NAED's #CultureCode


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NAED nurtures a collaborative environment that ensures the longevity of the electrical distribution channel. This is our #CultureCode.

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  • This is a good looking presentation. I think the values are admirable. I also think it misses the mark for which #CultureCode aspires. It reads too much like a regular recruiting brochure.

    I suggest reading this blog post
    and studying what made the Netflix original such a revelation... or revolution.

    Thanks for sharing, though. Good luck recruiting, too! :-D
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NAED's #CultureCode

  1. 1. Creating a powerful, productive & connected workforce the national association of electrical distributors
  2. 2. our Culture Yes, yes, we know. The name is long… The “National Association of Electrical Distributors” doesn’t always roll off the tongue. So, please—go ahead and call us N-A-E-D. We pride ourselves on providing a culture to our employees that allows them to be innovative and collaborative— it’s kind of our superpower. We have excellent employment opportunities in many different areas of expertise, including marketing, finance, government affairs, member services, education development and even magazine publication.
  3. 3. I feel my work at NAED truly has a purpose. I feel passionate for what I do and what our benefits and services provide for our members. Jon G. Senior regional manager The underlying question that drives all of our decisions is: How Does This Help our Members?
  4. 4. To provide members with the best in tools, information and assistance to help them thrive financially, to improve the overall channel and to be the voice of the industry. We accomplish this through the four main pillars we provide our members—networking, advocacy, education, defined standards and research. our Mission
  5. 5. To nurture a collaborative environment that ensures the longevity of the electrical distribution channel. NAED’s culture is positive, collaborative and forward-thinking. Everyone brings 110% to the table and works well together with a genuine team spirit. Wes M. lms administrator our vision
  6. 6. What we Believe in Providing a safe, flexible and innovative work environment. We’re committed to taking risks that will propel the industry forward and having fun while we’re at it! NAED is a 106 year old association. We haven’t stuck around this long based on our good looks— we work hard and we play hard. There are so many great things about NAED—the flexible schedules, team-building events, the gym, staff parties, fabulous coworkers and more! Christena M. Senior Member Services representative
  7. 7. our Core values NAED is committed to an essential set of core values that define, inform and guide our association. We foster an environment that: • Serves our members • Pursues growth and learning • Works collaboratively throughout the channel • Promotes originality and creativity I’ve made lasting friendships at NAED and we work together, each one specialized, for the same goal—our members. Lisa H. Instructional designer
  8. 8. our perks We value our employees and recognize the hard work they put in day in and day out. Our employees enjoy: • Competitive health, dental and vision insurance • Free life insurance • Matching 401K • Flextime work schedules • Tuition reimbursement • On-site fitness room • Unlimited refreshments • Snack closet • Team-building events • Casual dress NAED offers their employees a diversity of job responsibilities, a terrific learning environment, extensive benefits and wonderful co-workers. Cheryl D. Accounting Manager
  9. 9. What our Employees Say My co-workers are the best—they’re helpful, considerate, warm and make me laugh. I love the culture because it’s family-focused. Maisha H. Lms administrator We have a great staff who works hard, are experts in their field, with the best work ethic. They are all pleasant and take great pride in their work. Becky B. senior director of meetings & conferences I like working at NAED because of the freedom to try new things, the great teamwork and the creativity to try new methods. John K. education development manager
  10. 10. What our Employees Say NAED provides me with the flexibility that I need to be a working mom. The work/life balance here is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and the “family first” mentality is second-to-none. Linda T. director of marketing & Communications NAED has a great group of people to work with. Everyone is respectful, engaging and thoughtful. Jennifer M. member services representative I like working for NAED because they care for their employees and recognize life outside of work. Aqila T. researcher
  11. 11. Interested in working at NAED? Contact