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    Michael.conroy Michael.conroy Presentation Transcript

    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Simulation for Multi-Decadal Projects (Constellation) Bill Othon Mike Conroy/Rebecca Mazzone (February 2010) And Many others before (Monell/George/Adams/Boyce) Used with Permission
    • Who Are We? • Mike ConroyMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Manager, Constellation, SE&I, SAVIO, Software SIG, Modeling and Simulation Team (MaST) – Used to: • Lead CxP Data Presentation and Visualization (until Feb, ‘09) • Lead Kennedy Operations Simulation • Office of Chief Engineer Engineering Processes Team (ISE) – Several other 3 letter words as well • Rebecca (Bec) Mazzone – Manager, Constellation, SE&I, SAVIO, Software SIG, MaST, Data Presentation and Visualization (DPV) – Used to: • Lead Distributed Observer Network Project within DPV
    • Our Time Lines… • Apollo First Lunar LaunchMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Mike was there – No Bec Yet • Shuttle STS-1 – Mike was in college, trying to be a NASA Co Op – Still No Bec, Getting Close • Constellation – Mike will be gone before first Moon Launch – Bec will retire before Constellation does. – This is by far the most complex System of Systems • Technology, Organization, Interfaces, Tools, Partners
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team One Problem Products Outlive People, Teams, Tools, Organizations and Programs
    • Problem Detail… • CxP is made up of multiple Projects.MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team • These Projects are in various Lifecycle Phases. – Some have hardware being built today, some will not produce systems for years • These Projects need to be able to work together for at least the next 50 years. – Multiple generations of humans, teams, programs, partners and tools. – They need to share to be successful
    • Important Elements to Share/Save • Share and Save the KIDSMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Knowledge – Decisions, Experiences, Expertise – Information – Reports, Recommendations, Rationale – Data – Numbers, Pictures, Models, Equations – Sets – From various CxP and partner teams. • The Knowledge part is really hard – It is in peoples heads; they are rather attached to them
    • Where do we start • Understand the KIDSMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – What do they look like – Where to they live – How do they play with each other – How do we make it easier for new KIDS to play too – How do we protect them from each other (IP Issues) – How do we best preserve them for the future • Today we would like to share the MaST approach
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team MaST Approach Views on KIDS Steps Taken Examples
    • MaST View of Knowledge • It is created through experiences .MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – What did they look at? How did they use it? – Who was involved? What did they learn? – What did they know when they started? – What tools did they use? When? Which Versions? What Inputs? • It lives in the people involved in the experience. – The test team, the analysis team, the decision makers • It is by far the hardest component to manage. – It is very often based on “Being There” – Everyone cannot “Be There”, some are not born yet
    • MaST View on Information • It is distilled from the data provided by the tools.MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Analysis Results – Recommendations – Supporting Rationale – Risk Assessments • It lives in the documentation provided by the process and the associated CM systems – Test Results, Test Reports, Presentations – These tools have demonstrated their ability to publish their information for use by others
    • MaST View on Data • Data comes from tools being usedMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Pro-E for the flight vehicles – Arena and Extend for the integrated supply chains – Delmia for the integrated process analysis – IMSim (Trick) for integrated flight simulations – ScramNET for Launch Vehicle dynamics • Data lives in the files and CM systems – DDMS(s), Common Model Library(s), WIKI(s) – These tools can publish data for use in other systems. – Note: This is usually where Intellectual Property (IP) issues show up.
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team The Path Taken
    • MaST Goal • Make it Possible, then Easy, then Desirable to use our capabilities.MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Seek out the obstacles and replace them with well planned solutions that address lifecycle needs for as many people as possible. – Make solutions so efficient and effective that they help from day one. – Make people, teams and projects part of the solution. • Recognize that our Leadership has Priorities – Bask in the glow of successes for something like 45 seconds before starting work on our next success
    • Investigate Prior Work for Tools • Copy or Adopt is easier than both buy and build. – National Research CouncilMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Center Simulation Tools – Conferences, Workshops, Research, DoD – OCE Engineering Process Initiatives (3 letter words) • Some of this work is in Constellation Today – HLA for Simulation to Simulation communication • Foundation for IMSim – Delmia for Process Development • In use by Ground Ops and Ares, rumored for Orion – Shared Visualization Environments • Foundations for Data Presentation and Visualization
    • Find Where the KIDS Live • Look at a sample of Constellation ToolsMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Where are KIDS stored, how do they flow in CxP? – Identify how to get them out, or at least get access? – Normalize so others can see if their KIDS can play • We noticed some tool/location groupings – Some KIDS live in Physics Based Tools • System State Information, Structural Information – Some KIDS live in Physical Environment Tools • Temporal / Spatial Information – Some KIDS also live in Supply Chain Tools • What you need when you need it (Next PM Challenge)
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Physics Based KIDS
    • Physics - System State Information • Primarily related to the Flight activitiesMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Launch Preparations, Flight and Post Flight – Start with Guidance, Navigation and Control – Extend to Flight Dynamics as needed – Extend wherever else is needed. • Physics Based Description of Motion – Physics Based Launch, Ascent, Dock, Entry, Descent, Landing, Recovery, Retrieval – Couple with High Resolution Graphics For Human in the Loop Test and Evaluation
    • For the Physics Example… • Take Ares, Orion, Ground Ops, LAS and ISSMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Teach the KIDS to talk to one another • MAVERIC and ANTARES on Flight Side • Ground Operations Simulation • LAS Simulation and ISS Simulation – Provide infrastructure to let People and Simulations talk to one another • High Level Architecture, Trick, DS Net, DON – Provide the ability to share the new KIDS created with existing and future generations • Let us show you how it works…
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team LAS Ares 1 Launch (IMSim)GO Ares Orion
    • US / Orion Stage Separation (IMSim)MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Ares Orion
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Orion Orion to ISS Docking (IMSim) ISS
    • Distributed Review and Storage (DPV) IMSimMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team States DPV Users
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Physical Environment KIDS
    • Physical – Temporal Spatial Info. • Primarily related to the Ground Ops activitiesMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Operability Assessments and Optimization – Systems Integration – Launch Pads, Boosters, Vehicle, Access Platforms – Work Stands, Crane Envelopes – Human Factors, Reach, Loads • Note: there is more than one type of Ground… – Lunar Architectures – Surface Systems (Lunar, non-Lunar) – Surface Concepts
    • For The Physical Example • Ground Ops Pulls KIDS togetherMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – CAD, Concepts, Models and Processes from Orion, Ares, Ground Systems (includes Legacy Data) • Ground Ops integrates in Delmia (with IT) – All data pulled into one environment – Some data sets so big cannot be loaded anywhere else, teams come to Kennedy to see their data • MaST supporting export of KIDS from Delmia collaborative engineering efforts to share, store and preserve.
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team OJIVE Panel Study (Delmia)
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team DELMIA OJIVE Export to DPV
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team OJIVE HF Detail (Delmia)
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team OJIVE Delmia HF Detail (DPV)
    • Ares 1X, Sep Analysis Integration (DPV)MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team GO Orion Processing Sim (Delmia)
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Lunar Architecture Concepts (DPV)
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Find How the KIDS Play Preserve the KIDS for the Future
    • How KIDS Play I am SAM 1. Someone provides initial authoritative simulation or source dataMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team 2. MaST Shares SME 3. MaST Publishes Models across Projects and/or Data Sets with IMSim, Monte-Carlo, 4. Analysis Teams Use Data, DPV and/or RF, SME, Com, DES Apply Expertise, Iterate, DES, IMSim, DES. Internal Sims, Create Models and Data Trajectory, First Process, Abort, DPV Analysis Second & Off Nom, DPV, Analysis other Analysis Third IM Analysis Fourth Sim Analysis Sim Data NeXIOM Interop. 5. Simulation Data Result(s) to CM and DM with IS* (still need to tell IS) IS for CM/DM Validate Against Flight Page 34 * Strong possibility related to MSDB and CML
    • Preserve KIDS for the Future • Standard IS and ICE SystemsMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Getting more and more services every day – Well tuned for Data and Information – Knowledge is a little different • On the Knowledge Side, you need to be able to re-experience the learning process – Since much of what we are doing is simulation, this means re-experience the simulation that helped develop the Knowledge. – However, simulations have a 3 to 5 year lifespan – But, if we can save the Simulation……
    • Save the Simulation • This is a Key Mission for the MaST DPV (Data Presentation and Visualization) Element.MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Simulators provide a description of the 4-D data that represents the simulation used to make decisions. • Can also provide key measurements and images for display • Will soon be able to provide relevant Meta-Data • The Simulation can be replayed for team, analysis or after long term storage – Without need for the simulation infrastructure • Goal is to be able to do this forever – We have already started
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team IMSim/Delmia Simulation and DPV
    • Conclusions • Maybe the S is really SimulationMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team – Knowledge – Information – Data – Simulations • MaST is a small part of how Constellation is dealing with multi-decadal issues. – There are many others. • What we presented is alive and at work today – There is more we did not have time to present. – We will get that next time.
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Questions?
    • MaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Back Up Deck
    • M&S and the System LifecycleMaST – CxP Modeling and Simulation Team Subjective Assessments Management DPV IMSim s • QFD Systems Engineers ra de DES SAM • AHP T • System Engineering Tools Systems Engineers System Analysts Constructive Assessments Operators DPV IMSim • Cost – Complete Life-Cycle ign DES SAM • Risk – Flight, Development, RMS Des • Conceptual / Prelim Engineering Systems Engineers In Heavy Performance Capabilities System Analysts Dev. Use Operators Designers Operator in the Loop Assessments Manufacturers • Ground st DPV IMSim • Flight Sims Te DES SAM • Crew • Data Rich Simulation & Visual Systems Engineers Operators Designers Hardware- and Software-in-the-Loop Manufacturers DPV IMSim Assessments • Test Program Def & Refinement Test and Verification DES SAM Analysis, Modeling and • Hardware & Software Testing Simulation support • System Integration Modeling ns evolves throughout the tio system’s development ra life cycle, supporting a Op e DPV IMSim DES SAM In Service Operations Assessments wide range of • Operations Ramp-up Ramp-down customers • Upgrades and Improvements • Anomaly Resolution 41