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  • 1. Pregnancy and Preparing for Birth By: Michelle Memnon
  • 2. Pregnancy-The fertilization anddevelopment of oneor more offspring,known as an embryoor fetus, in a womansuterus.
  • 3. Pregnancy is a life changing experience. Once awoman becomes pregnant she then has to share her body with someone else; her unborn baby which is a beautiful experience. Pregnancy can also present many challenges; pregnancy complications and high risk.
  • 4. Challenges• Weight Gain• Physical & Emotional Changes• Depression• Gestational Diabetes• ECT.
  • 5. Healthy Pregnancy = Healthy Baby A healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby consist of finding the right provider, proper prenatal care, and having the right support from family and friends.
  • 6. Quote“Pregnancy is anatural process. Anew life developsinside you without anyconscious work onyour part.” (text p.360)
  • 7. A woman is normally pregnant 9 to 10 months / 40 weeks depending on the woman and her body.
  • 8. Preparing for Labor Natural Birth Pain Management• Childbirth with no • Narcotic Medications medication • -Epidural Anesthesia
  • 9. Planning for pain management is important tosome women because not all pregnant women are able to bear the intensity and pain of laborand birth. Women have a choice to deliver theirbabies naturally without any pain medication or with medication to ease the pain.
  • 10. Preparing for Birth Vaginal Birth Cesarean Section• A vaginal birth is delivering • A cesarean section, also a baby through the vaginal known as a c-section is a canal surgical method of birth where the baby is born by a surgical cut in the abdomen and uterus
  • 11. Some women have a preference of delivering vaginally verses having cesarean. On the other hand many women have complications with their pregnancies that they don’t have a choicethey have to have a c-section. Women who have c-sections have a longer recovery.
  • 12. Question:Would you be able to deliver a baby naturally without any pain medication?