A Fantastic Legacy Chapter 2


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Chapter 2 of the Fantastic Legacy. Will Generation 2 be able to bring some cute into the family tree?

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A Fantastic Legacy Chapter 2

  1. 1. Yep it’s time to catch up with my newest legacy family. When we left the family our Generation 2 Heir Aragorn Fantasy had just tossed the coin into the wishing well to get his chosen spouse. Quick review of the rules:2. All spouses will be picked with the wishing well3. The first born child inherits (no matter what they look like4. All children will be named after a character from fantasy books or movies.5. ACR determines how many kids they will have. Well after they’ve had 1 they decide how many more they want.Alright now that is done let’s see who the wishing well dropped for Aragorn!
  2. 2. Actually wait, before I do that. Let’s take a quick look tosee what happened to one of the generation 2 spares.Dorothy here moved out and got married to her chosenspouse Ben Long.
  3. 3. They had a set of triplets. The eldest they namedSebastian, which happens to be the other generation 2spare’s name. However, unlike his uncle this Sebastianisn’t extremely lazy.
  4. 4. Their second child was given the name Ariel. This poorgirl got her father’s nose and her mother’s cheeks.
  5. 5. But by far the scariest one to look at is their youngestdaughter named Ursula.
  6. 6. Dorothy also has a son with the Genie which she namedFlounder. If you haven’t guessed all the children in herfamily are named after characters from The LittleMermaid. Just thought I’d introduce you since who knowsyou may see them around the neighborhood at some point.
  7. 7. Back on the main legacy lot, Lena is freaking out since astroke of lightening has set the trashcan on fire. The rainput it out soon enough.Oh you want to know the generation two spouse? Well I’llgive you 2 hints. She’s a pleasure sim and she’s a simself.
  8. 8. If you guessed Jo instead of Gem you earned acookie. Yep Gem still doesn’t get to marry in.
  9. 9. Gem chose to protest this development by refusing toattend the actual wedding ceremony. Oh sure shecame and ate all our food and stalked ILIke, but shesat inside the entire time the couple was gettingmarried.
  10. 10. Not that it stopped Jo and Aragorn from enjoying theirwedding day in the least.
  11. 11. Wait? Sebastian got off the couch long enough toattend his older brother’s wedding?Sam seems just as amazed as I am at thisdevelopment.
  12. 12. Aiden was mesmerized during the entire wedding byNona. This is the other sim that I borrowed fromSam. I think she’s just so unique. I’d love for her toget dropped by the well.
  13. 13. Aragorn: “Okay Jo, just let me visualize myself cuttinginto the cake at the perfect angle.”Jo: “Seriously? Just cut the freakin cake already.”
  14. 14. Aragorn: “And now I will shove this entire slice of cakedown your throat.”Jo thinking: “Why can’t I ever marry the nice ones.”
  15. 15. Dorothy: “Yeah shove that cake in her face bro!”Yes Dorothy still only has a whopping 1 nice pointand it shows.
  16. 16. Random teen girl: “Here Sebastian let me give you aneck massage. After all you’ve worked SO hard today.”Sebastian the Lazy: “Thanks babe. I mean I got out ofbed, put on this suit and walked all the way into theback yard for this.”
  17. 17. Yes Jo I got you a bubble blower. Which of courseyou love.
  18. 18. Later that day ILike and Lena aged up in the newlydecorated Master bedroom. This isn’t your roomanymore guys. This belongs to Aragorn and Jo now.
  19. 19. Lena didn’t change too much.
  20. 20. ILike is still uh unique.
  21. 21. And before long Jo was pregnant. Turns out she andAragorn have the same pre-destined hobby. Aragorn theover-achiever likes to critique her work.
  22. 22. He’s also decided to take up a new hobby anddesires to top a second career track. Yeah oneLTW isn’t enough for Aragorn. So now hedreams of being not only a Rock God, but aCelebrity Chef too.
  23. 23. Sebastian the Lazy: “Hey Jo mind if I join you. I’vehad such a long day. I’ve been asleep for the past15 hours!”Jo: “…”
  24. 24. And Aragorn is the first sim in my game to evermaximize enthusiasm in more than one hobby.
  25. 25. And while Aragorn is off at his job, Jo goes into labor in therain.ILike: “Grandbabies!”
  26. 26. Well no it’s just one grandchild ILike. A little girl namedOsha. And yes that is Sebastian the Lazy feeding her…but that is only because I made him do it.
  27. 27. Naturally Sebastian grew up in front of the televisionset and in a track suit no less. He was at once shippedinto the sim bin. I have yet to put him into a house.Cause he’s not the only one who can be lazy. *sticksout tongue*
  28. 28. Osha my generation three heiress grows up the next dayand looks exactly like her dad except for the hair color.Nope the cute did not arrive in Generation 3. Maybe Gen4?
  29. 29. More grandbabies?Sorry ILIke, but Aragorn and Jo don’t seem to be interestedin having any more kids. And really any extra kids wouldjust be spares and I’d be sad if one of them was cuter thanOsha.
  30. 30. Still Jo is a good mom to her only child. I’ve hadPleasure sim moms that completely ignore theiroffspring.
  31. 31. And it’s not like Aragorn and Jo ignore each other. They stalkeach other…well at least they do when Aragorn is home.
  32. 32. At least when he is home, he helps out around thehouse.
  33. 33. ILike: “Come on Jo. Just one more grandbaby?”Jo: “You know I like you Pops, but no. Now if you’llexcuse me I think I hear the bubble blower calling.”
  34. 34. Osha spent a lot of time building up her logic skill. Well Ithink this was her favorite because she could smash thewooden pieces around. Yeah another 1 nice point sim inthe house.
  35. 35. Osha grew up into a child who continued tobuild logic. Though usually she used thetelescope during the day to spy on theneighbors.
  36. 36. And just so that I felt like Jo did something constructivewhile she was here, I had her take up gardening. Can’thave her on the bubble blower all day.
  37. 37. Of course Jo still finds time for her beloved bubblemachine. And yes Aragorn has a new do.
  38. 38. In other news, Lena finally achieved herlifetime want of becoming Captain Hero. Shecelebrated by making out with her husband.
  39. 39. Of course given the fact that her daughter likesto try to kill her with a football every day afterschool, I can sort of understand why Jo feels theneed to escape for a few hours every day to abubble blower.
  40. 40. Osha has also taken to befriending every malefriend her father brings home from work.
  41. 41. And before I was ready for it the founder of mylegacy died. ILIke lived to be only 75 years old andleft money to 20 people.Ah I’m gonna miss him. *sniff* But I can’t believe hedied that young. He grew up platinum!
  42. 42. Life continued on despite the loss of ILIke. Aragorn and Jostarted to tend the garden together. Since Aragorn suddenlydecided to roll wants for a bronze gardening badge. Wellsure.
  43. 43. My generation 3 heiress grew up. And rolledRomance with the LTW to have 20 Lovers. Hmmmethinks there was some foreshadowing earlier inher life.
  44. 44. My generation 3 heiress spent her teen yearshanging out on the bubble blower with her dad’sco-workers. That’s Julien Cooke again.
  45. 45. She also continued in her quest to take her mother’shead off with that football. Jo was not amused.
  46. 46. If she wasn’t trying to take her mom’s head off, befriendingdad’s coworkers or sliding down the banisters (yes she reallydid this, but I didn’t catch a photo. And naturally when I triedto get her to do it again, she wouldn’t do it.), Osha was eatinggrilled cheese sandwiches.
  47. 47. And unlike her father, Osha had a teenage romancewith some boy she brought home from school.
  48. 48. Actually she had 2 lovers during high school. No idea whatsweater boy’s name is either.
  49. 49. Those 14 eternal days finally drew to an end. I got thebirthday pop up notice. First up were Aragorn and Jo.They were about to become elders. (Yes Lena is stillaround at this point. But she wasn’t doing much ofinterest.)
  50. 50. You know in a weird sort of way I think Aragorn hasgrown into his looks….I mean he’s still different, but Idon’t know he’s kind of cute in his own way.
  51. 51. Finally Osha left her teenage years behind andbecome an adult. So that meant it was time forher to take her turn at the well. So who will theGen 3 spouse be? Will I finally get cute kids in Gen4? Tune in next time to find out!