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Introduction to Mzinga's OmniSocial Engaged
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Introduction to Mzinga's OmniSocial Engaged


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Learn how Mzinga's Social Depth and Engagement Platform, OmniSocial Engaged, can help your business or organization create passionate fans and enthusiasts, crowdsourced customer support, and increased …

Learn how Mzinga's Social Depth and Engagement Platform, OmniSocial Engaged, can help your business or organization create passionate fans and enthusiasts, crowdsourced customer support, and increased brand awareness and loyalty.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 1 Mzinga OmniSocial Engaged
    • 2. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 2 Who is Mzinga? Technology & Services Robust social software technology suite SaaS deployment Scalable solution platform with flexible deployment options Strategic consulting, learning & moderation services Broadest Solution Set Targeted social software solutions for: • Marketing • Employee collaboration & training • Customer engagement & training • Customer support Company Headquartered in Burlington, MA 100 employees & network of 50+ multilingual social media professionals Experience Service 40M users across hundreds of leading brands worldwide Sample Customers
    • 3. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 3 Mzinga What is OmniSocial Engaged?
    • 4. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 4 What is OmniSocial Engaged?  Flexible, SaaS, cloud-hosted social engagement platform.  Integrate social capabilities and user generated content into your existing website.  Launch branded destination communities.  Create custom and mobile experiences.
    • 5. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 5 Large businesses and organizations manage on average 178 social media accounts. * Forums and branded community constitute 13% of that overall mix. *  Connect with target audiences on a deeper level.  Robust set of social applications, configurability, features and functionality.  One platform, multiple use cases – Enthusiasts, Support, Brand * Source: Altimeter Group – Survey of Social Media Program Managers 2011 Why OmniSocial Engaged?
    • 6. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 6 Scalability and stability to power your social interactions. In Q1+Q2 2013 alone, OmniSocial Engaged powered *:  3,276,535 pieces of User Generated Content (messages, blogs, comments, etc)  337,671,330 Page Views  454,878 Unique Active Members  42,536,408 Total Registered Members (all-time) *includes OmniSocial Engaged and data to be migrated from Mzinga’s legacy social engagement platform Why OmniSocial Engaged?
    • 7. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 7  Easy to use  Multiple Integration Options  High Availability  Rapid Product Release Cycle  Low Risk  Competitive Pricing Why OmniSocial Engaged?
    • 8. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 8 Multiple deployment options  Direct branded links: Easily skinable and branded  Full application widgets: Embed into your CMS  Content widgets: Promote activity & drive traffic  JSON REST APIs: Create customized & mobile solutions OmniSocial Engaged – Key Features
    • 9. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 9 Robust suite of social media applications and features including: APPLICATIONS • Classic Forums • Q&A Forums • Ideas • Polls • Blogs • Profiles • Comments • Ratings • Content Pages FEATURES • Tagging/Tag Clouds • Categories • WYSIWYG editing • Search • Multi-language • Moderation controls • Integrations: Social Sharing, Analytics, Ad Code OmniSocial Engaged – Key Features
    • 10. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 10  Seamless Authentication or Mzinga Registration w/ Facebook Connect  Rich content and user moderation capabilities  Gamification & Badging  Social Analytics OmniSocial Engaged – Key Features
    • 11. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 11 Enthusiasts SupportBrand • Community Managers • Communications Planning Professionals • Social Marketing and Brand Communications Directors • Social Media Marketing Managers • Social Media Professionals • Customer Care Leaders • Account Management • Customer Support • Chief Customer Officer • Business Unit Owner • Brand Management • Marketing Director • Director Product Marketing One Platform, Multiple Use Cases
    • 12. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 12 Fans of a TV show, band, sports team, entity, brand, or organization OR People who share similar interests, hobbies, or experiences like knitting, parenting, careers, or home improvement. Engage base of passionate, engaged fans and like-minded individuals, who are also consumers • Direct dialogue with target audience in controlled environment • Harness the conversation • Integrate and promote all social channels • Increase revenue generating opportunities • UGC helps to drive site traffic, stickiness, and SEO Download the Enthusiast Community Data Sheet Here Use Case – Enthusiast Community
    • 13. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 13 Customers of particular (typically paid) product or service looking for help, how-to’s, expert advice, and experiences of other owners or customers. • Reduce support costs • Crowdsourced support • Peer-to-peer collaboration • Concierge level of customer service and expert advice • Increase customer satisfaction • Gain valuable customer insights Download the Support Community Data Sheet Here Use Case – Support Community
    • 14. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 14 Allow customers, partners, or prospects to connect with each other and your brand. • Increased brand reputation, customer loyalty and advocacy • Word of mouth, testimonials, and referrals • Shared experiences and reviews • Insider tips and tricks • Repeat purchases • Focus groups Download the Brand Community Data Sheet Here Use Case – Brand Community
    • 15. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 15 You can get started with OmniSocial Engaged for FREE! Sign up for fully featured FREE TRIAL TODAY! OmniSocial Engaged – Free Trial
    • 16. MZINGA l MZINGA.COM 16 Want to learn more about OmniSocial Engaged? View an on-demand webcast webcasts/introducing-omnisocial-engaged/ Contact Us: 1.888.MZINGA.8 1-888-694-6428 OmniSocial Engaged – Learn More