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My market research for my media magazine. How it all began.

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Media pop music mag 1

  1. 1. From closely looking at the two most common pop magazines “we love pop” and “top ofthe pops” it is evident that their common thread is their clustered front covers and boldcolour schemes. The cut out is also used as the background and the colours used matchthe cut out.
  2. 2. In we are pop the colour of the rim around the masthead is usually the common colour used onthe front cover demonstrated in the covers above. This creates an overall cohesive front coverand magazine. They use a small cinematic trail of pictures at the bottom to show other featuresin the magazine. This is affective as it does not take away your focus to much from the mainartist being shown in the centre of the magazine.
  3. 3. The other features included in theWe are pop also magazine are athas a slogan, this the side, stillalmost creates a visible but notbrand as from over taking thehearing that main cut out.slogan we wouldknow it is “we arepop” magazine.The slogan acts asthe magazines Pun thatvery on trademark. matches the Pull picture. quote You can gather from the front cover of this magazine that their audience are girls from probably 11- 18 by the colours, artists and features used for example Cher, the wanted, Olly Murs, and the advertising of fashion trends. The artist used are either heartthrobs or females that girls aspire to be like.
  4. 4. There is a shocked look on Cher Lloyds face, this is purposely done to intrigue the audience as the shocked face suggested she’s just found out something spectacular There is a use of that we want to know. different size fonts, this is effective as the mostThe front cover important text areuses san-serif bigger, for example Although thethroughout making WOAH ITS CHER. This layout is busy it allit easy to read. focus’s around the makes its stand out and image and doesnt attracts the readers eye. deter our attention from it. “Woah its Cher” is in bold italics, making it eye catching to the reader and highlights the main artist.
  5. 5. • Readers Profile• Hey were are Carly and Evie, two frantic 16 year old girls who love music, going out to concerts and really just mainley enjoy hanging out. We met at Britains next top model live and realised we shared a common interest in one beautiful boy Justin Bieber. Yes you can all scream. We are 16 and love to dance, sing and act and also enjoy meeting celebrity’s for fun. We are actually your typical teenagers, literally we study, call each other spazzing over the hottest boy bands and just boys in general, go out and gossip about the latest celebrity news over a starbucks latte e.t.c. Our favourite female artist is beyonce, we look up to her because we think that she is totally goregous and that her voice is amazing. She worked hard to get to where she is today and thats inspiring to us and ohh did we mention that she is totally gorgeous, she is defo someone we’d want to be like. You’ve probably guessed already from the beginning of this passage that our favourite famous boy is the one and only Justin Bieber. We freak out at every video, song and album he brings out because he is well fit and also his voice is just amazing. We’ve dove the craziest stuff to try and meet him including skipping school for his movie premier, in which we got our never say never books signed by him. We’ve also been to all his concerts and have entered into every competition in which after so many tries we actually did win tickets and happily went to see him at ITV. Pop magazines are like our text books they include all the information we want to know, and also provided up with fit posters, what a bonus !
  6. 6. • So I have decided officially that the genre of my magazine will be a pop magazine appealing to girls ages 12-17. I have chosen to go with the name OMG as the title of my magazine because I feel it has a shock factor to it and people will be interested as to know what is inside. The name OMG sounds like there is exclusive news to tell, this links with a common thread in most pop magazines which is gossip, there is always new gossip about the pop heartthrobs they are featuring in their magazines. The title OMG is very colloquial, creating a very personal and conversational tone with the reader, making them feel very involved in what they are reading. OMG is also very short and catchy; therefore it’s less of a mouthful to say and will be easily remembered. By using social media, I was able to get opinions on the chosen name of my magazine which was good because it made me certain of whether my name appealed to my audience or not.
  7. 7. I would like a mid-long shotor a close up with an artistto create intimacy betweenthem and the reader