Landscape Photoshoot


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Landscape Photoshoot

  1. 1. Salford Quays Landscape Photo shootI went to Salford Quays to do a landscape shoot. The aim of this was to get a portfolio of photos andso then I could pick 10 of them to edit. I used a digital camera. I went out in the daytime to do myshoot so I didn’t use a flash. I was trying to show the main buildings in Salford Quays. I wanted totake the pictures from different angles. I think I did what I said I wanted to and I defiantly got morepictures than I needed to so I had a range and could choose which pictures I wanted to edit.
  2. 2. For this picture first I changed the brightness andcontrast. I turned the contrast up to give the picture ablack sharp effect. I then used the equalize effect on mypicture which gave my picture a darker look, so I turnedup he brightness a bit more. I then clicked on thevariations effect and chose to add more magenta to mypicture and this is what gave my final picture the pinklook. I also chose the lighter version of magenta so thatit kept my overall picture lighter. Because in the originalthere was mainly only three main colours I picked thisout and made them more bright so that these wouldstand out against the white for the building.I wanted to make my picture more brightand fun and I think I did this using themagenta and making the sky more blue. This made my picture darker and picked up on the shadows. This made my picture darker on one side and lighter on the other so I liked the spreading effect it gave.
  3. 3. This was the effect that made my picture more pink on the darker parts of the original image. I think this effect gave the picture a different look and made the picture look a lot different. On the right hand side I could pick whether I wanted the pink lighter or darker or just normal and I made it lighter so that the sky would stand out more against the darker pink. I think this worked.This is my final edit.
  4. 4. First I selected the top area ofmy picture so I could thenchange the effects of just thissection of the picture. I did thisbecause the sky is a lot brighterthan the bottom of the picture sowhen I added an effect thepicture got to dark. Then still withsection selected I used thecurves effect this made the tophalf of my picture a lot darkerand the building turn intosilhouettes. Then I used theblack and white effect to makethe silhouettes look darker andthe sky more dramatic. Then Iselected the bottom part of thepicture and just added the blackand white effect. I think it workedbecause to get the sky bright likeI wanted it, it had to be dark andthe bottom of the picture wouldn’tof looked right because itwouldn’t of shown anything.
  5. 5. I used this effect to make the bottom of my picture black and white.This effect madethe top half of mypicture black andwhite.This is my final edit.
  6. 6. First I changed the brightness and contrast to make the sky look brighter. I changed the contrastquite high so that the image would look sharper and the shadows would be darker on the image.Then I just used the colour balance effect to make my picture more blue. I think this workedbecause the building was already blue and so I just wanted to make it stand out more against thewhite of the sky. I didnt want to change this picture to much because I liked the blue anyway so Ijust enhanced it.
  7. 7. First I changed the brightness and contrast this was so that the sky looked bright. I putthe contrast high so that the crisscross effect on the bridge would show up better. . Thisworked and the strings were much darker. Then I used an effect called curves whichgave the whole picture a darker look and made the bridge and other building s look likesilhouettes against the sky. I liked the effect and how it picked up on the clouds andshowed the shape of them more. Then the last effect I used was colour balance, I madethe picture more pink using this effect. I like what this effect did and I think it looks goodand makes the picture look like it was taken in the evening rather than the day.
  8. 8. First I changed the brightness and contrast. I turned the brightness up but not tomuch because the picture was bright anyway because of the sun. Then I changed thecontrast to make sure some of the detail stood out against the brightness. Then Iused an effect called variations where I made my picture more yellow, I liked thiseffect and it made my picture look more warm and later in the day. Then I used thecurves effect this made the corners and some of the buildings a bit darker and standout more. Then used an effect called vibrance to make the brighter colours stand outon the picture. Then I used an effect called levels this made the sky look like it haddifferent layers of colour on top of each.
  9. 9. First I selected a part of the picture Iwanted to edit so only this bit would bechanged by the effects I used. I usedthe effect colour balance on this sectionto make it purple. Then I changed thecontrast to make it a darker purple.Then I selected the bottom right of mypicture as my second section. Then Iused the colour balance effect again forthis section and made it the blue colour.I think this worked because it enhancedthe colour the water already was.
  10. 10. Then I changed the contrast to abit higher so that it made thewater look darker. I then selectedthe final part of my picture Ihadn’t edited. I changed thecontrast and brightness of thispart then. Then I used the colourbalance effect and turned up theyellow effect to make it look likethe sun was shining on the pathway. Then I turned up thecontrast a bit more so theshadows showed up more.
  11. 11. First I turned up the contrast of the picture to make the building sharper and darkeragainst the sun. then I turned the brightness up so the sun would look brighter. Then Iused the colour balance effect to make the whole picture a purple colour. Then Ichanged the contrast and brightness again. I turned the contrast up more to make thedarker things in the picture stand out especially the shadows on the water. It think thiseffect made the picture look better. The I turned the brightness up a bit more so thesun rays would show up on my picture.
  12. 12. Capture log ISO – 80 Shutter speed - 1/1000 sec Aperture - F/3.3 Setting - 3D camera mode ISO – 80 Shutter speed - 1/450 sec Aperture - F/10.4 Setting – 3D camera mode ISO – 80 Shutter speed – 1/680 sec Aperture – F/3.1 Setting – 3D camera mode
  13. 13. ISO – 80 Shutter speed – 1/385 sec Aperture - F/3.5 Setting - 3D camera modeISO – 80Shutter speed – 1/250 secAperture – F/10Setting – 3D camera mode ISO – 80 Shutter speed – 1/350 sec Aperture – F/9.7 Setting – 3D camera mode
  14. 14. ISO – 80 Shutter speed – 1/200 sec Aperture – F/9.7 Setting – 3D camera modeISO – 80Shutter speed – 1/350 secAperture – F/9.7Setting – 3D camera mode ISO – 80 Shutter speed – 1/188 sec Aperture – F/9.7 Setting – 3D camera mode
  15. 15. Rejected images These are three of the images I didn’t pick. I didn’t like the first and second one because of the angle I had taken the picture on. It made the building look like it was on a slant. I must have moved the camera so the picture looked wonky. I didn’t like all the building and other stuff around the first two either. It looked like I’d cropped the images and gotten rid of bits. I didnt like the last one because of the lighting in the picture I don’t think I could of done much with it. I had some better versions of this picture as well so I used them.
  16. 16. Aims for next projectNext time if I was going to do this project again I would make sure Itook more pictures than this time. I didn’t need to but I would of liked tohave gone to some different places to get different angles of the sameview. I didn’t go everywhere around Salford Quays so I would do thatnext time so that I photographed as much as I could. Next time I wouldlike to try different shutter speeds and move my camera to see what itdid to my pictures, also maybe do a shoot at night so I could use a flashand see how it effected the picture. I didn’t use a flash in any of mypictures because it was bright out but next time I could try and see of itmade my pictures look any better.