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    White.charles White.charles Presentation Transcript

    • From Virtual Worlds…
      Charles P. White, JPL
      NASA PM Challenge 2011
      Long Beach, California
      9 February 2011
      to Real Facilities
    • 2
      Part 1: The technology
      Part 2: What we’ve done
      Part 3: Facility case study
      Copyright 2010 California Institute of Technology.
      Government sponsorship acknowledged.
    • The technology
      Buzz words…
      Virtual Reality
      Augmented Reality
      Immersive Environments
      Mirror Worlds
      How does it all relate to facilities?
    • Virtual Reality… not so new for NASA
      Photo: NASA
    • 5
      Virtual is 1. Near to 2. Close 3. Almost
      Virtual Reality = Almost Real
      Virtual reality a part of our core business
      Realism increases with higher fidelity
      However, VR systems are complicated and bulky
      Hard to “jump in” and use
      8 April 1998 --- Astronaut Jerry L. Ross, assigned as a mission specialist for NASA's STS-88 mission, uses specialized gear to train for his duties aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. This type virtual reality training allows each of the assigned space-walking astronauts--Ross and James H. Newman--to wear a helmet and special gloves to look at computer displays simulating actual movements around the various locations on the International Space Station (ISS) hardware with which they'll be working.
      Photo: NASA
    • NASA/NavyAstronaut Training
      March 24, 2009 - Astronauts Tom Marshburn, left, and Dave Wolf train for a spacewalk
      Photo: U.S. Navy
    • Immersive Environments
      Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana, Va. (Dec. 2, 2002) -- Lt. Cmdr. Tom Robson is the Officer-in Charge of the Landing Signals Officer (LSO) school
      Photo: U.S. Navy
    • Role PlayingImmersive Environments
      Photo: NASA
      NASA/Ames “Future Flight Center”
    • Mirror Worlds
      World Wind
      • Great for campus and facility use
      • Download from Internet
      • Free… yes, free
    • Mirror Worlds
      NASA World Wind
    • Mirror Worlds
      Mars Data:
      Mirror worlds convey data into a meaningful format for actual places
    • Augmented Reality
      CC Photo by: Lenard Low http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Augmented_reality_-_heads_up_display_concept.jpg
    • Augmented Reality
      Augmented Reality, again not new for us…
      Photo: U.S. Navy
    • ConsumerAugmented Reality
      Public Domain http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Augmented_GeoTravel.jpg
    • JPL iPad/iPhoneAugmented Reality
      Joe Estes, JPL developer of iPad Application
      December 2010
    • Simulated Environments
      Allows us to see the unseen
      Photo: NASA
    • 17
      Part 1: The technology
      Part 2: What we’ve done
      Part 3: Facility case study
    • We noticed a trend…
      Chart by: Bruce Stearling Woodcock
      Used with permission MMOGCHART.COM
    • We jumped in…
      * Found an eager public
      * Explored collaboration
      * Experimented with live events
      * Open environment
      * We own the content we create
    • Explorer Island
      Our real estate office was wondering why I wanted an Island
      Actually… the island is one rack mounted computer in a data center.
      The “rent” is really just a software subscription fee.
    • Avatar
      Charles White and his Avatar “Jet Burns”
    • Sanity check…
      We presented the concept to our co-workers…
      Tom Soderstrom & Jeanne Holm sponsored JPL open seminar
      “Exploring Possibilities of Virtual Worlds”
      Very interested
      Vote to continue research
    • First Event – Space Shuttle LaunchSTS-118 August 9, 2007
      Commander Scott Kelly
      To Jet Burns (my Avatar)
      Grew into…
      • Multicast w/NASA TV
      • Launch event
      • Orbit operations
      • Landing event
    • Post event analysis
      People enjoyed the event and some stated they felt like it was a “real event”
      Avatars posed with photograph of astronauts
      Person to person interaction was high
      Public wanted more!
    • Reality convergence
      Mixed real world/virtual world event
      The International Workshop
      on Managing Knowledge for
      Space Missions
      100 real in person @ Caltech
      40 avatars in Second Life
      2 avatar presenters
      How about this for Green?
      Forty plane trips, rental cars, and hotels not utilized
      = project dollars saved and insignificant emissions!
    • Meetings in
      Virtual Worlds
      NASA multi-center meeting
      Multi-government agencies
      Mixed reality event
      Analysis: “One size does not fit all”
      Those that can do it, love it, but others can’t seem to grasp using an Avatar at all.
      NASA Ontology
      Speakers series
    • What didn’t work
      The Star Talkers Show
      Talk show with science guests
      Music guests
      Educational segment
      Lessons learned:
      Even though virtual it was still a big production to pull off
    • Unexpected finding
      As in real life... after hours social interaction
      Difference was: Texas, UK, Los Angeles, Canada
    • Data convergence
      Participatory exploration of Mars Victoria Crater
      First use of real science data to model real life location in Second Life.
      “Excuse me... I'm crying... This is wonderful!”
      -visiting avatar
    • Getting the word out
      Space Today Online
      YouTube user created video
    • 31
      Part 1: The technology
      Part 2: What we’ve done
      Part 3: Facility case study
    • Explorer Island
      Virtual Design Center
    • 33
      Customer Design
    • Start here known technology
      Virtual World Goals:
      • Reduce inception time
      • Increase “ideation” output
      • Use existing blueprints
      • Build skeleton VW
      • Layout initial concept
      • First meeting
      • Over the shoulder
      • Iterate in real time
    • Import Blueprint
      • Import blueprint as image
      • Scale blueprint to in-world dimensions
      • Second Life does not import models directly but soon
    • Room Layout Concept
    • First up…Earth Science Center
    • 38
      Earth Science Center
      First Iteration
      • Raised floor
      • Monitors embedded in floor
      • 3D Projector
      • Consumer flat screen monitors
    • 39
      What’s the avatar buy you?
      When using multiple Avatars in the room, the floor mounted monitors did not have the desired effect due to people looking through the legs of other people in front.
    • 40
      Earth Science Center
      Second Iteration
      Design changed for no raised floor, increased usable floor space.
      Less monitors on the wall to provide same effect.
    • 41
      Earth Science Center
      Venue Change
      As a result of our Avatar testing and visualization of the facility… a major venue change moved the entire facility to a new building, JPL 264.
    • 42
      Earth Science Center
      Third Iteration
      Same budget… larger space, 3d Projector, Science Globe, Science Collaboration Meeting Area, painted themed areas.
    • 43
      Real Time Design
      Avatar allowed us to see “sight lines” and change window positions.
    • Astrobiology
      Collaboration Center
      Design Review
      Multiple citizen volunteer Avatars from our CoLab effort tested the environment.
      Mark Adler reviews off-line screen captures of the Astrobiology Collaboration Center.
    • Final review(s)…
      New space required support from senior JPL management due to flight building.
      With an Avatar in-world allowed over the shoulder real time walk through of the facility.
      Charles Elachi and Dianne Evans approved the facility.
      “Build it”
    • Happiness is…
      Real results… and a good management walk through.
      FirouzNaderi, Tom Soderstrom and Jim Rinaldi walk through the nearly completed Mechanical Design Center.
      • Results of all parties collaborating
      • Realized trade space
      • Actionable pre-use case scenarios
      • Predicted sight lines
    • Astrobiology
      Open for business
      My favorite quote…
      “It was very valuable for our sponsors to see what they were funding. It was nice to have something concrete rather than having a blueprint floor plan”, Mark Adler
    • 48
      Wrap up…
    • Visualizing spacein 2 dimensions
      Drafting is the only profession that historically can be documented…
      as the oldest profession.
      American Design Drafting Association
      1880’s Woodcut of drafters
      1904 Colorado College, Palmer Hall
    • Not much change in centuries…
      Apollo Blueprints 1960’s
      JPL Drafting Facility 1955
      “When you are through changing, you are through.”~Bruce Barton
    • Evolution happens…
      Computer Aided Design
      CAD systems help us visualize 3D space on 2D screens and prints
      Drafters converted or retired
      1990’s Early CAD workstation
      1987 CAD-3D 2.0 on the Atari ST
      2005 CAD software
    • 52
      What does the Avatar buy you?
    • “It’s not real!”
      Real world view of JPL Mall
      We have gained real value
      Second Life view of JPL Mall
    • Three legs
      to real value
      Virtual World
      Immersive * Communication * Visualization = Real Value
    • Other uses…
      Virtual Visits
      Virtual Training
      Virtual Meetings
      Virtual Programs
      Virtual Engineering
      Virtual Collaboration
      Virtual Mission Planning
      Virtual System Modeling
      Virtual Science Visualization
      “It takes courage to be an explorer”
      Charles Elachi
      Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, USA
      Vice president of the California Institute of Technology
    • In a mere 100 years…
      How could the Wright brothers have predicted the outcome in aviation?
      NASA 747 & Shuttle
      Wright Flyer
      Wilber & Orville Wright
      B2 & F22
      How can we predict future Virtual Worlds?
    • One thing is true… we can’t un-invent this.
      Charles P. White@NASA.GOV
    • The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration does not endorse or sponsor any commercial product, service, or activity. JPL’s and NASA’s offering of information about these items does not constitute endorsement by JPL or NASA.
      Copyright 2010 California Institute of Technology.
      Government sponsorship acknowledged.
      Unlimited Release CL#10-5330