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  1. 1. NASA Paradigms Past ~ Present & Future…? BeBe Kelly-Serrato – Principal Owner Used with permission
  2. 2. Definition 1. Paradigms are misunderstood and assumed 2. So what exactly is a paradigm? 3. Thomas Kuhn author of The Structures of Scientific Revolutions described the term as a process and result for change in basic assumptions within the ruling theory of science. 4. Manfred Stansfield “Nothing more than a model or belief system of some aspect of reality that someone wishes to explain or control. What’s required for a group of humans to carry out a paradigm…it must be understood!
  3. 3. Paradigms Applied to NASA’s Business of Exploration Ref: Paradigms; The Business of Discovering the Future; Joel Arthur Barker, 1986 Anticipation Provides information needed to be in Right place at the Right time! Innovation Allows a gain of a competitive edge for paradigm to engage! Excellence Is the essence and root for success of any paradigm. Without these components of excellence, Joel States! Game Over!!! Guts The Triad of IAE and GUTS anticipates customer needs, anchors the paradigm through innovation to fulfill product need and produce excellence!
  4. 4. NASA’s Past-Present Paradigms The space race was set up by a speech President Kennedy presented in Houston, TX in the Rice University Stadium, Sept 12, 1962 creating an innovative movement. Paradigm 1 Space Race Paradigm 2 Promoting Space awareness Paradigm 3 MOON MARS Beyond “ This is a Journey Not a Race” Moon Mars Beyond Paradigm for Space Exploration was a bold program. The Basic vision was to return to the Moon, establish a base, and eventually go to Mars. Yuri’s Night, a paradigm initiated by a Verge of celebrating a first human “Russian” in space and a space exploration awareness Global Party! All provide the essentials of Anticipation Innovation, Excellence and GUTS!
  5. 5. Present Overlap Moon Mars Beyond to Future Paradigms ISS Complete to 2020 Constellation Gone some Will stay? Heavy Lift Asteroids/Mars Robotics Humans TBA until Congress Comes back With the Resolution $$$ For what follows. This will develop As NASA works This part of the Solution. Which COTS Company will Define the new Propulsion for The future of Space flight Let’s look out Side the box! Space X? Virgin? Orbital? Primes? IPs? When will NASA Explore… Asteroids? Mars? One-Way-Trips Analog Missions COTS-NASA verges IP-COTS-NASA Verges What else? What are PMP Paradigms? What are the PMP challenges for NASA with these future undeveloped paradigms? ISS Verges? Anticipation? Innovation? Excellence? GUTS! COTS & or Non- Profit coverage of ISS discussion Since 90’s! Old Paradigms Shifting to new?
  6. 6. What is a Verge <ul><li>This concept is from Joel Arthur Barker who is a futurist and research consultant of paradigms. </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>
  7. 7. Create NASA Verge Teams V V Wide diversity of Skills Power in Numbers Wide Combinations Are best! Differences Rock Space Travel Is the time of the Verge Look for COTS Diversity that Creates a fit for NASA Exploration
  8. 8. Paradigm Development Objectives Define weakness and strengths for your concept Locate Implement the paradigm, knowing it could shift..i.e. budget changes design considerations. and Design Modify establish define boundaries to be successful Define teams
  9. 9. Take Away from Session Time for paradigm (VERGE) development Exercise: Your team is to decide on a future paradigm for space exploration to Mars for the NASA Director’s consideration to present to a Science Board. What do you develop for a working paradigm for the next 10 years of exploration? Don’t worry about budget, we are only looking for a visionary paradigm at this point. Remember the space race paradigm accomplished their paradigm in 10 years, this is for the purposes of creative building.
  10. 10. Pair of Dimes Questions please feel free to contact me? BeBe Kelly-Serrato [email_address] 281-798-9060