Managing e-Publishing: Perfect harmony for serialists


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Serialist as publisher - a great duet? Serialists’ lives at academic libraries revolve around publishing, publication patterns and terminology, and technology. Join us for a session with two serialists who use skills honed in their respective serials departments to see how those skills adapt to the world of e-publishing. In this session, the presenters will discuss their roles in e-publishing and their respective university presses and library publishing programs. How have their libraries reorganized to provide resources for supporting these new roles? The daily work of an e-publishing librarian will be reviewed, including an overview of working with Digital Commons and OJS (Open Journal Systems), two e-press platforms. The presenters will also discuss funding and sustainability of the programs and working with open access and subscription titles.
Presenters: Char Simser, Kansas State University Libraries and Wendy Robertson, University of Iowa Libraries

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Managing e-Publishing: Perfect harmony for serialists

  1. 1. Wendy Robertson, University of IowaChar Simser, Kansas State University
  2. 2. Our roots o our organizations o our e-presses - originsDay-in-the-Life (the routine - troubleshooting) o Open Journal Systems (OJS) o Digital CommonsFuture funding & sustainabilitySerialist background & e-publishing o a good match?Not-quite-live demo
  3. 3. Iowa Kansas State
  4. 4. • choose a platform: Digital Commons, Open Journal Systems (OJS), other? additional options:• considerations o open access or subscription-based? o staffing o campus servers or commercial hosting o software needs o technical & production support o other costs o will you charge for your services?
  5. 5. Iowa• Host journals, not the publisher• No formal proposal process• General information:• under development- currently informal & addressed on NPPs About page:
  6. 6. • the routine stuff o article DOIs o works-cited DOIs o DOAJ - for article metadata• everything else... o new journal set up, training & consultation o Documentation TROUBLE SHOOTING
  7. 7. Just a quick look at our current homepage
  8. 8. depositer & registrantrequires updating
  9. 9. Journal set-upSubscription controlsRetrospecitve contentStaying current with changes
  10. 10. KBART Practice for Online Journal Editors sGuidelines.pdf
  11. 11. • Scan• Create PDFs o OCR (Optical Character Recognition) o Improve for accessibility & mobile access• Article metadata• ~4000 back articles• DOIs for works cited yet to be done
  12. 12. • Shareable, consistent, interoperable• Review new content• Batch revise back content as needed• Review OAI mapping• Metadata in html page important for SEO
  13. 13.
  14. 14. • For site administrator• For editors• For authors• For institutional subscribers (no)• Via Google AnalyticsShould be clear what is counted – page access,PDF download etc.
  15. 15. Decisions at Iowa & K-State• central to Libraries mission• committed to open access• no fees charged to journal editors or authors• software & staffing funded through library budget
  16. 16. Knowledge of journals and the diverse skills of a serialist are a great asset to a library publisher.
  17. 17. The next few slides walk through the authorsubmission process and some of the editorialworkflow of New Prairie Press
  18. 18. ThThank You!This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.