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Sky Ranger 2011 April

  1. 1. April 2011 Earth Day Celebration, Page 5SKY RANGERVol. 68, Issue 4 NAS Fort Worth JRB, TexasAir Power Expo April 16-17 Inside...BY KATHLEEN BYNUM Aid to Japan Marking the Centennial of Naval VMGR-234 assisted Aviation, NAS Fort the Marines of III Worth JRB’s Air Power Marine Expeditionary Expo on April 16-17 will Brigade Aviation have more aeronautical Command Element in demos and static displays support of Operationthan ever before. Tomodachi. Cmdr. Brian Parker, a Tactical Sup- See Page 6port Wing officer and the Air Show di-rector, said, “It’s really unheard of ... we’llhave more than we’ve ever had, and Chili Cookoffmore than we ever will ... the Centen- PHOTO BY MCSN BENJAMIN CROSSLEYnial is bringing out more than is usually F/A-18A Hornets assigned to the U.S. Navy flight demonstration team, the Blue Angels, practiceallowed. It’s going to be the biggest air a routine during their annual winter training at Naval Air Facility El Centro, Calif. The team flies a On April 30,show!” minimum of 120 flights, and train six days a week, making three flights per day during the 10- The Marine Corps Record crowds are expected, ac- week training period. The Blue Angels will be the culminating demonstration at the Air Power Expo on board NAS Fort Worth JRB, April 16-17. League Bluebonnetcording to Navy Public Affairs Officer Detachment 817, willDon Ray, and he anticipates having day and Sunday to all inbound traffic — Centennial of Naval Aviation celebration, host its annual chilito close the gates once capacity is or even sooner if we reach our parking we look forward to showing off our base cook-off at VFW Postreached. capacity. So no one is disappointed, we along with the past, present and future 8235. “With having the Blue Angels, the highly recommend those planning to of military aviation!”Navy’s premier flight team, here to help attend the Air Power Expo on Saturday Part of that history includes the See Page 14us celebrate the Centennial of Naval or Sunday, or both days to arrive early.” Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy’s most eliteAviation, and the line-up of military and Cmdr. Philip Schulz, executive offi- aviators. They will be just one of 12 aerialcivilian aerobatic professionals we have cer of the base, said the event is a time demonstrations that will thrill spectators.scheduled, we are hoping 100,000 ormore air show enthusiasts will come to for the community to help celebrate the Centennial of Naval Aviation. “They are the culminating dem- onstration each day,” Parker said of the 38 Sorties in 1 daythe show each day,” he said. “If we get “The Air Power Expo is one of those Blue Angels, who are known for choreo- The 301stthe numbers we’re expecting, we will rare opportunities to open doors to our Maintenance andbe closing our gates at 2 p.m. on Satur- friends and neighbors. As part of the continued on page 12 Operations GroupsNAS Fort Worth to Reduce Manpower by 10 Percent produced 38 F-16 Fighting Falcon sorties in one day as part of aSpace ‘A’ Travelers, ID Cards Impacted cutting, NAS Fort Worth JRB has been directed to reduce its military workforce “surge” exercise.BY CMDR. PHILIP SCHULTZ military is not immune to cutbacks, and by 10 percent beginning Oct. 1. These See Page 15 Navy shore-based installations are feel- reductions are targeted in nature and As most people realize by now, the ing the pressure. identify the specialty areas to be cut.U.S. government is looking for ways to As part of the military’s look at cost-reduce the cost of doing business. The continued on page 23 Visit us on the web at
  2. 2. p. 2 April 2011 some road blocks before we be- CAPTAIN’S LOG: gin the journey.” (March/April IT’S ShOW TIme! SKY RANGER 2009 Sky Ranger) BY CAPT. T.D. SMYERS Looking back on that state- ment, I get a great deal of satis- Three years in the making, faction with what we’ve achieved. NAS Fort Worth JRB, Texas it’s finally time for NAS Fort Worth Our capital improvement plans The Official Base Newspaper of Naval Air Station JRB to open our gates to the pub- and development strategy are Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas lic for our 2011 Air Power Expo! lock-step with our community. This special edition of the Sky We are a recognized, credible Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base Ranger includes updates on per- source of testimony for proposed Commanding Officer formers and other info that will state legislation and local zoning Capt. T.D. Smyers help you and your families enjoy issues. We have virtually eliminat- the largest air show our base has ed the potential for incompatible Public Affairs Officer ever seen! development to occur near our Mr. Don Ray Air shows are different things base, and our relationship with to different people. To the public, local transportation planners has Editor they represent everything from SMYERS yielded new signage and mass Kathleen Bynum an aggravating traffic snarl to transit plans for our base. The bot- (817) 782-7815 tional interests and local impact. a life-altering spectacle; to the tom line is: “It worked!” When we first embarked on war-fighter, they represent every- Make no mistake; this cel- this journey, I told you that “by Staff thing from a tough duty day to a ebration will take quite a bit of opening up our base to the local MC2(AW) Bradley Dawson chance to impress your neighbors teamwork and sweat to pull off! public, we’ll be breeding good CMC Bill Mesta with what you do for a living. To But it’s part of what we do as Andrew Gagliano will while opening its eyes up to the base, however, air shows – es- North Texas’ military presence. what really goes on here. When pecially this one – provide invalu- Enjoy this Expo – after all, it’s The Sky Ranger is an authorized newspaper published on the sec- we begin working closely with able impact on our community about the profession you’ve cho- ond Thursday of every month for the installation’s tenant commands, local civic and business leaders base military personnel, civilian employees and retirees of the Naval Air partners and neighbors. These are sen and the pride with which you to build a cooperative strategy Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas. the folks who represent our local execute. The editorial content of this newspaper is prepared, edited and for the future, this good will and “family,” and there’s never been a I’ve never been more proud provided by the Public Affairs Office. News items, photos and event education will pay big dividends briefs must be submitted by noon on the last Friday of the month. The more important time for them to to be among America’s finest. in support and understanding. Public Affairs Office is in building 1510 (Chennault Ave.) News ideas and understand what we do and the questions can be directed to the editor by calling (817) 782-7815 or We will effectively have removed roles we play, both in terms of na- faxed at 782-3293. All materials are subject to editing. The Sky Ranger is an authorized publication for members of the military service. Its content does not necessarily reflect the official views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy, and does not imply endorsement thereof. The appearance of advertising in the publication, including inserts CO’s Suggestion Box or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the Department Replace the turf on the ball Can you bring in bartenders like the ones in of Defense, Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, or Full Amor Group of the products advertised. Advertisers are responsible for accu- fields. They’re unsafe! California? racy of ads contained herein. You’re right! The football field is more ??? I can always rely on the CO’s Suggestion Everything advertised in the publication shall be made available like a mine field! Box outside of the Sports Bar for for purchase, use, or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, martial status, physical handicap, political Our MWR Department has been looking some comic relief. Thanks! affiliation, or any other nonmerit factor of purchaser, user, or patrons. at ways to improve our fields, and we even explored a The Sky Ranger is published by Full Armor Group, a private firm, in partnership with a local sports franchise to get ’em in Now that you’re all used no way connected with the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy, to seeing my grey suggestion under exclusive contract with the U.S. Navy. The circulation is 10,000. better shape for our war fighters. The good news is we’ve found an answer. By the time boxes everywhere, I’m making POSTMASTER: Send address changes to NAS Fort Worth JRB Public Affairs Office, 1510 Chennault Ave., Fort Worth, Texas, 76127 this goes to print, a contract will have been awarded to a change; but it’s only a slight The Sky Ranger is a registered trademark of the United States of replace the turf on the football field and install a sprinkler one. The box formerly located at America. Base Weapons (Navy Munitions Advertisements are solicited by system to help maintain it. With resource conservation the publisher and inquiries regard- being a big part of our operating standards, this decision Command) is being relocated ing advertisements should be di- clearly puts a premium on the safety and health of our to the base of our new tower. rected to the Public Affairs Office at By the time this goes to press, 817.782.7815 or call Full Armor Group war-fighter athletes. directly at 817.887.8470. Our softball fields will be next. While we’re doing some I should have had a chance to “just-in-time” work on them to get ready for the upcoming get in here with my drill, phillips- season, projects have been submitted to improve both head and some molly bolts, so it fields and fences more comprehensively. should be up. Play ball!
  3. 3. April 2011 p. 3 Follow Us On Your Just One Mile North of I-30 on Favorite Web Sites! West Loop 820 Exit White Settlement Rd. WHITE SETTLEMENT RD. 820 I - 30 Ask for I- 20 “The Colonel” Pat Snell OUR * LARGEST SELECTION OUR LOWEST PRICES WHY FORD CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED? 169-POINT INSPECTION BUY WITH TEXAS MOTORS ZERO APPROVAL! • Vehicle History Report obtained FORDS GOAL IS • Scheduled maintenance performed COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY • Engine • Air conditioning and heating 100% CREDIT • Transmission • Brakes POWERTRAIN WARRANTY • Timing Chain • Transmission Cas • Water Pump • Axle Shaft ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Thats 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all yearlong, in case of breakdown, blowout, bad weather, etc. MONEY DOWN! * VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT It includes checks for: • Flood vehicles • Fire damage *WITH APPROVED CREDIT. • Frame damage • Salvage vehicles Just One Mile North of I-30 on 300 West Loop 820 South in Fort Worth West Loop 820 Exit White Settlement Rd. Call Toll Free 800-338-8452
  4. 4. p. 4 April 2011FISC Sailor of the Year: LS2 Jeremy GurskyBY KATHLEEN BYNUM The Fleet and Industrial Sup- MILITARY IN THE SPOTLIGHT Congratulations to LS2 Jeremy Gursky on his selection as the FISC Jacksonville Sailor ofply Center, or FISC, recently named the Year for 2010!its Sailor of the Year for 2010: LS2 Throughout the year, Petty Officer Gursky professionally performed all of his duties as FISCJ DET Fort Worth Post Office Supervisor and Receiving/Supply Clerk by continuallyJeremy Gursky. providing premier customer service support to more than 40 commands/squadrons assigned “I was really surprised and aboard NAS Fort Worth JRB. He demonstrated superb postal skills while supervising and training a total of 44 unit and tenant command personnel, meticulously managing a budgethappy to hear that I was named of $50,000 with zero discrepancies, professionally processing more than 65,000 pieces ofSOY,” wrote Gursky, in a recent on base. incoming and outgoing correspondence and researching/forwarding frustrated mail for 128 personnel that transferred or were deployed in support of overseas contingency “There are a lot of Sailors “We average more than 40,000 In addition, he was pivotal in the CNO Security Inspection, which resulted in the Postwho do a great job here in Fort pieces of material every year, and Office receiving the only grade of “Outstanding” on base for postal security procedures. AsWorth and the other sites. I am it’s important that he makes sure Receiving/Supply Clerk, LS2 Gursky provided superb supply support with impeccable attention to detail. He expeditiously processed 2,699 incoming stock and Direct Turn Oververy fortunate.” that all material gets to the correct (DTO) items, trained personnel in the proper procedures for material receipt and distribution GURSKY Gursky who has been at NAS command,” Dwyer added. “He is an in accordance with UMMIPS standards, and assisted with a stock evaluation for 480 line items er-related issues for my command,” of inventory, which provided extremely valuable consumption data and increased overallFort Worth JRB for almost two extremely well-rounded Sailor, who command readiness. he added.years, beat out 19 other Sailors for leads by example and strives to Gursky has demonstrated his exceptional commitment to community service by Gursky volunteered to go IA in volunteering 64 off-duty hours with the American Legion, where he served the needy ofthe distinguished award. better himself every day. He dem- Tarrant County. In addition, he selflessly dedicated eight hours to the Mission of Trinity Habitat May for six months, so much of his “Packages were sent to JAX onstrated superior work habits, and for Humanity Project in Fort Worth, where he aided in the refurbishment of a deteriorated time these days is spent preparing home of a local resident that was living in substandard conditions after the loss of her husband.and graded on performance for his confidence during the FISC JAX Gursky’s aggressive pursuit of continuing education has resulted in the completion of to go overseas, he said.the quarter and again for the year,” interview was flawless.” eight college courses and the achievement of his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology Gursky has an associate’s de-said Logistics Specialist Senior So what does Gursky enjoy from Columbia College in May 2010. Gursky is a consummate professional who has displayed a dynamic work ethic gree and is working toward com-Chief Petty Officer (AW) Thomas most about his work? and exceptional commitment to mission readiness at FISCJ DET Fort Worth and all tenant pletion of a bachelor’s degree inDwyer, the senior enlisted leader “I enjoy the accountability of commands assigned aboard NAS Fort Worth JRB. His performance, both professionally and psychology from Columbia College. personally, has been remarkable and he continually sets the standard for others to FISC Jacksonville Fort Worth my job … making sure the right He is an exemplary Sailor who is without a doubt most worthy of selection as the 2010 FISC The geographic area of re-Detachment. “Also, there was an command/people receive their Jacksonville Sailor of the Year. Congratulations to Gursky on a job extremely well done! sponsibility for FISC includes: Source: FISCinterview by a VTC with four senior parts in an expedited manner,” North Carolina, South Carolina,FISC JAX personnel.” Gursky said. Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisi- Gursky, a Military Postal ser- It was Gursky’s attention to mile to make sure the customer In addition to his everyday ana, Tennessee (excluding Milling-vice employee, is responsible detail that his superiors noticed. receives their material, even if the duties, Gursky has also taken on ton), Alabama, Mississippi, Texasfor shipping and receiving to an “He maintains top notch cus- address or contact info is not com- other roles. and the Caribbean.estimated 27 tenant commands tomer service and goes the extra plete,” Dwyer said. “I also assist with all comput-FISC Civilian of the Year: David Bryan eventually for FISC Civilian of the Year. “He is a master woods crafts-BY KATHLEEN BYNUM been recognized above 19 other man working in a shop atmo- When David Bryan learned he competing civilians. sphere building wooden crateswas named the FISC Civilian of the Similar to the FISC Sailor of and packing repairable compo-Year for 2010, his reaction was, “No the Year Award, the civilian hon- nents in authorized containers forway!” oree goes through the same selec- worldwide shipment,” said Logis- Not that Bryan doesn’t de- he was humbled and a bit taken tion process. tics Specialist Senior Chief Pettyserve the notable honor, just that aback that his dedication had Bryan, who has numerous Officer (AW) Thomas Dwyer, the years of woodworking and ship- senior enlisted leader at FISC Jack- ping expertise, is responsible for 10% OFF Reserve NO W making sure the proper equip- sonville Fort Worth Detachment. Additionally, he “came up with his ANY RENTAL AWD-H789100 for your HOLIDAY TR AVEL! ment goes to the proper military installation. BRYAN own design to ship F18 empty fuel containers for repair and return by these items arrive in the same con- “My current position involves using 40 percent less wood, but AVIS Rental Car at Ridgmar Mall dition as when they left, and these processing items for shipment still complying with NAVSUP p700 Inside Sears Auto Center shipments may be to any military 1800 Green Oaks Road that are needed for aircraft repair,” shipping integrity.” installation in the world.” Ft Worth, TX 76116 Bryan said. “These items might be Bryan has been a civil service It is his can-do attitude that nuts and bolts or a complete en- employee for decades. Ph: 817-731-3665 gine. On occasion, a container may was recognized by his command, “I started working for civil ser- which led to his nomination for Serving- Lockheed Martin, NAS JRB & NW Fort Worth need to be constructed to ensure FISC Civilian of the Quarter and continued on page 18
  5. 5. April 2011 p. 5Tree Planting to Celebrate Earth Day Recycling Bins Move Inside at Navy HQBY KATHLEEN BYNUM Estilow added that all the support material for Earth Day rolls around again on Thursday, April the tree planting will come from the Recycling Center. New recy- Shredded material should be22, and NAS Fort Worth JRB’s Public Works Depart- “We will use the mulch from the pile that we cling bins have been placed on the floor next to the binment will celebrate by planting a tree at the Recycling have on base and the stakes will be cut from old pal- placed at Navy Headquarters, and not inside them.Center. lets,” he said. Bldg. 1510, on base. Recycling will be picked up Recycling Manger Ron Estilow said base offi- Estilow said, “Awareness on Earth Day should On the first floor, the bins are every Thursday.cials as well as officials from different tenant com- be for us all to reduce, reuse and recycle … and to located near the back doors, and If you have any questionsmands will help with the 9:30 a.m. ceremony. remember that we live on a very small and fragile on the second floor the bins are by about the recycling program, con- “We’ll be planting a Red Oak,” said Estilow, who planet, and if each one of us will do his part then our the elevator. tact the recycling manager at ex-has been with NAS Fort Worth since October 2010. children and their children’s children will have a bet- Personnel are encouraged to tension 6241.“They are a common tree for this area, and they ter place to live.” recycle paper, plastic and alumi- —Staff Reportturn red in the fall.” num in these bins.
  6. 6. p. 6 April 2011 CLASSIFIED VMGR-234 Assists with Japanese Relief Efforts 3/2 For Sale BY 2ND LT. LINDSAY PIREK magnitude earthquake from Okinawa to mainland Ja- Beautifully remodeled 3/2 home for sale in Fort Worth. Marines from Marine and subsequent tsu- pan and between six airstrips on Close to Carswell JRB. Aerial Refueler Transport nami struck the east- Honshu. $99,900 Call Matt: 817-907-510 Squadron 234 (VMGR- ern coast of Honshu, “The whole crew is honored 234), Marine Aircraft March 11. to have had the opportunity to Group 41, 4th Marine Air- The crew was assist our brother squadron, the craft Wing, Marine Forces Re- delivering cargo in sup- ‘Sumos,’ and help the Japanese serve, the “Rangers,” assisted the port of Marine Aircraft Group citizens through this tragedy,” Marines of III Marine Expedition- 12, 1st MAW. said Maj. Kevin Mattix, pilot for ary Brigade Aviation Command As the natural disasters VMGR-234. Element in struck, the pilots remained in VMGR-234 contributed a to- support of contact with air traffic control tal of 20 sorties, or missions, and “The whole Operation towers to determine a safe place more than 44 hours in support crew is To m o d a - to land, said Maj. Brian Richard- of Operation Tomodachi. During honored to chi March son, pilot for VMGR-234. these flights, the Rangers trans- The cargo aircraft was redi- ported a total of 122,637 pounds have had the 11 through rected back to MCAS Iwakuni, of cargo and 208 passengers. 27. opportunity VMGR- where the crew volunteered to Relief supplies were trans- to assist 234 is sta- remain in Japan to assist the re- ported to Japan Ground Self-De- lief efforts in any way possible. fense Force distribution centers, our brother tioned here at NAS Fort The Rangers joined the Ma- where the supplies were given to squadron...” Worth JRB. rines of VMGR-152, Marine Air- displaced families affected by the MAJ. KEVIN MATTIX, An air craft Group 36, III MEB ACE, the earthquake and tsunami. PILOT FOR VMGR-234 “Sumos,” providing an additional The squadron returned home crew con- sisting of lift capability for the Marine March 30. three pilots and seven crew mem- Corps during Operation Tomo- A CNN news report con- bers were flying a KC-130T Hercu- dachi. The reinforced squadron firmed that the death toll in les cargo aircraft between Marine contributed to the humanitarian Japan has risen to more than Corps Air Station Iwakuni and Mi- assistance by transporting sup- 10,000 and 17,443 people are still sawa Air Base when the record 9.0 plies, equipment and personnel missing. Free Tax Filing Available Through Mid-April BY KATHLEEN BYNUM The VITA WHO: Active military, dependents, program has If you have yet to file your retirees and Reservists on active duty taxes with Uncle Sam, time is run- for more than 30 days been offered on WHAT: Free VITA tax filing base for more than a ning out. WHEN: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 The annual VITA (Volunteer p.m. decade. Income Tax Assistance) tax prepa- WHERE: Robert P. Taylor Chapel, Bldg. Last year, 1,152 service 1838 ration service for active military, DETAILS: 817-782-6397 members received tax assistance dependents and retirees will con- through the program, Navarro tinue at the Robert P. Taylor Cha- The computers arrived Jan. said. pel, Bldg. 1838, through April 18. 24, and volunteers started prepar- Although tax day falls on Reservists on active duty for more ing and filing taxes that day, she April 18 this year because of the than 30 days are eligible too. added, and have been busy ever District of Columbia’s Emanci- Through this program, ser- since. pation Day holiday, “the Naval vice members can save hun- It usually takes about 30 min- Legal Service Office continues dreds of dollars on tax prepara- utes to prepare and file one’s tax- to file taxes for active military tion fees. es, Navarro said. returning from deployments,” About 20 volunteers help with Service members usually re- Navarro said. the program, said Chief Andrea Na- ceive their refund in about five to For details on the program, or varro in a January interview. seven days, she said. to make an appointment, call 817- 782-6397.
  7. 7. April 2011 p. 7Base Ops Sailor Receives Appointment to Naval Academy Prep SchoolBY KATHLEEN BYNUM Worth, Amick expressed interest 1050 or ACT equivalent combined plans to hit the books pretty hard Air Traffic Controller Airman’s in officer programs during his 30- minimum score of 46 and a com- to ensure entrance into the NavalApprentice Robert W. Amick re- day Career Development Board pleted medical exam. Academy. Once there, the 21-year-cently received an appointment (CDB), according to Master Chief “The program is 10 months, old wants to study the U.S. Naval Academy Prepa- Devin Kroshus. and if you graduate prep school, He will transfer to NAPS in July.ratory School (NAPS) in Newport, “The CDB members discussed you automatically get into the “He is about to undergo a life-R.I. Upon graduation, he will at- his options, and he met the mini- Academy,” Amick said. changing event,” Kroshus said. “Hetend the U.S. Naval Academy in mum requirements for the Naval According to the NAPS Web is going to be afforded the oppor-Annapolis, Md. Academy,” Kroshus said. “Then his site, “the 10-month course of in- tunity to get a degree from one Amick is one of only about chief notified the admissions of- struction at NAPS, lasting from of the finest engineering schools170 Sailors who will receive the fice at the Naval Academy, and he August through May, emphasizes in the United States, and he willhonor this year. was granted a Candidate Number.” preparation in English Composi- be commissioned into the United Amick joined the Navy in April Amick admits in the begin- AMICK tion, Mathematics, Chemistry, States Navy as an Ensign in 2016.”2010. He completed basic training ning, the application process was “The process is very difficult Physics and Information Technol- Kroshus added, “The entireat Naval Station Great Lakes, Ill. He a bit daunting, but he received for an enlisted Sailor; you must ogy. Demanding military, physical command is extremely proud ofattended Air Traffic Control School plenty of support and guidance meet certain requirements,” Kros- and character development pro- his accomplishments.”at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., from his command. hus said. grams complement the academic Amick is from Simpsonville, S.C.where he finished first among his “Master Chief Kroshus re- Those requirements include preparation to fully prepare stu- and is a 2008 graduate of Mauldinfellow Sailors. Amick also holds a ally laid it out step-by-step for the commanding officer’s en- dents for the challenges of life at High School. He is the son of Bob“pink card,” which signifies that me because he’s already gone dorsement, SECNAV nomination a service academy.” and Kathy Amick of Simpsonville andhe is legally allowed to train as an through it once, because his request, recommendations from Amick’s long range goal is to the grandson of Oliver (deceased)FAA air traffic controller. daughter is in,” Amick said of the two commissioned officers, a eventually become a Marine avia- and Rachel Amick and Howard (de- After arriving at NAS Fort application process. combined minimum SAT score of tor, he said. But in the meantime, he ceased) and Willeen Dearman.Can You Hear Me Now? be lacking in military bearing and training with vigor. I would be will- just how fast things can go south professionalism. ing to bet that this simple skill set with poor phone etiquette. “Hey, yeah is (insert name) is driven home for soon-to-be-of- Ring-Ring, Ring-Ring.Military Phone Etiquette 101 there? I need to talk with them.” Perhaps the proper manner ficers during their training as well. With this in mind, I believe Me: “Good Morning. Naval Station Public Affairs Office. This isBY CMC (SW) BILL MESTA this morning that made me want in which we conduct business on some of us could use a refresher Chief Mesta, how may I help you?” Editor’s Note: This opinion to pull my hair out. The phone the telephone as service members on military phone etiquette. Caller: “Is this Guantanamocolumn originally ran in the Naval calls came from an officer, an en- or those in the employment of Ring-Ring, Ring-Ring. Bay? I have a 4-star that needsStation Guantanamo Bay’s weekly listed Sailor and a civilian. The call- the military is no longer formally “Good morning, Naval Station some photographs of your instal-newspaper, The Guantanamo Bay ers went zero-for-three in terms taught. For some reason, I have Guantanamo Bay Public Affairs of- lation, and I need you to e-mailGazette, in the March 11 edition. of proper phone etiquette, lead- a sneaking suspicion that Navy fice. This is Chief Mesta. How may them to me immediately.” I received three phone calls ing one to believe that they could boot camp still re-enforces this I help you?” Me: “Excuse me, who is this?” Now you respond: “Good Caller: “I am (insert name) and Go Light on Lights Morning this is (insert name and rank) from (insert organization). I work at the shipyard in Washing- ton. My boss has a brief this morn- I am (state the purpose of your ing, and I need you to send me im- Do you really need the lights? If there’s phone call).” ages of your base right now.” natural daylight in your workspace, try turning I am sure that some of you Me: “Let me go ahead and stop off your overhead lights. If the morning is dark, reading this are asking yourselves, you right now Mr. (insert name). I see if you can leave the lights off after you “who does this guy think he is tell- have no idea who you are and this return from lunch. You can use task lighting to ing me how to talk on the phone?” far into the phone call I still have no supplement the daylight in specific areas that Many of us at the naval station idea who you even work for. And need more light. It uses a fraction of the energy here and abroad are completely you expect me to send you imag- that lighting a whole room does. unprofessional when we conduct ery from this installation?” business on the telephone. Poor To make the whole scenario phone decorum could cause any hit home, I received this particu- number problems. lar phone call during our recent The following dialog is an force protection exercise and fig- DEPARTMENT example of a phone call that I re- OF THE NAVY Visit cently received that demonstrates continued on page 9
  8. 8. p. 8 April 2011 TEXADILLO CORNER: BASE ACTIVITIES FOR ALL Know Rules of Safe Jogging on Base Now that spring is the air, more and flag” conditions exist, no outdoor jogging •Commands con- more people will begin to skip the indoor or strenuous activities are allowed. Safety ducting Physical Fitness treadmills and elipticals and move out- is paramount, so everyone should adhere Tests shall notify Base Se- doors to jog. to these rules when jogging on base: curity 48 hours in advance; However, before doing so, everyone •All joggers will run facing traffic; and Get mWR Updates! should be aware of the on-base jogging •Where sidewalks or jogging lanes •When jogging during dawn, dusk Facebook: policy. are available (Military Parkway and Car- and reduced-visibility conditions, people As springs turns to summer, remem- swell Avenue) joggers will not jog on the must wear one of the following: reflective ber to check on the heat conditions. His- roadway; vests, reflective belts or reflective arm- Twitter: torically, by mid to late June, temperatures •Formation running is authorized, bands. Reflective vests are available at the have already soared into “black flag” con- however, road guards shall be used and base gym. Search ‘LibertyFW’ ditions before noon time. When “black must wear reflective belts or vests; —Staff Report Offline? COMMUNITY RESOURCES and ATTRACTIONS Connect at the Base Library’s Computer Lab or use the LIBRARY Metroplex and for our military families Bowling Center’s 1802 Doolittle Ave. Friday through Sunday, call for times. FRee WiFi Network 817-782-7735 Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 7 LONE STAR CENTER (formally DESERT STORM p.m.; Friday and Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; CONFERENCE CENTER) Closed Sunday and holidays. 2570 Desert Storm Road Ongoing: The Library is hosting ESL (English 817-782-5293/7237 as a Second Language) classes every Thursday Ongoing: Call Natalie Bullock or Sandy Foy for SAVE THE DATES evening at 5:30 p.m. Yolanda Williams is the information concerning your next conference, April 16-17: Air Power Expo 2011; Gates instructor and Co-Sponsored by FreshStart meeting or event. open at 9 a.m. and show begins at 11 Literacy, Inc. Call for details. May 5: Cinco de Mayo celebration from 3-7 p.m. a.m. Of note: The Library’s new additions are Rosetta Enjoy complimentary snacks and music at the April 22: 5K Sexual Assault Awareness Stone, new children’s and young adult’s titles, NAME THE JRB BOATS CONTEST Stars and Stripes bar. Fun Run at 11 a.m. provided by the Navy General Library Program. MWR needs help in selecting names for new boats that were purchased at the end of last April 22: Earth Day Celebration. Also available are new adult titles, books on CD summer. All total four boats need names: two for the pontoon boats and two for the ski VET CLINIC Recycling Manager Ron Estilow will plant and the latest movies (rental is free). 1739 Eisenhower Ave. a red oak at the Recycling Center. National Library Week: Libraries are places for boats. Pick up entry form at ITT and return no later than May 20 or email your information 817-782-5608 April 22: Easter Egg Hunt for CDC new beginnings. Whether you are getting your (name, cell phone, work number and suggested names) to: April 6-7, 14, 20-21, 28: The clinic will be open (enrolled children) at 9:30 a.m., Bldg. first library card, learning new computer skills or for the purchase of medications or to schedule 3320. or planning a trip, the library is the place where Winners will receive one-day rental for pontoon boats and five hours for ski boats (not to appointments. April 23: JRB Children’s Easter Egg Hunt your story begins. This National Library Week, join include July 2-4). Winners will be announced May 25 and details will follow for ceremony May 11-12, 19, 25-26: The clinic will be open & Party at TexPlex from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. our nation’s libraries and librarians and create to “commission” the fleet. for the purchase of medications or to schedule Hunt will start at 11. Tickets on sale at ITT your own story at your library. Come to the Base appointments. beginning April 4. Library the week of April 10-16 and “check out” May 6: 3X3 Team Fun Event at 11 a.m. by what your library has to offer! SeaWorld, Disney World, DisneyLand. New available for command events and birthdays. Call FITNESS CENTER the lake. Event consists of 1.5 mile run, April 20: Easter Storytime: Stories, games and Military Salute tickets for Disney World. Stop by 782-6122 for details. 1810 Tuskegee Airmen Drive canoe and tricycle ride. Information and crafts at 5 p.m. Sign up by calling the library. or call for information and purchasing guidelines. April 22: Celebrate Earth Day by recycling. People 817-782-7770 registration at the Fitness Center (teams April 26: Texas Land Board and Home Buying Upcoming: Tickets for the Scarborough who bring in three aluminum cans receive a free New: The Fitness Center now has a certified must have two males, one female or two Seminar at 11:30 a.m. Renaissance Festival will soon be available. The game of bowling. personal trainer free to active duty personnel. females, one male). May 2: Mother’s Day program at 5 p.m. There festival runs from April 9 through May 30, and May I5: Mother’s Day Special. Moms bowl free Non-active duty $20/month for 2 days per week. June 6: The summer camp for children will be stories and Calloways Nursery will be on is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays, and receive flowers when accompanied by their To schedule an appointment with personal will begin on June 6 and is open from hand to help attendees plant a flower for Mom! Sundays and Memorial Day Monday. children. trainer, Derek, call the Fitness Center. 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Recommended age is 5 to 12 years old. Please Passes: Season passes, Play passes and Combo May 21: Celebrate Armed Forces Day at the Ongoing: step aerobics, pilates, yoga, spin, Friday. The waiting list and registration sign up in advance by calling the library so we can passes, which include Six Flags, Hurricane bowling alley; $1 per game with military I.D. zumba, pump-it-up, adult/children karate and form are available online at the MWR have enough supplies. Harbor are available. NRH20, Schlitterbahn Water May 30: It’s Dollar Days at the bowling alley from personal training. Check center for days and Web site ( under May 5: Library is hosting the 2010 Texas Poet parks in New Braunfels, South Padre Island and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pay $1 per game and $1 each for times. CYP. Prices depend on income and rank. Laureate Karla K. Morton. She will be our guest Galveston, Hawaiian Falls (all parks) and Legoland hamburger, hot dog, fries or soda. More Classes: Spin class offered Tuesday and Call 817-782-7520 for details. at the Lone Star Center and will join the Cinco de Discovery Center & Aquarium in Grapevine. Thursday, 6:30 to 7:30 a.m.; Weekend yoga is Mayo Open House afterwards in the center. LONE STAR BAR from 10:45 to 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays. TORNADO LANES 1815 Military Pkwy. TEXPLEX CENTER 1815 Military Pkwy. 817-782-6122/5505 AQUATICS CENTER OUTDOOR REC & BOAT RENTALS 1815 Military Pkwy. 817-782-6122/5505 Ongoing: Free Munchies on Fridays, 4:30 to 6 3319 Hensley Ave., 817-782-1220 1145 Hurcules Drive 817-782-6375 817-782-6122/5505 Hours: Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to p.m. Ongoing: Water Aerobics- JRB Aquatics Center Check out the new bicycles and helmets, available Information, Ticket and Tours (ITT) 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; from 8 to 9 a.m.; $1 per person. for rental at Auto Hobby/Outdoor Rec. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Lanes close 15 minutes MOVIE REEL THEATER Tuesdays, Thursday in April: Baby and Me Boats will be available for rental starting May 1. Attractions: Grapevine Vintage Railroad, prior to center. 817-782-6037 Water Awareness class from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. No Dinosaur World (Glen Rose), Fort Worth Zoo, Ongoing: Special military group pricing Best price movie and snacks available in the charge for the month of April.
  9. 9. April 2011 p. 9 IN MEMORIAM: JOHNNY OTIS ATKINS MARCH 2, 1952- MARCH 10, 2011 Johnny Otis Atkins was born 21 years, including tours of duty room, Atkins stood out … he Survivors include his beloved March 2, 1952 in Mansfield, La., in Germany, Turkey and Greece was the one talking to the new wife, Sharon; children: Johnny D. to the late Otis Atkins and the and two tours in Vietnam. guy, welcoming the young and Atkins (Tu-Wanda), Andrenita At- late Barbara Esther Pearl (Holmes) After retiring from the mili- understanding the old. He was kins and Nikki Tyler-Kinsey (Rob- Donaldson. He died March 10. tary, he began a new career as a a true inspiration. Atkins could ert); and five grandchildren. He was educated in the pub- DOD policeman where he served lift you when you were down The funeral was at the NAS lic school system in Jacksonville, faithfully with the Naval Air Sta- and make you soar when you Fort Worth JRB’s Robert P. Taylor Fla., and graduated from William tion Joint Reserve Base for more thought you were already up. His Chapel, Bldg. 1838. The intern- M. Raines High School in 1970. than 18 years. Atkins believed in spirit could not be contained! ment was at Dallas-Fort Worth Atkins had a distinguished mili- living life to the fullest, helping Atkins was preceded in death National Cemetery with burial ATKINS tary career, serving in both the people and sharing his knowl- by his grandmother Martha Jeffer- support provided by the Fort Air Force and Army for a total of edge with others. In a crowded son and his sister Rita Rollins. Hood Honor Guard. IN MEMORIAM: AT3 COREY A. MATTHEWS MARCH 31, 1987-FEB. 20, 2011 Aviation Electronics Tech- 28, 2007 and completed Recruit aboard NAS Fort Worth JRB. Star of the Quarter. nician Petty Officer 3rd Training on Nov. 21, 2007. While at VR-59, Matthews Matthews will be remem- Class Corey Allen Mat- Upon graduation, deployed on several detach- bered for his motivation, opti- thews was born in he attended and com- ments in support of Pacific Com- mism and competitive attitude. Peoria, Ill. on March pleted Aviation Elec- mand, Central Command and He is survived by his father 31, 1987. He died Feb. tronics Technician “A” European Command operations. Richard Matthews, his mother 20. School in Pensacola, Matthews was awarded two Jeana Matthews, his sister Cassi He reported to Fla. In April 2008, Mat- Navy Achievement Medals, se- and his brother Colin. Recruit Training Com- thews reported to Fleet lected at the 2009 Lone Star of MAT THEWS mand, Great Lakes, Ill., on Sept. Logistics Squadron 59 (VR-59) the Year and twice as the LonePHONE ETIquETTE phone, we run the risk of opening our- By identifying the organization that theycontinued from page 7 selves up to being slammed by someone who is senior to us. Perhaps they are in represent, I immediately begin mentally working on how I am going to best as- MIDRATS Servedured that this had to be part of the drill.I immediately went and reported the a bad mood or perhaps their military bearing is not as it should be; impec- sist them. Civilians who are reading this may in Galleyphone call to the watch commander in cable at all times. be asking themselves “how does any ofthe Emergency Operations Center as a Beginning Monday April 4, the Mo- Nine out of ten phone calls you this apply to me?” The answer is simple.possible threat. Had this not been a drill, reland Dining Facility began providing make or receive might go just fine with We are all professionals who representI would have contacted the command MIDRATS, or midnight rations, to service less than standard phone manners and the United States military and the fed-duty officer. members who are on Rations in Kind then on call No. 10, “WHAM!” eral government, and we are expected Four phone calls later from the same (RIK) between the hours of 8 and 9 p.m. You find yourself listening to the to conduct ourselves accordingly.person with sketchy information and The Galley provides soup, crackers, fires from the deep of Davy Jones, and As a U.S. Navy chief, one of my mainpoor phone protocol, I was contacted by sandwich and any leftovers from the he is ticked off. priorities is to ensure our Sailors area senior officer who — finally and thank- dinner meal. When an officer uses proper mili- ready to go back to the fleet. Most of thefully — used flawless phone etiquette. Delivery service will not be provid- tary etiquette on the phone, the tone is officers and enlisted Sailors will be head-After a two-minute phone call, he had ed, and only RIK personnel will be served set for the conversation right from the ing to a seagoing platform or a combatall the information he needed to contact during these hours because of the non- start. When I answer the phone and of- unit in the future. Try using poor phonethe right people to assist him. availability of a cashier available during ficers identify themselves, I instantly etiquette on a U.S. Navy ship and you As enlisted service members, when these hours. know the level of protocol that is expect- will learn instantly just what it means towe are less than professional on the tele- —Staff Report ed from me, based on military tradition. be “hemmed-up.”
  10. 10. p. 10 April 2011 BASE HAPPENINGS PHOTO BY SENIOR MASTER SGT. ELIZABETH GILBERT Left, Family and friends of the deployed service members give a wave goodbye to the C-130H that took them overseas. Above, Capt. Mark Hanna, 181st Airlift Squadron, boards C-130H aircraft at NAS Fort Worth JRB for his passageway to Afghanistan on March 16. He will return in a few months. Right, Members of the 136th Airlift Wing, along with John Wood, North Texas regional director for Sen. John Cornyn, and Charles Boswell, representing State Sen. Wendy Davis, give honor to those deploying in support of Operation Enduring Freedom aboard the C-130H from the wing. The deployers will be supporting the 774th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron in both air and ground operations. PHOTO BY SENIOR MASTER SGT. ELIZABETH GILBERT PHOTO BY SENIOR MASTER SGT. ELIZABETH GILBERT PHOTO BY MC2 (AW) BRADLEY DAWSONK&L General Contractors assistant Jose Luis Lopez, left, pours concrete betweena plywood frame in preperation for his co-worker, brick layer Miguel Pineda,right, to finish up with the initial construction of the new main gate welcomesign. The new sign will be ready to welcome visitors for the 2011 Air PowerExpo here. PHOTO BY MCC DAINEL J. CALDERSK Rear Adm. Kenneth J. Braithwaite, the Navy’s vice chief of information, addresses Reservists assigned to units attached to Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Fort Worth during an E-6 and below all hands call in the NOSC drill hall. Braithwaite, along with Rear Adm. Paula C. Brown, deputy commander of the 1st Naval Construction Division, updated the Sailors on the state of the Reserve force and Navy while commemorating the 96th birthday of the Navy Reserve.
  11. 11. April 2011 p. 11 BASE HAPPENINGSAbove right, EO1David Schwabe feedsa piece of cake to CM2Jacob Brockett as partof a celebratory cake cutting PHOTO BY LT. CMDR. KIP WRIGHTceremony at the 69th Seabee Ball Master Chief Mass Communication Specialist (MC) Priscilla Kirsh (front left), Navy Chief ofin the Ballroom at the Hilton in Information MC senior enlisted leader, visits MCs from the local Dallas/Fort Worth area at Navydowntown Fort Worth. Tradition Recruiting District (NRD) Dallas recently. Kirsh briefed the MCs on the current state of the MCcalls for the oldest sailor and the rate, career information and Navy policy updates. The local MCs are MC 1st Class Amandayoungest sailor to cut the cake that R. Sullivan (front center) and MC 1st Class Ronald M. Tackitt (back right), both of NRD Dallas,some knowledge may pass from Senior Chief MC Maria R. Escamilla (front right) and MC 2nd Class Carolla Bennett (back left),one generation to the next. Below both of Navy Reserve Navy Information 7th Fleet (NR NI 7THFLT).right, Rear Adm. Paula Brown givestribute to CM2 Jacob Brockett as On Saturday, March 26 the basethe youngest attending sailor at the library presented a program about69th Seabee Ball. PHOTOS BY MC2 (AW) BRADLEY DAWSON the life and times of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. Tom Leach, Below, Jack Dempsey, who was an illustrator for president of the Civil War Center of All Hands magazine from 1948 to ’50, is donating Texas, and his wife Karen were dressed murals from an American Legion Hall that closed. in period dress. They discussed Lincoln’s Dempsey is flanked by Senior Chief Deon Gaines presidency, the marriage of Lincoln and and Cmdr. Philip Schulz, the base executive officer. Mary, the couple’s children and their Dempsey’s grandson Freddy Roseberry, who is in life in Washington, D.C. In addition, the the Navy, is stationed here. At right, CMDCM Ellen discussion with the audience included Zubke inspects a plaque that was also donated to everyday activities during this period the base by Dempsey. Dempsey’s reflection is seen and some of the developments in in the window. PHOTO BY PAT TELLMAN society as a result of the war. THANKS, NAVY! As an April Fool’s Day prank, some mischievious members of the Navy sent over a welcoming sign to the Air Force’s 301st Headquarters, a Navy anchor, with a sign saying “We proudly serve our Navy’s Combat Unit.” PHOTOS BY MC2 (AW) BRADLEY DAWSON PHOTO BY KATHLEEN BYNUM