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Social Media Presentation For Danier Leather
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Social Media Presentation For Danier Leather


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Social Media Presentation for Danier Leather

Social Media Presentation for Danier Leather

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing
    Danier Leather 
  • 2. f
    About N5R
    Why Social Media ?
    What We Do
    Case Study
  • 3. About N5R
    N5R is a social media marketing agency. N5R helps brands harness the vast marketing potential of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. N5R helps your organization extend beyond traditional ad agency and “social media” bolt-on services offered by most of the PR firms trying to catch up.
    Our marketing systems focus on targeted, measurable, adaptable ad campaigns that deliver serious results. Once the client has an effective marketing campaign in place, we help them execute sales strategies based on practical ideas with proven success. If you want to fast track the sales cycle and deliver on clients' expectations every time, N5R can show you the way.Over the last decade, N5R has built an impressive international portfolio that includes residential projects, destination clubs, master-planned communities and marketing condos. We are one of the very best of the social media marketing companies out there because we understand what motivates prospects to buy and know how developers can capitalize on any opportunity, in any season, regardless of what's happening in the economy. If you're looking for the best social media marketing group out there, you've come to the right place.
  • 4.
    N5R believes having a comprehensive Social Marketing plan is crucial now-a-days to keep up with your customers. Social media is increasing rapidly, today there are over 450 Million Facebook users and over 57 Million Twitter users. What ever your product is there is a very high probablity that there are thousands if not more customers out there ready to buy it. N5R using these social media networks and a strong website will get your brand known and increase your sales guaranteed. Whether you are monitoring your brand, driving traffic to your site, providing customer support, or selling a product, Social Marketing is an absolute must. From both a communications and tools perspective, our value to you in social networking management comes through:
    Setup and/or customization of website and accounts in major social networks.
    Contest, campaign, social apps , viral and engagement strategies within social networks
    Content updates, response maintenance, measurement, cross-promotional linking and advertising management (social media advertising such as Facebook Ads and as well as using search engine advertising such as Google Adwords)
    Offering strong moderation and reporting tools
  • 5. What is Social Media ?
  • 6. Why Social Media ?
  • 7.
  • 8. Why Do You Need Social Media ?
    ☝only 14% of consumers trust advertisements… 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations!
    ☝93% of social media users believe a company should have a presence in social media. 85% of social media users believe a company should go further than just having a presence on social sites & should also interact with its customers.
  • 9. Case Study
  • 10.  Banana Republic’s Facebook Page gives fans access to coupon codes, deals, and contests that fans won’t find on their site.
  • 11. Now, the amount of fashion insiders embracing social media has skyrocketed. On any given day (depending on who you are following) you can learn that Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy is still pondering locations for their rapidly approaching fashion show. You might know that designer Rachel Roy had an interview with a media outlet, or that designer Tory Burch is hoping to see models with “some meat on their bones” in her show. By letting the public behind the fashion influencer curtain, stalwarts and luminaries have created and connected to an entirely new audience, and capitalized on the 400 million Facebook users and more than 22 million Twitter users. Social media, it seems, has become the hottest trend since skinny jeans and stiletto heels.
  • 12.
    “Ignoring the social media is madness,” says designer Diane von Furstenberg who has been advocating for transparency in the fashion industry for years. “We decided to have a presence because it was a very organic way for us to communicate online. And yes, we think about [transparency] but don’t worry too much. We try to keep the focus on the clothes that are in the store, or buy now and wear now, not what is on the runway. But people will always get access to that as well.”
    With her following at over 22,000, von Furstenberg is one of the most beloved and popular designers on Twitter.
    The viral marketing capabilities of re-tweeting by this targeted group is something an advertising budget cannot buy. Within the last year of having a major online and social media presence, von Furstenberg’s online traffic has increased by 13% and sales “have been great” according to a source in the corporate offices of DvF.
  • 13. Rue La La is one of the many invite-only shopping sites that are becoming increasingly popular on the web. They feature high-end designers at discount prices and hype their sales with previews, emails and Twitter teasers for days before—all leading up to prices that are 50% or more off retail.
    The catch? You need to know someone to get access to the savings. Some sites charge, and while Rue La La is free, it still requires an invite code. Becoming a fan of their Facebook Pages not only gets you in, but provides you with insider tips on how to best shop their sales and advance notice of upcoming designer deals—important information when people can swipe items out of your cart up until the last second.
  • 14. Ideeli is structured a lot like Rue La La, but they offer steeper discounts on more pricey pieces and designers as well as giveaways on super-luxe items like a custom-designed dress or $1,200 clutch.
  • 15. You can gain access to invite-only ideeli through their Facebook Page; you’ll also receive lots of fashion tips and reminders about events through their Twitter feed, which is pulled into their Facebook news feed. Their focus isn’t so much on the savings as how and where a sale fits into today’s fashion, making this a great Facebook Page for following trends while sticking to a budget.
  • 16. Hautelook has tons of great deals, with the added bonus of a decidedly less snooty air than many other invite-only shopping sites. Their brands are on par with similar sites, and the discounts are just as deep; they also seem to have a bigger stock of items and never run out right as you’re about to purchase.
  • 17. The HautelookFacebook Page is a testament to their commitment to fashion, with 278 photo albums of designers they carry and tons of Notes and Updates about upcoming sales, including reviews of the item to help you decide if a deal is worth it or not. They love finding a fashionable bargain, and it shows in the amount of content they post to Facebook.
  • 18. Hudson jeans often get lost in the shuffle and seem to take a back seat to more status-symbol types of denim. But they are surprisingly into social media and really understand that jeans are more than pants; they’re part of an outfit, and often exist to make something else look better.
    Their Facebook Page takes a sort of niche market product and makes an amazing fashion statement with tons to look at and loads of exclusive content, all packaged in a clean, cool design with a few funky details—just like their denim. They do a phenomenal job of showing how to rock your jeans for different looks, and blog about cool trends and styles they love, including, but not limited to, denim.
  • 19. is a fantastic blog that dishes about what all the celebrities are wearing, and tells you how to get the look for yourself, in a way that looks great and is affordable in the real world, not just the runway.
    Becoming a fan of their Facebook Page is a great way to get your daily dose of fashion inspiration at a glance, updated throughout the day on a site you visit frequently anyway; their miniaturized blog posts are uploaded as uber-adorable Notes.
  • 20. Coach has been hard at work to revitalize their brand with fun-loving patterns and prints that maintain the same high quality standards of their core line of leather goods. They’ve embraced color and branched out into funky flip-flops and oversized shades to appeal to younger customers who want well-made accessories that are worth the price tag.
    To fully realize their revamp, Coach turned to Facebook, and their Page is a testament to their commitment to their customers and the quality of their products. Fans are privy to awesome updates and unique previews, as well as special offers and sneak peeks at new lines. The result is a fun, colorful Page that works with Facebook instead of against it and provides real value to Fans.
  • 21. The Purse Blog is a must-RSS for any bag-obsessed female; they’ve got handbag reviews at every price point and oodles of contests and giveaways.
  • 22. Fanning their Facebook Page ensures you’ll never miss an alert about a sale or giveaway, and always stay on top of the latest trends and celebrity bag sightings. Hints abound about upcoming contests, and the discussions and fan photos provide an outlet for showing off your latest arm candy.
  • 23. As any good fashionista knows, admiring outfits online often turns into actual shopping, and quite quickly; Threadless has made this even easier by incorporating ecommerce shopping cart functionality right into their Facebook Page. And any fashionable Facebooker can see the potential in that.
  • 24. Express-they’ve done an amazing job of engaging customers, on both Twitter and Facebook, and everything fits so well with the brand and style of clothes.
  • 25. The Adidas fan page offers all the usual attributes of a strong page: active fans, a branded application, lots of content variety, plus, good video, pictures and notes. That’s all good stuff, but what really makes them stand out is the way they use their page’s tools to promote their other social media and advertising campaigns.
    Running a contest on Facebook brings variety to a page’s content, engages fans, and has the ability to directly increase the company’s revenue by introducing new customers to the brand. Lots of brands attempt to promote campaigns on Facebook, but there are only a few that I have seen do it well. Adidas is one of those brands.
    Once they had chosen the lucky winner, they used their page to share the fan’s blog posts, photos and videofrom the party. The integration of status updates, photos, notes and videos, with a smart contest, resulted in a whole lot of fan engagement, and keeping the winning fan involved even after the contest had ended showed their commitment to fans and helped them get extra mileage out of the campaign. The contest also gave the page content variety by breaking up the usual status updates with something new, fun, and with an included call to action for fans to get involved.
  • 26. How Social Media Changed Fashion Industry
  • 27. It’s safe to say that the fashion industry has adopted social media as a marketing platform to reach their customers online and reignite brand passion and customer loyalty.
    While fashion brands and retailers are still grappling with social media in terms of controlling brand perception and establishing metrics to measure its marketing value, they have used Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social communities to develop digital marketing strategies to drive online sales and retail store traffic. Here’s how they’re doing it.
  • 28. Until recently, the fashion industry has been fashionably late to the social media party, refusing to adopt it at all, or merely adopting one-way communication via social networks and RSS feeds for sales and promotions.
    Fashion has traditionally been aspirational. From a brand’s perspective, fashion is an experience with very specific feelings and emotions they hope to create for the wearer. The thought of going social scares many brands because they’re not sure how to translate these feelings into online traction.
    Along came communities — social networks, forums, wikis and blogs telling brands that they need to participate and create dialogues with people online.
    The majority of the industry thought this would tarnish brand image, but American Apparel, TopShop and emerging independent designers were early adopters of social marketing. Once they started reporting positive results, other brands followed. Now almost every brand or retailer, from Sears and JCPenney, to Oscar De La Renta and Louis Vuitton, have created a presence in several social communities, the most notable beingFacebook.
    It’s been a tough learning curve, but we’re beginning to see less one-way discount promotions, and more genuine interaction between brand and client. Facebook and Twitter are now among the most valuable tools for brands to monitor consumer sentiment and provide real-time customer service in the fashion industry.
  • 29. Now that fashion brands have learned to navigate social media, many are experimenting with development of their own social networks or even invitation-only communities.
    Brands have also started to partner with fashion-oriented sites like Polyvore for sponsoring branded contestswithin the web site’s community. These contests create opportunities to develop brand affinity and establish relationships with the next, younger generation of shoppers.
    Luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Burberry have launched their own social networks or added social components to their existing web sites. While Facebook and Twitter are great for mass marketing, more exclusive social destinations allow brands to extend their story and promise to their customers, maximizing the user’s online brand experience.
    Thus far, niche communities such as Weardrobe (recently purchased by, Modepass, andLookbook.Nu have yielded impressive ROI, as their audiences are more likely to become loyal customers.
  • 30. When it comes to developing apps, fashion brands and web sites have taken “there’s an app for that!” to heart.
    Chanel shows its runway collections via iPhone app, and the Gilt Groupe app allows users to shop sample sales and receive alerts as to when sales are starting.
    StyleCaster’s app lets users access style tips, individually customize news feeds and fashion trends, and houses a large online retail catalog of brand-name clothing.
    JustLuxe is a digital global concierge company whose extremely interactive app comes with over 1,000 member benefits. Utilizing GPS, the app will recommend participating restaurants and hotels in the user’s area. It’s the first style-oriented app that leverages location-based mobile marketing. Luxury product and service companies should be watching this.
    Most brands are focused on the iPhone. We haven’t seen a lot of development for BlackBerry or Androiddevices. There are currently only 41 fashion-related apps available for BlackBerry users, and most of them simply deliver articles and blog posts via RSS.
  • 31. In 2009, bloggers had an enormous impact on fashion, affecting everything from print publishing to how brands market themselves online. There are thousands of style-related blogs on the web these days, and those dedicated to their craft have earned industry recognition.
    Gala Darling, Bryan Boy, 13-year-old Tavi, Scott Schuman of the Satorialist and Garance Dore have earned recognition from Dolce & Gabanna, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and leading publications such as Vogue. They’ve participated in fashion design collection collaborations and received front-row, international Fashion Week seats next to some of the most notable figures in the couture world.
  • 32. User-generated content is key to social media and fashion. From blogs to Facebook photo contributions to product reviews –- user-generated content is where it’s at.
    Crosby Noricks, founder of a top fashion PR blog, has noticed more brands realizing the collective power of their customers’ networks by encouraging fan contributions. She points to G-Star, the Dutch clothing company who just launched a social media campaign to find “reporters” to attend their fashion show at upcoming New York Fashion Week, as well as Coach’s Holiday Blog-A-Day program, which enlisted 30 bloggers and vloggers to ensure holiday sales were in the bag. One of the most notable and consistent campaigns built around user-generated content and social engagement has been from the brand Charlotte Russe, which Noricks manages in her capacity as Senior Social Media Strategist of San Diego-based Red Door Interactive. The brand’s weekly trivia contest on Twitter drives followers to the web site or YouTube channel with the hope of snagging some excellent prizes (the brand recently gave away a jacket worn on Gossip Girl).
    The “CR Fan of The Week” contest also hinges on user content by giving fans a “style assignment” and asking them to post a photo to the brand’s Facebook wall.
  • 33. What We Do
  • 34. Twitter
  • 35. We Provide Local Followers ( Toronto , Ontario)
  • 36. We Provide Target Followers
  • 37. We Track Your Competitors and Follow Their Followers
  • 38. Microblogging
    Create and Update All Microblog Networks
  • 39. Facebook
  • 40. Facebook Fans
    Target Fans
    Local Fans
  • 41. Applications
    Create and Design Custom Tabs on your Fan Page
    Set up a Marketplace on your Fan Page
  • 42. Social Ads
  • 43. Events
    Create and organize your events via facebook
    Invite people to events
  • 44. Facebook Group
    Create and Design your own group
    Target Local Members
    Post News
    Post Photos and Videos
    Promote your group on other Facebook groups
  • 45. Track Competitors
  • 46. Other Social Networks
    Create and Update All Social Networks
  • 47. Video Marketing
    Design Your Channel
    Create and Upload Video
    Invite Subscribers
  • 48. Video Responses
    We Respond to All Videos in the fashion category
  • 49. Monitoring Your Brand
    We Track and Monitor your Brand on all Social Networks
  • 50. Photo Marketing
    Upload photos of your products
  • 51. Promotion on “How To “ Websites
    Create Articles, Post the link to Your Website
  • 52. Linkedin
    Create Linkedin Group
    Invite People
    Target Local Members
    Promotion on other linkedin groups
  • 53. Social Bookmarks
  • 54. Fashion Social Networks
    We will represent you on all fashion networks
  • 55. Thank You