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Courses in Archtypal Tarot and Astrology

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Beg Int Adv Class Handout

  1. 1. The Mythic Triumphs Centre.<br /> (please no recording) The Beginners Course-entails two days of the theory and the practical application of the Mythic Tarot.<br />The intermediate Course- covers the history of the Mythic Tarot/Tarot and involves a more in-depth analysis of how the Greek myths and Jungian psychology can be used therapeutically in Tarot interpretation. <br />To be followed by two separate assessments of each students understanding of the material covered on the course.<br /> Beginners Assessment, One for each Student (Group).<br /><ul><li>To pull out four major Arcana cards and give an interpretation of each one.
  2. 2. Choose one element (earth, fir, air, or water) and give an interpretation of each card from the Ace to the King</li></ul> Or <br /> The student can give an account of the sixteen courts cards<br /> 3. To give an account of one of the four Tarot spreads, giving the meaning of the<br /> position.<br /> 4. The student will be asked to give a reading. The emphasis will be on the meaning <br /> of the cards, and the structure of the spread and the interaction between the two<br />5. The students will be asked to give the types of connections they are linking into <br /> in the reading e.g. psychological insights, intuitive responses, sensing, feeling and <br /> any other forms of communication they may be linking into<br /> <br /> <br />Intermediate Course<br />The intermediate course entails three days of theory and the practical application of the Mythic Tarot.<br /> <br />We will look at the history and origins of the Tarot, and the ancient Greek myths that <br />gave birth to it. We will explore the modern day interpretations of these archetypal forces portrayed in the psychologically alive mythic stories.<br /> The intermediate course will include more in-depth analysis of Tarot symbolism. We will explore the psychological interpretations of the gods and mythic stories. The myths and the gods describe our inner patterns and characteristic. Students will be asked to try and explore their psychological connection to the stories and images.<br />Major Arcana<br />One day will be spent journeying through the Major Arcana<br />Minor Arcana<br />Day two - Cups and Swords.<br />Day three -Wands and Coins.<br />Copyright Carole Szerman<br /> Student Practice Readings<br /> In the intermediate class the students who wish to participate will have the opportunity<br />to do practice readings for each other.<br />All other readings will come under the supervision of the tutor.<br /> Intermediate Assessment Two (one to one with the tutor)<br /><ul><li>To pull six major Arcana, and give an explanation of each card.
  3. 3. To explain the meaning of each house in the horoscope spread.
  4. 4. To give a brief explanation of the advantages of using the mythic stories when working as an intuitive counsellor.
  5. 5. For the student to describe of how the psychological interpretations presented in the Mythic Tarot can help your client develop self awareness.</li></ul> 5. Most importantly your client comes first. The development of intuitive skills <br /> allows the intuitive counsellors to be sensitive to the client’s situation and needs. <br /> Prudence is an all important counselling skill. Learning counselling skills is an <br /> intrinsic part of the Mythic Triumph course process. <br /> <br />The student will be asked to outline some of the skills she/he has developed on completion of assessment two. <br />Assessment Three Intermediate Course<br />Certificate of Excellence There is a need for Mythic Tarot teachers. This level of assessment is designed for students who would like to go on and teach the Mythic Tarot.<br /> .<br />The students will be given a set of thirty questions<br />(Students can request a copy of the questions?)<br />An essay of 500-700 words <br /> 1. Describe the benefits of working with the Mythic Tarot, explaining it’s <br /> therapeutic uses<br /> 2. The essay can be about your personal journey through the Mythic Tarot. <br /> 3. Your experience of a particular element /mythic story.<br /> 4. Compare the Mythic Tarot, and another deck you may work with.<br /> 5. Explain a reading with a client working with two of the Mythic Tarot course spreads.<br /> Give an account of the placements, and cards in the reading<br /> (See Juliet S Burke’s book Mastering the Tarot as a guide for help with creating a <br /> writing structure about reading) let your imagination flow.<br />One Day Workshops<br /> Because you can see yourself and others in the cards, the Tarot is a great tool for looking at your relationships objectively.<br />One Day Workshop with the Mythic Tarot.<br />Theme of the day Relationships.<br />There will be a short discussion about the psychological energies of the different Tarot decks on the market today.<br />The Mythic Tarot allows us to explore our relationships in a more in-depth way.<br />The whole deck will be looked at through the lens of our relationships.<br />In particular we will explore the archetypal love story of Eros and Psyche, a story concerned with feminine development. We will look at how we can develop psychological muscle to stay grounded when confronted with the archetypal force of Eros.<br /> Bringing to consciousness what is going on in our inner lives can help us see the way we externalize (project) our inner life onto people we are in relationships with.<br /> Looking at relationships in this light we take responsibility for our relationships, with the understanding, that who enters our life has something to do with what we are made up of.<br />We will be working with a variety relationship spreads.<br />One day Workshop with the Ryder Waite Deck.<br />Theme of the day Relationships<br />There will be a brief discussion about the psychological energies of different Tarot decks on the market today.<br />All aspects of our relations will be looked at through the many levels of the Ryder Waite’s symbolism.<br />Soul mate relationships are we fated, “what possesses us”?<br />Bringing to consciousness what is going on in our inner lives can help us see the way we externalize (project) our inner life onto the people we are in a relationships with. Looking at relationships in this light we take responsibility for our relationships, with the understanding, that who enters our life has something to do with what we are made up of on an inner level.<br />We will look at the Ryder Waite deck and its relationship with Astrology, Numerology, and Colour Symbolism.<br />We will be working with a variety of relationship spreads.<br />An Introduction to Psychological Astrology<br />Theme of the day Relationships<br />Psychological astrology is based on the premise that a person’s reality springs outward from his or her inner landscape of thoughts, feeling expectations and beliefs (Howard Sasportas Twelve Houses).<br />Your horoscope is a map of your potential. We will look at the myths connected to the planets and signs. A basic understanding of your horoscope enables you to key into and understand your innate patterns and characteristics-what motivates you.<br />Afternoon session<br />There will be an examination of the Synastry Chart, the linking of two charts, the potential chemistry between two people, or lack of it.<br />There will be a brief introduction to the Composite Chart the Composite chart is like a third entity,<br />The uniting of the two people gives birth to a third; this third is shown in the Composite Chart, which produces an energy field that affects both people. The Composite Chart shows, that if you choose to enter this relationship, here is its meaning and pattern of destiny (Liz Greene).<br /> <br />The Following Topics are part of the psychological approach, examined in all the “Relationship <br />Themed workshops”.<br />What are we looking for?<br />Who do we attract into our lives?<br />Why do we attract in certain types of partners.<br />The influence of our parents.<br />The inner partner.<br />What we are projecting onto our partners.<br />Taking back our projections.<br />The blame game.<br />Taking responsibility.<br />Reading Techniques Workshops<br />Held Four Times a Year <br />We are offering one day workshops in Reading Techniques. We will be going over the four layouts worked with on the Beginners Mythic Triumphs Course.<br />New layouts will be introduced on the day. Bring along interesting layouts you have been working with.<br />There will be practice readings, explaining both the mythological and psychological divinatory meaning of the cards.<br />We will be discussing the Court Cards in layouts, and the concept of projection in relation to the court cards.<br />Making a story, and linking the cards. We will be randomly selecting combinations of cards, and linking them together to open up a story.<br />We will be practicing how to incorporate the faculties of sensing, feeling, and intuition into the reading. Developing these skills, helps to build up a dynamic energy that enlivens and propels the reading.<br />After spending one day focusing on Reading Techniques you will find:<br />You will be confident with your own personal style of reading.<br />You will be able to be more creative with your readings.<br />Your will be able to incorporate more counselling skills into your consultations.<br />You will feel you have developed your own unique relationship with the Mythic Tarot.<br />The workshop is designed to help you become a confident Mythic Tarot reader.<br />(If you would like to attend the Reading Techniques Workshop please ask the tutor for dates and details.)<br /> <br />