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  1. 1. Josephine ChengIBM Fellow & Vice PresidentIBM Research - AlmadenInnovation and Collaboration © 2010 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Research Agenda  IBM Research Overview –Reimagining how science and technology can change our market and our world  Innovation –Where do we get the idea  Collaboration –Examples from IBM Research - Almaden2
  3. 3. IBM Research A legacy of World-Class Research 1944: 1948: 1956: 1957: 1964: 1966: 1967: 1970: 1971: Mark 1 SSEC RAMAC FORTRAN System/360 One-Device Fractals Relational Speech Memory Cell Database Recognition Nobel Prizes: 1973: 1979: 1980: 1986: 1987: 1990: 1994: 1993: RS/6000 SP Winchester Thin Film RISC Scanning High Temperature Chemically SIGe 1996,97: Deep Blue Disk Recording Tunneling Superconductivity Amplified Heads Microscope Photoresists 1997: 1998: 1998: 2004: 2006: 2008: Copper Silicon-on-Insulator Microdrive 2002: Blue Gene 5-stage Carbon World’s First PetaflopInterconnect Millipede The fastest Nanotube Ring Supercomputer Wiring supercomputer Oscillator in the world3
  4. 4. IBM Research A Culture of Innovation – External Recognition 9 US National Medals of 5 US National 6 Turing 5 Nobel Laureates Technology Medals of Science Awards Copper Chip Silicon-on- Technology Insulator Nuclear SiGe DRAM Magnetic High Temperature Electron Tunneling Basis for Superconductivity Effect Resonance MRI today High Performance Computing Techniques First woman recipient in the history Scanning Tunneling Microscope of this prestigious ACM award 22 Members in 62 Members in 10 Inductees in National Academy > 330 Professional National Academy of National Inventors of Sciences Society Fellows Engineering Hall of Fame  AAAS  APS  IEEE  ACM  AVS  IOP  ACS  ECS  OSA Laser-etched hair based on excimer laser surgery – foundation for LASIK surgery4
  5. 5. IBM Research Reimagining How Science and Technology Can Impact Our World  Impacting our products, services and solutions – Technologies for Linear Tape Open (LTO) and Enterprise Tape Drive – Contributions to Websphere/Enterprise Java Performance – Storage management – High Speed Adaptive Stream Processing and Analytics – Text Analytics Solutions – Global Delivery Framework (GDF)  Contributing to our broader scientific community – Services Science  Working to improve our lives – Research Advances in Multimodal Healthcare Analytics for Clinical Decision Support – Traffic Prediction5
  6. 6. IBM Research IBM Research ~3,000 employees China Zurich Tokyo Almaden Watson Haifa Austin India Brazil IBM Research Lab6
  7. 7. IBM Research IBM Research: Collaborative Innovation TD Bank Ireland Shenyang China Marine Institute Wangfujing DEMC Pangoo China National Geographic Zurich Tokyo Almaden Watson Haifa Virginia Tech India Industrial Technology Austin Research Institute Meraca Institute The University of Sydney IBM Research Lab OPEN SSME! Global, Smarter Planet Collaborations7
  8. 8. IBM Research A Diversity of Disciplines Behavioral Computer Electrical Science Chemistry Science Engineering Materials Mathematical Service Science Science Physics Science Science & Business & Engineering Management Technology Business Innovation Innovation Social Demand Innovation Innovation Social & Economics Cognitive & Markets Sciences8
  9. 9. IBM Research Research Strategies – Bring Our Disciplines Together Technology Technology Systems Systems BAMS* BAMS* Software Software Services Industry Industry Services Solutions Solutions Exploratory Science Exploratory Science * Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences9
  10. 10. IBM Research Innovating How We Do Our Work Radical Joint Projects Collaboration IBM Divisions, The World is Now Our Lab Isolated Research Clients, Universities ’50s — ’90s Hardware ’90s — ’00s + Software & Services ’00s … + Smarter Planet10
  11. 11. IBM Research Tools to Predict Technology and Business Trends InnovationJam: Collaboration between companies, organizations and family members to yield first- of-a-kind opportunities Global Technology Outlook Global Innovation Outlook  Identify emerging technology  Start a dialogue about innovation, trends significant to industry in business transformation and the next 3 to 7 years societal progress  Has a direct influence on IBM’s  Collaboration across a global technical strategy ecosystem of experts11
  12. 12. IBM Research Innovation Jam Outcomes (Emerging Business Opportunities – EBOs) Real-time Simplified Intelligent Translation Business Utility 3D Internet “Digital Me” Services Engines Networks Smart Electronic Branchless Healthcare Intelligent Health Big Green Banking for Payment Transportation Record Innovations the Masses Systems Systems System12
  13. 13. IBM Research Global Innovation Outlook Identifying and Acting on Major Issues Affecting Business and Global Society Healthcare, Government, GIO 1.0 Work/Life Balance Future of the Enterprise, GIO 2.0 Environment, Transportation GIO 3.0 Media & Content, Africa Security & Society, GIO 4.0 Water & Oceans13
  14. 14. IBM Research 2010 Global Technology Outlook Industry Transformation 1. Enabling Technologies for Healthcare Transformation Evidence-based medicine, payment-for-outcomes Analytics & Optimization 2. Orchestrating the Smarter Planet Models and model orchestration enable integrated operation and optimization Software & Services 3. Software Technology Trends New development models, tools and methods transforming the SW industry 4. Future of Legacy Tools & services to “Identify, Improve and Operate” legacy Systems & Infrastructure 5. Convergence of IT and Wireless Infrastructure IT enabled wireless infrastructure optimizations 6. Workload Optimized Systems HW, SW co-design, integration, optimization14
  15. 15. IBM Research Setting a Strategic Framework  Grand Challenges  Strategic Initiatives  Big Bets  Corporate Milestones15
  16. 16. IBM Research 2010 FocusStrategic Initiatives Strategic Initiatives Business Analytics and Science & Technology Mathematical Sciences Big Bets Healthcare Transformation Software Industries Smarter Cities • Smarter Healthcare • Smarter Energy Service Quality • Smarter Risk Mobile Web Systems • Smarter Cities • Smarter Engineering Massive Scale Analytics Cloud Computing Next Gen. Computing Workload-Optimized Systems Services Nanotech16
  17. 17. IBM Research Grand Challenges  Deep QA  DNA Transistor  CyberSecurity  Exascale Computing  Automatic Machine Translation  Cognitive Computing17
  18. 18. IBM Research Areas of Innovation at IBM Research - Almaden Science & Computer Technology Science Storage Systems Services Research18
  19. 19. IBM Research - AlmadenXAP (Xtreme Analytics Platform) for Structured, Semi-Structured, Unstructured Data Infosphere Customer Analytic Apps (Fraud, Customer Care, …) Streams Financial, Government, HealthCare, Retail, … Analytics SW&Consulting Tooling / Metadata Jaql Query Language Text Analytics Data Warehouse Ananlytics Libraries JSON Data Model & Schema (R, SPSS, …) (System T) SW Stack Warehouse Connect Hadoop++ (w/ IBM Enhancements) Blade servers with GPFS++ SNC Local StorageHigh no. of servers 19 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. IBM Research - Almaden An Aalim Scenario Symptoms of hypertension, fatigue, weakness, severe shortness of breath, congestion and cough. Lung X-ray shows congestion in lung. Echocardiogram rules out chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congenital heart disease. The diagnosis is acute bronchitis. Statistical analysis of echocardiogram reveals right side of heart enlarged, left side reduced – only apparent when compared to hundreds of other Disease Candidate echocardiograms. 6% 3% Chr.OPD The statistical analysis suggests primary 52% CongHD Ac.Bronch 39% pulmonary hypertension (PPH), which is the PPD correct diagnosis. Reference : © 2010 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. IBM Research DARPA Grant Cognitive Computing via Synaptronics and Supercomputing Stanford Columbia University of Wisconsin Cornell University UC Merced University Madison Understanding and Building a Brain21
  22. 22. IBM Research What Is The Mind?  Collection of processes:  The mind can integrate ambiguous information – Sensation from – Perception, – Sight, The goal of Cognitive Computing is to develop a coherent, – Action, – hearing, – Emotion – touch, unified, universal mechanism to engineer the mind, with an – Cognition – taste, and – smell; ultimate objective of building intelligent business machines.  It can form spatio-temporal associations and abstract concepts  It can make decisions and initiate sophisticated coordinated actions22
  23. 23. IBM Research Biological Components of the Mind 2400 square cm, 2-3 mm thick23
  24. 24. Progress in Cortical Simulations IBM Research24
  25. 25. IBM Research Artificial Synapse Po st OFF sy na pt ic tic ON sy nap Pre25
  26. 26. IBM Research STEM An open source extensible Spatial and Temporal Epidemiological Modeling system, providing a framework for: Developing new computational modelsIncorporating population & geographic data In Order To Understand disease dynamics Test and plan responses Assess economic consequences26
  27. 27. IBM Research Beyond Real Time Monitoring Evaluating the efficacy of Public Health responses Masks HCN/HL7 No Air Travel Weather Air Traffic Vaccinations Masks/No Air27
  28. 28. IBM Research Healthcare = Complex “System of Systems” Many systems have been studied individually by domain experts, using statistical and simulation models. Recreational Climate Advertising Transportation facilities Community Agriculture Health care Healthcare Health care network Education Payers practices Providers Health care Demographics Disease models Clients Comparative Pharma effectiveness Government Economics policy Treatment companies Hospital and clinic Immigration standards Cultural and operations Social influences Supply Patient perception Chain and satisfaction Consumer/patient …and more behavior Need a platform and processes for integrating models and simulations for healthcare-related policy, investments, and planning.28
  29. 29. IBM Research Smarter Planet Platform for Analysis and Simulation of Healthcare  A platform and service to “mash up” data, models, simulations  Support complex decision-making for healthcare policy, planning, and investment  Share, integrate, correlate deep-domain models and data with those of others  Exploit the tools, models, simulations, data and analytics of others Benefits Significant new insights from mashing up proprietary and open models from multiple disciplines. High quality results from collaboration, interoperability, and integration. Rapid exploration of a large number of alternative inputs and outcomes.29
  30. 30. IBM Research