Naf disaffiliation and membership agreement


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This session will provide information and procedures to academy directors and district
adminstrators of the process of dissafiliation from a NAF academy.

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Naf disaffiliation and membership agreement

  1. 1. NAF Disaffiliationand Membership AgreementDavid Moore, Senior Vice President, Programs
  2. 2. Two Topics Disaffiliation – Process started. Adjustments and revisions as we move forward. Membership Agreement Revision – In Discussion – Ideas and Feedback SoughtJoin the conversation on Twitter: #NAFNext
  3. 3. Disaffiliation Commit to quality and fidelity to the model. Been in discussion for Three Years. If score Affiliate for two years in a row – will get a letter in April/May. Have until September to have a plan for improvement submitted to Regional Director. Will be granted 1 year to show improvement against that plan. With improvement returned to good standing. Without a plan or improvement will no longer be part of the NAF Network.Join the conversation on Twitter: #NAFNext
  4. 4. Membership Agreement Will be signed by a the District Agreement for minimum requirements to be part of NAF Outlines what an Academy must do and NAF’s commitmentsJoin the conversation on Twitter: #NAFNext
  5. 5. Academies – New ProvisionsAcademies are Required for active/in good standingmembership: Annual Fee w/n 90 days of September invoice Data center completion by the prescribed annual deadline Academy assessment completion by the prescribed annual deadline (unless exempt from completion) Agreement to provide student level dataJoin the conversation on Twitter: #NAFNext
  6. 6. Continuing Existing Requirements Implement a rigorous career-themed Program of Study appropriate for the themed major, open to all students based on interest, and in alignment with the NAF Academy Standards. Designate a NAF Academy Director (a district staff person, an onsite school administrator, or a NAF Academy teacher with release time)Join the conversation on Twitter: #NAFNext
  7. 7. Deletions Use the NAF curriculum or other curricular material aligned with NAF curriculum standards Infuse all courses with project-based learning activities, preparation for internship and other work-based learning experiences, reading and writing experiences, oral communication, and problem-solving skill development Establish a local NAF Advisory Board Establish a four year sequencing of work-based learning activities for students in NAF Academies with a culminating compensated internshipJoin the conversation on Twitter: #NAFNext
  8. 8. NAF Provides Access to curriculum (with exceptions as noted to Academies of Engineering) Access to support activities provided by NAF staff and consultants – these may include webinars, on-site trainings, discounts on third party trainings, and/or other supports Access to web resources for different elements of the NAF Academy model Vouchers to support participation in professional development such as the national conference, eCollege or other events with fees Connections when possible to local offices of national corporate partnersJoin the conversation on Twitter: #NAFNext
  9. 9. DiscussionJoin the conversation on Twitter: #NAFNext