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Baize,lionel pm challenge cnes
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Baize,lionel pm challenge cnes

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  • 1. IPMC An International Collaboration inPresented by Lionel Baize Technical Workforce DevelopmentCNES - Toulouse Space Centre Deputy Directorate 22 February 2012Technical Outreach & Innovation Department
  • 2. The European Space Triangle The European UnionThe European Space The Countries &Agency the national agencies: CNES France, DLR Germany, ASI Italy, UK Space Agency,…
  • 3. An ambitious French Space policyA firmly European policy: To provide end-to-end space expertise. To be a driving force in constructing Europe in Space implemented thanks to international cooperation.An efficient tool: CNES CNES is the French Space agency and is also a technical centre.
  • 4. Orbital projects Managed by Toulouse Space Centre Roughly 50 projects  Satellites or instruments embarked by other agencies. Omnipresent cooperation in (~20 countries). 3 ways of intervention:The elements of the space system are developed by Industry on the basis of anoverall architecture and of specifications developed by CNES.Work in integrated teams CNES/scientific laboratories.Collaboration with agencies or laboratories for scientific missions(ESA, NASA, JAXA,…). 4
  • 5. 2012 plansLaunches of:  Saral / Altika-Doris-Argos (India),  IASI#2, Argos#3 and Sarsat#3 on Metop-B (Eumetsat),  SWARM (ESA),  Galileo IOV 3 and 4 (ESA - DLR),  ATV#3 (ESA, NASA, Roskosmos, DLR),  MTB-Bion on Photon (Russia),  Robusta (Montpellier University) launched on 13 February 2012, first VEGA launch (ESA, ASI),  BAUMANETS-2 (Montpellier University and Russian Bauman Moscow State Technical University).Operations of:  ATV#3 (ESA, NASA, Roskosmos, DLR),  Galileo IOV 3 and 4 (ESA - DLR),  Chemcam (NASA).ChArMex / TRAQA and BAMED / HyMeX balloons campaign(Météo-France & French Labs).
  • 6. Interest of IPMC for CNES■ Most of our projects are run in an international context,■ The International Program/Project Committee (IPMC) brings together agencies, companies and others interested in project management and workforce development training,■ We believe that the sharing of knowledge and of practices strengthens the links between the space community members and ...
  • 7. IPMC: a great tool for internal improvementFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: the Knowledge Spiral as described by Nonaka & Takeuchi.
  • 8. Suggestions for the future■ To continue the establishment and the reinforcement of very open relationships between the different organizations,■ To generalize the exchanges of students (for the time being CNES supports one student to NASA Academy),■ On given projects in cooperation, to get the viewpoints of the different players on the same “adventure” and mutually enrich our practices.
  • 9. lionel.baize@cnes.frhttp://www.cnes.fr/