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402 c Post diversity panel handout 3 of 3
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402 c Post diversity panel handout 3 of 3


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  • 1. Diversity: What stands in the way… Creating and maintaining diverse programming and intervention is an important of all of our sustainability. Answering this call means that we are building programs that will remain relevant, and responsive to the needs of our families and communities we serve. What gets in the way of this agenda? Barriers:  Media imagery/messages about who people of color are, who gay/lesbians are, etc.  Skewed perception of what family is, what “functional” is.  Getting over ourselves enough to let go of long-held ideas about difference, who we are.  Fear of offending.  Fear of appearing prejudiced, or racist  Organizational culture of learning, listening, and decision making What helps…  Modeling  Education/Training  Discussion models  Skill building in communication  Inviting in difference  Having diverse resources available for families, volunteers and staff Doing the work…  Build a diverse board, staff  Build into staff meetings  Recruit widely, hire strategically  Build into training curriculums  Review messaging often  Review branding often  Remind organization often of who stakeholders are…  Celebration Alesia Alexander Layne, LCSW, Founder/Executive Director, PROJECT KARMA, INC., P.O. Box 89311, Atlanta, GA 30312, 404.207.5024,,
  • 2. Diversity is a reality created by individuals and groups from a broad spectrum of demographic and philosophical differences. It is extremely important to support and protect diversity because by valuing individuals and groups free from prejudice, and by fostering a climate where equity and mutual respect are intrinsic, this body of professionals will create a cooperative and caring community that draws caring, hope and healing from the collective to give back to the families and communities we all live in, and serve. Define diversity What are some of the more pressing issues in diversity of programming as you see them? How important is it that we pay attention to diversity in programming? Barriers to addressing these issues? What role do we as a national org. play? What do you see playing out here at NAGC? Does the platform exist for us to address these issues? In your program how have you addressed serving a diverse population? Define cultural competence Successes in your programming Is the grassroots approach the only way to go? Where do you see the most work needing to be done on the topic of diversity in grief work? Where do you get your ideas for activities that are diverse and inclusive? How do we get past discomfort to action? What is our responsibility to diversity in programming? What are the topline issues to consider for the future? Does silence on diversity issues =acceptance or does it mean something else? How does the overall climate on diversity play into your local programming? Are we seeing a diversity backlash with the talks and media attention on immigration and related English only laws and sentiment? What does this mean for our programming? Alesia Alexander Layne, LCSW, Founder/Executive Director, PROJECT KARMA, INC., P.O. Box 89311, Atlanta, GA 30312, 404.207.5024,,