Applying Education and Skills to Real Employment Opportunities
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Applying Education and Skills to Real Employment Opportunities

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Work-based learning activities connect a student’s acquired knowledge and skills with future employment. This workshop shares work-based learning activities in an academy housed in a large,......

Work-based learning activities connect a student’s acquired knowledge and skills with future employment. This workshop shares work-based learning activities in an academy housed in a large, comprehensive high school. Participants will view a district passport, which tracks student work-based learning journeys from ninth
grade to graduation.
Presenters: Emmanuel Fleurantin, Reginald Lee, Katrina Minus, and Ernest Roberts, Miami-Norland AOHT

More in: Education , Technology
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  • 1. #nafnext
  • 2. #nafnext ICE Breaker
  • 3. #nafnext ICE Breaker What is Work-Based Learning? •Individually come up with your definition •Share your definition with your group •Assign one person to report out a common definition of Work-Based Learning
  • 4. #nafnext ICE Breaker Work-Based Learning: Extends the classroom into the workplace, connecting acquired knowledge and skills to a student’s future employment.
  • 5. #nafnext Demographics • Rod Duckworth, Chancellor Division of Career and Adult Education Florida Department Mr. Reginald Lee
  • 6. #nafnext Student Population Total school Population: 1648 Male: 893 Females: 755 Black: 1565 Hispanic: 70 White: 6 Other: 7 ELL—71 students SPED – 234 students Free/Reduced Lunch—85%
  • 7. #nafnext Reading  Common planning  Three Instructional Literacy Coaches  Hiring 10 reading interventionist  School-wide Professional Development on research based best  Literacy Leadership Team is represented by all content areas  Double dosing of all FCAT level 1 and 2 Reading students grade 9-12  Offering of Freshman Experience Course to all 9th grade students  SAT/ACT Prep course (Reading for College Readiness)  Implementation of City Year Corp Members
  • 8. #nafnext Mathematics  Double dosing of all 9th grade Algebra 1 students  Common Planning Alignment  SAT/ACT Prep course (Math for College Readiness)  Full-time released Math Coach  Hiring of four Math Interventionist  Implementation of City Year Corp Members
  • 9. #nafnext Science  Double dosing of all 10th grade Biology  Common Planning Alignment  Full-time released Science Coach
  • 10. #nafnext Post Secondary Preparation: ACT/SAT and Pert  Common Planning Alignment  253 seniors participating in College Readiness Courses built into the master schedule(Math and Reading)
  • 11. #nafnext Dual Enrollment Increase and Advanced Place  Dual Enrollment Classes in: Music Appreciation, Introduction to Education, Art Appreciation  163 Students Enrolled in Dual Enrollment Classes
  • 12. #nafnext Career and Technical Department  Common Planning Alignment  434 students passing an Industry Certification Exam  Curriculum Alignment (Photoshop and Dreamweaver)  Hiring of a CTE Interventionist
  • 13. #nafnext Magnet Programs  Academy of Hospitality and Tourism  Academy of Informational Technology  Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Magnet: NAF DISTINQUISHED ACADEMY 2011-2012 and 2012-2013  Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Magnet senior receiving over 1 million dollars in scholarships this year  Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Magnet is recognized as a NCAC Model Academy  95% of the Academy of Informational Technology are currently Industry Certified
  • 14. #nafnext
  • 15. #nafnext Preparing Students for the Careers of the Future • Rod Duckworth, Chancellor Division of Career and Adult Education Florida Department of Education Mr. Emmanuel Fleurantin
  • 16. #nafnext College and Career Readiness Through CTE • Improve high school graduation rate • Increase student academic achievement • Enhance employability • Increase postsecondary participation and success
  • 17. #nafnext The Three “C’s” At Miami Norland Senior High School, in addition to the basic skills of literacy and numeracy, every learner must master the "three C's" …Communication, Collaboration, and Creative Problem Solving. Beyond these are the equally important skills of knowing how to use numbers and data in real-world tasks, the ability to locate and process information relevant to the task at hand, technological fluency, and, most of all, the skills and attitudes needed to be a lifelong learner.
  • 18. #nafnext Goals of MNSH CTE  To increase the academic and career options of students by providing an enriched education that includes a rigorous academic and technical course of study.  To help students develop technical skills that meet industry standards.  To provide students with hands-on learning to promote student success.  To provide students with the ability to make connections between classroom instruction by applying knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems.
  • 19. #nafnext MNSH CTE Mission  Promote CTE.  CTE is not a “dumping ground”.  Work with students on career goals as soon as they start high school.  Use Technology.  Help parents develop realistic goals for their children.  Meet with parents to discuss these realistic goals.  Emphasize the importance of internships and/or work experience.
  • 20. #nafnext Career and Technical Education at MNSH not only gives our students technical industry driven skills, but it also gives our students time to strengthen their applied skills.
  • 21. #nafnext Industry Certification What is industry certification? • Federal or state regulatory agency-developed assessment instrument leading to licensure (FAA, Dept. of Health, DBPR) • industry-developed assessment instrument leading to industry certification (ASE, HVAC Excellence); industry-developed end-of- program assessments (NATEF); • Proprietary company-developed assessment instrument leading to certification or proficiency in one or more company product (Microsoft, CISCO); and third-party-developed assessment instrument (NOCTI, ASK Institute, Brainbench).
  • 22. #nafnext Industry Certification Funding List The Industry Certification Funding List is a sub-set of certifications on the Comprehensive Industry Certification List, as specified in the Rule 6A- 6.0573(3), F.A.C. This list is developed by the Division of Career and Adult Education within the Florida Department of Education. To be on this list, a certification must meet the following criteria from Rule 6A-6.0573(3)(b), F.A.C.:
  • 23. #nafnext Course Alignment with ICE  Students that were enrolled in Multimedia Foundation I courses were trained on being certified in ACA Photoshop  Students that were enrolled in the Multimedia Foundations III courses were trained on being certified in ACA Dreamweaver.  Students from different academies were encouraged to enroll in these courses in order for them to be certified in those particular areas.
  • 24. #nafnext • Teacher responsibilities • Teachers responsible for students’ industry certification:  Benjamin Lorenzo  Muchnick Brenda  Charlotte Gerdes-Thebaud  Emmanuel Fleurantin • Teachers’ area of certification:  Emmanuel Fleurantin: Dreamweaver/Photoshop/Flash  Benjamin Lorenzo: Photoshop  Muchnick Brenda: Dreamweaver  Charlotte Gerdes-Thebaud: Photoshop/MOS
  • 25. #nafnext OUTCOMES Certification timeline: January 9-13th : Pre-Assessment test in all CTE classes in order to identify those students that are ready for Industry certifications. Also, all students in CTE classes are to register on Certiport. January 13th: List of all students that will take industry certification is due to CTE administrator. January 13th: Industry Certification reporting form due to CTE administrator. January 17-February 24: Industry Certification testing for ACA Dreamweaver, and Photoshop March 5-9: Industry certifications Pass or Fail statuses are to be inputted in the Gradebook. Goal: At least 70% of CTE students are certified
  • 26. #nafnext Action Step We ensured that Certiprep was installed in all CTE rooms. We provided assistance and training to teachers through common planning and through professional developments available. We secured a room for Industry certification testing and assigned proctors. Provided an Intervention Plan for remediation
  • 27. #nafnext Testing Procedures All students were tested in one room. CTE teachers sent students to that particular room each period to be tested. We had make up dates available if needed. Note: For the Adobe test the student could retake up to two times consecutively but has two wait 5 days for each test afterward.
  • 28. #nafnext ICE Resluts 2012 Seniors 184 Juniors 134 Sophomores 94 Freshmen 43 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 ICE Resluts 2012 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Industry Certification testing at MNSH started in 2011 with 17 students passing the Dreamweaver test
  • 29. #nafnext ICE Results 2013 Juniors 219 Seniors 217 216 216.5 217 217.5 218 218.5 219 219.5 ICE Results 2013 Juniors Seniors
  • 30. #nafnext 0 50 100 150 200 250 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen ICE Results 2013 ICE Resluts 2012
  • 31. #nafnext What will be different next year Due to changes in CTE Curriculum frameworks, course changes took in effect. New teachers. Adding Flash to the curriculum.
  • 32. #nafnext Group Project with Science Club Student design using Photoshop
  • 33. #nafnext
  • 34. #nafnext
  • 35. #nafnext
  • 36. #nafnext
  • 37. #nafnext
  • 38. #nafnext Picture of Final Project
  • 39. #nafnext Case Study Scenarios
  • 40. #nafnext Work-Based Learning • Rod Duckworth, Chancellor Division of Career and Adult Education Florida Department of Education Ms. Katrina Minus
  • 41. #nafnext Work-based learning activities extend the classroom into the workplace, connecting acquired knowledge and skills to a student‘s future employment.
  • 42. #nafnext Benefits of Work-Based Learning • Students who participate in work-based learning connected to their school programs may: • Show improved academic achievement. • Realize the relevance of their education and apply acquired knowledge in a meaningful way. • Have the opportunity to explore career options. • Increase self-confidence. • Acquire real workplace experience and employability skills. • Connect with an adult role model. • Be more likely to go on to some type of educational training after high school.
  • 43. #nafnext Benefits 84% 86% 88% 90% 92% 94% 96% 98% 100% 102% AOHT School Graduation Graduation
  • 44. #nafnext Benefits 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% AOHT School Internships Internships
  • 45. #nafnext Benefits 88% 90% 92% 94% 96% 98% 100% 102% AOHT School Industry Certified Industry Certified
  • 46. #nafnext Experiences as defined by the Internship Gold Standards • Internships are a part of a continuum of work-based learning Miami Norland AOHT and AOIT students have a opportunity to complete their internship during the summer of their junior year. • Internships align with academic learning From the first semester of an academy students junior year, they are preparing themselves for summer internship through learning various Microsoft Office Programs; building a superb resume that explains their high school experience through academics; partake in dual enrollment courses and participate in school extra-curricular activities along with community service.
  • 47. #nafnext Types of Work-Based Learning • Work-based learning comprises a wide range of activities that are conducted as an extended learning experience as a part of any school program, including: • Guest Speakers • Structured Field Trips • School-Based Enterprises • Job Shadows • Worksite Learning
  • 48. #nafnext Experiences as defined by the Internship Gold Standards • All participants are prepared for and reflect upon internship experiences • Miami Norland conducts Mock Interviews as a preparation towards students internship. During this process, business partners from around our local area interview academy students and provide them with immediate positive feedback on how they presented themselves through-out the interview process. Students are required to dress professionally and come prepared as though it was the actual interview with hopes of the interviewers selecting them for a summer internship.
  • 49. #nafnext
  • 50. #nafnext Examples of Work-Base Learning Through the concretive efforts of Big Brothers Big Sisters, 30 AOHT 10th/11th grade students are being mentored by industry professionals from local hospitality businesses. The companies that are working with Miami Norland AOHT program are: • Hyatt Regency Hotel • Carnival Cruise Lines • Howard Johnson Hotel • Inktel Direct • Southern Wine & Spirits During the field experience, students are paired with staff members for the day (their mentors) and worked along with them to enhance their job etiquette skills and post- secondary options. When students complete the program, (senior year), they are eligible to obtain scholarships to college from participating companies.
  • 51. #nafnext Examples of Work-Base Learning Cont. Miami Norland academy students have an opportunity to visit the AT&T headquarters in Miami. While visiting, the students were given a back of the scene tour of the various departments along with the history of AT&T. Students were paired with various workers of AT&T to actually see what goes on from the employer’s point of view.
  • 52. #nafnext Examples of Work-Base Learning Cont. Miami Norland students had an opportunity to showcase there Senior Marketing Projects to various Fortune 500 companies that have partnered with NAF at the NAF Gala in New York. By utilizing the NAF Curriculum students created their own Serenity Resort & SPA.
  • 53. #nafnext Work-Based Learning Action Plan • Rod Duckworth, Chancellor Division of Career and Adult Education Florida Department of Education Mr. Ernest Roberts
  • 54. #nafnext Barriers Cross Content Collaboration/ Inter-Disciplinary Activities People responsible for resolving barriers/ TEAM? Instructional Leadership Team Department Chairs Instructional Coaches Administrative Team Students Goals and Vision To have interdisciplinary collaboration with each department providing subject based knowledge in order to accomplish one goal. Strategies for solving barriers  Identify which departments who would participate Identify project Identify resources Implementation Phase Locate area of the building for construction Purchase materials needed Separate students into groups Provide roles for the students Explain the design Solicit help from the Zone Mechanic and custodial staff How will you Assess Results Did the students work as a team? Was the garden completed on time? Is the garden producing vegetables?
  • 55. #nafnext Work-Based Learning Action Plan • Evaluation Form • Complete this form as you listen to each group’s presentation of their plans
  • 56. #nafnext