Sme education foundation 2009 institute for aoe presentation in phoenix

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  • Tell story of our history. Grants – Youth - PLTW
  • Partnership with PLTW. Need to develop Gateway to Technology and recruit students at a younger age 5 Pilots in 2006 – 70 in 2007 – 170 in 2008 – go to next slide 237 in 2009
  • 4H Wisconsin – Kern Family Foundation – conversations to go National


  • 1. 2009 Institute for Staff Development Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
  • 2. SME Education Foundation One SME Drive Dearborn, Michigan 48121
    • Since 1980 we have supported the advancement of manufacturing as a career choice.
    • The SME Education Foundation has developed comprehensive programs to:
        • Inspire young learners
          • Invested $5.5 million in youth programs
        • Support students studying manufacturing and related engineering programs
          • Awarded over $5.1 million in scholarships
        • Prepare graduating engineers to meet the needs of industry
          • Invested over $18.8 million in grants
    2009 Institute for Staff Development Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow
  • 3. A Shortage of Skilled Workers
    • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by the year 2010, America will face a skilled-worker shortage of 8 million, increasing to approximately 14 million by 2020.
    • … through 2014 employers will be seeking:
      • 17,000 industrial/manufacturing engineers
      • 14,000 mechanical engineers
      • 14,000 engineering technicians
      • 273,000 metal and plastic production workers
  • 4. The 21st Century workforce is not just about making sure that Silicon Valley has enough engineers. Its mission is to provide hope — to ensure that all American workers have the opportunity to equip themselves with the necessary tools to succeed in their careers and in whatever field they choose in this new and dynamic global economy. Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao, March 6, 2001 The 21st Century Workforce
  • 5. Middle school and high school are important times for early postsecondary planning, and many educational organizations and the U.S. Department of education recommend that students begin planning for college as early as sixth grade. College Readiness Begins In Middle School ACT Policy Report George L. Wimberly Richard J. Noeth © 2005 by ACT, Inc
  • 6. 2009 Youth Programs WA 237 – Registered Gateway Academy Sites 4 - Gateway Elementary School Camps 11 – sMe Institutes 5 - STEPS Camp Sites OR CA CO MN TX OK NE SD WI MI IA MO AR LA OH VA KY NC TN SC GA IN FL IL MD NJ CT PA NY MA KS AZ UT WY
  • 7. PLTW CIM
    • CIM students will be introduced to:
      • The history of manufacturing
      • Manufacturing processes
      • Robotics and automation
  • 8. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM )
    • How are things made?
    • What processes go into creating objects?
    • Is the process for making a water bottle the same as it is for a musical instrument?
    • How do assembly lines work?
    • How has automation changed the face of manufacturing?
    • These are just a few of the questions that are answered in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing™ course.
  • 9. PLTW CIM
    • The course is built around several key concepts:
      • Computer Modeling – using a three dimensional, solid modeling software package with mass property analysis.
      • CNC Equipment – understanding the machine tools and its operating and programming aspects.
      • CAM Software – converting computer generated geometry into a program to drive CNC machine tools.
      • Robotics – using a robot for materials handling and assembly operations.
      • Flexible Manufacturing Systems – working in teams to design manufacturing work cells and table top factory simulations.
  • 10. Keeping Students Excited and Engaged
    • SME-EF recognizes the importance of keeping students engaged and excited about STEM education through extracurricular activities.
    • After school activities allow for students to put into practice the math and science skills learned in the classroom.
  • 11. Keeping Students Excited and Engaged
    • SME-EF endorses the programs of the following partners:
      • 4-H
      • National Center for Manufacturing Education (NCME)
      • National Fluid Power Association (NFPA)
      • American Welding Society (AWS)
      • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
      • FIRST
      • Skills USA
      • Future Cities Competition
      • Shop Rat
      • National Robotics Challenge
  • 12. What can CIM do for AOE Schools?
    • The PLTW CIM course offers AOE the opportunity to establish manufacturing career centers at high schools around the country where SME Chapters/members could be linked as mentors and their companies as Internship/Externship providers
    • The CIM programs would allow us to strategically establish sites that are part of the PLTW, SME-EF & AOE network in areas where manufacturing is vibrant and strong
    • Also, it will allow SME-EF to link our available scholarships ($650,000 in 2009) to students who have come through AOE programs