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Eva Kruemmel …

Eva Kruemmel
Senior Health Research Officer
Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC)

NAHO 2009 National Conference

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  • 1. NAHO National Conference November 24th - 26th 2009 Inuit Circumpolar Council Outcomes of the Circumpolar Inuit Health Summit Eva Kruemmel Senior Health Research Officer Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Pictures: Yvonne Moorhouse, Eric Loring
  • 2. ICC: Who we are Inuit Circumpolar Council The Inuit Circumpolar Council advocates for Inuit rights internationally.
  • 3. ICC: What we do Inuit Circumpolar Council • Human rights • Environment • Health • Sustainable use of wildlife • Biodiversity • Culture and Language • Arctic Sovereignty Pictures: Eric Loring, Larisa Arbyutina pres.
  • 4. Circumpolar Health Inuit Circumpolar Council • Guided by Utqiaġvik Declaration, led by ICC Canada • Development of Circumpolar Inuit Health Action Plan • Establishment of Circumpolar Inuit Health Steering Committee – First meeting and report – September 2008 – Another meeting planned for next year • Circumpolar Health Summit July 9 – 10 2009 Yellowknife
  • 5. Circumpolar Inuit Health Summit Objectives Inuit Circumpolar Council • Share information on national initiatives and approaches to Inuit health policies and promising practices from across the circumpolar region • Identify recommendations to be put to the next ICC General Assembly to be held in Greenland in 2010 Pictures: Eva Kruemmel, Larisa Arbyutina pres.
  • 6. Summit outcomes: Major health issues – Substance abuse, particularly Inuit Circumpolar Council alcohol and drugs – Suicide – Mental health – Infectious diseases in particular sexually transmitted infections, and tuberculosis – Non-communicable diseases particularly cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes – Injuries Pictures: Eva Kruemmel
  • 7. Summit outcomes: Factors playing a substantial role in affecting Inuit health Inuit Circumpolar Council • Inadequate diet and the diminishing consumption of country foods • Environmental contamination • The physical impact of climate change on communities, wildlife and the physical environment • Substandard living conditions including chronic housing shortage and overcrowding • Poor dental hygiene • Limited access to health care in some regions Pictures: AMAP, Larisa Arbyutina pres.
  • 8. Summit outcomes: Broader issues with significant and long lasting effects Inuit Circumpolar Council • Formal education system needs to enhance the holistic issue of Inuit health • Important role of families • Lingering effects of assimilation policies • Impact of government health policies which do not take into account the cultural aspects of Inuit communities • Need for Inuit-specific health databases Picture: Eva Kruemmel
  • 9. Good practices • Greenland: Health Month of Inuit Circumpolar Council May; Documentation Centre on Children and Youth (MIPI). • Russia: Multi-functional mobile medical units • Canada: Family Resource Centre (Clyde River); Nunavik Sport/School Program; the return of the use of dog teams in northern Canada • Alaska: Healthy Communities initiative (North Slope Borough)
  • 10. Next steps • Using ICC as the unified Inuit Circumpolar Council voice to promote Inuit interests in international, regional and national/state forums • Stressing that the health and wellbeing of our children is our priority • All levels of society need to take responsibility for Inuit health and well-being
  • 11. Funding support Inuit Circumpolar Council • Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami • Inuit Tuttarvingat, National Aboriginal Health Organization • Circumpolar Liaison Directorate, Indian & Northern Affairs Canada • Nasivvik • Health Canada
  • 12. Qujannamiik! Nakurmiik! Thanks! Inuit Circumpolar Council • To all Summit participants for sharing their knowledge! • To you for listening! Picture: Pitseolalaq Moss-Davies