When A Clicky Person Goes Insane Asylum Challenge Version 2.0


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Chapter 1 of my second attempt at an asylum challenge. New inmates and a whole lot of drama. Join us for Day 1 and 2!

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When A Clicky Person Goes Insane Asylum Challenge Version 2.0

  1. 1. When A Clicky Person Goes Insane Asylum Challenge Version 2.0
  2. 2. Yes I’m at it again. I’ve been wanting to take another run at the asylum challenge since the tragic destruction of my last asylum neighborhood. And then this weekend I got bit by the most brilliantly insane idea, and so now with new inmates I’m taking another go at this thing!
  3. 3. Meet inmate number 3 and 4 since my simself is inmate number one. On the left is Mae who writes A Legacy of Hope and The Mehntaa Legacy. (Yes I gave you your old hair) On the right is Gem who writes Forever Flowing A Legacy also over at boolprop.
  4. 4. Inmate number 5 on the left is Jules who write My Favorite Things and inmate number 6 is Jo who writes The Mobacy.
  5. 5. Inmate number seven is Donitah who somehow has connections in Strangetown despite being newly created in CAS. But she quickly learns that they can’t help her escape the nuthouse. Donitah is the author of Third Time’s the Charm an alphabetecy and United We Stand an apocalypse with aliens and elves.
  6. 6. And inmate number eight is seen eating dinner with me on the first night. Di writes the Victorian Legacy. Sorry your CC dress didn’t show up Di. I’m not really sure what happened. Oh and the reason you were chosen was because you gave me permission to put your simself in one of these things. Granted it was a while ago, but you were the only one I felt right about adding since at least you can get even if anything too awful happens since my simself lives in your game. On with the show.
  7. 7. So we begin the first day in the asylum all gathered around the television. A few of the residents seem worried. But I really don’t see why they should be. Donitah: “Perhaps because you still did not reveal who is responsible for getting us out of this mess and that has a few of us a little worried.” Jo: “And the title of this doesn’t help either.”
  8. 8. Di: “So you two have known Mystery for a while. How bad is this going to be?” Jules: “Honestly I’m a little worried. The fact that we haven’t seen the controllable sim makes me worried as to who it is.” Donitah: “I don’t like how she reacted when she said our doctor was at work. She’s hiding something.”
  9. 9. Jo decided to simply try to make the best of a bad situation by dancing the morning away while Gem provided the tunes. But Jo is a pleasure sim so I guess it’s in her nature to go with the flow.
  10. 10. Mae seemed to be trying to get a confession out of my simself by following me around the house. “Come on Mystery, our stories have this way of having striking similarities. Since we seem to think so much alike it’s like we’re twins or something. Come on you can’t keep secrets from me. We’re best friends right?” “ Technically in game we aren’t even friends yet. And it’s not that bad..”
  11. 11. Di apparently decided to take Jo’s approach and go with the flow of things. She rolled Fortune so this could end really badly. Hopefully it won’t.
  12. 12. Why she and Donitah decided to have a water balloon fight in a thunderstorm doesn’t seem too smart, but what do I know. Not surprisingly these two became the first friends in the house.
  13. 13. Jules broke the shower within a few short hours. “Hey free skill points and aspiration baby.” Hmm she makes a good point.
  14. 14. Jo continued her make the best of a bad situation philosophy by being the first to start using the dance sphere.
  15. 15. Gem has taken on the role of resident neat freak and has been cleaning up after the residents. She’s got a chance to do very well in here since she rolled Popularity for her aspiration. Lucky girl.
  16. 16. Mae: “Come on Mystery. Just give me a hint?” Me: “Nah.” Mae: “Don’t asylum’s traditionally have piano’s to build creativity?” Me: “Well sure. But that’s so unoriginal.”
  17. 17. The first night falls over the asylum and there has still been no sign of our controllable sim. To make matters worse Donitah has set our first fire. “We’re all going to die!” No you’re not. The controllable just got back from work.
  18. 18. The one who is responsible for getting us all out of this nightmare is my legacy’s current guardian protector Ryker Kim. Yep a vampire. (What I wanted an excuse to try out Di’s Vampires skin tone to see if I liked it? And I want to see if it’s possible to pull off an asylum with a vampire! That’s okay right?”
  19. 19. So that’s a no from you then Mae?
  20. 20. Uh I could be in trouble. Maybe I should have put more thought into this. But in my defense I didn’t realize Donitah was a pyromaniac.
  21. 21. “ You believe in me don’t you Jules?” “ I’m just considering myself lucky that I didn’t go into aspiratonal failure like the other two. Knowledge sims are known to have fears of fire you know.” “ Don’t worry. I’ll have you all out of here in no time.”
  22. 22. Mae? Twin sis you’re okay right? *incoherent babbling*
  23. 23. You believe in me right Gem? “ Ugh he’s hideous! He’s one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.” (Apparently your simself finds Ryker utterly repulsive.)
  24. 24. I don’t think anyone is very happy about your choice in a controllable sim. Ah cheer up Ryker. They don’t know how completely amazing you are. And they’re probably just in a state of shock. They’ll get over it. (I hope)
  25. 25. Though I do admit that our first day hasn’t ended very well. Two residents in aspiration failure already and a fire. But hey look on the bright side. Nobody died.
  26. 26. “ Lady, please tell me they set my computer up in the basement.” Yep Ryker needs to top the Gamer career and then we can all get out and have a party.
  27. 27. Mae: “You feeling any better Di?” Di: “I stink and I’m about to starve. That sum it up?” Mae: “ Whatever lady, I need to pee, I need a shower, I want to play a game, I’m starving and I’m about to pass out.” Sooo you two are still upset about last night then?
  28. 29. You okay there Jo? “ Yeah. I can’t complain too much.” You believe in me don’t you? “ Sure. Besides, I’ve got a game full of mobsters at my command if you tick me off.”
  29. 30. “ I want a shower!” It looks like there’s a line. “ Gem get out of my way! I’m going next.” Wow we’re only in day two and already tempers are flaring.
  30. 31. Gem has not only decided to be the resident neat freak, but now she’s the house gossip. “Hey Jules. Did you see Ryker. He’s really ugly.”
  31. 32. Lunch roles around and I nearly have a heart attack when Mae’s lunch starts smoking. Ryker is at work and will be for another 3 hours. I think the residents are conspiring against me. “You wouldn’t tell me who the controllable sim was.” Well shouldn’t you have been able to figure it out on your own since we think so much alike?
  32. 33. Oh dear. Sim Di is having another freak out during lunch. That fire last night really messed her up.
  33. 34. “ We’re friends now, but get out of the way. I want a shower!” Donitah honey calm down. It’s really not that bad.
  34. 35. Hey Di, you aren’t crying anymore. “ Nah. Apparently I had a want to be friends with Ryker or maybe I got the points from cleaning the bathroom puddles.” Who cares.
  35. 36. “ Hey, shouldn’t the drum set have been a dead give away about my identity.” Well that’s only if they’ve read my legacy. “ But doesn’t Mae..” Ryker, shhh. You’re going to get me in a lot of trouble if you finish that sentence.
  36. 37. “ I can’t believe no one left me a tip.” Ahhh!
  37. 38. Gem: “What again!” Di: “I guess we should be thankful whoever set this did so after Ryker got home.” Donitah: “No I don’t want to go into aspirational failure.”
  38. 39. Ryker hurry up before I end up with anyone on fire. I don’t think you could save anyone if you had to plead for their lives except Di, but she’s not close enough to get burned.
  39. 40. So the second fire drops poor knowledge sim Jules into aspiration failure. She even pulls out the volleyball to chat with.
  40. 41. It also sends our resident pleasure sim Jo into failure too. That means only my simself and Gem haven’t crashed. Good grief that has to be some kind of asylum record.
  41. 42. Poor Jo. She’s walking around the house with worry hands. But she’s not the most crazy in the house at the end of a disastourous day two.
  42. 43. That title goes to Jules who’s talking to Professor Volleyball for the third time in 3 sim hours. Oh you thought the drama was over? Ha.
  43. 44. “ I just wanted a tv dinner!” What on earth was wrong with the jello two counters over?
  44. 45. Join us next time to see just how much more chaos we can witness before this is through. Oh you wanted to see the final score after day 2? Fires: 3 Deaths: O Aspiration Failures: 5