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Inuit knowledge in birthing practice


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Inuit Tuttarvingat …

Inuit Tuttarvingat
NAHO 2009 National Conference

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  • 1. National Aboriginal Health Organization 2009 Conference - Ottawa Nov. 25, 2009 Inuit knowledge in birthing practice
  • 2. Inuit knowledge in birthing practice Summary of presentation • Overview of Inuit Tuttarvingat initiatives – 3:00 min. • Audio clips – maternity care providers – 2:23 min. • Nunavik Midwifery DVD – video clips of elders – 3:00 min. • Nunavut midwifery program vignette – 6:28 min.
  • 3. Overview of Inuit Tuttarvingat’s Irnisuksiiniq – Inuit Midwifery Network (IIMN) • Irnisuksiiniq – n. the practice of midwifery • growing demand and support to return birthing to Inuit communities and to reintegrate Inuit knowledge and practices • need for communication and networking tools: listserv and Web site – • links to traditional knowledge documents • translation of 1990 Labrador report • links to research articles, meeting reports, fact sheets, event announcements, etc.
  • 4. Audio-visual Products • Several audio-visual products were also developed for the Network. • The first were audio interviews from maternity care providers. They are available at the Stories section of the Web site. • The audio clip features Martha Flaherty interviewing Lily Amagoalik, an Inuk nurse in Iqaluit, in 2007, about how important serving pregnant women in their own language is. Lily now works with us at NAHO.
  • 5. First Nunavik Midwifery Gathering, Inukjuak, November 2005 – DVD Themes • Social and cultural change • Service models • Birth stories • Post-partum depression • Practices and beliefs around • Baby care and toddler training pregnancy, birth and the postnatal • Practices and beliefs around the period postnatal period • Community welcoming • Teen pregnancy today • Teaching methods: Passing on the • Parent preparation tradition • Perinatal care today • Male midwives • Well woman care • Godparents and namesakes • Being a midwife today • Giving birth far from the community • Tubal pregnancy • Clinical training • Abortion • Certification and recognition • Community development • Midwives and doctors: Different perspectives
  • 6. Nunavik DVD cover design Available from
  • 7. Clip # 1 Meeko Nastapoka – Elder – Inukjuak Inuit traditional knowledge – 1:20 min.
  • 8. Clip #2 Elashuk Pauyungie – Elder – Salluit Using the knowledge and community welcoming – 1:03 min.
  • 9. Clip #3 Martha Greig – Kuujjuaq Grandfather as midwife positioning a baby for birthing - :37 sec.
  • 10. Inuit maternity care TV program May 12, 2009 – APTN-North Nutaraqtaarniq Nunalingnirmiunut Alianaippuq ᓄᑕᕋᖅᑖᕐᓂᖅ ᓄᓇᓕᖕᓂᕐᒥᐅᓄᑦ ᐊᓕᐊᓇᐃᑉᐳᖅ Birth, a joyous community event See the Web stream of the program at: Host: broadcaster and clothing designer, Karliin Aariak Photo © Ed Maruyama Youth working group member, panelist and maternity audience member: Jennie Williams from Nain. Photo © Ed Maruyama
  • 11. Photos: Maternity program panelists – Elashuk Pauyungie, Natsiq Kango, Dr. Madeleine Cole (audience), Akinisie Qumaluk, Martha Greig, Annie Buchan. Photos © Ed Maruyama
  • 12. Maternity care audience members: Inuapik Sagiatok and Mary Buscemi and son. Photo © Ed Maruyama
  • 13. Evaluation findings from the maternity care TV program Key messages received on maternity care “Birthing is supposed to be a wonderful experience”; The importance of traditional midwifery”; “The importance of maternity centres in Northern communities.” Actions planned “I’m going to share these videos with research partners and community partners.” --Midwifery audience member “Bring this knowledge to my home community Nain and consider Inuit maternity care myself.” --Midwifery audience member *Quotes from audience surveys and key informant interviews.
  • 14. Acknowledgements AV preparation: Denise Rideout, Communications Officer, Inuit Tuttarvingat Nunavik DVD: Coordination - Brenda Epoo, Midwife, Inukjuak; Footage - Dave Stonier; Funding – Health Canada Nunavut midwifery vignette: Footage - Health Council of Canada; Reproduction - Kath Clarida – EnTheos Films/Inuit Communications (ICSL); Funding - The TV series was funded in part by the Government of Canada, IPY Program, Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada (including Northern Region). Funding was also provided by the CIHR Team in Circumpolar Health Research; Department of Health and Social Services, Government of Nunavut; Indian and Northern Affairs-Inuit Relations Secretariat; Canadian North; and First Air.
  • 15. Contact: Catherine Carry, Senior Program Officer Inuit Tuttarvingat, NAHO 220 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 1200 Ottawa ON K1P 5Z9 E-mail: Web site: TV Series: Toll-free: 1-877-602-4445 ext. 252 -or- 1-613-760-3515 Catherine Carry, Project Manager, thanking the funders on the maternity show. Photo © Ed Maruyama