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    Hatfieldskip Hatfieldskip Presentation Transcript

    • Program Management in a Connected World PM Challenge February 9-10, 2010 Skip Hatfield Project Manager – International Space Station Common Docking Adapter, NASA JSC Beth Dickey Public Affairs Specialist, NASA HQUsed with Permission
    • A Changing World • Just a few years ago, the program manager did not need to spend a great deal of time thinking about external communication • “Just leave it to PAO” – They’ll tell you when you need to show up for a press conference – They’ll ask you for information/comments on questions from reportersIn today’s digital world, communication isinstant. Your message creates immediateperceptions almost immediately. Makesure it’s a message you can live with! February 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 2
    • How The World Changed• “Individuals who never dreamt they could upload…suddenly found that they can have a global impact on the world, as individuals.” – Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat• Info consumers became info producers• Blogs emerged• Social media applications proliferatedFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 3
    • Make Way for PREDITORs• Traditional media were slow to adopt new distribution channels and business models• Downsizing hit veteran space reporters• PREDITOR – online video producer, reporter, editorFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 4
    • The Big DifferenceFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 5
    • Implications for the Program Manager• Like any emerging technology, today’s rapidly changing information environment offers both threats and opportunities• The threat – Others will define your message – and they may not always be altruistic! – Provides great forum for those with alternative visions• The opportunity – Share thoughts, plans and accomplishments and get feedback – Engage stakeholders in creative new waysFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 6
    • Information Moves Fast… Email sent evening of Sept 2….From: Hanley, Jeffrey M. (JSC-ZA111) Within a couple of hours, pickedSent: Wednesday, September 02, 2009 up by multiple sites including10:06 PM NASA Watch, Orlando Sentinel,To: Coats, Michael {Jsc-Center- and Space PoliticsDirector}(JSC-AA111)Subject: Reaction......Leaked to Florida Today early Sept 8…February 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 7
    • Blogs Attract Opinions Within minutes of posting, comments begin to appear – and many are full of vitriol, personal attacks, questions of integrityInformation shared through socialmedia often moves faster thanNASA can, leaving stakeholdersdemanding answers. February 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 8
    • “The Deciders” Video posted on YouTube using excerpts from Augustine HearingsFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 9
    • What is Social Media?• User-generated content• A conversationFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 10
    • Growth of Social Media• Facebook• January 2009 150 million users• December 2009 350 million users• Twitter (web visitors only)• January 2009 6 million users• December 2009 23 million users• http://acarvin.posterous.com/social-media-trends-2009-and-beyondFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 11
    • How NASA Uses Social MediaFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 12
    • NASA Sets the Standard• Among the most successful implementations of social media in government• 116 channels and counting on YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Ustream• Official terms of service agreementsFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 13
    • STS-129 Tweetup: A Case Study• For the first time, Twitter followers were invited to witness a space shuttle launch – Nov. 16, 2009• Goals: share launch excitement with a new audience and spur international discussion of NASA via social media• 101 tweeps• 21 states and D.C., Canada, England, Morocco, New Zealand• Brought 150,000 followers• Gained 23,000 followersFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 14
    • STS-129 Tweetup: Traditional Media Coverage• NBC, CNN, CNN International• Major TV network affiliates highlighted local participants• NPR, AP Radio News, Federal News Radio• SpaceflightNow.com covered Tweetup in parallel with the launch countdown• Associated Press story ran in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Houston Chronicle, Newsday, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe and 20 other publications• +1,300 related online articlesFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 15
    • STS-129 Tweetup: New Media Coverage• Ustream: 7,724 unique viewers (total 12,730)• #nasatweetup hashtag reached No. 3 trending topic on Twitter• 3,000 tweets in < 2 hours• 10,484 tweets by 8 a.m. Nov. 24• +960 people contributing tweets• 400,000 people in 2 days exposed to NASA messages• +2,000 Flickr photosFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 16
    • Social Media is Hard Work• ~$50,000 for logistics and audiovisual support and travel• +30 employees (HQ, KSC, KSC Visitor Complex)• 188 work days• Biweekly or weekly telecons for four months prior to the eventFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 17
    • Trending Social Media Topics• Trust and credibility• Safety and security• Success and maturity• Record retention• Content management• ControlFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 18
    • Benefits of Using NASA’s Infrastructure• Metrics• Trained professionals to helpFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 19
    • Getting Started• NASA has terms of service agreements with Flickr, Ustream, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter• To use these tools as official agency communications: http://apps..gov and follow the instructions• See an apps.gov tool you like but we aren’t using? Request a NASA terms of service agreementFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 20
    • Use Social Media Successfully• Tell your own story (good or bad) before someone else tells it for you• Understand the pitfalls• Make a communication plan and update it frequently• Set realistic goals• Analyze return on investment• Maintain the conversationFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 21
    • The Manager’s Responsibility…• Managing your program’s message needs to be an integral part of your daily activity – Understand what is being said about your program – Learn how to communicate your vision, your mission, and your progress• Being prepared to quickly respond to misleading or inaccurate stories being spread• Essential to actively develop a simple description of your mission and plansFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 22
    • Openness and Transparency• The best policy is always to be forthright and open• The current administration has a clear policy on openness in government – “My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.” www.whitehouse.govFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 23
    • Thoughts for the PM• Be aware of what’s being said – Read the most important blogs daily – Keep abreast of all the newsFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 24
    • More Information• http://www.usa.gov/webcontent/technolo gy/other_tech.shtmlFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 25
    • Closing Thoughts• New realities in external communication require new ways of thinking• The world of communication is evolving rapidly and the rules are changing• It’s important for the program manager to be aware of these trends, and to adapt!February 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 26
    • Questions/DiscussionFebruary 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 27
    • Brief Blog List• NASA Watch (www.nasawatch.com)• Space Politics (www.spacepolitics.com)• Flame Trench (http://www.floridatoday.com/content/blogs /space/)• NASASpaceflight (www.nasaspaceflight.com)• Space (www.space.com)• Space Review (www.thespacereview.com) February 9-10, 2010 PM Challenge 28