaybeupforsale 10. Newappthatturnsanysurfaceintoatouchscreen 11. VivoX3,thenextworld’sthinnestsmartphone 12. TheLTEtechnologytobelaunchedinZimbabweand3GserviceinGuinea 13. FacebookeyesmobilemoneyandInstagramacquiresvideoeditingapp 14. ThelatestFacebookstatisticsforAfrica
  8. 8. Mobile Landscape SECTION1
  9. 9. 14MILLIONINTERNETUSERSINSOUTH AFRICA » The DMMA, working with Echo’s Peter Langschmidt, says the internet populationstandsat14millionpeople,representing39%ofadultsinSouth Africa. » The figure was derived from the All Media Products Survey (AMPS) and independently validated by Effective Measure (EM), the DMMA’s official measurementproviderfordigitalaudiencedata. » EffectiveMeasure’suniquebrowsersaccessingtheinternet is11.6million monthlyinternetusers. » Web browsing via mobile phones as well as computers is 11.3 million monthlyinternetusers. Source: DMMA, 29 July 2013
  10. 10. KENYA’SMOBILEMARKET‘SHRINKS’ BY900,000SUBSCRIBERS » MobilesubscribernumbersinKenyahavefallenfrom30.7millionto29.8 millionbetweenJanuaryandMarchthisyear. » This is according to the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) quarterly‘SectorStatisticsReportforJanuarytoMarch2013’. » The regulator says the decline has mainly been attributed to the deactivationof2.4millionunregisteredSIMcardsduringthequarter. » TheCCKaddsthatthedecreaseinmobilesubscriptionshasresultedina fallinmobilepenetrationfiguresfrom78%inthepreviousquarterto75.8% intheperiodunderreview. » Also, total mobile traffic declined by 1.2% to stand at 7.2 billion minutes, downfrom7.3billionrecordedinthepreviousquarter,saystheCCK. » Meanwhile, the CCK says the uptake of mobile money expanded with subscriptionsincreasingby10.1%toreach23.2million. » Thenumberofmobilemoneytransferagentsalsoroseto74,216upfrom 62,300reportedinthepreviousquarter. » Regarding the country’s internet and data market, this segment grew to reach 9.6 million subscriptions by end of March 2013, according to the regulator. Source: ITWeb Africa, 31 July 2013
  11. 11. TELKOMLAUNCHESBUSINESS UNCAPPEDINTERNETUSAGEPLAN » Thegoodnewsforsmallandmediumbusinesses,Telkomhasconfirmed thelaunchofitsBusinessUncappedinternetusageplan. » The company explained that Business Uncapped consists of a range of affordableuncappedinternetofferssuitableforsmallofficeswithuptofive users. » Carel Booysen, Executive: Business Broadband and internet, elaborated that the aim of the offering is to provide small businesses priority on the networkduringofficehours. » Morespecifically,itisintendedtoallowthemtobenefitfromanuncapped internet experience suitable for business essential internet functions like browsing,emailandfiletransfer. » Booysenassertedthatitisthesekindsofofferingwhichprovidetheaccess, capacity, speed and the tools that enable customers to fully exploit the digitalworld. Source: techsmart, 2 August 2013
  12. 12. TAXPAYMENTSATCAMEROON PORTGOELECTRONIC » Tax and customs fee payments at Cameroon’s Port of Douala in Cameroonaregoingelectronic,thankstoafirmcalledEmergingMarkets Payments(EMP). » EMP is an electronics payments card processing company that plans to pilot a cashless service at the port from September. EMP, meanwhile, plansafulllaunchlaterofitsservicelaterthisyear. » Thecashlesssystemisexpectedenableuserstomakefastertransactions by helping them pay customs fees and taxes using electronic payment cards. » All fees are also to be payable via point-of-sale terminals (POS) or a dedicatedwebsitemanagedbyEMP. » EMP is majority owned by leading emerging market private equity company,Actis. » It has over 130 banks and 30,000 merchants as customers across 45 countries. Source: ITWeb Africa, 5 August 2013
  13. 13. MAJORITYOFSMARTPHONETRANSACTIONS HAPPENATHOME » Smartphones and tablets have empowered shoppers and confused marketers by creating a more complex multi- platformenvironment. » Yet, if marketers were holding out hope that consumer behavior would eventually “stabilize”around clearlydistinct use cases — PCs for e-commerce, tablets for browsing, smartphones for “on the go” — it’s not exactly happening thatway. » Nielsenofferssomeperspectiveonallthisviaacollectionof Q1mobileshoppingdata. » Nielsen compared the top shopping behaviors and most common device locations (in the real world) for each category. Source: Marketing Land, 7 August 2013 ACTIVITY SMARTPHONE TABLET Store locator lookups In-car while commuting At home Product price checking 1. In store 2. At home At home Product research before buying 1. At home 2. In store At home Reading reviews 1. At home 2. In store At home Creating and using lists while shopping 1. In store 2. At home 1. At home 2. In store Mobile commerce At home At home Social media commenting on purchases At home At home Post-purchase product review At home At home
  14. 14. 'SAHASAFRICA’SCHEAPEST POSTPAIDDATAPRICES' » South Africa has among the cheapest postpaid broadband packages in Africa,accordingtoastudyconductedbyResearchICTAfrica(RIA). » InanRIA’spolicybrieftitled‘Howdomobileandfixedbroadbandstackupin SA?’, the organisation says that compared to 12 African nations, South Africa has the cheapest 1GB postpaid mobile broadband basket at an averagepriceof$9.81permonth. » Meanwhile,EastAfrica’sTanzaniaandKenyaareplacedsecondandthird, with 1GB postpaid broadband data packages respectively costing $10.17 and$10.81eachinthetwonations. » And inGhana a 1GBpostpaidbroadband optioncosts $10.92,placingthe West African nation in fourth position on the list of countries with the cheapestbaskets. » Andit’snotjustinthe1GBpostpaidbroadbandrangethatSouthAfricahas competitivepricesonthecontinent. » Inthe5GB postpaidbroadbandbasket,thesouthernAfricancountryalso has the second cheapest offering after Nigeria. In South Africa a 5GB mobilepostpaidbasketcosts$21.80permonth,accordingtotheRIA. Source: ITWeb Africa, 12 August 2013
  15. 15. BOTSWANA’SINTERNET SUBSCRIPTIONSGROWTHTOPS132.2% » ResearchfromStatistics Botswana (SB),thecountry’sdataauthority,has indicated a significant growth in both mobile cellular and internet subscriptions. » The ‘Botswana ICT 2012Statistics’report,released by statisticiangeneral Anna Majelantle, says that mobile cellular subscriptions rose from 2,900,263in2011to3,081,726in2012,registeringagrowthof6.3%. » “This increase resulted from the rise in pre-paid subscriptions which constituted 97.9% of total mobile cellular subscriptions in 2012,” said Majelantle. » Meanwhile,informationfromtheauthoritysaysthatinternetsubscriptions roseby132.2%between2011and2012,from254,649subscriptionsin2011 to591,252in2012. » Majelantle added that for the year 2012, postpaid and prepaid mobile cellularsubscriptionswere63,842and3,017,884respectively. » She further said that ‘mobi-density’, the number of mobile cellular subscriptionsper100inhabitants,increasedby124.6%in2012,recordinga riseof62.1percentagepointsfromtheincreaserecordedin2011. Source: ITWeb Africa, 13 August 2013
  16. 16. ATMWITHDRAWALSENABLEDFOR GHANA’SMOBILEMONEYUSERS » Mobile money users in Ghana can now withdraw cash from Automated TellerMachines(ATMs)withoutacard,thankstoajust-launchedoffering bytelecomsfirmMTN. » Theservice,dubbedATMCashOut,isthefirstofitskindinGhana. » ATM Cash Out is available at all Fidelity Bank Ghana ATMs across the country. » AndMTNfurtherplanstoroll-outtheservicetomorepartnerbanks’ATMs nationwide. » “IbelievetheintroductionofthisinnovativeservicetotheGhanaianmarket will enrich the user experience of customers,” said MTN Mobile Money seniormanager,EliHini. » The ATM CashOutservicehasbeenformally launchedaspartofMTN’s annual‘MobileMoneyMonth’inthecountry. » MTNwasthefirstoperatortolaunchmobilemoneyservicesinGhana. » TheMTNGroupoperatesmobilemoneyofferingsin14countries,reaching over10millioncustomers. Source: ITWeb Africa, 14 August 2013
  17. 17. 59%OFNIGERIANS‘UNAWARE’OF MOBILEMONEY » About60%ofNigeriansare‘unaware’ofmobilemoney, twoyearsafterthe introductionoftheserviceinthecountry,saysasnappoll. » Nigerian opinionpoll and researchorganisationNOIPolls has conducted themobilemoneyservicessnappoll. » The opinion poll was conducted and it involved telephonic interviews of a random nationwide sample consisting of 1,004 Nigerians aged 18 years andabove,representingsixgeopoliticalzonesinthecountry. » And according to results, NOI says 59% of Nigeria's population of more than160millionpeopleare‘unaware’ofmobilemoney. » Furthermore, according to the results of poll, only 13% of those that are awareofMobileMoneycurrentlyuseit. » However, in the report, 71% of non-users say they could consider using mobilemoneyservicesinthefuture. » InAugust2011,theCentralBankofNigeria(CBN)licensed16banksand other financial institutions to establishmobilemoney services throughout thecountry. Source: ITWeb Africa, 15 August 2013
  18. 18. 75%OFSMARTPHONEOWNERS‘‘HIGHLYLIKELY’’ TODELETEEMAILSTHEYCANNOTREADON THEIRPHONES » Email service providerConstant Contact’s mobile email study discovered that 80% of smartphone owners say it is “extremely important” to read emails on their mobile devices, with 75% of the nearly 1,500 survey respondents claiming they were “highly likely” to delete an email if it couldn’tbereadfromtheirsmartphone. » The study found that among participants age 18 to 30 years, 88% open email on a mobile device, with more than half – 52% – confirming their smartphoneistheirprimarydeviceforopeningemails. » 30to39agegroup:85%openemailsontheirmobiledevicewithnearlyhalf –48%–claimingtheirsmartphoneistheirprimarydeviceforemail. » 40to49:74%confirmedtheyreademailsontheirdevices,butonly35%of thisagedemographicsaidthattheirsmartphonewastheirprimarydevice forreadingemails. » 50 to 59: 71% of survey respondents reading emails on their phone and 26%claimingtheirsmartphoneistheirprimaryemaildevice. » 60+:66%reademailsontheirsmartphone,butonly14%claimittobetheir primarydeviceforreadingemails. Source: Marketing Land, 13 August 2013
  19. 19. STANDARDBANK’SMOBILE GROWTHREVEALED » Standard Bank says its mobile banking customers as at July 2013 have swelledto3million,representinga58%increasefromthesameperiodlast year. » Thegroupreporteda10%riseinheadlineearningspershareinthehalf-year to June period to 506 cents, and a dividend per share of 233 cents was declared. » “Sharplyincreasedactivityoccurredthroughthemobilebankingchannelsin South Africa offset by slightly lower activity through the group’s ATM network,”itsaidinitsresultspresentation. » Vuyo Mpako, head of channel design and development at Standard Bank, said that at June 2013 the group had just under 170,000 unique registered users of its app, with the total value of transactions on the app at approximatelyR11billionintheyeartodate. Source: MobileMoneyAfrica, 22 August2013
  20. 20. FEATUREMOBILEPHONESSTILL STRONGINTHESAMARKET » Featurephones,describedasphonesthathavelimitedornowebaccessand alimitedabilitytorunthird-partyapplications,stillmakeup32millionofthe estimated40millioncellphonesinSouthAfrica. » Speaking at the launch of its new feature phone-friendly mobi site, Kevin Hurwitz, CEO of South Africa said that despite the fact that smartphone penetration is on the rise, feature phones still offer the most accesstolocalconsumers. » He says that as mobile devices and particularly feature phones become cheaperinSouthAfrica,onecanexpectamarkedincreaseinfeaturephone sales. » Astestamenttothisgrowth,hepointstolatestresearchbytheDigitalMedia andMarketingAssociation(DMMA)thatrevealedthatSouthAfricaninternet usershavegrownbymorethantwomillioninthelast12months. » "Tailoredfortheirindividualneeds,featurephonesstillofferfunctionalityand affordabilitytomanylocalconsumers,Withmobiletechnologyevolvingdaily, there is massive potential to reach consumers via devices such as smartphones and tablets, but disregard the feature phone market at your peril,"heconcludes. Source: allAfrica, 22 August2013
  21. 21. KENYAAIRWAYSUNVEILSMOBILE MONEYPAYMENTOPTION » Customers in Uganda wanting to fly with airline Kenya Airways can now purchase their flight tickets using mobile operator MTN’s mobile money offering. » Kenya Airways operates five daily flights between Uganda’s Entebbe InternationalAirportanditshubinNairobi. » Theairlinealsofliestoover45Africandestinations. » MTN Uganda chief marketing officer Ernst Fonternel welcomed the partnershipwithKenyaAirways. » Fonternel added that MTN’s mobile money service reaches over 8 million customers. » “AspertheGSMA2012GlobalMobileMoneyadoptionsurvey,MTNUganda ranks 2nd in the world in the number of active mobile money customer accounts,"hesaid. Source: ITWeb Africa, 28 August2013
  22. 22. Mobile innovation and campaigns SECTION2
  23. 23. FUTUREGOOGLEGLASSTOBE MADEBYMOTOROLA » Motorola unveiled their new Android smartphone, the Motorola Moto X whichisoneofthefirstdevicestobereleasedbythecompanysincethey were takenovermyGoogle,and nowitwould appearthatMotorolamay makefutureGoogleGlassdevicesforGoogle. » Now Google are considering using Motorola for production of future versionsoftheirGoogleGlass,thenewscomesfromMotorolaCEODennis Woodside. » WoodsidehassaidthatMotorolaisalreadyworkingwithGoogleonother hardwareprojects,andthatGoogleGlasscouldsomedaybeproducedby Motorola. » ItwouldmakesenseforGoogletouseMotorolaforfuturedevelopmentof GoogleGlass,wesuspectwewillseeMotorolaproducingfuturemodelsof thedeviceforGoogle. Source: Geeky Gadgets, 5 August 2013
  24. 24. SPECIALLYDESIGNEDSIMCARDS HELPPROTECTFREE-SPEECH » Abayima,anon-profitorganisationhasdecidedtocomeupwithasolution that will assist activists, journalists and human rights organisations in oppressive regimes to communicate simply by using specially designed SIMcards. » Abayima was founded back in 2011 with the objective of making communicationpossibleforcitizensduringcrisisscenarios,suchaswhen internet and mobile networks go down whether by circumstance or by maliciousintent. » Abayima developed the Open SIM Kit (OSK), an open source software solutionthatallowsanyonetohackthecontentsofaSIMcard,whichisthe primarynetworkcommunicationtoolfoundin90%ofphonesintheglobal market. » With the redesigned SIM cards, citizens and other people in repressive regimescommunicatesimplybystoringinformationontheSIMcardsand swapping with one another, providing an alternative way to circumvent networksurveillance. Source: ITWeb Africa, 7 August 2013
  25. 25. FNBMOBILEPAYMENTDEVICEA STEPCLOSER » UK company Powa Technologies Group, which has partnered with SA banking group FNB to develop a mobile payments device, has completed itsfirstroundofoutsidefundingtotaling$76million. » Powacreatestechnologywhichallowsconsumersandbusinessestomake transactionsthroughmobiledevices. » InOctober2012,PowasignedadealwithSouthAfricanbankFNBtoofferits paymentdeviceinthecountry. » Thedevice,mPowa,worksbyusingafreemobilephoneappandareader, which connects to a smartphone or mobile device by plugging into its headphonesocketorconnectingviaBluetooth. » It enables companies and individuals to accept card payments from their customersonthegoinaquickandconvenientway. » ThemobileappisfreetodownloadoniPhone,iPad,Android,Windowsand Blackberry devices and functions as the control centre that accepts the payment. » The bank remains coy over a launch date, however. “We are in the final stagesofcertificationanddesignandwillsoonbeactivewiththeproductin thecomingmonths,”itsaid. Source: BusinessTech, 22 August 2013
  26. 26. VODAFONELAUNCHESM-PESAIN DELHI » Vodafone India along with ICICI bank, launched its mobile money transfer andpaymentservice‘M-Pesa’inDelhi,expandingthefootprintintheCapital. » “We expect a small number of people to adapt this initially...if classical marketingtheoryisanythingtogobyusuallyabout0.5 to1%ofpeopleadopt anewproduct,”VodafoneIndiaBusinessHead(Delhi)SubratPadhisaid. » He, however, added, the company expects the product to go “viral” in the daysaheadgoingbythekindofresponseitgotincountrieslikeKenya. » “We clearly feel the initial experience will come by our push...point of inflection,thereisapointwhenitbecomesviralandpeoplestartdoingitwith word of the mouth,” Vodafone India Business Head M-Pesa Suresh Sethi said. » Theservicewillbeavailablethrough1,400authorisedagentsandacross130 VodafoneexclusiveretailstoresinDelhiandNCRregion. » ApartfromDelhi,theservice,whichwaslaunchedinDecemberlastyear,is currentlyavailableinKolkata,WestBengal,Bihar,JharkhandandRajasthan andwillberolledoutacrossthecountryin12-18months. » Besides Vodafone, other mobile operators such as Bharti Airtel are also offeringsimilarservices. Source: MobileMoneyAfrica, 22 August 2013
  27. 27. UBUNTUEDGEMISSESTARGETBY $19MMARGIN » TheUbuntuEdgehasfailedtohititsambitiouscrowdfundingtargetby awhopping$19million. » The open-source mobile had aimed for the stars with a goal of $32 million,butfellfarshort,endingupwith$12.8million. » The phone won'tnowbeproducedandall funds will bereturned to contributors,withinfiveworkingdays. » ItisstillthemostmoneyeverpledgedonIndiegogo,thecrowdfunding site used for the campaign, and it tops Kickstarter's record of $10.3 millionforthePebblesmartwatch. Source: CNET, 22 August 2013
  28. 28. PAINTAPICTUREFORTHEBLIND WITHMYSMARTEYE » MySmartEye, a new initiative by Singapore’s local telecommunications company StarHub and developed by TribalDDB, is a mobile application thatenablesthevisuallyimpairedtobeawareoftheirsurroundings. » Through the app, the visually impaired will beable to takea pictureand haveitdescribedviathebuilt-invoice-overfeatureoftheirsmartphones. » Whenavisuallyimpairedusersnapsaphoto,itisautomaticallysenttothe micro-volunteers’smartphone,wherethevolunteeristhenpromptedto describetheimage. » Thespeedofthemessagetransmissionbacktothevisuallyimpaireduser dependsonthevolunteer'sresponsetime. » Theappalsoallowsthevisuallyimpairedusertocheckfeedbackonhisor herimageusingmotionandgestureprompts. » To use MySmartEye, all micro-volunteers have to log in through their Facebook account, helping to ensure credibility and responsibility of the commentsgiven. » One visually impairedusersaid the appallows him tofeel moresocially connectedwiththeworld. Source: Mashable, 27 August 2013
  29. 29. Mobile devices and operating systems SECTION3
  30. 30. GOOPHONEANDLGTOOFFERFIRST TRI-SIMSMARTPHONES » Dual-SIM phones are handy in regions where international travel and prepaidservicearecommon,buteventhosedevicesaren'talwaysenough forjetsetters. » Thankfully, GooPhoneand LG have come to those customers' rescue by launchingthefirstsmartphonesbasedonanewMediaTekTriple-SIMchip. » GooPhone X1+ and a just-shipped variant of the Optimus L4 II can juggle threephonelineswithoutabighittobatterylife. » Neither tri-SIM phone is high-end: the X1+ reportedly carries a 5-inch FWVGAdisplayandadual-coreMT6572processor,whiletheL4IIsportsa 3.8-inchHVGAscreenandanunnamed1GHzchip. » Despite those limitations,we suspectthehandsets will bevital toanyone who'drathernotswitchSIMswhencrossingtheborder. » LG'sphoneisalreadyonsaleinBrazil,whiletheGooPhoneX1+shouldship tomultiplecountriesthismonth. Source: engadget, 5 August 2013
  31. 31. SONYXPERIATABLETZANDROID 4.2UPDATERELEASED » GoodnewsforownersoftheXperiaTabletZasSonyhasstartedrolling outtheSonyXperiaTabletZAndroid4.2update,theupdatecomesin theformofAndroid4.2.2JellyBean. » TheAndroid4.2.2JellyBeanupdatebringsarangeofnewfeaturesto the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, the update has been released for the LTE version of the device, with the update expected shortly for the WiFi version. » TheXperiaTabletZAndroid4.2.2JellyBeanupdatecomesasfirmware versions10.3.1.A.0.244andyoucanchecktoseeifitisavailableforyour devicefromthesettingsmenu. Source: Geeky Gadgets, 5 August 2013
  32. 32. GOOGLERELEASESANDROID USAGEDATA » Tech giant Google has released the latest Android mobile operating system (OS) usagedata,revealing which version of the platform is doing dutyonusers’smartphonesandtablets. » Android Jelly Bean (Android4.1 - 4.3) continues to ascend to new usage heights, after having dethroned the long serving king of the Android hill, Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3 - 2.3.7), as the number one used version last month. » Jelly Bean now powers four out of every ten (40.5%) Android-running mobile devices, up from 37.9% in July, whilst Gingerbread’s share slips from34.1%to33.1%. » The demand for Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3 - 4.0.4) remains low, with this version of the mobile platform laying claim to a 22.5%usageshare(downfrom23.3%). » Thesticky,tabletlovingHoneycomb(Android3.2)refusestobecompletely putouttopasture,runningon0.1%ofAndroid-powereddevices. » Honeycomb’sfellowAndroidveterans,Froyo(Android2.2),Donut(Android 1.6)andEclair(Android2.1)possessesa2.5%,0.1%and1.2%respective Androidusagestake. Source: techsmart, 5 August 2013
  33. 33. GOOGLEADDSTOUCHCONTROLSTO EXPERIMENTALVERSIONOFCHROME Source: engadget, 5 August 2013 » The latest build of Canary, the bleeding-edge test-bed for Google Chrome, reveals that the company is working on touch-centric featuresforitsdesktopbrowser. » Byswipingleftandright,forinstance,userswillbeabletoavoidthe choreofhittingthebackandforwardpagebuttons--whilepinch-to- zoomandon-screenkeyboardsarealsoavailabletotryout. » Now,ofcourse,youjustneedsomehardwaretotakeadvantageof thenewfeatures.
  34. 34. APPLE+ANDROIDCOMBINE92% OFSMARTPHONEMARKET » ComScoreissueditslatestsmartphonemarketsharereport. » As has been trueforthe past severalmonths, notmuch has changed. » Androidremainedthetopmobileoperatingsystem,with52% oftheUSsmartphonemarketwhiletheiPhonegainednearly apoint. » ComScorealsoreporteda0.1%gainforWindowsPhone. » AccordingtocomScore59%ofUSmobilesubscribersowned smartphones in June. Nielsen says current smartphone penetrationintheUSis62%. Source: Marketing Land, 7 August 2013
  35. 35. IPHONE5SLAUNCHEXPECTEDIN SEPTEMBER Source: ITWeb, 12 August 2013 » Apple is expected to unveil its next smartphone at an event on 10September,accordingtotechnologyblog AllThingsD. » Theblogcitesunnamedsourcesastheleakbehindthelaunchdate, but an Apple representative refused to comment on the timing of anyupcomingevents. » AreportintheKoreaTimeslastmonthsuggestedthephonecould be long-term evolution-advanced (LTE-A)-enabled, as Apple has allegedly approached SK Telecom to incorporate its LTE-A technologyintothe5S. » LTE-AtechnologywillenabletheiPhone5Stodownloaddatatwice asfastasitspredecessor,ataspeedof150Mbps. » Leakedimagesoftheupcomingsmartphonealsomadetheirway ontotheWeb,suggestingApplehasn'tventuredfromitsdesign recipefortheiPhone5.
  36. 36. BLACKBERRYMAYPUTITSELFUP FORSALE Source: ITWeb Africa, 13 August 2013 » Struggling smartphone maker BlackBerry is weighing options that could include anoutright sale,itsaid,and its largestshareholderis steppingdown fromitsboardtoavoidanypossibleconflictofinterest. » BlackBerry, which pioneered mobile email with its first smartphones and emailpagers,saidithadsetupacommitteetoreviewitsoptions,sparkinga debate over whether Canada's one-time crown jewel is more valuable as a wholeorsnappeduppiecebypiecebycompetitorsorprivateinvestors. » The company said Prem Watsa, whose Fairfax Financial Holdings is BlackBerry's biggest shareholder, was leaving the board as BlackBerry determinesitsnextsteps. » The potential buyers of BlackBerry assets, if not the company itself, could includedeep-pocketedCanadianpensionfunds,aswellassomeofitsrivals. » BlackBerry,onceastockmarketdarling,hasbledmarketsharetoAppleand phones using Google Android operating system, and its new BlackBerry 10 smartphoneshavefailedtogaintractionwithconsumers. » CompaniestippedaspossiblepartnersforBlackBerryhaveincludedMicrosoft,aswellasLenovoGroup. » SourcessayWallStreetbankershavealsopitcheddealsinvolvingBlackBerry tocompaniessuchasHTCandSamsungElectronics,sofarwithoutsuccess.
  37. 37. KINECTAPPTHATTURNSANYSURFACE INTOATOUCHSCREENISNOWFORSALE Source: Engadget, 15 August 2013 » Withseveral companies developingtechnologies thatcanturnany surfaceintoatouchscreen,itshouldbewidelyavailablesoon. » Those who want to try it out before it's cool, however, should look towards Ubi Interactive's software that combines the talents of Microsoft'sKinectforWindowssensorandaprojector. » So long as the software's installed on a Windows 8 computer, the sensortracksanddetectsmovementsusersmakeontheprojected image. » Interactions are the same as any tablet or smartphone, including launchingiconsbytappingonthemandexpandingareaswithpinch- to-zoom. » Merely a concept in 2012, the software is now available on Ubi's websitewithpricesrangingfrom$149to$1,499,dependingonthe displaysizeandthetypeofcustomersupport.
  38. 38. VIVOX3CRUSHESWORLD’STHINNEST SMARTPHONETITLE Source: Digital Trends, 23 August 2013 » It wasn’t so long ago that Huawei grabbed the title of World’s Thinnest SmartphonewiththeAscendP6,whichmeasuresjust6.16mmthick. » Now,Huaweihaslostitagain,thistimetotheVivoX3. » VivoX3isjust5.75mmthick. » It’snotcheatingeither,astheX3’schassismeasuresthesamealltheway along,withnounsightlybumpsforthebatteryorcameralens. » The screen is 5-inches and has a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, while the processorisaquad-corechipwitha1.5GHzclockspeed. » Android4.2isinstalledastheOS,andthere’san8-megapixelcameraon thebackofthephone. » Surprisinglyforsuchathinphone,theX3isquiteheavyat150grams,and thebatteryisasfeebleasyou’dexpectat2000mAh. » Also, if you want the super thin Vivo X3, you’re stuck with a blue color scheme,asthewhitemodelis5.95mmthick. » The Vivo X3 will go on sale in China next month, when it will cost the equivalentof$410.
  39. 39. SAMSUNGSTARTSWORKONS5 Source: ITWeb, 27 August 2013 » AlthoughtheSamsungGalaxyS4isonlyafewmonthsold,thecompany hasreportedlyalreadystartedworkingonitssuccessor. » The Electronic Times has revealed what could be the first specs of the SamsungGalaxyS5. » The latest report claims the Galaxy S5 will feature a 16MP camera, upgrading from the S4's 13MP sensor and matching the Galaxy S4 Zoom's16MP. » TheGalaxyS5isalsoexpectedtocomewithanopticalimagestabiliser,a function that was reportedly originally meant to be used for the Galaxy Note3,butcouldnotbeimplementedatthetimeduetoproblemswith partssupply. » Thereportaddsoncedevelopmentofthe16MPmoduleiscomplete,itis likely to become the basic standard for the company's smartphones in thefuture. » ThepatentimagesofwhatisbelievedtobetheGalaxyS5wereleakedin thepreviousmonth.Theimagesshowedoffarectangularshape,butwith edgesthatareslanted,divertingfromSamsung'scurrentlookfoundon theGalaxyS3andS4.
  40. 40. Mobile Networks SECTION 4
  41. 41. ERICSSONCELEBRATES115 YEARSINEGYPT » Swedish multinational technology firm Ericsson has marked 115 years in Egyptatadinnereventforstakeholdersfromthecountry’sInformationand CommunicationTechnology(ICT)sector. » Ericssonhasalong-standingpresenceinEgypt,beginningin1897whenthe companywastaskedwithestablishingthefirsttelephoneexchangesystem inthecountryconnectingCairotoAlexandriaforthefirsttime. » "Egypt has seen rapid advancement in its telecommunications industry in recentyears,and we atEricssonareproud ofourroleinhelpingto pushit forward together with our partners,” said Isil Yalcin, president of Ericsson NorthEastAfrica. » Yalcin further went on to announce the company's social corporate responsibilityinitiativeinthecountryaround‘smartschools’. » ThesmartschoolsinitiativeisplannedtosupportinnovationamongEgyptian youthandnurturelocaltalent. Source: ITWeb Africa, 2 August2013
  42. 42. AIRTELZAMBIAAIMSFOR500,000 MOBILEMONEYTRANSACTIONS » Airtel Zambia plans to reach half-a-million transactions from its 1.2 million subscribersregisteredonitsmobilemoneyservicebytheendofthisyear. » Thecompany’smanagingdirectorCharityLumpasaidoutofthe1.2million registered mobile money subscribers,approximately 14,000 to 15, 000 are currentlyregularusersofitsmobilemoneyservices. » The company also says that over 80 active Airtel money merchants have beenregistered. » LumpaaddedthatAirtelmoneyishelpingregisteredcustomerstopayutility billsandsendmoneytofriendsandrelativesinthecomfortoftheirhomes. » The company is recording at least $95,000 worth of transactions every day throughtheAirtelmobilemoneyservice. » AirtelisZambia’slargesttelecomoperatorwithoverfourmillionsubscribers. Source: ITWeb Africa, 8 August2013
  43. 43. AIRTELGHANA,ISENDENABLE CROSS-BORDERPREPAIDPURCHASES » Ghanaians livingincountries suchas theUSaresoonsetto beabletobuy prepaidairtimefortheirfamilyandfriendsinGhanawhousemobileoperator Airtel’snetwork. » Electronic payment service company, iSend, has announced that it has partneredwithmobileoperatorAirtelGhanatocreatethisservice. » Accordingtoapressstatement,customersintheUnitedStates,Canada,the UnitedKingdomandEuropearesettobeabletopurchaseprepaidmobile airtimefrommorethan150,000retaillocations. » Customerscanalsoarrangetop-upsonlineatiSend'swebsite. » Users of the service are not charged beyond the normal price of minutes, accordingtoSteveLaBella,presidentand chiefexecutiveofficer ofiSend,in thestatement. » "ThispartnershipishighlybeneficialforthefamiliesandfriendswhomiSend andAirtelGhanacannowservetogether,"heconcluded. Source: ITWeb Africa, 14 August2013
  44. 44. ZAMBIAPOSTPONESPLANSFOR FOURTHMOBILELICENCE » PlanstoawardafourthmobilelicenceinZambiathisyearhavebeenputon holdbythecountry’sgovernment. » Zambia’sministerofcommunicationsandtransport,YamfwaMukanga,has said government has made progress in clearing the way for the fourth operator, but the licence is only to be offered after the country’s digital migrationproject. » Among the telecom firms interested is South African headquartered Vodacom,Zambiangovernmentofficialshavesaidearlierthisyear. » Zambia’s telecoms market is dominated by Airtel Zambia and MTN, which have over 8.5 million combined total number of subscribers. State-owned Zamtelalsooperatesasamobilenetworkproviderinthecountry. » “Wewillonlyallowthefourthmobileserviceprovideronthemarketafterthe digitalmigrationexerciseisimplemented.Wearenotinahurrytohavethe fourth operator because the country is content with the current service levels,”Mukangasaid. » Hesaidthethreeoperatorsthatthecountryhaspresentlyareenoughto servicethemarket. » HeaddedthattheZambiangovernmentisalsointalkswiththeoperatorsto reducethecostofcommunicationforthebenefitofcustomers. Source: ITWeb Africa, 15 August2013
  45. 45. ECONETWIRELESSLAUNCHESLTE INZIMBABWE » ZimbabwehasbecomeAfrica’sseventhcountrytoofferaLTEnetworkafter mobileoperatorEconetWirelessunveiledthenextgenerationhigh-speed internetserviceearlier inAugust. » TheLTEserviceisplannedtobeavailableatallofZimbabwe’sairportsand thecentralbusinessdistrictsofHarareandBulawayo. » TheresorttownofVictoriaFalls,wheretheUnitedNationsWorldTourism Organisation(UNWTO) generalassemblykicksoffattheendofAugust,is alsoplannedtohavetheservice. » Econet - Zimbabwe’s largest mobile operator with an estimated eight million subscribers - has helped Zimbabwe become the seventh country afterAngola,SouthAfrica,Namibia,Mauritius,TanzaniaandUgandatohave aLTEservice. » “We are officially launching LTE through dongles or modems. We are makingitourbusinesstomoveto4Gmobilephones,”saidSternHenning, thechiefcommercialandcustomerrelationsofficeratEconetWireless. » LTEoffersspeedsofup-to65Mbpsandcanbe10timesfasterthan3G,said Stern Henning, the chief commercial and customer relations officer at EconetWireless. Source: ITWeb Africa, 21 August2013
  46. 46. VODACOMREVEALSMY5VALUEADDED SERVICEFORPREPAIDCUSTOMERS » Local mobile operator Vodacom has announced its new value added service(VAS)forprepaidcustomersdubbedMy5. » My5offersonehouroftalktime,unlimitedtextingtoanynetwork,aswell asdataallocationtoprepaidclientsforaslittleasR6. » The service is part of Vodacom Free4Sho customer promotion that providesguaranteedfreebenefitstoprepaidcustomers.Itisofferedasa bolt-onservicetoVodacom4LessandDailyFreeCallsprepaidplans. » In order to enjoy the benefits of the My5 daily bundles, customers must firstlinkatleastoneVodacomnumberbydialling*111*5#andfollowing theprompts. » Prepaid customers can also purchase My5 bundles, change links and checkbalancesbydialling*111*5#. Source: TechSmart, 21 August2013
  47. 47. VODACOMTOINVESTR1.28 BILLIONINTANZANIA » TheTanzanianunitofSouthAfrica’sVodacomplanstoinvest 200billion shillings–orR1.28billion–toexpanditsnetworkthisyearbutsaidrising taxescouldstiflethesector. » ReneMeza,themanagingdirectorofthelargestmobilephoneoperatorin Tanzania, said on Wednesday he expects more growth in subscriber numbersthisyeardespitestiffcompetition. » Telecommunications is the fastest-growing sector in east Africa’s second-biggest economy and the government is keen to get a higher shareofrevenuefromit. » Butmobilephoneoperatorssaythegovernment’sintroductionofanew taxof1,000shillingspermonthoneverySIMcardandanexcisedutyof 0.15percentonmoneytransferscouldhurtinvestment. » They argue the SIM card tax will delay expansion of mobile phone use amongthepoormajorityinruralareas–around23millionTanzaniansdo notusemobileservices. » Thenationof45millionpeoplehasamobilepenetrationrateof48percent, or about 22 million subscribers, according to the Mobile Operators AssociationofTanzania(MOAT). Source: BusinessTech, 22 August2013
  48. 48. MTNGUINEATOROLL-OUT3G SERVICES » MobileoperatorMTNGuineahaswonalicencetoprovide3Gservicesin thesmallWestAfricancountry. » MTN Guinea (also referred to as ‘Areeba’) says the country’s telecoms regulator L’Autorite de Regulation des Postes et Telecommunications (ARPT)hasawardeditthelicenceon16August. » InDecember2011,OrangeGuinealaunchedthecountry’sfirst3G networkinthecapitalConakry. » InFebruary2012,CellcomGuineafollowedwithits3Gnetwork,which wasalsoatfirstavailableinConakry. » Guinea,whichhasapopulationof10.22millionaccordingtotheWorld Bank,isalsosettohaveaforecastedmobilepenetrationrateof67%by year-end,saysresearchfirmBuddeComm. » Butdespitehavingacompetitivetelecomsmarketwithfiveoperatorsand strongeconomicgrowth,BuddeCommsaysGuineahasalackof broadbandservicesresultinginaninternetpenetrationrateofjust1.5%. Source:ITWeb Africa, 29 August2013
  49. 49. Social Media SECTION 5
  50. 50. TWITTERHOTELREDEFINES THESOCIALMEDIAVACATION » For vacationers seeking the solace of island life, disconnecting from a smartphone and all things tech is a welcome reprieve. But if your idea of paradise is mingling with other Tweetaholics, then the "first Twitter experiencehotel"isforyou. » LocatedontheSpanishislandofMajorca,theSolWaveHouseharnessesthe powerofsocialmediaasawaytoenhanceitsoverallhotelexperience. » Openingjustayearago,thehotelfeaturesTwitter-themedrooms,drinksand avirtualcommunitycalled#SocialWavethatguestscanusetointeractand flirtwithoneanother. » Guests at Sol Wave tweet with each other by logging onto Twitter via to a specialwebappavailableonlythroughthehotel'sWi-Fi. » Onceinside,guestssharepictures,sendprivatemessages,seewho'sonline, find out where other visitors are staying inside the hotel and send virtual kisses. » MarcoFantón,SolWaveHouse'ssocialmediadirector,toldTIME,"Hesees thecommunityasafunandinteractiveextensionofwhatguestsarealready doing on their vacations — showing off their trip using social networks like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.” Source: mashable, 5 August2013
  51. 51. SOUNDCLOUDANDGOOGLE+TEAM UPFOREMBEDDEDPOSTS » SoundCloud, a music sharing service that lets users upload and distribute their original sounds, announced that the company has integrated with Google+toembedsoundsdirectlyintoGoogle+posts. » AccordingtotheSoundCloudblogpost,whenyoushareaSoundCloudURL toyourGoogle+circles,thewidgetwillappearautomaticallyinthepost. » SoundCloud is the first third-party developer that Google+ has teamed up withforplug-inaudiofiles,accordingtoaGooglespokesperson. » Artists often use SoundCloud to share new music with fans, and even politicians like President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloombergusedthesitetouploadspeeches. » Google+ reported 500 million total members in December, although that numberismostlikelyhigher. » The site currently boasts 190 million active users in the stream and 390 million monthly active users across Google, according to a Google spokesperson. Source: mashable, 12 August 2013
  52. 52. FACEBOOKEYESMOBILEMONEY » Facebook, which is always looking to monetise its userbase, is now taking aimattryingtogetacutoftheglobale-commercemarket. » Thesocialmedialeviathanislookingtotestanewpaymentproductthatwill allow shoppers to buy on mobile applications using their Facebook login details,AllThingsDreports. » Accordingtothereport,shopperswhohavepreviouslyregisteredtheircredit card details with the site will be able to shop on partnering e-commerce mobileappswithoutenteringtheirbillinginformation. » However,thenewservicedoesnotseemtobeacompetitiveofferingtothe global de facto payment gateway, PayPal, but rather a closer relationship betweenthetwoentities. » AllThingsD says Facebook confirmed the test and it should launch in the "nextmonthorso"withpilotpartnerJackThreads,adiscountsiteaimedat youngmen. » Facebook's pilot, reports the site, is aimed at creating a better mobile checkoutexperienceandnotgettinginvolvedinactualpaymentprocessing. Source: ITWeb , 19 August2013
  53. 53. INSTAGRAMACQUIRESVIDEO EDITINGAPPLUMA » TheFacebook-ownedfirmpurchasedtheappforanundisclosedfeeina movethatwilllikelyseeitsfeaturesintegratedintoInstagram'sown applications. » "Eighteenmonthsago,weembarkedonamissiontomakecapturingand sharingbeautifulvideoseasywithoutexpensivesoftwareorheavy equipment,"saidtheLumateaminastatement. » ‘‘ByjoiningtheexceptionallytalentedteamatInstagram,we'retakinganother bigsteptowardsrealisingthatmission.” » VideoonInstagramlaunchedasacompetitortoTwitter'spopularVine service,buteditingoptionsarelimitedatpresent. » LumahasremoveditsappfromtheAppStore,butwillsupportexistingusers untiltheendofDecember. Source: digital spy , 26 August 2013
  54. 54. TWITTERLETSUSERSTWEETHIGHLIGHTED SENTENCESFROMARTICLES » TheNewYorkTimestestedanewfeature thatallowsuserstoclickona highlightedsentencefromastory,andtweetitoutdirectly,insteadofjust tweetingtheheadline. » Readerswhoseethetweetandclickontheaccompanyinglinkarebroughtto thehighlightedpartofthestory,ratherthantothebeginningofthearticle. » Theideabehindthefeaturewasthatwhileaheadlinedoesn'talwaysgrab you,anenthrallingsentencefromthemiddleofastorymaydothetrick. » TimesreporterDaveItzkoffexplainedtoPoynterhismethodfordetermining whichsentencestohighlight:"Justabitofeducatedguessworktryingto imaginewhatreaderswouldbedrawntoandwhatwouldmakethebest travelingbillboardsfortheoverallstory." Source: Mashable, 28 August 2013
  55. 55. Facebook Statistics for Africa SECTION 6
  56. 56. SOUTHAFRICA » Active users: 9,200,000 » Positioninthetoplist: 30 » Penetration: 18.85% » 1,060,000Pretoria| PortElizabeth220,000|14,000Upington » 50%Female|50%Male » The largest age group 18-25 with total of 312,000 users, followedbytheusersinthe age25-35 » 89.1%mobileusers| 10.9%non-mobileusers » 26.6%Android| 13.3%iOS| 60.1%others » 23.9%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers » Themostpopularpage: NationalLibraryofSouthAfrica Source: SocialTimes In, 19 August 2013
  57. 57. NAMIBIA » Active users: 340,000 » Positioninthetoplist: 125 » Penetration: 15.70% » 8,600Oshakati|5,200Rundu|5,600Tsumeb » 48.5%Female|51.5%Male » The largest age group 18-25 with total of 130,000 users, followedbytheusersinthe age25-35 » 82.4%mobileusers| 17.6%non-mobileusers » 59%Android| 16.2%iOS| 24.8%others » 30%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers Source: SocialTimes In, 19 August 2013
  58. 58. MOZAMBIQUE » Active users: 640,000 » Positioninthetoplist: 105 » Penetration: 2.72% » 8,000 Pemba | 13,200 Quelimane | 320,000 Maputo | 40,000 Matola » 31.3%Female|68.8%Male » The largest age group 18-25 with total of 222,000 users, followedbytheusersinthe age13-18 » 81.3%mobileusers| 18.8%non-mobileusers » 60.3%Android| 17.2%iOS| 22.4%others » 16.3%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers Source: SocialTimes In, 19 August 2013
  59. 59. ANGOLA » Active users: 1,300,000 » Positioninthetoplist: 82 » Penetration: 7.20% » 800,000 Luanda|520Lobito|34,000Huambo » 31.3%Female|68.8%Male » The largest age group 18-25 with total of 496,000 users, followedbytheusersinthe age13-18 » 83.1%mobileusers| 16.9%non-mobileusers » 72.2%Android| 22.1%iOS| 5.7%others » 18.5%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers Source: SocialTimes In, 19 August 2013
  60. 60. MALAWI » Active users:300,000 » Positioninthetoplist: 127 » Penetration: 1.84% » 18,200 Mzuzu|100,000Lilongwe|122,000Blantyre » 32.4%Female|67.6%Male » The largest age group 18-25 with total of 114,000 users, followedbytheusersinthe age25-35 » 86.7%mobileusers| 13.3%non-mobileusers » 43%Android| 10.6%iOS| 46.4%others » 32.7%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers Source: SocialTimes In, 19 August 2013
  61. 61. KENYA » Active users:10,800,000 » Positioninthetoplist: 26 » Penetration: 6,35% » 194,000Kano|540,000Idaban| 4,200,000Lagos » 33.3%Female|66.7%Male » The largest age group 18-25 with total of 4,120,000 users, followedbytheusersinthe age25-35 » 88.9%mobileusers| 11.1%non-mobileusers » 32.7%Android| 8.5%iOS| 58.8%others » 33.3%collegegraduatesarethelargestgroupofusers Source: SocialTimes In, 19 August 2013
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