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Luceor wimesh-brochure-en


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Outdoor wireless broadband …

Outdoor wireless broadband
networks for critical applications. Wireless broadband outdoor networks create opportunities to bring enterprise IT architecture closer
to field operations with video and data communications, or to improve safety and security with video
surveillance. Many situations however cannot be served by traditional wired or wireless technologies

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Networks anywhere you need them Outdoor wireless broadbandnetworks for critical applications
  • 2. Only with Luceor WiMESHTM technologyWireless broadband outdoor networks create opportunities to bring enterprise IT architecture closerto field operations with video and data communications, or to improve safety and security with videosurveillance. Many situations however cannot be served by traditional wired or wireless technologies.Luceor WiMESHTM systems enable reliable outdoor networks where other technologies cannot.Examples include: • Homeland Security• Linking outdoor equipment to ERP and control systems• Surveillance of public and private areas for safety and security• Temporary networks for major events, motorcades, convoys, and emergency response to natural disasters or civil unrest• Transportation system control and surveillance (trains, trams, buses, etc.)The French Ministry of the Interior, local public administrations in Europe, andcompanies across industries such as logistics, energy, construction and othersuse Luceor WiMESHTM technology for a broad variety of critical outdoornetworking applications.Overcomes today’s new network challengesFLEXIBILITY - Luceor WiMESH 100% IP systems:• Deploy in any location and environment• Bypass obstacles without interruption• Adapt quickly to changing environments• Interoperate with existing infrastructure• Deploy rapidly (hours for temporary networks)PERFORMANCE - Luceor WiMESH systems operate with:• Throughput up to 150 Mbits/s TCP for HD real-time video• Distances up to 10 km• 100% fully distributed architecture• Automatic discovery and redundant routing• Self-healing network connectivity and power sourcingMOBILITY - Luceor WiMESH systems connect:• Equipment moving at up to 100 km/hr and more• Predictive route vehicles (trains, buses, etc.)• Non-predictive route vehicles (industrial equipment)• Motorcades and convoys• Node-to-node in 0 ms (transparent handover)MANAGEMENT - Luceor WiMESH systems support:• Quick deployment (frequency scan, VU meter, etc.)• Self management (automatic discovery, alarms, etc.)• Operational visibility (video and data feeds)• Reporting, statistics and metrics• Seamless SNMP integration with enterprise networks
  • 3. Powered by Luceor’s leading-edge WiMESHTM technologyLuceor WiMESHTM technology is based on the latest international standards. Advanced algorithmsdeveloped by Luceor fully integrate and leverage standards. Advanced management simplifyWiMESH TM deployment and administration. • Fully distributed radio standard for both fixed network and mobility International IEEE 802.11 ad hoc mode applications Radio IEEE 802.11n MIMO • Superior network range and end-to-end data throughput Standards IEEE 802.11e • Traffic classification and management (Quality of Service) OLSR (RFC 3626) International • Best path routing and automatic re-routing of network traffic (Optimized Link State Routing) Network • Loop-free topology and automatic backup paths STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) Standards • Hardware redundancy, increasing the availability and reliability of VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy routing paths Protocol) • Manages a different radio frequency for every link, ensuring network Advanced MRO (Multi-Radio Optimization) resiliency and uninterrupted communications, even if a link goes down Algorithms LQA (Link Quality Analysis) • Solves command and control constraints on predictive and non- predictive mobility applications, ensuring “handoverless” link quality • 100% SNMP network visualization and administration • Embedded operating system software with open standards for Management MeshTools integration with existing IT infrastructure Tools Luceor’s Intelligent Battery System • Battery management offering total network autonomy (standalone temporary networks) and battery backup in case of power failure (permanent networks) Autonomous Systems Infrastructure Routers Application Tools (Temporary Networks) (Permanent Networks) (All Networks) AWS-200N OBS-200 OWR-100 OWR-200 OWR-100N OWR-200N LUCEOR MeshTool2 radios 1 or 2 radios Network visualizationUnlicensed frequency: 5 GHz Unlicensed frequencies: 2.4 and/or 5 GHz Automatic discovery of network equipment andStandards: 802.11n and OLSR Standards: 802.11a/g for OWR-100/200 interconnections 802.11n for OWR-100N/200NSpeed: 150 Mb/s TCP OLSR Third-party equipment displays (300 Mb/s radio) (PCs, cameras, etc.) Speed: 10 to 150 Mb/s TCP (300 Mb/s radio)LuceorOS System alerts Luceor OS: Bridge, Router and MobilityTool-free quick couplers functions according to license agreement Remote system control(easy hardware installation) VLAN management Windows 7, Vista,Power outputs Linux compatible(for sensors, cameras, etc.) Multicast managementAutonomy: > 3 days QoS (802.1p, 802.1q and IP Precedence Class 7 TOS / Diffserv)
  • 4. About LuceorLuceor is the leading provider of WiMESH™high-flexibility outdoor wireless networks.Luceor’s fully distributed solutions performunder the most demanding circumstancesin open, dense or changing environments.System deployments can be permanentor temporary, fixed or mobile. “Wired-like”reliability allows customers to take theircritical applications wherever they areneeded for seamless operations. Luceor’ssolutions are unique in the industry andprovide organizations with the integratedIT infrastructure they need for true globalefficiency.LUCEOR2, place Jules Gévelot92138 Issy-les-Moulineaux, FranceTel : +33 (0)1 47 36 22 80Fax : +33 (0)1 47 36 79 Luceor W i M E S H S Y S T E M S