Shorty Produkshins: What is Social Branding?


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Shorty Produkshins gives a simple, yet informative, overview of Social Branding, as well as other Online Promotions techniques that build together for the ultimate Social Branding Campaign! Learn more about the services that Shorty Produkshins has to offer and how they may help your brand in a World where Internet Marketing takes the forefront.

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  • Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing via Advanced Internet Marketing and SEO tactic. These services are all used as one to enhance the total “Social Branding” experience.
  • These are excerpts from the following webpages:Company Description, Shorty Produkshins (2013). – Statement, Shorty Produkshins (2013). – Statement, Shorty Produkshins (2013). –
  • There are unlimited means of monetization on the web and through today’s technologies. As technology advances and evolves, there are numerous other possibilities available. These means are just a beginning of ideas based on a generalized approach to MOST brands. Based on specific brands, there are more or less possibilities available in which can be “fine-tuned” to fit the needs of that brand directly.
  • Social Branding & Internet Marketing TacticsSocial Branding and Internet Marketing are not just current marketing trends. They are extremely effective tools in creating Brand Awareness, Loyalty, Trust and Tenure and in keeping the reputation of a brand on “the up and up.” For your brand to be considered an evolving brand that demonstrates “cutting edge information distribution” in regards to related subjects, especially on an International level, it is a must that your brand “speaks directly” to consumers and becomes personal with them through Social Platforms, Networks and Search Engines. The following means of Social Branding and Internet Marketing tactic are explained further below. Because this is not an actual marketing plan, this overview only contains key elements to target potential consumers. Furthermore, it is to be noted that not all tactics are to be mentioned directly here or through an actual Internet Marketing Action Plan due to protection of trade secret information under Shorty Produkshins and Jessica N. Abraham. Through Social Presences on previously established Social Networks and Communities, Social Media Content will help in bringing Brand Awareness to your brand’s already established persona. Through branding upgrades and upgrades in technology, we have already been able to reach out to new potential consumers that will seemingly convert to customers over time and through product releases, specials and announcements. We will also target current and previous clientele, as well as new potential consumers who show an extreme passion and interest in your industry.Social Media Contentappears Cross-Platform through websites, blogs, media sites and Social Networks. Social Media content will be related your brand and the industry it associates itself with, as well as other related topics and current events. Media will come in the form of video, photos, audio, and copy. Some content releases will be free to the public for consumption and in aiming for Viral Marketing and Word of Mouth endeavors. These two forms of marketing are extremely popular and the most effective form of marketing, because they are passed from one person to another through personal trust and the desire to consume. Those contents that are not free of charge will be downloadable per fee and constitute as revenue generated for the company. Some of those will be charged a one-time fee per ownership, others will include a monthly fee for use, and the rest will include a per-consumption fee. Monetization of free content on Social Platforms, such as Youtube, will be generated through Advertising consumption and Sponsorships.Branding socially will bring personalization and trust to the brand and will allow consumers to feel a sense of “friendship” with the brand. It gives the brand a true persona and the ability to “speak” to audiences. Monitoring of Brand Reputation will bring about the ability to combat negative reactions to releases, products and/or programming.
  • Public Relations and Press are so important in marrying the “mind” of a brand’s persona to the target audience in mention. It tells what the brand has been doing, the intensity behind the action and the plan for the future. It can contain backlinks and viral content that will be shared over and over between blogs and websites around the net. They are also forms of organic content that will include topic-specific keywords within the body of the story and/or article. There are many ways for interaction and delivery of messaging to occur on a personal level with consumers. They are usually able to comment and discuss information directly under the story. Brand Monitoring can allow the brand combat negative reactions and give “the other side” of the story. Audience members need to be aware of “the other side” to develop a positive opinion about the brand. They may also find that RSS feeds of this content will find its way directly to their mobile devices, tablets and e-mails for catching up on a brand “on the go.” The easier it is and more enjoyable for a brand’s audience to be catered to, the more likely the content will be consumed!
  • Multiple studies and analysis of the Mobile Industry conclude that 2014 and 2015 will be where a majority of Internet and Content consumption will take place with a growing number rapidly gaining from 2012 to 2013. Recently, a report just named Brazil as the largest consumer of content on the web with the United States, United Kingdom and Russia following behind. Most consumption overall took place on a mobile device or Smartphone!Most companies are catching on to the importance of Mobile Marketing and Advertising if they haven’t done so yet. Because people tend to be more personal with such a personal device, content can be analyzed and delivered more effectively between users. The CAN-SPAM act guarantees that users won’t be spammed by brands, and brands can be secure in knowing exactly who is requesting information from them. Content is easier personalized, accessible “at the touch,” accessed within an hour of receipt and “opted” for. Content is customized, simple, and over 85% more effective than any other Marketing Channel in existence today! This is because Mobile Marketing doesn’t just use Mobile features. People can access the Internet and Social Networks through Mobile Browsers and Social Applications, making Internet Marketing and Social Branding very effective, especially with content sharing options embedded right into the cellular device! More and more brands are collecting data through short codes (for example: “Text ‘kenor’ to 69302”), QR Codes (scannable “Quick Response” barcodes with a Call to Action triggered via device), SMS texts with special promo codes and discounts, photos and videos through MMS messages, applications and content downloads and more! To-the-minute and breaking news can be delivered immediately to interested consumers.
  • Basic Needs Packaging are the bare necessities to make it in today’s world. These are great for those that need a publicist and minimal Social Presence. It is, however, recommended that clients choose a full package, because the benefits outweigh the barriers.
  • Where “Partial” and “Basic” are noted, please understand that these are able to be upgraded upon need for an additional charge. All expenses incurred are also to be paid by the client.
  • These are packages generated for those in need of a professional, marketable and extremely beneficial Social and Internet Strategy. This combines the need for a Publicist, SEO Expert, Graphic Designer and Marketing Guru into one campaign with a simplified and powerful concept from beginning until the end.
  • Where “Partial” and “Basic” are noted, please understand that these are able to be upgraded upon need for an additional charge. All expenses incurred are also to be paid by the client.
  • Where “Partial” and “Basic” are noted, please understand that these are able to be upgraded upon need for an additional charge. All expenses incurred are also to be paid by the client.
  • Please contact Jessica N. Abraham for more information on Shorty Produkshins, investments, advertising, servicing and press. Jessica N. Abraham is the Owner and Senior Marketing Director at Shorty Produkshins.
  • Shorty Produkshins: What is Social Branding?

    1. 1. Social Branding.How can my brand benefit from it?
    2. 2. What is Shorty Produkshins? “Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company, specializing in Social branding and Event marketing via Advanced internet Marketing and SEO tactic.” “Shorty Produkshins strives to bring about positive influence and loyalty in shaping a brand‟s awareness amongst associated target markets through brand awareness campaigns and conversation leading to tenure and success for each brand while leaving an impactful imprint on consumers across the globe.” “The vision of Shorty Produkshins is to be the initial awakening of a „new era in royalty‟ amongst those within the reach of associated product lines, clientele and end consumers. For each affiliated brand, we shall envision, achieve and influence the public in a positive way through concept to execution and inspiring the next generation via empowering product releases and brand storytelling.”“A New Era in Royalty.”
    3. 3. Very Basic Ways to Monetize Memberships Webinars Events (Live and Online) e-Books (Multiple Distribution Channels) Audiobooks (Multiple Distribution Channels) Product & Service Sales (including Mobile Delivery) Video and Telephone Consultation Advertising/Sponsorships where applicable Monetization of Social Media Content Pay-Per-Consumption fees of Media Content
    4. 4. Bare-Benefit Examples Gain of Traffic and Potential Consumers who will convert to customers via increasing: Sponsorship Opportunity Advertisement Opportunity Content Features Interviews Press “Virality” Word of Mouth Marketing Brand Awareness Cross Promotions Backlinks Organic Link Wheels and Pyramids Guest Blogging Affiliate distribution of branded content
    5. 5. Bare-Benefit Examples Demonstration and acknowledgment of Expertise Brand Trust and Loyalty through personal interaction between Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Persona Sales Memberships Tenure due to supply and demand, stemming from trust and loyalty of Brand Enthusiasts and Word of Mouth means. Automated servicing and call to actions lead to income generation “in our sleep!” Ongoing and evolving Research on Brand Markets, Needs and SWOT Analysis for Marketing Efforts without having to outsource Market Research teams.
    6. 6. Minimal Resources Gained Network Accesses Relationship Developments & New Potential Consumers A Web of Personal & Professional Connections Memberships A platform to address issues and combat negative reputation and promote a positive one & announce news, releases, opportunities, contests, rewards, etc. Authority and credibility heightens amongst established and future consumers and colleagues Invites to special events, panels, and other resources that equates to endless potential for the future of the brand on a National/International level. Personalized and details web analysis to target future audiences more effectively. Leads database of potential and existing consumers, along with their interests and needs.
    7. 7. What is Branding? Branding is how a company, product, service, person, ideal or organization is to be viewed by the general population via interaction, ethics, actions, distributions, missions, goals, visions, etc. The persona of the brand is characterized through color, imagery, typography, texture, copy and other elements that tell the brand’s story at “first glance.” An “archetype” is the class of persona that the brand represents. If it were to be a character in a story, what would it’s role be (i.e. “Hero,” “Villain,” “Creator,” etc.). Branding is consistent in ALL publications, marketing releases, press, etc. This is a “snapshot” of the brand and never to be altered, unless strenuous matters require a “rebranding” strategy.
    8. 8. BOTTOM LINE: {Social = Benefits of Personalization and Interaction between Brand Enthusiast and Brand Persona.} = A means for generating potential consumers through personalized Brand Awareness campaigns and engaging them in conversation and messaging that will lead to trust and convert them into actual customers and clientele.
    9. 9. Social Branding & Reputation Monitoring Point of Contact. Awareness expansion and interaction with already aware consumers and anti-consumers. Leaves an imprint on potential consumers who are already “sticky” on other Social Presences. Content shares and positive conversation between current consumers bring awareness to new potential consumers. One negative statement is twice as damaging as a positive one and very harmful, as opposed to no statement at all! Aids and jumpstarts Viral Marketing and Word of Mouth endeavors. Funneling leading to sales and consumer conversion.
    10. 10. Design Strategy Pictures say a million words and then tell 50 million stories through those words. Designs attract attention to a subject. These are visually remembered and shared for subject material. Simplicity aids in providing short attention spans with meaningful and impactful information. Psychological implementation of colors, shapes, visual flow, and other elements can trigger a desire and/or emotion. Aid in aesthetics of “text-heavy” information. Indexed based on color, geographics, and subject matter and aids in SEO advancement in search engines.
    11. 11. Niche Social Network Gives platform to voice opinions, truths, interact with Brand Enthusiasts, combat negative reactions, make apologizes, make announcements, and analyze audiences needs, wants, demographics, goals and interests. Central hub for Marketing, Information and SEO. Content-generation yields complex and accelerated SEO results!
    12. 12. Event Marketing & Branding Greater target of attendees, including International, tourists and out-of-area travelers, based on size of event. Live stream events can charge fees for Online attendances. A reason to distribute branded deliverables. SEO, backlinks, press, credibility, interaction linked. Impactful on COMMUNITY.
    13. 13. Interactive Events & Live Streams Providing “Live Stream” coverage for your event ensures a broader “turn out” for that event that will leave a lasting impression on consumers. Interactive Events lend consumer participation at a distance and a personalized experience with lasting imprint on your vast consumer base. Fees for live events and streams can be charged, but will lead to viral shares and conversation. Anticipation of future participation will take place, as consumers introduce others to your brand. The marketing efforts to promote these particular events will draw those uninterested in or unable to attend your event
    14. 14. Internet Marketing Implementation All Social Branding Packages take advantage of Advanced Internet Marketing Principles, including accelerated SEO tactic. All content is optimized for web. Custom Branding Campaigns include SEM tactics and Cross Promotion planning. Brand Awareness takes place through Internet Marketing venues including blogs, press aggregators and more! Revenue-generation campaigns use Social Media outlets for Brand Awareness with “spoke=and-wheel” placement of a central hub for Social and Web Presences with “calls to action.”
    15. 15. Public Relations Press Releases Press Release Distribution Social Media Releases Blogging Status Updates Articles Brand Monitoring Copywriting Professional Biographies Appearances
    16. 16. Consumer Incentives Contests/Giveaways Discounts & Specials Promotions Free Live Events Q&A Events Inclusion Privilege …EVERYONE LOVES FREE…
    17. 17. Mobile Presence & Marketing The majority of Internet consumption takes place via mobile web. Mobile = More personalized means of communication. A majority of people are reportedly more likely to share a toothbrush than a mobile device. Brands are always connected to consumers via SMS, MMS, Apps and Mobile Sites. Mobile is more effective, because the consumers “opt-in” to content by your brand. They are more likely to participate. Mobile content is most likely shared than content elsewhere on the web.
    18. 18. Unique Value Proposition What is it that your brand can offer to your target audience that no one else can? What is it that makes your brand stand out? Why is your brand so special? Let’s start with this and work wonders! Have no UVP? Then, let’s create one! What makes YOU different?
    19. 19. Social Branding Offline Branded marketing materials such as business cards, letterheads, flyers, etc. that leads people to a “call to action.” Call to Actions that make people want to know YOU or YOUR BRAND more after meeting you in person and/or seeing your marketing material. Encourages Web Traffic, Social Adds & Shares, Mobile Subscriptions, Blog Subscriptions, Purchases, Downloads, etc. Most that are met face-to-face become lifetime BRAND LOYALISTS due to a personal interaction with the brand.
    20. 20. Questions to Ask Yourself What do your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Marketing Budgets look like? How much can you afford towards expenses related to exposure and advertising? What are your immediate needs and goals? Where is your immediate target reach? How long could you run a campaign for? What is it that you are trying to accomplish exactly in getting to helping your career? Do you already have a web presence? What does it consist of? Which modes of branding do you have already in place?
    21. 21. “Basic Needs” Basic Social Branding Packages Starting at $950/Month
    22. 22. Basic Social Branding Packages Social Media & Presence Campaigns As-needed Copywriting Limited, yet Advanced SEO Implementation Graphics, Flyers & Promo Card Designs Marketing of ONE EVENT per month Blogging Customized Awareness Campaign Routine Brand Monitoring Routine Analytics & Reporting Public Relations & Press Followers & Likes Blog Submissions Web EPK (Single Page)
    23. 23. “Superstar Branding” Full Social Branding Packages Starting at $1500/Month
    24. 24. Full Social Branding Packages All things “Social” Advanced SEO Tools & Implementation Graphics, Flyers & Promo Card Designs Partial Event Marketing (based on IMAP) Cross Promotions & Brand/Product Placement Customized Awareness Campaigns Revenue-Generating Awareness Campaigns Active Public Relations Copywriting
    25. 25. Full Social Branding Packages Niche Social Network Creation Social Upkeep & Content Submissions Followers & Likes Basic Mobile Marketing Campaigns Ongoing Research & SWOT Analysis of Markets Brand Monitoring Analytics Analysis & Reporting Blogging & Submissions Web EPK (Single Page)
    26. 26. Need More Information? Understand Internet Marketing, Social Branding and Event Marketing just a little bit more. Check out these Shorty Produkshins affiliated sites:
    27. 27. Contact Information Jessica N. Abraham (407) 683-4141