Goldweaver Legacy Chapter 16: Prophecy Fullfilled?


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Chapter 16 of the Goldweaver Family Legacy. As Toren and Silvana search for the vampires, Toren continues to have troubling visions. If anything they are getting worse. Has time run out for Toren and Silvana to stop the dark future their grandfather foresaw?

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Goldweaver Legacy Chapter 16: Prophecy Fullfilled?

  1. 1. Goldweaver Family Legacy Chapter 16 Prophecy Fullfilled?
  2. 2. I’ve put off recording my life’s personal events primarily due to a lack of time. Perhaps those who came before me were granted the leisure time for journals, but I’ve had little time for recording my life’s events onto pages. My days have been filled with a great deal of work. I have played my part as the head of our family and now it is your turn to take up the torch and carry on with telling the story. Though my youth did not permit me the leisure time for reflection, I find that my elder years will be filled with plenty of time for thought and meditation. So now as I pass our family’s story on to you my son, I take the time to make a record of what has transpired. I hope that you shall take something of use away from these pages. I know that I personally took a great deal from those who came before me and even those who shared the story with me. May your days be blest, Toren ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. 3. “ I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your continued assistance with my search for the vampires.” Ravi Walosenko swallowed the bite of their daily rations, “It is our honor to help you Toren. And truth be told, everyone is curious as to where the vampires are these days.” Ravi’s twin sister Tristen nodded, “ No one has seen a vampire since your grandfather’s murder, and are becoming increasingly worried as to their whereabouts.”
  4. 4. After sharing their daily meal, Toren headed to the greenhouse for his mid-day calming exercises. The twins made their way out front as to not disturb their friend. “Do you think father will give Toren permission to visit the Conclave?” Ravi gave his sister a reassuring smile, “I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m quite certain I can convince the elders to allow us to make a visit to the vampire’s home. Since Toren is of their blood, I don’t see why they won’t allow it.” Tristen simply nodded. “I think I’ll go and see to the gardens.”
  5. 5. Ravi wondered at his sister’s sudden departure. He couldn’t see how that topic of conversation would unnerve her so much. From behind Silvana asked, “Is your sister always so uptight?” Ravi spun around and gave the younger Vijayakar an enthusiastic grin, “Silvana, so wonderful to see you. Tristen’s well, you’ll warm up to her.” He gave her a lopsided grin, “I know you can’t help it, but I’m sure the fact that you can read her thoughts so often is throwing her off.” Silvana blushed. She didn’t mean to read Tristen’s thoughts, but the gypsy’s unease always seemed to overload Silvana’s brain. Quickly she made her excuses and headed back inside, leaving Ravi shaking his head.
  6. 6. Silvana slid into the open seat next to her older brother. This was someone she was much more comfortable with. His thoughts never invaded her mind unbidden like the others. If she wanted to know how Toren was feeling she had to ask. “So how’d the exercises go?” Toren nodded his head, “They went fine.” He kept the fact that Tristen had interrupted his exercises again to himself. He knew Silvana would only feel guilty about her lack of control over her telepathy, and he’d already dealt with one overly apologetic female. He had no desire to deal with a second. His head was pounding enough as it was.
  7. 7. The evening exercise went much better than in the afternoon. Silvana painted quietly in the background, which was no distraction for Toren. He’d learned to block his sister’s presence out of his head during exercises and he was learning to do so with the twins and Tala as well, though it was slow going.
  8. 8. After exercises , Toren often went to bed. He found that going to bed early was often the only guarantee he would get enough rest. He dreamed almost nightly, and some evenings he was awoken multiple times by dark visions. Silvana was a late owl by contrast and would remain in the greenhouses painting long into the evening. Tristen often joined her for a few hours to work on her flowers. Silvana like her brother was still adapting to Tristen’s presence. In the garden, though Tristen was at peace, and in fact seemed oblivious to the fact that Silvana was even in the same room.
  9. 9. Toren’s interactions with Tristen were complex as well. He found it difficult to get the young woman to open up. He was accustomed to outgoing individuals like his sister and cousin, to the shy reserved Tristen. He had discovered that they both shared a thirst for knowledge. However, Tristen seemed to be a much slower study. “So your last move has placed me in check correct?” she asked uncertainly. Toren nodded patiently. “So how’s your garden?” he asked casually as he moved his next piece. “ You have won again Master Toren.” she began to set the pieces up again, “The plants are doing quite well. You do feel up to playing again don’t you?” “ Of course.”
  10. 10. If they weren’t trying to cope with developing relationships with the twins, they could be found poring over ancient writings with their cousin Tala. They were studying up on the customs and traditions of all the major peoples of their people’s homeland, but primarily that of Edward. If they ran into a vampire by chance, none of them wished to offend him/her. “ Have you found anything on proper greetings yet?” Toren asked. “After all not all of us can read minds.” Silvana sighed. She knew Toren only let that slip because he was frustrated, but so was she. “It’s all so confusing. There seems to be nearly half a dozen ways to greet a vampire depending on social status, gender, age, time of day, ugh.”
  11. 11. In the early stages of winter, Toren received a phone call from home. “So you are bringing Tala home for Kaya’s birthday correct? Your father wasn’t sure exactly what time you would be getting in.” “ We should be home before nightfall. We can stop by the Haven if he’d like.” “ No, he’s going to have the Haven closed for a few days. He found a major leak in the roofing and that needs to be repaired. You three be careful.” “ We will, Aunt Alfhild, don’t worry.”
  12. 12. “ Toren, aren’t you usually in bed by now? You do have to leave for home in the morning right?” Toren pinched the bridge of his nose. This was not going to be a good night. “Yeah, and you’re still meeting with the elders while we’re gone right?” The throbbing pain in his head continued to make it difficult to see straight. Ravi nodded his lips in a thin line. “Yeah, don’t worry I’ll convince them to let you take the trip.” “ Right now Ravi, I’m worried about getting a decent night’s sleep.” His patience was nearly gone. Why couldn’t he clear his head? Toren picked up his rook and after long moments of thought he finally slammed it onto the board in frustration. “I’m going to bed.” He stormed off leaving a very worried Ravi alone.
  13. 13. But though Toren went to bed at 11 he didn’t fall asleep until 2 in the morning. And his sleep was anything but peaceful.
  14. 18. The next morning, Ravi stood at the edge of the property line with Toren. Silvana and Tala had walked ahead, and Ravi took a moment to speak with his friend. “You going to be okay? I could tell Avri to go with you if you’d like.” Toren waved a hand, “Thanks for the offer, but we’ll be fine. It was only one vision.” Seeing the arched eyebrow he waved a hand, “Look just make sure we can visit the conclave when we get back.” Ravi shook his head. He couldn’t make Toren open up to him. So he simply nodded, “Well if you’re sure you’ll be alright. And I already told you I’ve got that under control. Just enjoy your cousin’s birthday.”
  15. 19. Enjoy his cousin’s birthday with a vision of her death floating around in his head? He didn’t think that was possible. Toren was in a foul mood through the entire trip home and when he finally reached Rainbow Valley he made his excuses to head straight home. Silvana and Tala continued onto the McCarthy house alone though Silvana through a nervous glance back at her older brother. He waved her off, and finally she kept going though the concern never left her eyes. Toren just didn’t think he could look at little Kaya with what he had recently seen. He arrived home and found his mother had just taken out the trash. She greeted him with a smile which he only half acknowledged. He walked straight to his old room where he collapsed on the bed hoping to get a few hours sleep before the party.
  16. 20. “ So Tor what’s going on with you?” Maya had cornered him at the chess table during the early stages of Kaya’s birthday. “I don’t know what you are talking about Aunt Maya.” “ Sure you don’t. Come on kiddo, even for you this is what I’d call brooding.” Toren gave his aunt a rather tired expression, “Let’s just say things haven’t been going my way lately. ” He really didn’t want to talk about this.
  17. 21. Maya threw back her head and sighed, “It’s a girl isn’t it?” Toren turned his head so his Aunt couldn’t see the look on his face. Only his aunt would assume that his poor mood was due to a female. The only girls he even knew were either related to him or Tristen. Even if he liked a girl he’d never admit such a thing to his aunt. He’d never hear the end of it. Literally. He got up from the chess table and headed across the room leaving Maya with a smug grin on her face.
  18. 22. Other guests were in a much lighter mood. Silvana had taken up providing the entertainment. Glyndwr noted that his little Si had learned quite a bit while she’d been away from home. He’d missed hearing the music around the house though he hadn’t realized just how much until he had her home.
  19. 23. Soon it was time for the big moment. Silvana kept shooting Toren glances throughout the entire party. As she let out a loud cheer she called through her mind link, “ Toren, what’s going on? Why have you been avoiding Kaya?” Toren shot his little sister a warning look all the while keeping his fake smile plastered to his face. Using the mind link the two had learned to control in recent months he responded, “ I’m not ..” he sighed inwardly , “look I had a vision about Kaya. I think Grandfather’s prophecy was about Kaya. I..let’s just let Kaya have her moment.” Silvana called back, “ Fine, but you have to tell dad or I will .” Toren sighed again. “ I know .” He just didn’t want to send his father back into a depression again.
  20. 24. At the cake Kaya stood ready to leave childhood behind. She was still a little sad that her cousin Toren had not wanted to dance with her, but her mommy had said Cousin Toren was tired. She hated that he always seemed tired. She leaned into the cake and made a wish. I wish Cousin Toren could stop having nightmares so that then he wouldn’t be so tired all the time.
  21. 25. Everyone cheered excitedly as Kaya spun into her teenage years. She took one look at her outfit and decided she needed a quick change of clothes.
  22. 26. After a quick change, Kaya returned to the party and gave her dad a warm smile. Christian smiled back at his youngest who looked so much like him, “Green really is your color isn’t it?” Kaya smiled shyly, “I like green.”
  23. 27. Out in the main room Toren was trying to explain his vision in a low voice. Glyndwr seemed concerned and decided a family meeting would be called first thing in the morning to discuss what they could do to keep Kaya safe. And he was a bit worried that Toren had not felt comfortable discussing the dream with him. But he was getting the feeling that now was not the time to address that particular issue. Instead he gave a half smile, “There’s not much we can do tonight Toren. Go spend some time with Kaya. She’s missed you while you’ve been away.”
  24. 28. But Toren’s vision was coming true as the two men spoke. The eerie purple and blue light poured out of the sky onto the McCarthy house below.
  25. 29. It engulfed a stunned girl below and before she could let out a cry for help Kaya had been whisked away.
  26. 30. Moments later Alfhild had gone out to check on her youngest daughter only to let out a panicked shriek when she looked up and saw the ship hovering above their home. Glyndwr, Christian, and Toren had all rushed outside to see what was going on. Meanwhile Pyrrhus and Cinaed had stayed behind with the women and children. They all looked up with horror at the sight before their eyes.
  27. 31. Another scream split the sky in half an hour later as Kaya was thrown from the ship and left to fall to the ground. All Toren and the others could do was watch helplessly from below.
  28. 32. This was the first vision Toren had actually witnessed turn into reality. And he felt as if he were going to hurl or pass out. Or maybe both. But he couldn’t seem to do any of these things. He stood frozen in place and he winced as little Kaya hit the ground below. I was supposed to protect her. I was supposed to keep everyone safe.
  29. 33. He felt as if he were in a dream. She can’t be dead. She just can’t be . He watched with an overwhelming sense of relief as slowly, Kaya dragged herself up from the snow.
  30. 34. By some miracle Kaya had survived the fall. She could barely stand, but soon Glyndwr and her father were at her side. For a few days after Kaya had to take things slowly, but it appeared that the youngest McCarthy was going to be just fine.
  31. 35. Toren, Silvana, and Tala returned to Waterfall Springs after they were assured Kaya would be fine. Toren seemed to have a new drive to find the vampires and learn how to properly use his gift. Next time, I won’t be so lucky was all he would say to Silvana. So the eldest of the Ceberlandon clan grew up with a few of her family members missing.
  32. 36. But it didn’t seem to phase Iruviel in the slightest. She grew up to be quite the heart-breaker.
  33. 37. Despite being so very different from the rest of her family Iruviel and Kaya remained close even as teens. Iruviel was a rouge and merely wore the pink out of courtesy. And Kaya was family oriented while Iruviel had no interest in settling down. Yet the two were almost inseparable.
  34. 38. In Waterfall Springs, Silvana was finding that she and Tristen had developed a rather close bond over the course of the winter. The two had spent a great deal of time together since their return from their trips home. On the first day of Spring, Ravi finally returned to the house after a rather long absence.
  35. 39. As soon as he’d entered the main room, Tala had smiled with enthusiasm. “Ravi, we were beginning to wonder if you were ever coming back or not. I was about to suggest we raid the gypsy homestead and drag you out.” Ravi smiled and greeted Tala in traditional gypsy fashion, “It is good to see you all again as well. And considering how dull some of the meetings can be, I cannot say having a foreigner liven them up would not have been appreciated.”
  36. 40. Ravi sat down at the table with Toren and Silvana. “So how did your cousin’s birthday go?” Toren stared blankly at Ravi. Silvana looked from her brother to Ravi and then provided an explanation, “Kaya was visited by her people during our visit. Toren dreamed it would happen before we left.” “ Ah geez man I’m sorry. I’ll just cut to the chase. The gypsies decided to open the gate between Waterfall Springs and Rainbow City. We can leave first thing in the morning if you’d like.”
  37. 41. “ That’s great news Ravi. We’ll be ready first thing in the morning.”
  38. 42. Toren gave his sister a reproving stare, “You mean I will be ready to go first thing in the morning. I won’t risk your life on this Si.” Silvana shook her head. Her brother could be so stubborn. “Toren, I’m coming with you. I’m just as upset about what happened to Kaya as you are. And you aren’t the only one with a gift. I’m a telepath remember? I need answers too.” “ Besides,” she added in a protective tone, “ I can help you.”
  39. 43. In the end Silvana convinced her brother to allow her to accompany them on the trip to Rainbow City. The next day, the three arrived at Aldel Greens the ancient burial ground of the vampires. It was on the edge of the ancient city and all agreed it was quite beautiful. “ Okay, so where should we start looking? Should we just go knocking door to door and see if anyone’s home?” Ravi asked. Toren frowned, “I highly doubt that would be appropriate.” Silvana chimed in, “He was only joking Tor.”
  40. 44. From beside him Silvana rubbed her wrist. Something wasn’t right here. Toren caught the movement and raised an arched eyebrow. How was she going to tell them this? Finally she just blurted it out, “They aren’t here.” “ What?” both men exclaimed in unison. “ The vampires aren’t here.” she shook her head sadly, “I’m not picking up a single mind wave. I don’t know where they are, but the vampires are not here.”
  41. 45. The sky suddenly turned dark without warning. Toren slumped over and placed frustrated hand on his head. Ravi looked on with concern, “Toren, man are you alright?” But Toren offered no answer. Something in the air had most certainly changed. Before he could say another word he fell to the grass and landed with a thud. Silvana cried out, “Toren!” Ravi knelt down beside him and began taking charge of the situation, “Look just stay calm. We need to get him back to the homestead. I think he’s gone into overload.” Silvana looked at Ravi in horror, “Overload?” Crap, way to go Ravi . “Look, Si don’t worry okay. There are plants that can help, but we gotta get him home.”
  42. 46. Ravi carried Toren back to his own home in Waterfall Springs. However his people only had a few doses of the needed plants available. The gypsies did not make a habit of keeping the plants in great numbers since they held little use for their people. They lent Ravi a means of travel to get Toren back to the House of the Fountain and Tristen. Once home Toren was placed into bed. Silvana hardly left his side constantly reaching out to her older brother trying to pull him out of the coma. But she wasn’t a trained telepath and it didn’t look like Toren would be waking up anytime soon. But that didn’t keep her from trying. “Toren? Can you hear me?” she called over and over again.
  43. 47. Okay this was weird. He didn’t recognize this place. He didn’t know where he was or what he was doing there. He knew he needed to get home. He began walking down the side-walk and followed the light. That’s what you were supposed to do right? Wait why could he hear his own thoughts? He’d never done that before….
  44. 48. He saw her skating and twirling. This was a memory. He’d never seen memories and visions at the same time. It was either one or the other. This was the memory of his cousin’s first night in Waterfall Springs. They’d all had a good time that night though. Why was he dreaming of a memory now? This wasn’t home, so he walked on.
  45. 49. This was no memory. Tala and Ravi sharing a kiss had most certainly never happened before. But on the other hand he wasn’t so surprised by this development. He’d suspected the two had feelings for one another. But now he was starting to get confused. So this was a vision? So far he’d seen a place he’d never seen before, obviously a vision. A memory, obviously not a vision, and now another vision. What was going on? Was he dying? Was he losing his mind? Both?
  46. 50. So he was still in the vision. It was hard to move on from this one. The door seemed to be locked. As he continued to watch he couldn’t help but think, this all was kind of disgusting. He thought once more as he’d done before in visions like this. Was this how Silvana felt when she saw someone’s unpleasant thoughts? He was certain it was. As the roller rink faded away at last, he felt that talking to either of them was going to be awkward for a few days. If he ever woke up.
  47. 51. As he walked on the light grew brighter. Tala was talking to someone he’d never seen before. Another vision. That someone had gray skin. Wait Tala was talking to a vampire! Tala is going to meet a vampire he thought excitedly. She’s the one that’s going to help me! Maybe she’s going to wake me up now as the vision slipped away.
  48. 52. Okay this was officially weird. This wasn’t the right place either. He’d never been a part of any vision like this before and to be honest he was starting to get a little freaked out. He’d never had trouble waking up from a vision before. This was a memory, well sort of. At least he actually recognized this place. Somehow he found himself as a 10 year old kid in the study back in Lorian. He’d never been the improper age during a vision. He was having some sort of out of body experience. Not really knowing what else to do, he found a book and began to read hoping maybe he could figure out a way out of here. No luck. It was only a copy of the old stories his great-grandmother used to tell his father. Wait? Was that someone else coming down the hall?
  49. 53. A kindly woman that Toren could almost swear he knew appeared in the room. She smiled at him and then took a seat across the table and set out the pieces. Toren asked hesitantly, “Uh, who are you?” Wait he can talk in a vision? Definitely never done that before. The woman raised an arched eyebrow, “Me? I’m your great grandmother.” Toren couldn’t believe his ears, “Nana Bird?” The woman laughed, “Yes, Toren. But you really shouldn’t be here dear one. There’s much work for you to do.” He couldn’t help but be a little smart," Any ideas how I’m supposed to get home?” The woman ignored the tone moving a piece gracefully across the board, “Your sister knows the way I think.”
  50. 54. “ Toren! Can you hear me?” Toren followed the voice that had suddenly penetrated his dream. He found the image of his little sister standing in the living room of their old home. “Please tell me you know how to get me home.” But Silvana didn’t answer. She just stared at him with those bright green eyes and then began to walk out the front door. Toren stood there in the middle of their old living room confused not sure what he was supposed to do.
  51. 55. From the couch the image of his great grandmother encouraged, “Go on dear one. She’ll get you back home.” Toren couldn’t help but ask, “Are you real?” The woman smiled, “In a way.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As the dream swirled away and he opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling of the House of the Fountain Toren couldn’t help but wonder what on earth had just happened.
  52. 56. Tala walked into her cousin’s bedroom and nearly fainted for joy when she saw Toren was awake, “Toren! What happened?” Toren was so excited he could barely get the words out, “Tala, were you out with Ravi?” Tala looked at him bewildered. He’d been unconscious for two days and naturally he asked her the one question she didn’t want to answer? “Toren, yes I mean, we went to the skating rink like you told us too. Well you told us to in your dream state.” Toren’s smile broadened ,“You met a vampire didn’t you!” Tala shook her head in the affirmative, but she didn’t smile. “Yes, but she told us to tell you to leave the vampires alone. They don’t want to help you. Toren I’m so sorry/. We must have screwed something up.”
  53. 57. Toren marched out to the greenhouses. He couldn’t believe this! How could this all be going so wrong? Hadn’t his grandfather said that his people would pick up where he left off in training him? But they weren’t going to. Now what was he going to do?
  54. 58. He hadn’t even noticed she was there. Not that most people did, but Toren had always been so kind to her even with all her quirks. She stood twisting together flowers, but her heart wasn’t in it. She wanted to help the man standing not three feet away, but what could she do? All she was truly good at was gardening and besides being able to grow healing plants, she couldn’t really do anything for someone like Toren. Could she?
  55. 59. She couldn’t keep her mind off of Toren over the next few days. Tristen spent most of her time tending to her beloved garden. It was a new season and there was much work for her to do. But she found her eyes lingering on the young Vijayakar more than once.
  56. 60. Tristen had been pulling weeds one evening, when Toren had slammed the door to the greenhouse so hard that Tristen had been amazed the glass did not shatter. Toren had recently lost control of his temper on several occasions as of late. His old calming techniques did not appear to be working. Without thinking, Tristen dragged Toren over to the plants and began to show him how to pull the weeds. She missed the annoyed look on the young man’s face. How on earth did this woman find this relaxing?
  57. 61. “ Tristen! I think I stepped in something. What is that?” Toren complained as he crinkled his nose in disgust. Tristen merely leaned down and brushed a plant tenderly, lost in her own world. “That’s just some fertilizer I invented. Don’t worry it doesn’t have any odor or anything it just feels weird..” Toren wiped his foot on the ground trying to get the offending material off his shoes. Suddenly Tristen’s statement registered in his brain. He raised an eyebrow, “ Wait, you invented this?”
  58. 62. Toren and Tristen spent the next two hours together just talking. For some reason Toren felt better than he had in a long time. After the work in the greenhouse was done, Toren had led Tristen outside. As he stared up at the stars he told the stories he vaguely remembered his great grandmother telling him. “That was the oddest dream I’ve ever had. Towards the end I almost felt…. safe.” Tristen stared upward, “There are stories that some of our people could speak to their descendants through dreams after their death. But is an extremely rare skill. But all the stories say Lady Kalina was an amazing woman. Perhaps she learned how to appear in dreams.” “ So why now?” Tristen had no answer.
  59. 63. Life fell into a routine again. Each of the three young people did what relaxed them the most. Toren wasn’t sure what the future held for him or how he would keep the next nightmare from coming true. But he was finding it easier to control his temper again. Silvana and Tristen were both largely responsible for that.
  60. 64. Toren also knew that telling the stories to Tristen seemed to be his new chess. Actually spending time with her drove back the pounding headaches far better than any game of chess had ever done. With her he almost felt normal. Well at least as normal as an untrained half-vampire could possibly feel. And Tristen had never felt as accepted either. Toren wasn’t like everyone else. He didn’t care that she learned things slower than others or that she tripped over her own feet at least half a dozen times a day. He made her feel a way no one else did. But she knew the rules and to openly admit affection was highly frowned upon by the gypsies. Not to mention, Tristen was much too shy. But one night when she was sure he was fast asleep she whispered. “I love you.” But even Tristen couldn’t drive away all the dreams.
  61. 69. “ Toren! You had another nightmare?” Glyndwr asked with concern. He nodded his head up and down. Then realizing he wasn’t talking to his daughter he voiced his thoughts aloud, “Of course you can come home for a few days to clear your head. Your mom and I are always glad to see you two. You know that. We’ll see you in a few days.”
  62. 70. Toren sat upon the new bed that was in the room that had been newly decorated. It was different from the way he remembered it, but he liked it. Okay the bedsheets needed an update, but otherwise he felt as though he could get accustomed to this place. Maybe he should just face the facts, he wasn’t going to be getting any help with his gift or curse or whatever. He wasn’t even sure what to call it anymore. In the late afternoon of late spring, Toren drifted off into another uneasy sleep.