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  • 1. AOF Build-A-Banker A Cha-Ching Day for Recruitment and Enrichment NAF Summer Institute 2007 Washington, D.C.
  • 2. Introductions
    • Kyler Brengle, AOF Director
    • Jean Redmond, AOF Teacher
    • Lisa Monthley, Advisory Board member
    • Kulley Bancroft, Maryland Bankers Association
  • 3. Session Outcomes Participants will;
    • Understand how a local Advisory Board utilized partnership connections to prepare and deliver this academy enrichment event
    • Understand the planning involved and the content included in the event
    • Consider next steps for their future curriculum enhancements and Advisory Board involvement
  • 4. Agenda Preview
    • Planning and organization
    • Build-A-Banker event
    • Student feedback
    • Brainstorming and discussion
    • Q&A
    • Closure
  • 5. Who is in the room today?
    • Name
    • Where you are from
    • Role with AOF
    • “If I were a banker, I would be a (job title) because of my (name a skill, quality, or personality trait you think the job requires).”
  • 6. Connections
    • Maryland Career Development Frameworks
      • Self-Awareness
      • Career-Awareness
    • AOF Curriculum
      • Banking in-house operations and central banking via the Federal Reserve
      • Career Exploration
      • Interpersonal Skills
  • 7. Build-A-Banker Day; Why & Who?
    • Recruitment and Enrichment
    • Three groups of students with varying levels of understanding about banking;
      • Completed AOF
      • Currently in AOF
      • Incoming and Prospective AOF students
  • 8. Planning
    • Recruitment discussed at local Advisory Board meeting
    • Advisory Board member knew the Consumer Education Council (CEC), of the Maryland Banker’s Association, was looking for a new project
    • The CEC organized the day, planned the sessions
    • AOF Director handled local coordination such as permission slips and transportation
  • 9. Three groups rotated through three sessions;
    • Lending
    • Branch Operations
    • Support Systems
    Then came together for; Management Federal Reserve Tour
  • 10. 1. Lending
    • Description of lending process
    • Identify the many people involved in evaluating and processing a loan
    • Identify skill sets needed in various positions
    • Relate to other banking functions
  • 11. Lending Dana Thomas: Eagle Bank
  • 12. 2. Funding & Branch Operations
    • Virtual tour of a bank branch
    • Purpose and significance of primary functions
    • Who makes things happen?
    • Identify skill sets needed for each position
    • Relate to other banking functions
  • 13. Branch Operations In the Federal Reserve Bank Board Room! Lisa Monthley: New Windsor State Bank
  • 14. Branch Operations sample slide
    • Directs, develops, motivates, hires and disciplines branch staff
    • Monitors branch operating results
    • Approves consumer loan applications within authorized levels
    • Accountable for annual goals such as deposit growth/retention, loan production, budget & referrals to other departments
    • Always represents the Bank in a friendly and favorable image while focusing on building lasting relationships within the community
  • 15. 3. Support Systems
    • Identify personality traits associated with positions in support system areas;
      • Training and Sales
      • Technology
      • Security, Legal, and Audit
      • Marketing and Public Relations
  • 16. Support Systems Jason Safely and Kulley Bancroft: Sandy Spring Bank
  • 17. 4. Management
    • Leading the business
    • Leading others
    • Leading by personal example
  • 18. Management
    • Drawing on what the students had learned in the previous three sessions they attempted to answer the question;
    • “ What skills and personality traits
    • does a CEO need?”
  • 19. Management Carolyn Mroz: Bay Vanguard Savings Bank Mike Middleton: Community Bank of Tri-County
  • 20. Management sample slide Characteristics for Success
    • Inspiring Commitment: Motivates others to perform at their best. Focused, driven… Vision capable.
    • Forging Synergy: Maintains smooth, effective working relationships; promotes effective teamwork.
    • Developing and Empowering: Offers constructive feedback and encouragement; delegates work and encourages individual initiative.
    • Leveraging Differences: Works effectively with people who differ in race, gender, culture, age, or background and leverages the unique talents of others to enhance organizational effectiveness.
    • Communicating Effectively: Expresses ideas clearly and concisely; disseminates information about decisions, plans, and activities. Reads emotions.
    • Interpersonal Savvy: Understands own impact on situations and people; accurately senses when to give and take when negotiating. Overcoming the “Office of the President” effect.
  • 21. Federal Reserve Bank Tour
  • 22. Event Walk-Aways
    • Handouts from the various sessions
    • Tote bag including:
      • MBA desk supply kit
      • Clip and ballpoint pen
      • A bag of shredded money
      • Build-A-Banker portfolio
      • Stress balls from the Management session
  • 23. Student Feedback
    • 100% of participants either Strongly Agreed or Agreed with the following statements;
    • Build-A-Banker Day;
      • Improved my understanding of how bank operations are interrelated.
      • Improved my understanding of the skills sets involved in banking positions.
      • Improved my understanding of the role of the Federal Reserve Bank .
  • 24. Feedback continued
    • What could be done to improve Build-A-Banker Day?
      • “ It should be more interactive.”
    • How could Build-A-Banker Day encourage students to enroll in the AOF?
      • “ Prepare them for what they might learn.”
      • “ It shows career opportunities available in the financial field that AOF prepares them for.”
      • “ Need to talk about AOF more.” [during the event]
  • 25. Feedback continued
    • Overall, Build-A-Banker Day was;
      • “ A very eye opening experience to behind the scenes of a bank.”
      • “ I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Finance.”
      • “ Awesome!”
  • 26. Reflection & Brainstorming
    • What aspects of Build-A-Banker Day would be most beneficial for my AOF, and that I could adapt? Consider both enrichment and recruitment aspects.
  • 27. Reflection & Brainstorming
    • What other business groups could I partner with for a Build -A - _______ Day related to the AOF?
  • 28. Agenda Review
    • Planning and organization
    • Build-A-Banker event
    • Student feedback
    • Brainstorming and discussion
  • 29. General Principles & Transferable Points
    • Accept ideas from others
    • Don’t be afraid to think big
    • When presented with a specific task, business partners are more than willing to help
    • Your level of involvement may vary from one event, or type of event, to another
    • Student contact with professionals is rewarding and motivating to both groups
  • 30. Q & A Completion of Session Evaluations
  • 31. Contact Information
    • Jean Redmond, AOF Instructor
      • 410-751-3630 [email_address]
    • Kyler Brengle, AOF Director
      • 410-751-3131 [email_address]
    • Lisa Monthley, New Windsor State Bank
      • 410-635-6406 [email_address]
    • Kulley Bancroft, Sandy Spring Bank
      • 301-260-3614 [email_address]