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Do your students struggle with foundational math concepts? This session provides an overview of the project-based math support curriculum available in the NAF curriculum library. Any math teacher looking for alternatives to traditional instruction can use these hands-on math units.
Presenter: Pier Sun Ho, ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career

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  • Interested in offering project-based math in their academy – should have math cohorted, or have afterschool/summer options.
  • Raise hands for:What type of academy?What type of teachers/admin/etc?
  • Math concepts and skills students struggle with:Number sense and fundamental arithmetic (fractions, percent, decimals, estimation of reasonable answers)Basic problem solving skillsUsing geometry tools: ruler, protractor, compassBasic math vocabularyProportional reasoning, Slope, and ScaleConcept of AreaSolving simple equationsUsing formulas correctly in context
  • Projects create a need to know and motivation to learn math. They add relevance, authentic problem solving, and 21st century skills to math content.Hands-on, contextualized activities show students that math can be enjoyable, useful, and important. This increases achievement and retention.
  • Access Ramp activity. Find a partner. You need a ruler, pencil, and the handouts.Complete the assignment with your partner. As you work, list the math concepts you needed to be successful.
  • Each of these skills have scaffolding activities in the curriculum. They are all contextualized within the building and design theme. Problem solving is built in throughout the program.
  • Project-Based Math Curriculum

    1. 1. Project-Based Math Curriculum Pier Sun Ho ConnectEd July 11, 2013 8:30AM – 9:45 AM
    2. 2. #nafnext Is this session right for me?
    3. 3. #nafnext Who’s still here?
    4. 4. #nafnext
    5. 5. #nafnext
    6. 6. #nafnext Why Project-Based Algebra?
    7. 7. #nafnext What Does Project-Based Math Look Like? Access Ramp Activity List math concept as you work!
    8. 8. #nafnext Access Ramp: Math Concepts • Measurement • Fractions • Proportional Reasoning: scale drawings • Proportional Reasoning: slope, linear growth • Unit conversions • Problem solving strategies
    9. 9. #nafnext Wind Power Unit • Measurement • Fractions • Percentages • Inequalities • Constraints What are efficient wind turbine designs?
    10. 10. #nafnext Wind Power Unit Use rulers, add and subtract fractions to build a tower for the wind turbine.
    11. 11. #nafnext Wind Power Unit Multiply fractions to build rotor blades of a given area. Calculate percentages when analyzing quantity of scrap materials.
    12. 12. #nafnext Wind Power Unit Test designs and record results as inequalities. Make and interpret graphs of results.
    13. 13. #nafnext Blueprints and Models Unit Part I Review proportions, scale, and slope by building a model wheelchair ramp that meets ADA guidelines. Practice unit conversions by creating a materials list and cost chart.
    14. 14. #nafnext • Calculate space allocation of buildings and present in pie charts. • Solve construction-related problems involving ratios and proportional reasoning. • Design and cost a remodeling plan under space and structural constraints Blueprints and Models Unit Part II
    15. 15. #nafnext How do you engineer an effective funicular system? People Movers Unit
    16. 16. #nafnext • Solving problems involving proportions and ratios, including gear ratios • Interpreting the meaning of linear and non-linear graphs • Understanding the slope of distance vs. time and velocity vs. time graphs  Arithmetic with negative numbers  Understanding and solving problems using the Pythagorean Theorem  Simplifying square roots People Movers Unit
    17. 17. #nafnext Use the Pythagorean theorem to construct a ramp for the funicular. Apply the concept of similarity and parallel line relationships to build a platform for the funicular car to ride on. People Movers Unit
    18. 18. #nafnext Use integer operations to calculate and describe position and velocity. Determine the travel time by applying knowledge of gear ratios. Graph and interpret linear and non-linear results. People Movers Unit
    19. 19. #nafnext How safe is a combination lock? Cardboard fence Safe Combinations Unit
    20. 20. #nafnext • Tree diagrams and permutations • Definition of exponents, graphing exponential growth • Rules of exponents • Order of operations • Inverse operations  Equivalent equations and solving 1–5 step equations  Translating sentences into algebraic equations  Building and analyzing a working safe with a combination lock to specifications Safe Combinations Unit
    21. 21. #nafnext • Calculate the total possible number of combinations for a lock. • Use the rules of exponents to analyze changes to the number of lock combinations. • Practice solving equations by “coding” and “decoding” lock combinations. Safe Combinations Unit
    22. 22. #nafnext • Initial Cost: $200 - $500 • Consumable Materials: $10-$25 per unit • Many materials can be borrowed from the school science department. • None of the units require power tools, lab space, or special engineering knowledge. • ~70 total hours of instruction Practical Considerations
    23. 23. #nafnext Engineering Integrated Units Biomedical Health Sciences Integrated Units Algebra I Drop-In Units • Can be used as either supplemental or replacement material during the year • Expands and reinforces the engineering theme and practice of problem solving skills in math class • Covers major Algebra I standards (linear and quadratic equations, rational expressions, exponents, polynomials)
    24. 24. #nafnext Algebra Drop-In Units Solve single-variable linear equations as students build the pieces of a puzzle cube Solve quadratic equations to design and play a game with projectile machines Graph linear equations to chart the progress of multiple planes and direct them to land safely Air Traffic Control Unit Puzzle Cube Unit Solve rational expressions to calculate the total resistance in circuits Electrical Resistance Unit Catapult Game Unit 25
    25. 25. #nafnext 26
    26. 26. #nafnext Download math units at the AOE library
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