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  • Full Iron Man 3 (2013) Movie Online, This 'Link' Copy and Paste to Your Browser 000>>>>> http://movievast.com/play.php?movie=1300854
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  • 1. PR3Producer and Audience: Analyse the Marketing Campaign of Iron Man 3Here is where you use knowledge from previous units and apply them to film. You need to make apodcast for a film magazine’s website on the production and marketing of a blockbuster movie. Thefollowing must be covered:How the producer considered the target audience during production.The publicity and marketing strategy for the filmCodes & ConventionsReception and Star TheoryAnchorageTypes of audience feedbackPlease provide statistics to support your points and illustrate your article with images of stars from thefilms you write about, as well as movie posters.Introduction: Explain how and why different audiences are targeted by film producers (1 paragraph)Producers make a film and do it with a certain audience in mind. This is because they don’t want tomake a film no one is going to watch. Having an audience helps the film because a final production.If the audience is for teenage girls then producers will do primary research into what teenage girlslike. Using surveys or a focus group. They will ask questions that relate to the audience so then thiscan be a part of the film and relate on a more personal level to the audience. With Iron Man 3 I thinkthe audience is boys of all ages really, however mostly younger because of the superhero in the film.If dads or older people have grown up with iron man they will be the original fans. Its obvious boysare targeted with this film because of the explosions, comic book style, genre and storyline. Howeverthere is some romance in the film just to balance out the fighting and maybe get a girl audience.Producers aim for a specific audience but if they add another genre or a few different characters inthey might gain some more other different viewers that wouldn’t normally watch the film whichmakes more money for them and the film a success to a wider audience than they imagined..Part 1:Provide a synopsis of the film Iron man 3 (1 paragraph)P3 describe therelationshipbetweenproducers andfilmaudiences withsomeappropriate useof subjectterminologyM3 explain the relationshipbetween producers and filmaudiences with reference todetailed illustrativeexamplesand generally correct use ofsubject terminologyD3 comprehensively explainthe relationshipbetweenproducers and filmaudienceswith elucidated examplesand consistently using subjectterminology correctly
  • 2. Marvels Iron man faces yet another enemy trying to stay alive and save his girl. Tony Starks worldis torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey ofrebuilding and retribution. Building many iron man suits in his spare time comes inhandy when taking on the enemy. Starting with a flashback it all becomes clear whatTony is going to have to face to save the world.What is the target audience of Iron Man 3?I think the target audience for Iron man 3 would probably be older men with their sons. Ithink this because they might of liked it when they was younger and then followed andwatched each film as it came out so then everyone wants to see the third one to. Also theywill want their kids to watch the film because of what it means to them, they want to shareit with someone.The genre of iron man is described as an action, sci-fi thriller. The certificate of the film is a 12a sothe thriller genre will be a thrill for people the age of 12 and up, so it’s different to the kind of thrillerthat might be a 15 or 18 certificate. The year of production was from May 2012 to 2013 and the filmwas released on the 25thof April 2013 in the UK. Fans were waiting since 2010 for the release of IronMan 3 and so it was big when it came out with lots of cinema screenings multiple in most bigcinemas chains like VUE and ODEON. The box office taking s on the first weekend it was brought outwere $174,144,585 in the USA and it grossed so much more than the film cost. Thebudget for the film was estimated at$200,000,000, so when the film grossed$340,868,034 in the USA just after 2 weeks of showings I’m sure director and producerShane Black was very happy.Part 2: Give detail about how the filmIron man 3 was MARKETED. Give detail about thecontrasting methods of marketing, for example:T.V.Web 2.0 such as file sharing and social network sites (You Tube/Facebook)CinemaBillboardsPostersNewspapersMagazines (interviews/reviews)The Internet (cinema film listings/review pages)The internet (official web pages)Word of mouthIron Man 3 was a big film that was long awaited from the last Iron man 2 in 2010. The build up to itstarted early in the year to get fans and the audience excited. As soon as filming had started the
  • 3. director was promoting iron man 3 getting everyone excited. In an interview at comic con he hintedabout the plot of the new Iron man 3 film and got everyone interest. This was in May 2012, then inlate 2012 the first teaser trailer was released and give clues about eh mandarin storyline. The firstposter was released in February 2013 and this is when things started to get bigger and the audiencestarted to get more knowledge about the film coming out. The production team led false trails andkept tricking the audience so they didn’t find out to much before the film came out. They even wentto the lengths of filming surprise scenes two weeks before the film came out. Iron man was all overthe TV in the months of March and April with the trailer being shown at specific times to reach theright target audience. Being played on certain channels at certain times the production team andresearch team have to think about this so the film gets noticed more. There were advertisements towin tickets to cinema showings on Facebook and Twitter as well as just people talking about the filmcoming out, countdowns on most social network sites.Part 3Write a third and fourth paragraph which answers the following. Refer to the articles included atthe bottom of this briefHow has the audience for Iron Man 3 been targeted by the producer?Explain the term ‘anchorage’? (Google ‘Media terms anchorage’)Look at the Iron Man 3 poster below and identify the text which is used to anchor the Audience.Explain how it anchors the audience.
  • 4. What research methods would a producer use to find information about the targetaudience, before a film goes into production? Think about your own methods of researchPre production researchProducers have to carry out secondary research into location – where the film is going to be set.Read the script in order to do that which is also secondary research. Find out the culture of foreigncountries, the beliefs. Staff or actors production team want to pray eat or sleep at different timesof the day they need to research this.Find out from the internt, news, books, newspapers, weather reports.CultureLocation settingLocation of filming then need to take into account where the nearest hospitals are hotels facilities.Target audience producers carry out primary researchFocus groups questioners, Surveys on -Genre, star theory, story, narrative, what the public want next if they want a sequel, more of alove story between the main characters, more action or explosions.Quantitive research – Ratios measurable, ask a100 people surveys, 50% like iron man the otherdoesn’t. It’s measurable research rather than words about what they liked, it’s a statisticQualitative research – finds out butpeople’s opinions and allows them to write down opinions,asks if they have other comments on surveys or focus groups. The aspects of the public of thestoryline, the attitude.Post productions research – Do the audience like the film. Producers do a post production testscreening, they will get 100 people in the country of the American production company so if anEnglish film in England. They will be invited into a private cinema to watch the first draft or cut otthe film and then this will be the post production research. It’s an intimate screening of the film.Once they have watched the film they will be given a questionnaire and rate the film and might beask to give their opinion on how they could make it better and what was good. They will then takethe research and swap things around and re edit the film. They will then re-open production andget the producers cast and production back and re shoot things and cut things and add things thatthe audience wanted and invest a lot more money into making the re edit. Then after that about400 people will be in a full scale production film and then all of these will be asked to do aquestionnaire about the new filming. A lot of questions asked will be designed around what wasyour favourite character if they like the music not bad things because they won’t want to filmagain. They will asked the audience things that can become marketing strategies,. Like I they liked
  • 5. the music or certain quotes or characters they will bring out a soundtrack, tops , hats cups ,figurines, toys.Iron man 3 Articleshttp://marvel.com/news/story/20345/iron_man_3_under_the_armor_with_kevin_feige_pt_2http://www.slashfilm.com/interview-iron-man-3-director-shane-black-and-producer-kevin-feige-talk-expectations-phase-2-post-credit-sequences-and-more-marvel-movies/http://www.superherohype.com/news/articles/175507-kevin-feige-talks-pepper-potts-role-in-iron-man-3http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/news/audi-pushes-iron-man-3-product-placement-deal/4006332.articlehttp://screenrant.com/iron-man-3-trailer/http://www.current.com.au/2013/04/11/article/TCL-joins-with-Iron-Man-3-for-major-retail-marketing-drive/TRNPKUBAEF.html