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The Project VIETNAM ROOT is dedicated to select secular and monumental trees survived, witness of time, present in the city of Hanoi and in the countryside in the North of the country.

Promote cross cultural exchange with the slogan "Now Art Move East - NAME". NAME | Art Space wants to create a common community through diverse perspectives and new ideas. Our multi-talented members inspire to bring together artistic culture worldwide.

NAME | Art Space, an artist-led space for art activities like Art Projects | Arrange Workshops | Traditional Vietnamese Lacquer Paintings | Bilingual Poetry | Arrange Art Gallery | Host Exhibitions | Exchange Ideas through International Artist Residency | Arts 4 Kids | Art 4 Locals.

Individuals from all creative community including writers, sculpture, designers, photographer and artists can apply for our projects and residency programs. From artist, to art lover, to art buyer, we encourage everyone to explore, experience and get involved with us.

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NAME | Art Space - Vietnam Root

  1. 1. VIETNAM ROOT By NAME | Art Space
  2. 2. ContentAbout NAME | Art SpaceAbout Rootman Tiziano FratusAbout VIETNAM ROOT Project
  3. 3. About NAME | Art Space• Established in early 2012, NAME | Art Space is currently working on different art projects as: – Lacquer Workshop & Residency – Jan 2012 – End 2013 – Multimedia Poetry Collection 1 – April 2012 – November 2012 – VIETNAM ROOT – Photography and Book – June 2012 – End 2013 – I AM BORN AS… – A documentary on gender choice – July 2012 – December 2012 – Drawing classes for KIDS – Regularly from June 2012
  4. 4. About NAME | Art Space• NAME is an artist-led space for art activities, exhibition, workshop, and residency for international artists to work and exchange ideas.• NAME aims to support young artists to practice forms of art such as multimedia art, public and community based art, performance, environmental, installation and other experimental cultural forms.• NAME will help increase the interest in art among local community through free classes to kids
  5. 5. Aims and Objectives• To support, develop and promote new and young artists to work and experiment contemporary art• To enhance cultural understanding and encourage the exchange of ideas by Vietnam and International artists through workshop, exhibition and other activities with the slogan “Now Arts Move East - NAME”• To inspire interest among the local community for Art through education, workshop, exhibition, art talk, seminars...
  6. 6. Lacquer studio• NAME provides special workshop, studio, materials and equipment for making traditional Vietnamese lacquer paintings and art
  7. 7. Location• NAME is situated in an ancient village of Sui, Gia Lam, Hanoi, with many historical and cultural heritage, NAME enjoys the typical friendly atmosphere of fields, temples, pagodas and people
  8. 8. About A ROOTMAN & A TREE SEEKER Tiziano Fratus (1975) is a walker, a tree seeker, a photographer, a writer, a scholar of landscapes, a designer of routes, a popularize. He has published books and notebooks dedicated to trips and wanderings in the Italian Landscape, from the north of the Country, on the Alps, to the Southern Islands as Sicily and Sardinia, from the biggest Towns as Rome, Milan, Turin and Genoa to the little villages of the Provinces. Fratus works on a new form of identity, both local and international, through theevaluation of the heritage and secular trees in his region, the Piedmont (north west of Italy), his country and the world.He works to create a new simple way to feel as humans proud to live and work in a local regional part of the Earth and in the meanwhile on the whole planet. His poetry has been translated in several languages and presented in Italian Cultural Institutes in north America, Europe and South East Asia.
  10. 10. Photographs  
  11. 11. Photographs
  12. 12. BooksFrom the book Homo Radix. Appunti per un cercatore di alberi (A Root Man. Notesfor a Tree Seeker) Translated by Daniela Filippin«I am a root-man. I am a man who has moved around in order to grow and forgethis first set of roots. I am a man who has uprooted himself and has wanderedaround until he found new roots. I’m a man who has stopped in order to moveahead again. A man who has set down new roots. I’m a man who has woken up asa tree with leaves treeing themselves in the breath of the wind, picking up storiescarried and conveyed by other creatures. I am a root man who finds joy and peacein his new patch. I am a man who has found his roots by travelling the world.»
  13. 13. The project ROOT – BriefTO BE A ROOTMAN OR A ROOTWOMAN, A ROOTBOY OR A ROOTGIRL(Homo Radix – Phoemina Radix – Puer Radix – Puera Radix)•Everyone could be a Rootboy or a Rootgirl, a Rootman or a Rootwoman, a personwho try to identify his / her roots, physically and theoretically, literary and materially.Roots are something changing, everyday they acquire colors, dimensions,peculiarities that modify the identity of this Human Being. So every Man and everyWoman is so full of Roots!•A Rootman is an individual who decide to cultivate his imaginary and physicalidentity. Every Green Space could be this Landscape: the park in your town, thegarden of your house, the forest on the Alps or in Alaska.•This is a way to enhance personally and socially the biodiversity of our landscape,to discover what we consider expectable, not so important, only a Tree or only aPark. This is a way to begin a long trip that is so full of elements, creatures, tounderstand history of our land, our province, our region or State. A research thatmake you more rooted in the land you live, you work, you love.•In that way your Roots will be so strong, so wide and so full of imagination andenergy.
  14. 14. VIETNAM ROOTDiscover a new Vietnam, after 30 years of devastation andthe long period of rebuilding, a place of enchanted nature.•The Project VIETNAM ROOT is dedicated to selectsecular and monumental trees survived, witness of time,present in the city of Hanoi and in the countryside in theNorth of the country.•A campaign of treegraphies will give us a map of some ofthe big trees living in Vietnam, as in the historical park CucPhuong and other reservoirs.•This map and the notes about the travel will be publishedin a book in three languages (English, Vietnamese, Italian),defining new paths for tourists and for the localappreciation.•An exhibition of pictures will be held in the space of NAME| Art Space or relevant locations, photos printed in aclassic black & white colors.
  15. 15. THE PROCESSIn Vietnam, the project will be done with another Vietnamese ROOTMAN,another tree seeker, another photographer. As a tropical country, Vietnamhas many natural reserved areas. Beside, Vietnam has its custom ofremembering the root, the origin, the ancient. This will be a good time forintroducing the tradition and nature of Vietnam to the world through the viewof both ROOTMEN, one from Europe, one from Vietnam.
  16. 16. THE PROCESS•Call for application – June & Aug 2012 - Choosing VietnameseROOTMAN: From the website of NAME | Art Space and other mediachannels, interested photographers, travellers…•Shortlist and finalize ROOTMAN – Sep 2012 - Among the applications,NAME | Art Space will finalize 1 or 2 candidates to join the project.•Prepare for the project – Oct 2012 – Feb 2013 - The ROOTMAN, TizianoFratus, and the Vietnamese ROOTPERSON will work together to find alllocations and trees in the North of Vietnam (up to Da Nang) and map out theroute and plan to go.* Due to objective reasons like weather, travelling conditions, the time for the mainpart of going and shooting can be changed.
  17. 17. THE PROCESS•The main part of the project – Mar 2013 - The two ROOTMEN will go for amonth to shoot trees and write about the places and map out the route fortree seeker.•Photo exhibition & Artist Talk – April 2013 - After coming back, photosfrom both ROOTMEN will be exhibited and an artist talk will be organized forthe ROOTMEN to share their journey.•Book release – 2013 - After this, the ROOTMEN will work on the book it willbe translated into English and Vietnamese and be published in 2013.* Due to objective reasons like weather, travelling conditions, the time for the mainpart of going and shooting can be changed.
  18. 18. Contact Ms. Vuong Bich Ngoc NAME | Art Space (0903 299 510)