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Adesh.jain Adesh.jain Presentation Transcript

  • February 22-23, 2012, Orlando, Florida Awakening of project consciousness through stakeholders buying inImplementation Development of Project from Embryonic stage to full fledged Operational phase is an organicConcept process. Adesh Jain Aikta Jain© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Projects Create Value for Sustainable Future Future is Uncertain. The best way to control future is to create it.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Project has Body (Visible assets) Mind (Operational software) Intellect (Inquisitiveness through why and why not) Consciousness (awareness being dynamic as its characteristics)© Adesh Jain 2006
  • ProjectTeam Project Thinking Project MindsetProject ProjectEmotions Consciousness© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Project Team (multi culture, location and understanding- communication, a challenge)© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Awakening realization through Stakeholders buying in 3. COMMITMENT & 1. SHARED VISION Corporate Culture COHESION & GOAL CLARITY Renovation AMONG STAKEHOLDERS Through Project 4. PROBLEM 2. PROJECT LEADERSHIP Management FORECASTING & CONTINGENCY PLANNING (‘What if’)© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Whole first, Part later ‘Whole’ ‘Part’ Project Stakeholders Everything is connected with everything.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Project Thinking© Adesh Jain 2006
  • CHARACTERISTICS PROJECT THINKING OPERATIONAL THINKING Project success = Ax2 + Bx + C =0 Function of (Team, Environment…)© Adesh Jain 2006
  • CHARACTERISTICS PROJECT THINKING OPERATIONAL THINKING Dynamic adaptability Less adaptability© Adesh Jain 2006
  • CHARACTERISTICS PROJECT THINKING OPERATIONAL THINKING Anti-Credentialist Credentialist (content counts) (an stamp of authority)© Adesh Jain 2006
  • I am always doing what I can’t do, so that I may learn how to do it —Pablo Picasso© Adesh Jain 2006
  • CHARACTERISTICS PROJECT THINKING OPERATIONAL THINKING New encounters Repeat encounters - different situations - similar situations many times many times© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Project Emotions© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Head Heart Hands (Planning) (Team Building) (Delivery)© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Result will Mind – two therefore will sides i.e. Heart – only have two Manipulative one side sides OR Simple Manipulative Simple  3 Billion Beats OR  55 Billion Gallons pumped to serve Simple  50,000 miles of arteries MIND HEART RESULT Manipulation x Simple = Manipulation Simple x Simple = Simple© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Project Consciousness© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Boundaries created by mind are no longer sustainable in a boundary less world.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Boundaries are the outcome of ‘bias’ created by differences based on gender, color and economy.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • We must retrain our mind to discover boundary less space to transform from being a ‘puppet’ to ‘innovative master’.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Traditional working and thinking will not pave a new path for making business competitive. ..If we take decisions consciously, we would not have the past haunting us. Too much dependence of engraved or past memories impact our ability to innovate or provide innovative thinking.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • As the globalization would continue to expand and the present century will continue to unravel the mysteries never witnessed ever before it is forcing us to understand the Psychology of ‘self’. The impact of ‘self’ is far reaching in shaping the nature of the ‘matter’ Adesh Jain, May 10, 2007, New York© Adesh Jain 2006
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND CREATE VALUE SUPER SELF EMPOWERMENT High Very Responsibility Unstable Stable Unstable Medium Unstable Stable Unstable Very Low Stable Unstable Unstable SUPER Low Medium High© Adesh Jain 2006 Freedom
  • Project is ‘holistic’ state reflecting seamless connectivity and totality of human emotions and dreams.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Consciousness is not mathematics but to be aware of who we are, what for and why we do the things we do.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Project consciousness is beyond measurements and is governed by awareness and ethics. It is NOT Black and White.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Creators of project are human beings and therefore has inbuilt consciousness (awareness) yet to be exploited.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Stakeholders Project Environment Contradiction exists between Stakeholders and Project and amongst Stakeholders© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Whenever there is connectivity between living organisms, there is bound to be differences both positive and negative. E4 Factor + + + Education Emotions Experience Expectations E4 determines the extent of conflict amongst Stakeholders.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Two types of Connectivity Real and Imaginary This connectivity exists between Stakeholders and project.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Conflict one   P S Cos  m n j. i ji j =1 i =1 Theta angle increases with the increase level of conflict.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Conflict two  P S S Cos Φ m n n j i. k ik j =1 i =1 k =1 Phi angle increases with the increase level of conflict.© Adesh Jain 2006
  • Innovative Frame of Mind Innovative ?+ = Frame of Mind Why + Why Not = Innovative Frame of Mind© Adesh Jain 2006
  • © Adesh Jain 2006