Terry Heaven OWBC Chapter 6


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Terry Heaven OWBC Chapter 6

  1. 1. Chapter 6 ‘Have 6 Grandkids’Spare Story Stuff / LTW Achievement
  2. 2. Eldest child Bennie may have grown up, moved out and started his family, but that still left five teens in the house, all doing their own things. Mostly various definitions of fun.
  3. 3. Very teen-y things too.“Oh yeah, looking good!”
  4. 4. But BD and Penny weren’t much younger than Bennie really, and it was time for them to head off to uni too. Though with Penny’s random and absent-mindedness, her twin had to nudge her along.“COME ON, PENNY, WE’RE GOING NOW!”“Going where?”*Facepalm*
  5. 5. They got a goodbye message though.“So, like, you’ll tell me about all the girls and women right? Like, there’ll be loads of them, right? The only option I have is the papergirl and she’s not receptive at all.”“Yeah, I tried for years on her, probably a losing battle. Don’t worry, I’ll leave a few for you.”“Thanks bro!”
  6. 6. The clothes the twins grew into weren’t too bad really. BD liked red, though that was rather a lot of it, and Penny’s outfit was good but not really her…
  7. 7. A tank top with bright red trousers and multi-coloured wrist bands was much better, and when wasn’t a man-bag useful? And though green and pink weren’t often coupled as colours, it had just become Penny’s thing, and with a geeky knowledge-y reference on the t-shirt, how could it go wrong?
  8. 8. As was expected, BD got straight to getting to know his female fellow dormies, and one in particular caught his eye…
  9. 9. Suzanne Boyle even had a similar fashion sense to him! It must have been fate.
  10. 10. Certainly good enough to warrant a first kiss, in any case.
  11. 11. Preferably even more…
  12. 12. Penny was less impressed with the distractions to her reading coming through the wall. Honestly, so inconsiderate when she was just getting to the good bits.
  13. 13. Still, twins were twins and kept a lot in common, sometimes including meal times.
  14. 14. And it was sufficient to make Penny think that maybe she ought to give this whole dating thing a go. But she wasn’t just going for any old dormie, she needed a proper love. Luckily there was someone willing to provide, for a price.
  15. 15. “There you go! All of our money!”“Oh, I do like you university students… One true love, coming right up!”
  16. 16. Penny didn’t know what she was picturing, but probably not this. Still, she was an open- minded girl.
  17. 17. Warren Kimbrell knew how to dance quite well…
  18. 18. And gave a damn good backrub, both of which counted in his favour, but she wasn’t really sure before she’d really talked to him about what he wanted…
  19. 19. “Oh, well, I really want to get married of course. A couple’s got to have a proper commitment you know.”“Yeah…”
  20. 20. “But after that the two of you can go crazy with the handcuffs and things!”PERFECTION.
  21. 21. Occasionally, between the romancing, actual studying happened. Fortunately it wasn’t too often though.
  22. 22. And as soon as that was done, it was time for more kissing. Penny wasn’t shy about her affections or who she lavished them upon.
  23. 23. Nor was she shy about her body. What her professor and fellow students made of it, she never really noticed.
  24. 24. BD was shyer than his sister, but his lover more receptive, so intimate hugs…
  25. 25. Swiftly went to the bedroom. And each went secretly to the other’s heart.
  26. 26. But BD was a romance sim! He could not stand for one lover in his entire life, love or not.
  27. 27. And his professor really wanted to get her hands on him apparently.
  28. 28. And she wasn’t the only one.
  29. 29. There was at least one person he loved more than those two women though. He had very confusing dreams sometimes.
  30. 30. At least one woman there was safe from his advances.
  31. 31. And would have been too busy making her own, had they not been related, anyway.
  32. 32. Love was spreading like a virus, though at least it was mutual so far.
  33. 33. Some wished it would spread a little slower though. Or at least more in private, thank you very much.
  34. 34. Penny didn’t have much of a conception of public decency really. But nobody seemed to be complaining much.
  35. 35. And she planned to make it official as well.
  36. 36. Warren happily acquiesced and they became very sappy. But nobody had forgotten what they’d been up to earlier. Some never would.
  37. 37. With that done, there was a lot of cramming of the knowledge variety before finals…
  38. 38. And then wonderful graduation time in the snow! BD’s parents didn’t need to know that his superb grades were down to impressing his professors with a little more than merely the academic skills…
  39. 39. And he grew up well with a fairly decent outfit.
  40. 40. Then it was Penny’s turn, who had earned her excellent grades in the more traditional manner (and perhaps a little bit of lecturers staring at her attending in her underwear, though again, the parents did not need to be made aware of this).
  41. 41. And Penny too got a decent outfit…
  42. 42. And leaving university forever with little more than a finger-gun.
  43. 43. Since several of the Beckett kids weren’t planning to have big families, an apartment block seemed more appropriate than a load of individual houses. Plus they got a play park at the side for any future kids to share. And there would be future kids, with a family-orientated grandfather and all.
  44. 44. BD got the first apartment from the pretty, young landlady.
  45. 45. And some other, uh, interesting men showed up to look at the other apartments.
  46. 46. But BD was going to give his father at least one grandchild and wasn’t adverse to a kid himself, so invited Suzanne over and moved her in. It wasn’t like he was totally secretly in love with her or anything…
  47. 47. And like she was perfect with loving red as much as he did and being really good in bed…
  48. 48. REALLY good in bed…
  49. 49. And a decent cook as messy as he was…
  50. 50. And snuggled up to him at night, like he secretly wanted her to…
  51. 51. And managed to stop laughing for long enough to kiss him goodbye before he went to work…
  52. 52. And helped him get out of that ridiculous outfit as soon as he got back.No, she wasn’t perfect and gorgeous and perfect at all or anything…
  53. 53. Meanwhile Penny moved in right next door and immediately got to making her usual first impression on the landlady.
  54. 54. Then moved in Warren…
  55. 55. And jumped right to the wedding, where the play park got its very first testing by Tim.“Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Daaaaad, push me!”The kids may have missed out on some stuff in their childhoods that they wanted to make up for.
  56. 56. The parents, however, were a little busy amongst themselves.
  57. 57. So Tim moved on.“Wheeeeeeee! Benniiiieeee? Push me!”
  58. 58. Tim just wasn’t going to be having a lot of luck though.“Merlin pushed Arthur’s soft blonde hair out of his eyes, ‘I’m sorry I lied, Arthur, but it was always for you. I just wanted to defend you. I… I love you, Arthur Pendragon.’ The young king stared for a moment before gently pulling his friend’s face and lips towards his own…”
  59. 59. It was almost as if there wasn’t a lovely wedding going on at all.
  60. 60. It was more than a little ridiculous, really.
  61. 61. The only person who showed up initially wasn’t even an official relative, and she then wandered off too!
  62. 62. Eventually, with what might almost have been divine intervention, some people remembered why they were so dressed up to start with, and they agreed it was lovely.
  63. 63. Not that Penny had been paying a lot of attention to other people, just looking forward to shoving cake in her new husband’s face.
  64. 64. While Warren was a little anxious about his new father-in-law’s attitude towards a son-in- law almost as old as he was. Luckily Terry was naturally the kindest and most easy- going person you were likely to meet. So long as you weren’t, like, evil and a danger to children. Which thankfully nobody around there was.
  65. 65. Then, after some spontaneous serenading of an explicit nature…
  66. 66. It was consummation time!
  67. 67. Over at Bennie and Stern’s, there was much doting over beloved little baby Hedwig, as it turned out babies weren’t so bad, even for romance sims.(Bennie and Stern’s kids’ name scheme was going to be gay musicians, but ‘The Origin of Love’ from Hedwig and the Angry Inch was playing on my iTunes when the baby was born (and I couldn’t think of any female names anyway), so it became LGBT musicians. Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a musical about a fictional M to F transgender person and her rather interesting life, and you should at least check out ‘The Origin of Love’ from it because it’s great :D)
  68. 68. And Stern was very happy to be close to a family member of his own since he was so far separated from his birth family. And of course little Hedwig looked just like him.
  69. 69. And, after her first birthday…
  70. 70. She continued to have the very strong resemblance. Luckily Bennie was very fond of his husband and his face, because there wasn’t a whole lot of Bennie there.
  71. 71. Yes, the first grandchild of the OWBC was a proper little sweetheart.
  72. 72. Who learned quickly from her devoted daddies.
  73. 73. And was naturally doted on by Grandpa Terry as his dreams were starting to come true.
  74. 74. And grandpa Terry was good to his son and son-in-law, taking care of some chores while he was over.“No cockroaches are going to get my babies and grandbabies ill!”It was the closest thing to murderous that he had ever been.
  75. 75. And Bennie did his best to spend time with his daughter between workdays as he was getting fairly swiftly promoted.
  76. 76. But somehow Stern’s body showed practically no signs of pregnancy before suddenly going into labour one night…
  77. 77. Until he was finally holding a little girl with skin tone 3, one of her fathers’ brown hair, and one of his two grandmothers’ green eyes. She was dubbed Elton.(The reason for the kids’ name scheme in this house is that, besides having two Dads, whenever I think of Bennie’s name I also think of ‘Bennie and the Jets’ by Elton John, so I definitely wanted to call a kid Elton, but with three daughters- Oh, hang on: )
  78. 78. And was swiftly followed up with a second little girl, again with skin tone 3 and brown hair, but this time dark blue eyes, and this one being called Freddie. Half way to Terry’s lifetime want!(… with three daughters out of the four kids Stern had been predetermined in Simfield, I decided that I better use Elton anyway. And how can you not have a Freddie Mercury either? Good namesakes are good namesakes, regardless of gender :P)
  79. 79. Over at the apartments the other couples were happy too, both within themselves…
  80. 80. And relations between them. You wouldn’t have thought BD and Warren would have a whole lot in common…
  81. 81. But they swiftly developed a burgeoning bromance when BD wasn’t at work.(And Tim found excuses to come over and make use of the playpark…)
  82. 82. Actually family members were over all the time for one reason or another, especially once Penny turned out to be pregnant. Helped to keep Warren’s sanity, given that it seemed to make Penny even messier, coating the walls with food as she shovelled it in as fast as possible.“… I’m not sure I like the idea of getting a girl pregnant anymore.”“It’ll be worth it in the end, Billy my lad.”
  83. 83. Not like the boys had to deal with the actual pain anyway…
  84. 84. But she was soon holding a little boy – grandchild #4 – with his mother’s skintone, his grandfather’s black hair and his grandmother’s green eyes: Cent Kimbrell.(With Penny’s nickname being what it is, her and Warren’s kids’ naming scheme is small forms of currency.)
  85. 85. Next door Suzanne was also pregnant for the first time.
  86. 86. Though BD spent more time reassuring himself through Warren than comforting Suzanne about it. Warren wasn’t always over since he had his own kid to care for…
  87. 87. But then BD totally had to work on his career by skipping outside in his underwear.
  88. 88. Luckily Suzanne was mostly in control of it, and, when she wasn’t…
  89. 89. She could shout loud enough to summon the father to the scene. Soon she was holding a little girl – grandchild #5 – with her mother’s pale skin tone, her grandfather Terry’s black hair, and her father’s green eyes. She was given the name Leona Boyle.(With Suzanne’s full name being what it is, her and BD’s kids’ naming scheme is reality TV show singers – it was going to be from the same programme, but LOL, I don’t watch enough of that stuff to distinguish – so little Leona is named after Leona Lewis, who won the UK’s third series of the X Factor.)
  90. 90. Even where parents were working, there was plenty of offers for babysitting services from the younger aunt and uncles for a couple of hours or so.“Squee!”
  91. 91. And the parents were around sufficiently for the babies to know and get attached.
  92. 92. If anything, the problems were more likely to come from their jobs, as Penny suffered a setback to her own lifetime want of becoming the Education Minister.
  93. 93. “Penny! Your father thinks the perfect way to cheer you up would be having another baby! What do you think?”
  94. 94. Well, it was certainly worth a go, and that was cheering in itself.
  95. 95. And it turned out that Penny was very fertile indeed.
  96. 96. And they were sure little Cent would love a baby brother or sister, and there was plenty of space in their house and care available. Cent didn’t know what was going on, but he was getting more attention, so he was happy.
  97. 97. And Penny decided she quite liked being pregnant with the kickings and baby hiccups and everything.
  98. 98. Then it was Cent’s first birthday, with his daddy bringing him to the cake…
  99. 99. But he greatly took after his mother in appearance and was massively adorable.
  100. 100. Most of the aunts and uncles loved the party (and appreciated each other)…
  101. 101. But Suzanne didn’t appreciate her baby being woken up by the party next door; the one drawback of living in their apartment block. Warren couldn’t care much when it was his first child’s birthday. Suzanne should have sent BD instead, had he had the will to talk to his friend.
  102. 102. Over at Bennie and Stern’s the girls were growing up quickly…
  103. 103. With everyone having to get in their time with the little babies before they got too big.
  104. 104. Hedwig was becoming a child a little ahead of her little sisters becoming toddlers…
  105. 105. And she grew up in a rather appropriate outfit for her tastes, because she was very curious about Daddy Bennie’s cooking.
  106. 106. And she got to go to her first day of school, the only child in the neighbourhood…
  107. 107. Before it was party time again for Elton and Freddie.
  108. 108. Elton looked a lot like her big sister and Papa Stern…
  109. 109. But Freddie finally showed more signs of looking like Bennie, with his nose and eyes at the least.
  110. 110. And Hedwig and Terry used the opportunity to bond some more while the little twins had to be put to bed.
  111. 111. Though perhaps Hedwig should have been put to bed too.“Oh god, I’m a failure of a father! Bennie! Our baby’s fallen asleep in the kitchen!”
  112. 112. Back over at BD and Suzanne’s, BD was doing his best to both skill for his job and spend time with Leona, giving Suzanne a rest after the birth.
  113. 113. Babies were pretty cool, really. Most people complained about the smell, but BD wasn’t so bothered about that or the mess. It was his little baby and she was adorable.
  114. 114. Plus they lived in an awesome kitted-out house; everything was perfect.
  115. 115. All of which was exactly how Suzanne felt too. Leona could not express emotions so eloquently, but was a very happy baby.
  116. 116. And then it was time for Leona to join three of her cousins as a toddler.
  117. 117. Leona may have been BD’s little girl, but she didn’t look a whole lot like him. Most of her features were her mothers, and the colouring that wasn’t came from her grandparents.
  118. 118. Still, that didn’t stop her being kind of adorable in her own special way.
  119. 119. And she was a quick learner too.
  120. 120. All the grandkids were, really.
  121. 121. And they were all pretty darn adorable too.
  122. 122. Mischievous, yes, but gosh-darn adorable.
  123. 123. And Warren spent as much time with his G-DA son as possible. He was aware of his age and never certain of how long he had left, and feared that perhaps he might not last as long as he’d like. It was pretty much the worst thing that was likely to happen in happy little Heaven.
  124. 124. But, for the meantime, there was another child coming!
  125. 125. And thus was brought into the world grandchild #6: Fen (1/100 of a Yuan, of the Chinese currency Renminbi) Kimbrell with his mother’s skintone, his grandfather’s black hair and his great-grandfather Birch’s light blue eyes (which his mother should also have had, if I hadn’t messed up the coding before she was born).And not so far away there was much rejoicing by a certain Terry Ryman-Beckett. ~~~ End of Chapter 6 ~~~