Perfumes & flav ors ppt.


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it consist of various natural drugs having wide application as perfumes and flavors.

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Perfumes & flav ors ppt.

  1. 1. PERFUMES AND FLAVOURING AGENTS by SHINDE N.G.Satara college of pharmacy, satara, MH,India.
  2. 2. PERFUMES- The substance which is made from natural, syntheticcombination , employed for creating pleasant odour. e.g. sandalwood oilFLAVORING AGENT- The substances which are used to give flavor tothe pharmaceutical formulations. e.g. lemon oil , rose oil, peppermint oil
  3. 3. PEPPERMINT OILSYNONYM-Oleum , Mentha piperitaBIOLOGICAL SOURCE-The volatile oil obtained by steam distillation of freshflowering tops of plant Mentha piperita belongs to LABIATAE family.GEOGRAPHICAL SOURCE- Cultivated in Japan , ENG., Bulgaria, U.S.A.,IND- U.P., Bihar, JammuCULTIVATION AND PREPARATION-Cultivated by vegetative propagation method using cutting/suckers in fertile and wellirrigated lands. Good sunlight increase mentha production. Mentha is herb.Laves., and flowering tops are cut down and dried in sunlight for day & oil is extractedby steam distillation .Mentha oil is colorless- yellowish in color, pleasant odor, pungent taste followed bycooling sensation.
  4. 4. CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS-menthol(70%),menthone,menthyl acetate,Terpene derivatives-cineole, camphene, limonene, zasmine, menthofurone.USES-Carminative,Aromatic,Stimulant,Flavoring agent,Antiseptic,Counter irritant.
  5. 5. LEMON OILSYNONYM-Oleum limonisBIOLOGICAL SOURCE-The volatile oil obtained from fresh peel of the ripe fruits of Citrus lemon( RUTACEAE).PREPARATION-sponge method- fruit is cut & remove pulp. Peels are soaked in water , oilglands are ruptured, ejected oil absorbed in sponge , squeezed ,separated andfiltered.Ecuelle a piquer method- oil glands are ruptured with pins(0.5 cm long)Oil is pale yellow liquid, pleasant/agreeable odor, bitter tasteCHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS-2-4 % volatile oil-Limonene CitronellolPinene CampheneCitralUSES--Flavoring agent -perfumery
  6. 6. ORANGE OILSYNONYM-Sweet orange oilBIOLOGICAL SOURCE-The volatile oil obtained from orange peels of the ripe fruits of Citrus sinensis ( RUTACEAE).PREPARATION-sponge methodEcuelle a piquer methodOil is orange yellow liquid, aromatic odor.CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS-2-4 % volatile oil-Limonene CitronellolPinene CampheneCitralUSES-Flavoring agentperfumery
  7. 7. SANDALWOOD OILSYNONYM-Yellow sandalwood , Chandan oilBIOLOGICAL SOURCE-It is dried heartwood of Santalum album ( SANTALACEAE).PREPARATION-30 year old plant selected for collection of volatile oil. Plant is uprooted , bark isremoved from stem and root. Wood is cut into small pieces for steamdistillation.Oil is yellowish or pale reddish viscous liquid, strong fragrance, bitter taste.CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS-Alfa & beta santalol(90)Alfa & beta santalene, Alfa & beta santalic acidSantaloneSantanone, santene
  8. 8. USES-Treatment of dysuriaPerfumery, in cosmeticsWith neem oil used as contraceptiveWith double quantity of mustard oil used for treatment of pimples of noseCoolingDiureticDiaphoreticExpectorant
  9. 9. LEMON GRASS OILSYNONYM-East Indian lemon grass oilBIOLOGICAL SOURCE-The volatile oil obtained from leaves and aerial parts of the plant Cymbopogonflexuosus ( GRAMINAE).DESCRIPTION-Oil is yellowish brown colored liquid, odor/ taste- bitterCHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS-MethylheptenolNerolCitralGeraniolUSES--Flavoring agent-Perfumery-Mosquito repellent