The Greaves Family ISBI Chapter 1


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Chapter 1 of my medieval themed ISBI Challenge.

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The Greaves Family ISBI Chapter 1

  1. 1. The Greaves Family ISBI Chapter 1
  2. 2. So welcome to another project. I know I’ve got two others that I should beworking on, but then I got this idea in my head for an ISBI and I had to try it.So far, I’m having a blast. These chapters are likely going to be short, buthopefully you enjoy my take on the ISBI Challenge.
  3. 3. In the kingdom of Veronaville there lived a peasant farmer named PeterGreaves. The Greaves family had served the Monty family for 5 generations.A difficult winter and a war with the Capp family had left Peter to tend thesoil of the family farm alone.
  4. 4. And while Peter spent his days toiling in the fields, his young wifeMarla tended to the duties of their homestead. She rose early tomake breakfast then moved on to cleaning the hovel in which theylived.
  5. 5. Peter would often return from the field to find his wife carefullymaking marks in the family’s account log.
  6. 6. Peter would inhale the provided evening meal. His days werelong and full of hard work. He and Marla hardly spent anytimetogether it would seem.
  7. 7. Yet the couple clearly spent enough to time together to produce anheir. Their first born child was born at the end of Spring. Peter choseto name his son and heir Amalric.
  8. 8. While having a son was indeed a blessing, it also came with itsown share of worries. Almaric meant the family had another mouthto feed. Now more than ever the Greaves needed a bountifulharvest.
  9. 9. As Spring turned to summer Marla spent more and more time in bed. Themidwife said she was once again with child. However, this pregnancy wastaking its toll. What would Peter do if his wife died? He could not afford tohire someone to take care of his young son during the day and it wouldtake time to find another wife. And he loved Marla very much. He couldn’tjust replace her.
  10. 10. Even though she was ill and tired, Marla still had to get up eachday to care for her son and home. There was just no otheroption. Amalric needed his mother. And he reminded her somuch of Peter. He certainly had his nose.
  11. 11. Yet he seemed to have inherited his mother’s somewhat quietnature. He could pull some of the most adorable faces whilehis mother tried to teach him to talk.
  12. 12. Despite a difficult pregnancy Marla delivered a healthy baby girl whichthey named Isabella.
  13. 13. Peter did his best to give his wife a chance to rest and recover afterhis daughter’s birth. And although he was still needed in the fieldsmost of the day, he found the time to teach his young son how towalk.
  14. 14. Life more or less returned to normal for the Greaves family. Marla’sstrength seemed to return although she did spend more time sleepingthan before. Or at least, Peter found that she rarely stayed awake morethan an hour after he returned home each day.
  15. 15. When he could, Peter took to the local fishing hole tosupplement his family’s meager funds and food supply. It wasa good think our founder enjoyed the outdoors as he spentalmost all of his time there.
  16. 16. Time flew by in the Greaves home and before either parent knew wherethe time had gone Amalric had grown into a healthy young boy. Andalthough he was quiet, he had also inherited his mother’s playful spirit.
  17. 17. It also wasn’t long before Isabella grew up to be a very fussy child. She cried and oftenkept her parents up at all hours of the night. This made her parents jobs that muchmore difficult.And although the couple had once again been trying they had yet to conceive anotherchild. As much as Peter did not want to further risk his beloved wife’s health, ifsomething happened to Amalric there wouldn’t be anyone to help him in the fields. Andno heir to the family line.
  18. 18. To her mother’s great relief the toddler years ended and Isabellabecame a beautiful little girl. She was still quite a handful for hermother, still fussing quite frequently, but at least now she wassomewhat more self sufficient.
  19. 19. Isabella loved to tell the tales of the kingdom. Much to hermother’s displeasure her daughter was something of a romanticsilly heart. She was forever going on about lords and ladies andthe latest gossip of the kingdom. Whatever was Marla going todo? How could she teach Isabella to curb her unruly tongue?
  20. 20. Her daughter had also taken to fishing with her father and brother. Such anunlady like thing to do. And she would do it in the rain no less!The only reason Marla did not fuss overly much about her daughter’s fishingwas that Isabella proved to be better at it than anyone else in the family.She caught more fish than her father and brother combined and thiscertainly would help the family during the long cold winter.
  21. 21. But splashing about in the puddles? Oh no, Marla would have toput a stop to that. Isabella was going to ruin all of her clothes andthe family did not have the funds to make her new ones.
  22. 22. Well for all her faults at least Isabella did not keep her parents up atall hours of the night anymore. She was now old enough to sleep onthe ground floor with her older brother. And after a full’s day ofhelping their parents the Greaves children always slept soundly.
  23. 23. But each and every morning, Peter and Amalric would head out tothe fields or the lake leaving Marla and Isabella to tend to things athome.
  24. 24. Unfortunately, Isabella was more trouble than help most days. Marlafound she spent half her day doing most of the cooking, cleaning, andneedlework. The other half of the day Marla spent chasing after herunruly daughter who had run off to play in the puddles she’d created inthe outhouse so that she could get out of sewing or cleaning.
  25. 25. It was also growing colder which meant that soon the harvest would be broughtin. The crop looked okay for the year and it seemed as though the Greaveswould have some left over for themselves after they paid their tribute to theMonty family.Peter was also quite sure that he and Amalric could catch some more fishbefore the lake froze. They could sell some of it and put some of it on ice.
  26. 26. Peter and Amalric cleared the fields and gleaned all the fruit from the two trees at theend of fall. Most of it went to pay their tribute, but the family was able to bring in onefruit tree and row of crops to get them through the long cold winter.The family had also put 12 fish on ice. The rest had been sold for a small profit.Winter had finally come to Veronaville…..would their hard work be enough for thefamily to survive?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  27. 27. I leave you this chapter with a picture of proof that Isabella is indeed the whiniest little thing ever.She’s constantly complaining and it is almost impossible to influence her to do things. I swear gettingher homework done every day is like pulling teeth.So at the beginning of Winter the Greaves family has a bank balance of 3,870 silver pieces. That’s nottoo bad given the fact they started with 0 and no one is permitted to have a job. So will the Greavesfamily ever manage to climb out of the peasant class? Just how high can I get the sims in a medievalsocial structure when I can only control one of them? Stick around to find out!