Goldweaver Family Legacy Chapter 18: We Come to Journey's End


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Chapter 18 of the Goldweaver family legacy. Generation's six time away from home comes to a close. As the family discovers an ancient prophecy, Toren feels certain that unlockng its secrets is the key to stopping Gal. But how do you stop someone when you don't even know what they are planning?

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Goldweaver Family Legacy Chapter 18: We Come to Journey's End

  1. 1. Goldweaver Legacy Chapter 18 As We Come to Journey’s End
  2. 2. A lone figure moved her way up the stairs. Only her eyes were visible through the mask she wore. Gal did not even know she was here. He probably thought she was in her room. But Lyrika had seen this house so many times and had always wanted to go inside. Not that it had been her original plan when she snuck out. She just came so that she could play someplace exciting. Staying in her room got lonely and boring. She’d snuck out of the castle and come here by her secret door. She’d past the house as she ran through the stone streets and had been drawn inside Now she was inside that mystery house her papa hated so much. As she walked about she couldn’t understand why. It was so beautiful in here! I wonder if there are any toys I can play with?
  3. 3. As she rounded a corner she literally ran into a strange man. She threw her arms up in surprise as the man started poking her. “Who are you?” the man demanded. Lyrika was so scared she couldn’t answer. She had been naughty and now papa was going to punish her. Lyrika darted off down the hall looking for someplace to hide until her papa could come and get her.
  4. 4. “Wait!” Ravi called after the woman. She had run into one of the bedrooms upstairs and had locked herself inside. “Now isn’t that peculiar?” Ravi mused. Well she couldn’t hurt the family from in there, and really it didn’t seem like she had been there to hurt the family at all. This was most unusual. He needed to speak with Toren.
  5. 5. He found Toren in the library with Lady Silvana. He’d left Avri to watch the woman after picking the lock, but really he didn’t think she was going to come out. “She reminded you of a child?” Toren couldn’t believe Ravi was comparing an assassin to a misbehaved child. Still something was nagging him about this whole thing.
  6. 6. “I know it sounds crazy Toren, but my gut tells me she was not here for you and Silvana. She seemed genuinely surprised to see me. And why did she run off the way she did. There was something about her eyes that was off.” Toren returned his face to the contemplative stare he so often wore. He sat for a moment pondering what Ravi had just said.
  7. 7. Across the room Silvana now held the same expression of her brother. Ravi recognized the sign that the two were speaking to one another. He sat and waited patiently for one of them to speak. Before either spoke however, Ravi heard a woman’s scream followed by a thud. Jumping up from his seat he dashed back down the hall to the stairs. Damn it Avri!
  8. 8. Avri sat fuming and cursing the elders once again for assigning Ravi as the leader of this operation. He and Ravi had never operated on the same page, but Avri was not a man of noble birth so naturally he was never given ranking command of an operation. As he stared across the room at the helpless assassin cowering behind a shelf he turned up his nose in disgust. This was ridiculous! He was through playing by Ravi’s rules. He was not here to play games. Here they had an opportunity to get some easy answers, and Ravi just wanted to talk the situation to death like he always did. Well screw it, he was going to take full advantage of this opportunity.
  9. 9. He strode across the room with purposeful steps. Lyrika backed away and into the corner. But there was nowhere for her to hide. “Alright enough of the games,” Avri hissed, “Who are you?” She backed further into the wall, and breathed heavily into her mask. She wanted to go home! Why were these people yelling at her. Her silence only enraged Avri. He moved closer. He hissed, “I’m not going to ask you again. Who are you and why did Gal send you here!’
  10. 10. Avri walked out of the room five minutes later. That had proved to be one of the most useless interviews of his career. Apparently Gal liked to hire brainless idiots. Probably has an inferiority complex. How could that man possibly keep order in Lorian with soldiers such as that? Pathetic.
  11. 11. Ravi strode up to Avri eyes blazing in anger. He kept his voice calm, “What were you doing in there Avri?” Avri smiled, “Nothing my Lord,” he spat the title. “Just trying to do as the council instructed. What have you been doing?” Ravi barely kept his voice even, “Watch your tone Avri. Do not presume for one moment that I do not take the assignment I have been given seriously. I take it quite seriously indeed. Tell me Avri, were you methods successful?” he spat the last question out knowing full well the answer.
  12. 12. Avri’s smile disappeared instantly. He became angry as once again Ravi had gotten the best of him. “I..Well you would not have been able to gain answers in your methods Ravi. That woman in there has quite a few circuits loose Moron couldn’t have picked a bigger idiot if he tried..” Ravi had lost his temper, “Enough! I will be reporting this to the elders.” Avri became silent at once. His face held a disgusted look. Great now he had to explain himself to the elders.
  13. 13. Back in the library Toren had finally risen from the couch. Silvana seemed to think like Ravi that something was amiss here. And since all three had come to the conclusion in their own way, it seemed only logical that something was amiss. But what? Looking around the room he questioned, “Where has Ravi gotten off too?”
  14. 14. “Sorry about that Tor.” Ravi had reentered the library. “There was an incident.” Toren raised an eyebrow in question, but his friend waved a hand. They would speak of this at another time then. Catching Ravi’s eyes were on something behind him he asked, “What is it?” “Is that not a statue of Jumbok?” Ravi moved to look upon the statue which sat upon a pedestal just behind Toren. Looking closely he realized it was indeed a small replica of the stone monument that had recently been recovered.
  15. 15. As the three gazed at the statue, Silvana gasped. “Ravi look there is writing on the front. I can’t read the inscription though.” Ravi nodded, “I can. It’s a prophecy. I’ve heard it before ,though this version is in ancient Valen. But certainly you’ve heard it before as well. Toren asked confused, “Why would we have heard it?” Ravi looked shocked, “Because Oloros Goldweaver is the one who first made it.” Silvana suddenly gasped, “Someone’s here” she hissed between her teeth. As Ravi began to move out of the room he saw her smile, green eyes shining. She shook her head and announced, “It’s only Ryker.” Toren rolled his eyes, “Figures.”
  16. 16. “Ryker, I wish you wouldn’t do that.” Ryker froze at the gate a little surprised to suddenly hear Silvana’s voice inside his head. “Uh sorry about that Sea Baby. I tend to pop up on people. It’s a vampire thing.” “Funny Tor never mentioned Grandfather doing that. Wait, sea baby?” “Yeah, it’s totally you.” “You are so weird.” “I know, but that’s why you love me right?”
  17. 17. Ravi met Ryker in the hall, “Tala?” Ryker nodded. This guy was good. “You’re sure you want to marry her?” Ravi smiled, “Tala’s not so bad, just a little high spirited. Besides I bet she didn’t even have to try that hard. I get the feeling you’ve been itching to get back in here since Count Midlock disappeared.” “Guilty. So what’s up?”
  18. 18. The two made their way back to the library and each took a seat. It took only a few moments to get Ryker filled in on the happenings of the day. “So you two really have never heard the prophecy before?” Ravi had always assumed as everyone else that the family was well aware of the prophecy. But it appeared that Oloros had never revealed the true reason for his departure from Valenwood to his family.
  19. 19. Silvana smiled, “No we haven’t. But you are making me very curious to know what it said. Ryker do you know if the original statue has an ancient inscription on it. I seem to remember seeing one, but I might just be imagining a possible connection where there really isn't.”
  20. 20. “Now that you mention it Sea baby, I think I saw it too. And I think it may very well have been the same as on the miniature. But I’d have to look at the real thing again to be sure. And if it is the same prophecy on both.” Ravi shrugged his shoulders, “then there is a connection between Jumbok and Gal, though what I cannot say. Wait a minute did you just call her sea baby?” Silvana smirked, “He’s given me a nickname.” “I see.” He cleared his throat and looked to the eldest Vijayakar, “ Well, Toren what do you think?”
  21. 21. Toren spoke up from his seat across the room, “I think this prophecy is indeed important whether it is upon the original statue or not. But I also think we have tarried here quite long enough. I say we should take anything that appears valuable and leave as soon as possible. But I do wonder what to do with the girl?”
  22. 22. “We could take her to my place. I’d be willing to keep an eye on her. Ya know since Gal has this tendency to kill people who fail him and what not.” Silvana cringed. Toren gave Ryker a disapproving glance. He’d been trying to be subtle on purpose. Sighing he nodded to Ravi.
  23. 23. Ravi returned to the bedroom and found the girl lying limp on the seat. “Avri, you are going back to the house with Toren and Silvana. Ryker and I are going to take care of our mystery guest. I’ll then be making a stop back in the city to speak with the elders.” Avri rubbed his neck, “I don’t suppose I can convince you not to tattle on me.” Ravi shook his head and left the room.
  24. 24. Toren took it upon himself to clear out the library. He personally went through as many of the shelves as he could and took any volume that looked remotely useful.
  25. 25. Silvana meanwhile searched through the various drawers and cabinets within the rooms taking useful items. It seemed a shame they had to leave in such a hurry, but Gal may send more when the woman did not come back. And not knowing how long they actually had made her search quickly. Having gathered everything they could Toren, Silvana, and Avri left headed back for Rainbow Valley. Meanwhile Ryker and Ravi stayed behind to take care of the mysterious woman. “Well, let’s get to it then.” Ryker clapped a quiet Ravi on the back. Slowly with only one glance back toward the departing Vijaykar’s and Avri, the two made their way back inside.
  26. 26. The next night Ravi entered the main room of the House of the Fountain and located Avri poring over an ancient tome. He slid wordlessly into the seat. “Everything was taken care of I assume.” Ravi nodded, “It was.” A long silence followed before Ravi finally announced, “Don’t pull a stunt like that again.” As Ravi pushed back his chair and left Avri followed him with his eyes. He held a smug expression. Ravi’s whining had not gotten him thrown off the assignment. Not that he’d believed they would. The only distasteful part of the incident would be his meeting with Lady Crumplebottom, who no doubt was annoyed to have had to stick up for him again.
  27. 27. Outside Toren and Ryker had taken a seat on the benches just outside the greenhouse. “Did you ever get a name or a reason?” Ryker shook his head, “Not so far. Avri shook her up pretty good and I don’t know that I’ll get much out of her. I’ll keep trying though. And you all were right. There’s something not right about her. She really does act like a child.”
  28. 28. “What do you make of all this?” Toren looked out across the yard, “I don’t know. But I still feel this prophecy is somehow connected. What did it say?” He hesitated a moment before asking, “Do you think it’s odd we were never told?”
  29. 29. Ryker shrugged. “Do I think it’s odd you didn’t know a thing about it considering how much controversy there was around the whole thing?” “It was controversial?” “Controversial enough that the old man had to step in so Oloros didn’t get killed. Look, Oloros had never shown any special talents until that night when he was six in the council chamber. He suddenly started spouting ancient Valen and let’s say it freaked a good number of people out. His adoptive parents took him into hiding. Back in civilization, some people believed the prophecy and others didn’t. But when the disease showed up and almost everyone who caught it ended up dead, well you better believe they started to believe it held merit then. Some folks started trying to kill Oloros. Why they blamed him I don’t get, but anyway. The old man was sent to the Haven to fetch him. He took out a few assassins sent after him and took Oloros before the council. Convinced them to let Oloros sail with the other elves and well the rest is history.”
  30. 30. Ryker continued, “As for the prophecy here I found my copy of the book it’s in. Again the whole damn council thought Oloros told everyone in your family about it, well everyone of them that didn’t actually know jack squat about what Goldweaver was really like.” Toren asked, “You make it sound as if you knew him.” “Loros was a good guy. He put up with my antics on the road to the city and then again in the city. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty broken up about it when he left. ” “Wait, you told me you were 110 years old, you couldn’t possibly have known Oloros Goldweaver.” “Did I? Ah crap, well geez how do I explain this. See I’m considered to be 110.” Toren shot him a confused look, “Look, vampires count age different from the rest of the races and we would give an actual age, but in most cases, we don’t know. So we’ve gotten into the habit of giving an approximation of our ages to mortal races using the gypsy calendar for consistency. On the gypsy calendar my age comes out to 110, and I sort of forgot you’d know nothing about it. My actual age is unknown though I’ve been around for approximately 1,000 years give or take a century.” Toren raised an eyebrow his mask slipping to show a mixture of confusion and annoyance," That's confusing as hell.” Ryker let out a hearty laugh and clapped Toren on the shoulder, “I bet. Ya know originally the other reason I was following you and sea baby around was so I could finally do something to repay Loros for how good he was to me all those years ago. But ya know what, no offense to Loros or anything, but, you and your kid sister are way more fun.” Toren raised an arched eyebrow, “Thanks,… I think.”
  31. 31. Toren headed inside after saying good-night to Ryker. He nearly bumped into Tristen as he entered the main room. He caught her hand so she would not fall over. “Careful, grace.” Tristen smiled, “Oh hello Toren. I didn’t see you there.” “Obviously. So where are you off to in such a hurry?” “The greenhouse of course! One of my plants is blooming tonight and I don’t want to miss it.” “Well I won’t keep you. I have some reading to do.” Tristen’s smile faded, “Oh, well I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Most likely. Goodnight Tristen.”
  32. 32. Toren after seeing Tristen off to the greenhouses, had headed for his favorite chair. He slid into the familiar place on the left side of the chess table and opened the tome provided by Ryker. He flipped through the pages skimming the various prophecies with his finger, until at last he found the correct page. He settled into the seat and read the prophecy his ancestor had revealed all those long years ago.
  33. 33. Toren and Silvana both took up the daily habit of meditation to aide in the understanding of their respective gifts. For his part, Toren sought to discover how his gift could be used to help his people. He also sought an understanding of the prophecy, for he felt certain that understanding his ancestor’s words was the key to stopping Gal.
  34. 34. For her part, Silvana spent her days and nights struggling to determine in what capacity she ought to use her gift. The books she’d read disturbed her. The thought that most of her people had literally controlled someone else or read their minds without permission at some point in their lives seemed so wrong. What would she do if she suddenly had to do such a thing? Silvana did not think she could. And all examples of her people she’d read about had died alone. For Silvana this was the hardest part to accept. She’d always wanted a family and had always dreamed of finding her prince charming. And she had found during this journey that it was difficult to make new friends. Most of the people she met shied away from her upon learning she was a telepath. And except for Ryker, her new friends all seemed to approach her with trepidation and uncertainty. She’d always thought she’d have a family of her own, but it seemed her gift had destined her to live out her life alone.
  35. 35. Late the next morning Silvana had finally gotten dressed for the day. A firm familiar knock informed her of Avri’s presence. She’d opened the door and allowed the man inside. He gazed at her curiously for a moment. “You cut your hair. Why?” Silvana nodded, “I felt the need for a change.”
  36. 36. Avri stepped closer to Silvana and lightly brushed a hand across her cheek. “I hope I’m not being too forward, but I think the new look suits you. Not that you were not beautiful before, but well this cut somehow brings out your eyes a bit more.” Silvana blushed. She’d had a bit of a crush on Avri since he’d first arrived, but she’d never dared to flirt with him as she’d been quite certain he would not want the attentions of a telepath. She could not say she wasn’t happily surprised. “Thank- you,” she managed to squeak out. Avri smiled, “You wouldn’t be up for taking a walk would you?”
  37. 37. Later that afternoon found Silvana grinning like an idiot as she played around with Toren. “Someone has a crush,” he teased lightly. Silvana whacked her brother lightly across the chest, “Shut-up Toren.” Toren grinned evilly as he whacked her lightly in the back. Silvana didn’t need telepathy to know it was going to be a long time before he let this one go.
  38. 38. On the other side of the yard the newest residents of the house were engaged in their own pillow fight. “Not so hard Ruvie!” Kaya pleaded as she pulled away. “Don’t be such a wimp, K.” Iruviel teased. But she let up all the same, and her last whack was little more than a tap on the back. Kaya nodded, “Thanks.” Iruviel quirked a half smile, “Anything for you.”
  39. 39. Tristen walked into the spring air and stopped to offer proper greeting to her housemates. Well her attempt at the greeting with Iruviel was ignored. The woman crossed her arms instead and watched in amusement as Kaya stepped in quickly to spare the woman’s feelings. Kaya offered her hands in greeting, “Hello Tristen. Off to the greenhouse?” Tristen nodded, “Yes. Would you like to join me?” Iruviel sighed as Kaya agreed for both of them. She hated it when her baby cousin spoke on her behalf, but since it was Kaya the eldest Ceberlandon went along.
  40. 40. Inside the greenhouse Tristen worked at her flower station to get the flowers ready for the party that evening. “I hope I’ve got everything right.” she mused. From behind her Iruviel rolled her eyes, receiving a reproving glare from Kaya. “I’m sure everything’s going to be lovely Tristen.” Iruviel half-heartedly agreed, “I’m sure the engagement ceremony thing you’ve planned will be nice.”
  41. 41. Early that evening found the twins sharing in a hug. “Tristen this is just lovely. You didn’t have to go to all this trouble for Tala and I.” Tristen smiled, “Of course I did. It’s not everyday my big brother is going to get married.” Ravi smiled, “Thanks.” So what if the rest of their family wasn’t excited about the engagement? His sister was happy and she thought Tala was good for him, and for Ravi that was the only opinion that really mattered.
  42. 42. He quickly excused himself from Tristen and found Tala waiting for him. He pulled her close and smiled, “Who knew you’d look so beautiful in traditional gypsy wear?” “The same can’t be said for my cousin I bet.”
  43. 43. Ravi glanced across the room at Toren who was chatting with Iruviel. “No, togas don’t suit him. Though to be honest, I never felt I worked the get up properly either.” Tala grinned, “So I won’t be seeing you in a toga anytime soon?” Ravi laughed, “Not a chance.”
  44. 44. “To be honest with you cousin, this party is rather dull. I was thinking I could liven it up a bit.” Toren tilted his head, “How, by setting fire to the house?”
  45. 45. Iruviel crossed her arms and glared daggers at her cousin, “No, of course not.” Toren put his hands on his hips and smirked, “You’re not the frilly dress type are you?” Wait he was teasing? She squinted her eyes, “Ya know that mask you wear makes it hard for people to tell when you’re joking.” “Really? That’s why you about bit my head off?” Iruviel stammered, “Of course it was.” She quickly darted out the front door leaving Toren shaking his head.
  46. 46. Not that her discomfort lasted much longer. As the sun set Iruviel livened up the party celebrating her cousin’s engagement in her own unique style. Most of the family found her tactics amusing and typical.
  47. 47. Tristen on the other hand had become quite distressed. She tried her best to cover up just how uncomfortable she felt by laughing alongside her new friends, but really Tristen was completely embarrassed. She quickly made her excuses and darted for the greenhouse as quickly as she could.
  48. 48. Inside the greenhouse, Tristen let the tears fall. She’d worked so hard on this, but stupid like she was she didn’t stop to think that maybe her new friends like Tala might not find what she’d planned enjoyable. Of course they wouldn’t she scolded herself as she pulled a weed, how could they? You’ve never thrown a party in your life so what made you think you’d actually do a good job. She wiped the tears away. “Stop it!” she scolded herself out loud. “ Now look, “ she said as she desperately tried to stop herself from crying, “you’ve gone and run off from your brother’s party and why? Just because someone made you feel embarrassed. And you’re doing it again!” As always, now that she was alone she realized that she’d gotten herself all worked up over absolutely nothing. Why did she still do this? Why did she still after all these years let the littlest thing get her so worked up? She hated feeling like this! She tried so hard not too, but still whenever she thought someone was criticizing her she would get all worked up. Her legs would turn into jelly, to where she was so sure she’d fall down. Her heart would start pounding in her chest, and she knew her cheeks had to be turning red. Her words always seemed to tumble out of her all jumbled and mixed up. And worst of all was that many times she was left wanting to cry. She knew she shouldn’t cry over such little things, and that it was stupid, but sometimes she’d want to cry anyway.
  49. 49. Toren had followed Tristen into the greenhouse and he pulled her into a hug. She buried her head into his shoulder. “I screwed everything up didn’t I?” Toren smiled softly, “Of course you didn’t. Everyone is having a wonderful time. Iruviel is just a bit different.. She’s really quite sweet once she warms up to you.” “I… why can’t…I’ll never stop doing it will I?” Toren held her close, “Yes you will, Tristen. You’ll see.” He set her on the ground and wiped away her tears. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”
  50. 50. Toren dropped to one knee and Tristen felt her legs turn to jelly again and she was sure she wasn’t going to be able to talk, but she knew with Toren it wouldn’t matter. “Tristen Walosenko, will you marry me?” Tristen was surprised to find she managed more than a nod. She managed to whisper, “Yes.” It was only one word, but it was enough.
  51. 51. As Toren began to help his wife to be with her garden so they could return to the party, just outside the greenhouse, Kaya and Ryker’s friendship was turning into something more. Ryker slid his hand around Kaya’s draping an arm around her slender shoulder. “Green really is your color.” Kaya smiled. “So I’ve been told. But I’ve also always been secretly partial to red.” Ryker grinned. He knew his people didn’t often get married to mortals and for good reason, but Kaya was special. She could make him feel so sure of himself and yet like a complete idiot all at the same time. The two sat beneath the stars for the rest of the night and both were completely oblivious as Toren and Tristen made their way back to the main house half an hour later.
  52. 52. “Welcome back Tristen!” Tala said with a smile. “You finally feel up to dancing the night away?” Tristen nodded. She was too happy right now to feel shy. Toren led the way and soon the entire house was filled with dancing guests. It was late before anyone ever went to bed.
  53. 53. The next morning found everyone celebrating Toren and Tristen’s engagement. Toren asked in shock as he noticed his father, “How on earth did you know about this?” Tristen put a hand on his shoulder, “Silvana of course.” In the background Iruviel smirked, “Nice.”
  54. 54. Glyndwr pulled his son aside and offered his congratulations, “Tristen seems like a wonderful woman.” Toren nodded. “Si’s not the reason you’re really here are you? I mean I know she’s a telepath.” Glyn laughed, “No, though she is behind the party and she was the first to let the cat out of the bag when I arrived. I’m here because your mother’s birthday is coming up or have you forgotten?” “Right. Don’t worry Father, Silvana and I will be there.”
  55. 55. After speaking with Toren, Glyndwr took a moment to speak with his youngest. His son seemed in better spirits these days, but Si. “ Baby Si, is everything alright? You’ve been awfully quiet.” Silvana slid into a chair at the table, slightly smiling to hear her old pet name. She was briefly aware that it was very similar to what Ryker now called her. Her father soon slid into the seat on her right side.
  56. 56. “Come on Si, what’s wrong?” Silvana hesitated and then everything came tumbling out, “It’s just I never knew my powers would make it so hard to make friends. Everyone here has been nice to me, but” Glyndwr nodded understanding dawning, “Are they only being nice to you because you are telepathic? I think not. Si these people you’ve met here have not known you as long as us. Your brother and cousins knew you long before you were ever called a telepath so for them its easy.. Just be yourself little one, and I’m sure that with time these people will come to see the wonderful woman that you are as well.”
  57. 57. Silvana seemed to cheer up some after their little talk, and Glyndwr was relieved when Kaya and Tala pulled her off to have some fun. His daughter had always been in tune with the McCarthy girls and it would seem their years here had only brought the three women closer. Glyndwr immediately got the chance to speak with his future daughter-in- law. Meanwhile Toren was cornered by Iruviel. “What’s up Ruvie?”
  58. 58. “So I guess streaking through your engagement party is out?” Toren laughed, “Ruvie, I know it’s difficult for you, but try to behave.” Iruviel frowned, “You said it yourself cous I’m not the traditional Ceberlandon female. And if you value your life, don’t ever call me Ruvie again.” Toren laughed, “But Kaya….” Iruviel rolled her eyes, “Kaya gets away with it because no matter how many times I beat the crap out of her when we were kids, she still refused to call me anything else.”
  59. 59. A few days later found Toren, Ravi, and Tristen on the edge of the property. “Have a lovely time Tristen. And congratulations again to both of you.” Tristen smiled, “Thanks Ravi.” She leaned in and gave him a quick hug. Toren indicated that it was time for them to leave, “We’ll see you in a few days. Take care.” Ravi nodded back, “You too.” ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  60. 60. It was late, but Glyndwr was not tired. He sat on the bed beside his dreaming wife and pondered all the years they had spent together. It still amazed him that their story had a happy ending and his recent visit to the place where it had all started, was making him even more nostalgic. Many things had happened since that first meeting, some of them good and others not, but through it all he’d had Kali. He wondered what would happen. Would she glow as she’d done the night of their wedding? Would you be able to see she’d aged at all? Would aging kill her? He certainly hoped not. He gazed over at Kali’s sleeping form and whispered, “Whatever happens, I’ll always love you.”
  61. 61. The next morning the two took their meal early and Glyn glanced over at his wife. She looked radiant as always and she didn’t appear to have a care in the world. “So Kali are you ready for this?”
  62. 62. His wife gazed back at him with a smile, “Glyn, I’m ready. It’s not like I can stop it from happening at this point anyway.” She added as she placed a hand over his, “I’m going to be fine. Stop worrying.”
  63. 63. After work Kali found her son and daughter had arrived. “Toren!” she greeted warmly. She missed having her children around. The house had felt so empty since Silvana had left and she was glad their journey was coming to a close. Toren nodded toward the chess table, “I hope you don’t mind but I brought Tristen along too. I thought you might want to meet her.” “Meet the woman that’s going to give me grandbabies, of course I want to meet her. But come on I want to talk with you for a bit.”
  64. 64. “So how have you been?” Kali asked once the two had taken a seat on the couch. Toren stared straight ahead answering after a moment, “Fine.” He knew his mother knew better, but he really did not know if he could talk about this one. It had been so real. Kali inquired, “A dream about your mother perhaps?” Toren shook his head, “Not about you, no.” Kali sighed and prodded gently, “Then who was it about?” Toren’s hands were sweating on his lap. He barely uttered one word, “Father.”
  65. 65. “Silvana can I be honest with you about something?” Tristen asked hesitantly. She couldn’t believe she was actually going through with this. Silvana raised an eyebrow, “Sure.” Tristen picked up a piece and shakily moved it across the board, “I was wondering why you changed outfits. I always thought the skirt suited you much better.” Silvana was surprised to say the least, “You..well I just realized that once I get home their won’t be any nice gypsy skirts to wear. I figured I might as well get back into the habit of wearing traditional clothing you know?” Tristen nodded, “I see.”
  66. 66. It was soon time for the big moment. Everyone gathered around the cake and watched and cheered as Kali made a wish and blew out her candles. For a few moments nothing happened and then Kali was engulfed in a swirl of colored light.
  67. 67. When the light had cleared away a healthy if silver haired Kali Vijayakar stood in the midst of the crowd. “So how do I look?” Toren smiled. “You look wonderful.” “Glyn?”
  68. 68. Toren watched his father and mother share a kiss and felt a sharp pain in his chest. He couldn’t let that dream come true.. But he’d never stopped a dream before, what chance did he have to stop this one? Was it even possible to stop a dream from happening? He didn’t know. But this dream…He needed to speak with Ryker.
  69. 69. Kali wasn’t the only one having a birthday. The youngest of generation six had finally become teenagers. Gallia Ceberlandon, Arden Ceberlandon, and Jeff Midlock had all aged well. It had been decided that none of them would be journeying to Rainbow Valley.
  70. 70. The night he got back, Ryker was invited over for a chat. They took up their respective seats. Seeing no reason to drag the conversation out Toren summed everything up, “My father is going to die.” Ryker’s usual smile vanished, “Ah geez. So I guess you want to know if you can stop it from happening?” “Pretty much.” The vampire rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “Look, I’m not saying a dreamer has never prevented one of their dreams before, but it’s not exactly common for them to stop them either.” Toren stared ahead for a moment. “I understand.” Then slowly he stood and walked back into the house ignoring Ryker’s pleas for him to come back.
  71. 71. The next morning found the threesome sitting around the breakfast table. “Toren seemed distressed this morning.” Silvana nodded, “He’s had some kind of nightmare. He won’t talk about it though. At least not to me.”
  72. 72. “I think Ryker may know something. I found him sitting outside last night and he was quite reserved.” Tala perked up, “Did you just use the word reserved to refer to Ryker?” Kaya smiled, “Yes.” Then she frowned, “Whatever this dream is it must be bad.” Silvana nodded in agreement, “I suppose all we can do is keep trying and hope he talks.” ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  73. 73. Later that evening a very annoyed Iruviel complained,“ K, why on earth are we playing this? I hate this game.” “Ruvie, I have no interest in being whacked to death with pillows. Besides you always win so why are you complaining?” Ruvie made a face, “Because this is boring as hell.” She moved a piece lazily across the board placing her cousin in check, “Where’s your jumper? You look absolutely tacky.” Kaya made a face, “Don’t remind me. My jumper got fried when I got hit by a bolt of lightning, so now I’m stuck wearing this piece of crap until I can get to the store. Hey, put my piece back you little cheat!”
  74. 74. “While we’re sitting here chatting. You mind telling me why you’ve been moping about the house the last few days.” Ruvie shifted in her seat, “I’m not moping.” Seeing her cousin’s look she grumbled, “Fine, so I’m moping. Come on K, we both know I’m not the type to just sit around. All the stuff seems to have happened before I got here.” Kaya gave her cousin a sympathetic look, “You’ll get your chance to shine Ruvie, just be patient. ” Iruviel threw her hands in the air, “For the love of..STOP calling me that!”
  75. 75. The next morning found Iruviel again trying to get the best of her little cousin. It was one of her favorite past-times simply because it wasn’t easy to get one over on the youngest McCarthy. “Ruvie, really I don’t see anything?” Iruviel rolled her eyes, “It’s there, just keep looking.” “Wait a minute, what are?’
  76. 76. Kaya spun around and watched as a water balloon flew right past her head. “All that just because I keep calling you Ruvie?” “STOP CALLING ME THAT!” Kaya laughed, “Not going to happen. Besides, you know you secretly like being called that.” Iruviel growled, “Do not. We both know, I’m not the swooning damsel in distress in this house, cous.”
  77. 77. “If you are referring to my relationship with Count Kim, that is my business. And some of us would prefer not to die an old maid. Haven’t you ever considered finding a nice husband settling down and having a few kids?” Iruviel made a sick face, “Yes I’ve considered it, and decided quite a while ago that I’m not interested in having a bunch of puking screaming brats. You can pop out as many as you’d like, just don’t ask me to do the same.” Kaya grinned wickedly, “Well you will be baby-sitting because you can never tell me no. And I’ll teach them all to call you Auntie Ruvie.”
  78. 78. “UGH. Just kill me now.” ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  79. 79. Iruviel having had enough of her cousin’s teasing headed back into the house. She wasn’t sure what she was planning on doing exactly, but hopefully she could find something remotely entertaining. She was surprised when Avri approached her apparently wanting to have a chat. “Can I help you with something?” Avri took a step forward, “Perhaps. What have you been doing the past few nights sneaking out like a thief in the night?”
  80. 80. Iruviel blinked innocently, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Avri. As far as I know there are no curfew rules in this house. So if I decide to go out at night that’s my personal business.”
  81. 81. Tala had entered the room and was now dancing in the background. Avri waved his hands, “I suppose that is your business Miss Ceberlandon, just remember that it is my business to look after the residents of this house and their welfare.” Iruviel smiled, “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. I’ll let you know if I should ever require some kind of protection, otherwise stay the hell out of my way.”
  82. 82. “Miss McCarthy, might I ask you something?” Kaya stopped, “Of course Avri, what can I help you with.” “I am concerned about your cousin Miss Ceberlandon, she’s been sneaking about for over a week. I would hate to think that someone in your house has been compromised.”
  83. 83. Kaya turned her nose into the air, “I hope you aren’t suggesting that my cousin would ever betray us. Iruviel may be a bit different, but she’s family.” Avri pulled back, “Honestly Miss McCarthy, I meant no disrespect. I am simply concerned by her actions and was hoping that perhaps you could enlighten me as to her whereabouts the past few evenings.” Kaya stuttered, “It doesn’t matter. I know Iruviel and she’s a good person.” Avri nodded, “I see.”
  84. 84. “Miss Ceberlandon, I do hope you realize that I don’t normally like to pry into your family’s personal affairs. However, you behavior lately has been remarkably suspicious.” Iruviel’s eyes flared, “That little piss ant Avri talked you into this didn’t he?” She sighed, “I like to be outdoors. If it will get you two off my back, I take walks. Where I walk to is none of your damn business so stay out of it.”
  85. 85. Ravi shrugged his shoulders, “Again I apologize for needing to ask. I trust your cousins trust in you, but no doubt Avri may bring your actions up in a council meeting. This talk has made it a bit easier on me to argue on your behalf.” Iruviel snorted, “Since when do I need your elder’s permission to take a walk?” She gracefully stood from her seat and walked silently down the street. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  86. 86. “Si, so good to see you. How about you and me take a stroll.”
  87. 87. Silvana snarled, “I’ve got a better idea why don’t you get out of my way.” Avri looked confused, “Si babe, what’s..” “Don’t you dare call me that. Not after you go around starting rumors about one of my best friends.”
  88. 88. “Newsflash telepath, your cousin’s been sneaking out of the house for weeks and does she tell anyone where she goes? No. And nobody knows where’s she’s going. That stinks in my book. So your welcome for trying to protect you and your sorry family from Gal.” “You are just being a bully,” Silvana spat, “you don’t know Iruviel at all.” Avri laughed, “And you do? I wasn’t aware that you’ve finally grown up enough to use your powers. I’ll tell you what you tell me where’s she going and I’ll leave her alone. So telepath where does she go?” Silvana shook her head, “I..I don’t know.”
  89. 89. “Silvana,” Toren asked gently later that night. “What’s wrong?”
  90. 90. Silvana picked up a piece and bit her lower lip. “Avri asked me where Iruviel’s been going lately. I could have ended the argument so easily.”
  91. 91. “By what, reading Iruviel’s mind without her permission?” Toren scratched his chin, “No that’s not the way. I’ll speak to them both I think.” He moved his piece lightly across the board, “Just enjoy the evening Si and don’t ever let anyone bully you into using your gift in a way you aren’t comfortable with.”
  92. 92. As the two siblings played chess Iruviel headed out of the house on yet another nightly excursion. She didn’t really go anywhere. She just wandered the wild places of Waterfall Springs for a few hours each evening and for a time felt somewhat at peace. Staying in one place for any length of time always seemed to cause her to feel depressed. Not that she’d ever admit that to anyone, not even to K. She didn’t know what it was, but she had this constant desire to wander. She knew that being out of the house, helped her focus. She often felt chained down within a set of four walls. Outside there were no rules or regulations, or expectations of how a lady should and should not behave. Her family held some really high standards, and her mother would die to see her daughter dressed in such a skimpy fashion. But here in the wilds she could rebel and be who she truly was. Very few understood her, and even fewer accepted her. But the wilderness offered no judgment. There she was free.
  93. 93. She returned home to find her cousin waiting for her. Her defenses shot up at once and she prepared to defend her true nature. She balled her right fist, but knew she’d never have it in her to actually hit her cousin. He was family. A Ceberlandon was taught from birth to value love and family above everything else. Toren watched his cousin with appraising eyes. His cousin was a complicated woman and not at all what he’d expected his uncle’s daughter to be like. The Ceberlandon’s were a proud family traditionally home to the most regal, noble, graceful, and articulate members of their family tree. Iruviel was without a doubt unique, and despite her rough exterior, Toren had grown to respect his youngest cousin in their time in the Valley. Of course having a dream or two to tell you where she went didn’t hurt either. “Did you enjoy free running the rooftops, Iruviel? I’m sure there is a law somewhere against that.”
  94. 94. Iruviel was shocked to say the least. He knew she climbed roofs? No one knew about that. She teased back, “You going to turn me in to the authorities?” “Nah,” he cocked a crooked smile eying her balled right fist, “I’m pretty sure you have a pretty mean right hook.” Iruviel tapped him lightly on the shoulder, “Your family, cous, I never hit family.” Toren nodded, “Always get your brother’s back?” “Always.”
  95. 95. As the rain dripped off his nose, Avri gazed across the table at his competitor. He’d been slightly nervous when Toren had pulled him off watch duty at three in the morning to go play chess in the rain. And now that he sat across the table staring into the controlled features in front of him, Avri couldn’t help but avert his eyes. “Avri, “Toren drew out the name in an icy cold tone Avri had never heard before, “understand this no one mistreats my family members. If you ever say anything like that to my sister, or otherwise try to cause division in my house again you are gone.” He picked up his queen and in one deft move placed Avri in checkmate. Silently he stood giving Avri one final meaningful glare before heading slowly back into the house.
  96. 96. The next morning Iruviel nearly ran into Avri. The two stared each other down neither blinking. Finally Avri tapped his chin and remarked, “I suppose you and I got off to a bad start.” He flashed a charming smile, “What do you say we start over.” Iruviel stared him up and down. “There’s two things you need to know about me. One I’m not stupid. Secondly, I would do anything for my family. You ever cross them, you’ve got me to answer to. Got it?” “Got it.”
  97. 97. Later in the morning Avri found Silvana coming back from a trip with her cousins. He pulled her gently aside and began to apologize an apology he’d rehearsed a dozen times in hopes to get it right, “Silvana listen, I’m sorry. I’ve got a really big mouth and I have this tendency to say stuff I shouldn’t. Your brother’s right I shouldn’t have put you in that position. It’s just when your family get’s killed by someone, you swear you’re not going to let anything happen to the people you care about ever again. There was a traitor in my own house and none of us saw it until it was too late, and I over-reacted when it came to your cousin. I know that’s a pathetic excuse, but I really do care about you. Do you think you could ever forgive me?”
  98. 98. Silvana reached down and took Avri’s hands. “I forgive you Avri. I didn’t exactly behave like an angel biting your head off like that.” Avri smiled. He hadn’t been sure he’d convince her to take him back. He’d been almost sure he’d blown it. He was going to have to be more careful in the future. He just thanked his lucky stars this telepath was too self-righteous to actually use her powers to see the true reasons behind his desperation to win her back. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  99. 99. Weeks went by and their time was finally drawing to a close. Toren and Silvana sat down for one more match of chess. Toren, Tristen, Tala, and Ravi were all returning to Rainbow Valley in two days. It seemed hard to believe four years had gone by.
  100. 100. Tristen walked into the house and found Toren with his mouth full of the strangest concoction. “Toren, what on earth are you eating?” Toren swallowed the bite of the evening rations, “It’s something Silvana made for our last night here. They used to have it in Lorian before the storm hit. Apparently it’s called pizza. You should try it.”
  101. 101. Tristen had declined to partake in the pizza, but she did agree to a dance. “Hey, you haven’t fallen down yet. You’re getting better at this Tristen.” Tristen laughed, “I’m a slow study Toren, but I usually do catch on if I have a good teacher.” Toren grinned, “Well you are looking at the dance master of the Vijayakar clan.”
  102. 102. The next morning did not prove to be as pleasant an experience for Toren as the previous night. Ravi cornered him and asked him the one question he’d been dreading. “Toren, with your permission, I’d like to ask for your sister’s hand in marriage.” Toren had hoped Avri would no longer be interested in his sister. He didn’t want to give his support, as he had a bad feeling about this. He didn’t need his dreams to see Avri wasn’t a good match for his baby sister. But what could he do? He couldn’t say no, since he knew his sister was sure she’d found her prince charming. He sighed and nodded. As he left Tala gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.
  103. 103. Silvana was in the yard waiting on her parents to arrive when Ravi tapped her on the shoulder. As he dropped to one knee she gasped. He really wasn’t going to ask her that? But he did. She clasped her hands together to keep them from shaking with excitement, “Silvana will you marry me?”
  104. 104. Silvana flung herself into Avri’s arms. He’d actually asked her to marry him! She’d found someone that wasn’t scared off by the fact she was a telepath. She hugged him tightly and whispered, “Yes!” Her father had been right. All she’d needed to do was be patient. It felt so silly now that she’d ever been worried about finding someone to love her now that she had her arms wrapped around his neck. She was finally getting her happily ever after. Just like Papa and Mamma.
  105. 105. When Glyn and Kali did not arrive by nightfall, Toren became nervous. To ease his tension, he took up his meditative stance near the greenhouse. He’d finally learned to control his power. He could not keep himself from dreaming indefinitely, however he could choose when the dreams came. And eventually, he had even learned to see his visions while in meditation thus completely ending his night terrors that had plagued him since he was a child.
  106. 106. At nearly two in the morning Glyndwr and Kali both arrived at the House of the Fountain safe and sound. Kali simply moved slower than she used to, but otherwise she was fine. Instead of sleeping, everyone ended up celebrating the party as scheduled. Toren smiled as he watched his father and mother dancing in the wee hours of the morning. They looked so happy.
  107. 107. Seeing them had made him think of Tristen. He found her sitting at the table. He slid into the seat beside her and placed a hand over the one she had lying on the table. She gazed over at him and gave him a warm smile. “Are you as nervous as I am?” Toren smiled back, “Of course I’m nervous. But I know we’ll be fine.” He glanced over at the door, “I’ll meet you outside. I need to say good-bye to Si.” Tristen reluctantly pulled away, “I know.”
  108. 108. “Congratulations Tor.” His sister let out a giggle, “You really don’t look good in robes.” Toren shook his head, “I guess it’s a good thing I’m no gypsy then. You take car of yourself Si.” Silvana gave her older brother a hug, “Don’t worry I’ll be sending you regular updates. If that’s okay?” Toren tapped her shoulder, “That’s fine Si. You know I’d be lost without you to keep me straight.”
  109. 109. A few nights later found Avri staring out the window of the House of the Fountain. His nose was turned up in complete disgust. “I can’t believe I’ve got to spend another six months in this hole. I’m not getting paid enough to put up with this kind of crap.”
  110. 110. And so ends Chapter 18 and the college years of Generation Six. This chapter turned out to be long. Okay, I suppose by normal legacy chapter standards this is an average length, but I’ve never had a chapter this long before. I swear I nearly fainted when I noticed I had 208 pictures to sort through. I usually have 150 if I’m lucky. I’ll be honest this has been by far one of my favorite chapters to write. Generation six is full of so many interesting characters. It’s been a blast watching the different relationships develop and getting the chance to share them with you. I’m having so much fun with this generation. Thank-you to all my wonderful readers who have been so supportive and a very special thank-you to Jules for making my new signature. Comments are always welcome either at livejournal or boolprop.