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Iron man

  1. 1. Analysing the marketing campaign for Iron man 3Producers make a film and do it with a certain audience in mind. This is because they don’t want tomake a film no one is going to watch. Having an audience helps the film because a final production.If the audience is for teenage girls then producers will do primary research into what teenage girlslike. Using surveys or a focus group. They will ask questions that relate to the audience so then thiscan be a part of the film and relate on a more personal level to the audience. With Iron Man 3 I thinkthe audience is boys of all ages really, however mostly younger because of the superhero in the film.If dads or older people have grown up with iron man they will be the original fans. It’s obvious boysare targeted with this film because of the explosions, comic book style, genre and storyline. Howeverthere is some romance in the film just to balance out the fighting and maybe get a girl audience.Producers aim for a specific audience but if they add another genre or a few different characters inthey might gain some more other different viewers that wouldn’t normally watch the film whichmakes more money for them and the film a success to a wider audience than they imagined.Marvels Iron man faces yet anotherenemy trying to stay alive and savehis girl. Tony Starks world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts anodyssey of rebuilding and retribution. Building many iron man suits in his spare time comes in handywhen taking on the enemy. Starting with a flashback it all becomes clear what Tony is going to haveto face to save the world.I think the target audience for Iron man 3 would males between the ages of 14-25. These type ofmales I think are mostly going to be boys who follow the whole franchise. They have read the books,comics, seen the TV programmes and all the films. The main audience will have the posters andmerchandise and follow the whole saga. However also another type of audience could be older menwith their sons. I think this because they might of liked it when they was younger and then followedand read the comic books and watched the films as it came out so then people want to see the thirdone to. Also they will want their kids to watch the film because of what it means to them, they want
  2. 2. to share it with someone. There may also be a younger audience which have the toys, read the storypicture books and watch the animation but aren’t old enough to see the films yet. The term for thiskind of film is called a long tail because the audience can range from high to low ages but theyounger audience not watching the films as much. Because the film has a woman in it this will alsoattract the males more because of the action and female attraction together.The genre of iron man is described as an action, sci-fi thriller. The certificate of the film is a 12a sothe thriller genre will be a thrill for people the age of 12 and up, so it’s different to the kind of thrillerthat might be a 15 or 18 certificate. The year of production was from May 2012 to 2013 and the filmwas released on the 25thof April 2013 in the UK. Fans were waiting since 2010 for the release of IronMan 3 and so it was big when it came out with lots of cinema screenings multiple in most bigcinemas chains like VUE and ODEON. The box office taking s on the first weekend it was brought outwere $174,144,585 in the USA and it grossed so much more than the film cost. The budget for thefilm was estimated at$200,000,000, so when the film grossed $340,868,034 in the USA just after 2weeks of showings I’m sure director and producer Shane Black was very happy.Star theory in Iron Man does attract different audiences to watch the film. Robert Downey Jrattracts fans from previous roles and films he has been in. For example he was in The Avengers andthe other 2 Iron Man from the saga so people know his main role is being Iron Man so he has gaineda lot of fans from the range of different films he starred as Iron man in. He was also in The IncredibleHulk. So fans that like other superheroes may watch a film which includes Iron Man and so become afan. However he is also known for his role in Sherlock Holmes I think this would make him moreattractive to females and maybe make them want to watch him in other film like Iron man becauseSherlock Holmes made him more desirable. Gwyneth Paltrow is the other big star in the film andmight attract more males to watch the films because she is a desirable blonde woman. She recentlystarred in a young teens show called GLEE and so this could make young people know her and wantto watch Iron Man.
  3. 3. The film is based oncomic books a superherofrom many years agothat has lots ofadventures and one evilrival. He must save theworld and at the end ofevery story he always isthe good guy and saveseveryone but the badguy always comes back.Because of the comic books this will draw people into watchingthe films because they liked the stories and characters. People willof connected with the books, comics, old films and animations and so this will make them want towatch the new updated saga. The film genre is action/fantasy which is a popular genre with youngpeople because they like to imagine something that isn’t real and be taken away to a differentworld. Maybe if they have problems in their life watching a fantasy film like this lets them dreamsomething better could happen and that good guys do win. It relates to each audience memberdifferently. Because of the age the film is aimed at according to reception theory young 14-24 yearolds receive this genre better than much older or younger people because older people might not beas willing to accept the surreal genre and story. Or older people might watch them in fear becausethey are older and want to be a child again. They want to stay in this fantasy world they have beenliving in from when they were a young age.Iron Man 3 was a big film that was long awaited from the last Iron man 2 in 2010. The build up to itstarted early in the year to get fans and the audience excited. As soon as filming had started thedirector was promoting iron man 3 gettingeveryone excited. In an interview at comiccon he hinted about the plot of the new Ironman 3 film and got everyone interest. This was in May 2012, then in late 2012 the first teaser trailerwas released and give clues about the mandarin storyline. The first poster was released in February2013 and this is when things started to get bigger and the audience started to get more knowledgeabout the film coming out. The production team led false trails and kept tricking the audience so
  4. 4. they didn’t find out to much before the film came out. They even went to the lengths of filmingsurprise scenes two weeks before the film came out. Iron man was all over the TV in the months ofMarch and April with the trailer being shown at specific times through the day to reach the righttarget audience. Being played on certain channels at certain times the production team and researchteam have to think about this so the film gets noticed more. There were advertisements to wintickets to cinema showings on Facebook and Twitter which included file sharing which go the wordout about the film very quickly to many thousands online. As well as just people talking about thefilm coming out there were countdowns on most social network site. YouTube had advertisementsof the trailer in the header of their page playing over and over or people to see as they opened up hewebpage. The trailer was being played in cinemas a lot in screenings of similar films with similaraudiences. Also around London billboards were appearing for the premiere coming in May. All overthe world people were getting ready for it with big billboards advertising the film also in the USA andHong Kong.Posters were up in all the cinemas advertising the film and the release date more than 10 in somebig cinemas like The Trafford centre and the BFI IMAX and Vue cinemas in London. Because of thebig recognition the film has got over the years with the release of the other two films this was a bigdeal for box offices around the world. Companies like VUE and ODEON were expecting big box officeincomings for this film so it was screened in more than one screen. This is rare and only done for bigfilms so that it can be shown literally all day for people. For companies to do this they have to showless of other screenings and make room for this film to be shown in multiple screens so this losesmoney for other films and for them if they don’t get enough people going to them so it’s a big riskfor cinemas. Iron Man 3 was in a lot of magazines, whole pages filled with the movie poster andrelease date. On many it was advertised on the front pages of magazines in March, April time withRobert Downy Jr on the front covers in his suit or advertising an interview with him talking about thefilm. He was on the front cover of big magazines Empire, GQ and The Movie Magazine. Interviewsinside where ‘iron ma’ talks about the new film the press the filming. Magazines get a lot of moneyfor interviews like this because of the iron man franchise everyone wants to buy the magazinebecause everyone is fans from the other films. Then journalists will read the interviews and make uptheir own version of this and so interviews and opinions are released all over the world by fans ofthe magazine, film, actor or journalism will see this. People might release a video on YouTube statingtheir opinion on the interviews in magazines or newspapers and therefore gets lots of views globallyand get the word out about the film. Or people may blog or use social networking sites to share anopinion. Everything leads into other things when marketing and gets people talking and this isexactly what the prouder and marketing team want. All marketing then turns into word of mouth
  5. 5. about each of the other marketing techniques, people start to talk about the posters, billboards,blogs, interviews and trailers then this is when the Iron Man 3 film because one big marketing circleall over the world.Anchorage means drawing the audience trying to anchor them into a franchise, saga or single film.The poster below for Iron Man 3 first of all attracts everyone because of the big picture of Iron Man.He is doing a very heroic pose and dominates the poster which straight away will attract the veryyoung audience. This is the part of the poster that’s fun and get people excited because it’s theactual superhero not just Tony Stark. Audiences as young as 3 will recognise this iconic superherowithout needing to read its Iron Man so this why it’s the main part of the poster. Iron Man is acultural icon. Also people from other countries will recognise it without reading it so it tells everyonewhat it is before they even read it. The next biggest thing on the poster is then the words Iron Man 3in big bold letters this then tells everyone it’s number 3 anddraws attention to this and that its part of a saga. Anotherthing that will attractpeople’s attention even if they don’tknow Iron man or have never seen it, is that it’s a marvelfilm which is a global franchise. The logo is so famouspeople know what it means anywhere. It’s where all thesuperheroes come from so even fans of marvel may beendrawn into looking what the film is and even watching itbecause of the company Marvel logo, its well respected.The tagline underneath the title of the film is short butimpactful. It has the character’s name Tony Stark, the wordreturn so people know it’s a sequel then energy which is astrong word and will make people excited. Then the picturehas the date and info on the bottom of when the film comeswhich people want to know.
  6. 6. Pre production researchProducers have to carry outsecondary researchinto location where the film is going to be set, why isit going to be set there and why it would look good. They need to think about the script story andinclude all of this into their pre-production research so everything can begin to move on intoproduction quicker. Lots of trial and error happens in pre-production and filming may be done at anumber of different locations to get the right one the director thinks works best.Producers and directors have to read the script in order to carry out pre-productionwhich is alsosecondary research. They find a country and a location and then have to research into the culture offoreign countries, the beliefs. This is because some staff, actors or production team may be hiredfrom that country and might have certain rituals or religious things they must do. This could be halfthe production team needing to pray, eat or sleep at different times of the day. So all of this goesinto account when creating a film, as this will slow the production process and may cost moremoney, so research teams need to be prepared and ready to deal with things like this.Research teams spend months on the internet, reading books and even looking in local papers forthings going on that may disrupt filming for the production of the film. They have to use the internetand to get information on religions and cultures. Then newspapers to find out about locals news thatmay not be on the internet because of the location they are using. It could be very small and ruraland not a very big town. There may not be much on the internet about so a trip to the country firstmay have to be arranged to check it out. Things like weather reports are also taking into account forexample if the director wants a daylight scene done with the sun shining and it’s raining all day thenthings will need to be rescheduled. This is why people need to check weekly and daily what weatherreports are so that scenes can be assigned and scheduled to certain days. A big thing research teamswould need to find out is about hospitals and hotel facilities for everyone going to be a part of thefilm whether they are production, staff or actors. Everyone needs somewhere to stay when onlocation whether that be in a dessert or city. So this is a big thing to keep everyone happy and makesure everyone who needs to be there is. Hospitals are important when working on a set becausethings can always go wrong and people can get hurt especially in action films like this with lots ofstunts.There is also primary research that the target audience producers carry out. This is where the targetaudience is included in things to do with the film so that the researchers and the producer knowwhat the audience want to see in the film. They may organize focus groups where people whorespond to respond to a public invite to a focus group about the film. This may be advertised on anIron Man 3 fan website, forum or the official website inviting people to come and talk about the film,what they would like to be included, stay the same or change. They may be asked to do a survey onthings they liked about eh previous Iron Man films, or other marvel films. They might be asked ifthey like the characters, which is their’ favourites and why. The target audience researchers thentake all this primary research and present their results to the producer and director. Then things thathave been said may be considered for the film or included.The surveys may be on the genre of the film, whether the audience want more action or romance.The star theory which is the actors in the film, whether maybe having another big star come into thefilm as a new character would attract people to watch the film or bring in some new audience andfans for the film. They may be asked about the story/narrative and given an example what it’s going
  7. 7. to be like and if people like the sound of it. Research would have been done like this on all the filmsbefore and after. A question that will always be asked is would you like a sequel and if enoughpeople say yes then this is the motive along with the profit from the film all over the world to createanother film. People contribute more than they think when filling out surveys for example if 8 out of10 people say they want more of a love story between the main characters out of 50 surveys overthe world then this will be put into consideration as overall more people want more romance. If theaudience want more action or explosions or other things will be asked to.Quantitive research will be done for the film. This is kind of research results are ratios, itsmeasurable research. For example researchers would ask 100 people a survey, and the result mightbe 50% like iron man the other doesn’t. It’s measurable research rather than words about what theyliked, it’s a statistic. Questions would be specific and looking for yes or no answers so they could geta statistic easier.Qualitative research findsout aboutpeople’s opinions and allows them to write down things. Thissurvey would be simpler questions so that people could give a wide range of answers it’s not justlooking for a specific yes or no. Most surveys like this maybe would ask if people have othercomments also if they were part of a surveys or focus group. They do this kind of research to get theaspects of the public find out if they like the storyline. They want to know the attitude of the fansand then other audiences towards the film.Post production research is all about whether the audience like the film. They like to find out theaudiences liked the film the feedback after seeing it and whether people expected different things,liked or didn’t like things. Producers do a post-production test screening; they will get 100 people inthe country of the American production company so if it’s an English film in England. They will beinvited into a private cinema to watch the first draft or cut ofthe film and then this will be the post production research. It’s an intimate screening of the film.Once they have watched the film they will be given a questionnaire and rate the film and might beask to give their opinion on how they could make it better and what was good. They will then takethe research and swap things around and re edit the film. They will then re-open production and getthe producers cast and production back and re shoot things and cut things and add things that theaudience wanted and invest a lot more money into making the re edit. Then after that about 400people will be in a full scale production film and then all of these will be asked to do a questionnaireabout the new filming. A lot of questions asked will be designed around what was your favouritecharacter if they like the music not bad things because they won’t want to film again. They will askthe audience things that can become marketing strategies, if they liked the music or certain quotesor characters. This will then become the synergy of the film and they will bring out a soundtrack,tops, hats, cups, figurines, toys whatever they can think of.