Struggles and solutions with providing access to e-Book collections


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The University of Tennessee has struggled with providing access to e-books
and e-book collections. Processes are worked on collaboratively among
different library units: Systems, Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Electronic
Resources & Serials. The speakers will share the problems they have faced,
decision points, and their solutions to providing access to e-books. The
audience will be encouraged to contribute their solutions as well.
Presenter: Valeria Hodge, Maribeth Manoff, and Gail Watson, University of
Tennessee, Knoxville

Published in: Education, Technology
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Struggles and solutions with providing access to e-Book collections

  1. 1. Valeria Hodge, Maribeth Manoff, and Gail Watson NASIG 2012
  2. 2.  Beginning in 2007 -  Beginning in 2001 with a ordered title-by-title consortial NetLibrary through YBP collection ◦ Worked from existing ◦ Contracts and purchasing contracts – handled by Electronic NetLibrary, Wiley Resources Coordinator ◦ Manual, title-by-title ◦ MARC records acquired cataloging; procedures with packages and loaded developed in consultation by Systems Librarian with Catalogers, Electronic ◦ Collections would often Resources and Serials stay “hidden” i.e. accessible Specialists, Systems only at the package level in Librarian the database listingIndividual E-Books E-Book Packages
  3. 3.  By 2010, ordering from  2006 - Number and types EBL, Ebrary, EbscoHost, and of collections growing Wiley (Springer, Oxford, …) ◦ Wiley contract renegotiated; ◦ Complex workflow for NetLibrary switched to ordering, contracts, purchas Ebscohost; EBL and Ebrary e and access added ◦ Batch record loading ◦ Ordering OCLC records from distributed from Systems YBP with customizations Librarian to two Tech developed from original procedures Services staff Up from 20 titles in 2007 to  Currently more than 80 more than 1200 in the past packages, over 25 year vendors, new formats (audio, video, primary source documents)Individual E-Books E-Book Packages
  4. 4.  Workflows and procedures developed in the early days were difficult, sometimes impossible to scale Will cover problems encountered and solutions devised for both individual e-books and e-book packages
  5. 5. Increased acquisition with attention to what patrons need.Initial acquisition method: Individual orders selected by subject librariansAdditional methods added in 2011: E-preferred approvals Patron driven acquisition, including ILL purchases
  6. 6.  An E-book Committee was formed to address cataloging and access needs. ◦ Preparing for the future, e.g. what if a batch edit or delete became necessary? ◦ Providing usage restriction information. ◦ Directing patrons to terms and conditions. Shortage of personnel for increased workload – moved to YBP purchased records. Patrons need to know why there is no access while a title is on order. Now the URL link redirects the patron to a screen that explains that the title is still on order.
  7. 7.  0248 |a ebr10470293 035 |9 ybp6820635 |b NhCcYBP 035 |a 99943851247 040 |a NhCcYBP |c NhCcYBP 050 4 |a HD66 |b .H3855 2011 1001 |a Hawkins, Peter, |d 1950- 24510 |a Leadership team coaching |h [electronic resource] : |b developing collective transformational leadership / |c Peter Hawkins. 260 |a London ; |a Philadelphia, PA : |b Kogan Page, |c 2011. 300 |a 1 online resource (xiv, 232 p.) : |b ill. 504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 5050 |a Why the world needs high performing teams -- What is a high performing team -- The five disciplines of team practice -- What is team coaching? 533 |a Electronic reproduction. |b Palo Alto, Calif. |n Available via World Wide Web. 588 |a Description based on print version record. 650 0 |a Teams in the workplace |x Management. 650 0 |a Leadership. 650 0 |a Employees |x Coaching of. 650 0 |a Executive coaching. 655 7 |a Electronic books. |2 local 77608 |i Print version: |t Leadership team coaching. |d London ; Kogan Page, 2011. |z 9780749458836 |z 0749458836 |z 0749458844 |w (DLC) 2010040544 85640 |u |z Online access :one simultaneous user 85642 |3 Click here for terms of use |u 945 |a YBP : Ebrary DDA Purchase 949 |k EBOOK |l UEL |m EITEM |n 06 |t 0 980 |a 20110713 |b 3995 |e 3995 |f 99943851247 |g 1 |z 526745 981 |b FGENA(DDA)-2012
  8. 8.  The Problem: How to keep track of what we’ve purchased without duplicating effort. Workflow: ◦ Invoice ◦ Check the Bib record ◦ Add to an e-book database ◦ Add to our E.R.M.S. ◦ Verify access The Solution: We eliminated adding titles to the e-book database. Next Step- Investigate whether we need to verify access for each title.
  9. 9.  YBP is making files of bibliographic and invoice records available on their FTP site for a number of different accounts, including: ◦ Firm orders placed through Gobi ◦ E-preferred approvals ◦ DDA – two types of bib files, discovery and purchased Manual procedures developed to regularly check the different directories on the FTP server, upload new files to the Aleph server and run the loading procedures
  10. 10.  The Problem: ◦ Manual method is time-consuming and tedious as number of accounts grows The Solution: ◦ Worked with YBP to regularize when the different files are placed on their FTP server ◦ Our Aleph automation expert, Mike Rogers, wrote scripts to check the FTP server, upload files, run the Aleph loading services, and send reports
  11. 11.  E-Book packages offered by providers. E-Book titles pulled together to create a package. E-Book packages pulled together to create a pseudo-collection.
  12. 12.  Initial communication with provider begins. Orders are submitted and examined in detail. Communication about titles, cost and discounts are agreed upon. License terms are negotiated and an order record is added to the catalog. Invoice is received and payment is processed. Cataloging is completed and access is established. Usage statistics are collected. Collection is maintained and updates are tracked.
  13. 13. • Research Collections • Electronic Resources• Electronic Resources & Serials & Serials Management Management • Library Business Services Office Orders reviewed and Wish list established, Orders tracked, Intense communication prioritized, Budgets with providers over cost, coverage balanced, Preliminary terms and other details agreed communication with providers upon, UT justifications and begins, Orders submitted to contract paperwork prepared and Electronic Resources & Serials coordinated between UT legal and Management Staff the providers Master contract received, Orders confirmed, Invoice processed, Access established, Records are added to Contract paperwork received and the catalog, Subscriptions and processed, Contract legalese Renewals tracked, ongoing MARC negotiated records monitored, Statistics compiled, Troubleshooting managed.• Electronic Resources • Purchasing & Serials Department Management • Legal Department• Library Systems Department A collaboration among departments
  14. 14. Losing Access
  15. 15.  Dealing with “hidden”  Finding good MARC collections records Handling selected or  Updating ongoing “cherry-picked” titles collections as a collection  Working with batch Keeping track of record loading individual titles within collections Managing E-Book Providing E-Book Collection Titles Collection Access
  16. 16. Hidden Collection Title - Adam Matthew: Rock and Roll: counterculture, peace and protest Problem – Access available, but MARC records are forthcoming. Added an access point through the database for the hidden collection. Added a collection level record to the catalog until the individual MARC records become available. Signed up for notices that alert us when the individual MARC records are available.
  17. 17. Selected “cherry-picked” Titles - ScienceDirect: SciVerse E-books Problem - Various titles were cherry-picked from packages and grouped together as an order. Grouped selected titles together under a pseudo- collection name prior to ordering. Included subtitles, editions and ISBNs with titles when available. Added bibliographic records to the catalog using collection codes and the bibliographic field 945.
  18. 18. Cherry-picked title record under pseudo-collection name
  19. 19. Package Titles Springer: English/International Problem – Connecting more than 25,000 titles to the collection. Added one package order record under the collection name. Batch loaded bibliographic records to the catalog. Used collection codes and the bibliographic field 945 to pull the collection titles together.
  20. 20. Package Titles Springer: English/International Problem – Finding acceptable marc records that are compatible to Aleph. Decided which bibliographic fields were the acceptable minimum requirements. Used MarcEdit to review records and make minimal changes. Utilized the batch-loading process prepared by Library Systems.
  21. 21. Package Titles Springer: English/International Problem – Knowing when to load the updates. Assigned staff to track the status of e-Book collections purchased, batch loaded, last load date, and the source for the Marc records. Informed Research Collections and Library Systems when new MARC records for batch loading were available.
  22. 22. No. records Total records Date of last loaded during loaded during update in UpdateCollections Batch Loaded FY2010/2011 FY2010/2011 FY2010/2011 againOxford Scholarship 659 4/18/2011 complete All Subject updates between Sept. 2008-May 2009 234 Economics and Finance updates 30 Mathematics updates 10 Philosophy updates 130 Physics updates 88 Political Science updates 58 Religion updates 109Springer English International 1533 5/25/2011 quarterly Jan 2011 (c2009, c2010, c2011) 469 Feb 2011 (c2009, c2010, c2011) 341 Mar 2011 (c2008, c2009, c2010, c2011) 334 Apr 2011 (c2008, c2009, c2010, c2011) 389Telford 355 Institution of Civil Engineers Vitual Library (ICE) 355 1/28/2011 completeAdam Matthew 367 18th Century Journals I 91 8/4/2010 complete 18th Century Journals II 79 8/6/2010 complete 18th Century Journals III 67 8/9/2010 complete 18th Century Journals IV 35 8/10/2010 complete Literary Manuscripts from the Berg Collection of the New York Public Library 16 8/9/2010 complete Medieval Travel Writings 79 8/10/2010 completeOxford Reference Online 226 226 9/7/2011 quarterlyTotal 3140 3140 Collections Individually Loaded No. records Total Records Date Update again STATRef-Medical 13 added; 24 removed 21 5/4/2011 annually STATRef-Nursing 5 added; 1 removed 14 5/4/2011 annually
  23. 23. Package Titles E-Book Collections with MARC records available. Problem – Prioritizing record loading and managing the process. Collaborated between Electronic Resources & Serials Management, Metadata/Cataloging, Research Collections, and Library Systems. Trained staff to perform the batch loading process.
  24. 24.  Original procedures were developed and implemented by a Systems Librarian with in-depth expertise of Aleph procedures and working on the command line ◦ 14 Step Process: 1. Download MARC file from data source and any preprocessing steps (extract from zip file, identify coding errors) 2. Upload file to Aleph server 3. First step to convert .mrc file format to Aleph sequential (p-ret-01) 4. Second step to convert .mrc file format to Aleph sequential (p-ret-02) 5. Fix routine for control numbers – move 001 to 035, remove existing 035s for certain sets (p-manage-37) 6. Convert to UTF-8 for certain record sets (p-manage-22) 7. Main bib file fix routine – delete unwanted fields, e.g. extraneous 9xx; add 949 field with collection code and other data for holdings and items); add proxy server prefix to URL (p-file-08) 8. Load records into bib database (p-manage-18) 9. Global changes – correct collection code and material type in 949 field and add 945 field (p-manage-21) 10. Create items and holdings (p-manage-50) 11. Copy URLs to a file (p-manage-55) 12. Run report of titles loaded with system numbers (p-print-03) 13. Append URLs from step 11 to holdings records (p-manage-18) 14. Download output files to local server for record-keeping
  25. 25.  The Problem: ◦ Process was time-consuming and tedious – for each Aleph service:  Copying, pasting, and typing into the GUI  In some cases, running the service twice, first to see results report, second to update the database  Work on the command line to check files in between steps  Further checks provided by running first in the test database, then in production
  26. 26.  The Solutions: ◦ Instead of different fix routines for each collection to correct vendor-specific record errors - Strategy developed to check records and correct errors using MarcEdit ** Kudos to our colleague Sherry Williams ◦ Instead of a new collection code for each vendor - Used the 945 field to identify vendors and collections
  27. 27. AutomationSolutions forBatch RecordLoading‣ To replace the 14-step process, a one- step loader** More kudos to Mike Rogers
  28. 28.  Check for fields:  Examination of fields ◦ 001 (control #) = 363 ◦ Diacritics =yes ◦ 050/090 = call numbers have “eb” at ◦ 003 (control #)= 363 the end ◦ 008 (fixed data) = 363 ◦ 856 40 =219 ◦ 035a (OCLC)= 363 ◦ 856 48 =144 ◦ 050 (call no.)= 363 ◦ 650 0 =most only have $a ◦ 245## (title)= 363  Changes made ◦ 245 [h] (GMD)= 362 ◦ Replaced: 856 48 with 856 40 ◦ 260 (publishing)= 363 ◦ Deleted: “eb” from call numbers ◦ 300 (extent)= 363 ◦ Added $zOnline Access – Unlimited ◦ 490 (series)= 287 users to the 856 fields ◦ 505 (contents)= 355 ◦ 650 (subject headings)= 363  Question ◦ Finding the PDF is not very ◦ 830 (series)= 287 obvious, since it requires more than ◦ 8564#(URL)= 363 one click, should there be a directional note added?
  29. 29. FMT BK 5203 |a The emergence of complex enhanced recoveryLDR nam 2200529 a 4500 procedures in the field of hydrocarbon extraction techniques has001 000498317 emphasized the need for sophisticated mathematical005 20110503174034.0 tools, capable of modeling intricate chemical and physical006 m e d phenomena and sharply changing fluid interfaces. This volume007 cr bn |||m|||a explains which problems need to be addressed, why they are008 110503s1983 paua ob 000 0 eng d difficult, what has been done previously to treat these010 |z 83051501 difficulties, and which new techniques appear to possess potential020 |a 9781611971071 (electronic bk.) for obtaining good simulation results.020 |z 0898711924 (pbk.) 530 |a Also available in print version.020 |z 9780898711927 (pbk.) 538 |a Mode of access: World Wide Web.02850 |a FR01 |b SIAM 538 |a System requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader.035 |9 9781611971071 |b SIAM 588 |a Title from title screen, viewed 04/05/2011.035 |9 (CaBNVSL)gtp00547401040 |a CaBNVSL |c CaBNVSL |d CaBNVSL 650 0 |a Oil reservoir engineering |x Mathematical models.050 4 |a TN871 |b .M3844 1983 650 0 |a Fluid dynamics |x Mathematical models.08204 |a 627/.86/0724 |2 19 650 0 |a Porosity |x Mathematical models.24504 |a The mathematics of reservoir simulation |h 653 |a Discontinuous flows[electronic resource] / |c Richard E. Ewing, editor. 653 |a Finite element method260 |a Philadelphia, Pa. : |b Society for Industrial and 653 |a Finite difference methodApplied Mathematics (SIAM, 3600 Market Street, Floor 653 |a Porous media6, Philadelphia, PA 19104), |c 1983. 653 |a Fluid dynamics300 |a 1 electronic text (xii, 186 p.) : |b ill., digital file. 653 |a Numerical modeling4901 |a Frontiers in applied mathematics ; |v 1 653 |a Partial differential equations504 |a Includes bibliographical references. 7001 |a Ewing, Richard E.5050 |a Problems arising in the modeling of processes for 7102 |a Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.hydrocarbon recovery -- Finite element and finite difference 77608 |i Print version: |z 0898711924 |z 9780898711927methods for continuous flows in porous media -- A front tracking |w (DLC) 83051501reservoir simulator -- Five-spot validation studies and the water 830 0 |a Frontiers in applied mathematics ; |v 1.coning problem -- Statistical fluid dynamics: the influence of 85640 |3 SIAM |ugeometry on surface instabilities -- Some numerical methods for flows in porous media. ks/siam/frontiers_in_applied_mathematics/fr01 |z Online Access -506 |a Restricted to subscribers or individual electronic - Unlimited userstext purchasers. 949 |l UEL |k EBOOK |m EITEM |n 06 |t 0 945 |a SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics eBooks SYS 002215104
  30. 30. Valeria Hodge <>Maribeth Manoff <> Gail Watson <>