CERTIFICATE AWARD CEREMONY FOR PUBLIC OFFICERS                      Wednesday, March 28, 2007—9:30 a.m.                   ...
Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the Introduction to Software, WebsiteDevelopment and other E-Learning/Busines...
Reliable evaluation of training activities has proven to be very difficult, and thequestionnaires given to each participan...
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Belize Public Service--Certificate Awards Ceremony 2007


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Belize Public Service--Certificate Awards Ceremony 2007

  1. 1. CERTIFICATE AWARD CEREMONY FOR PUBLIC OFFICERS Wednesday, March 28, 2007—9:30 a.m. Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina Opening Remarks by Mrs. Myrtle PalacioThis month, March 2007 marks the first full financial year of business operation for theOffice of Governance. What are the products in this business venture?—HumanResource Management & Development, Good Governance & Modernization Initiatives,ICT/E-government Projects and Initiatives—it is a business like any other. We sharedour strategic focus and direction with all and sundry at the beginning of the financialyear, and we will be accounting on our stewardship for this time period within the nextmonth.Today, marks the end of Human Resource Development endeavours with the award ofcertificates to deserving Public Officers who participated in our “Capacity Building forImproved Governance & Public Sector Performance Project”. In compiling data on allour training programmes for this financial year, we have determined that the Office ofGovernance has touched some 1,562 in all sectors persons as follows:  Performance Management Appraisal System - 701  ICT/E-government Introduction to Software 83 Taiwan Project - 145 E-government Awareness - 88 ICT for Development - 30  Governance Awareness - 149  Capacity Building - 366If success was to be measured in numbers alone, then there are several partners thatassisted in bringing this success to fruition. In the Performance Management AppraisalSystem (PMAS), Ms. Ruth Meighan of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ms. GwenNunez Gonzalez of the Department of Education, Dangriga and Mr. Jason Neal of theCentral Postal Service, along with Mr. Raymond Morris of the Office of Governance, inaddition to their usual workload, spent several days criss-crossing the country to bringawareness to the new (PMAS). We partnered with the Belize Defence Force and the 1
  2. 2. Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the Introduction to Software, WebsiteDevelopment and other E-Learning/Business topics. CARICAD and the Office ofGovernance is a marriage made in heaven and CARICAD has responded, among otherareas, to the call for the E-government Awareness and the Capacity Building Projects.The message on e-government was brought by Dr. Cletus Bertin, who is back with us tofacilitate the consultation process on the Public Sector E-government Policy. ICT forDevelopment was a one-day workshop sponsored by the Commonwealth SecretariatGIDD and included all sectors—public private and social.“Capacity Building for Improved Governance and Public Sector Performance” wasembraced not only by CARICAD but also UNDP and UNICEF. While CARICADprovided highly qualified, well skilled facilitators, UNICEF and UNDP, along with theGovernment of Belize (GOB) funded the workshops. In January, we toured every districttown with the Governance Awareness Project. This effort of Public Sector engagingcitizenry at this level apparently is a first in the Commonwealth and will be documentedfor sharing with other member countries.The Capacity Building Project consisted of workshops in six topical areas, namely:  Organizational Review  Strategic Planning  Evidence-Based Policy Development  Results-Based Performance Management  Professional Writing  Customer ServiceFor purposes of sustainability, Training of Trainers Workshops were conducted for:  Strategic Planning  Evidence-Based Policy Development  Results-Based Performance Management  Customer Service A total of 366 persons were trained, 65 in Training of Trainers and 301 in Methods & Principles. Five of the workshops were facilitated by Consultants from CARICAD, and one in Professional Writing, by Ms. Dianne Lindo, Director, Charles T. Hunter Commission for Social Outreach, St. John’s Landivar in Belize City. 2
  3. 3. Reliable evaluation of training activities has proven to be very difficult, and thequestionnaires given to each participant immediately after each workshop are oflimited value; as the responses reflect the immediate impressions of the participants.The success of these training sessions is its long term impact on the variousgovernment agencies; and is dependent on top management’s support in fostering theimplementation of the training content in the day to day work.The Office of Governance will measure the impact through various evaluationstrategies, including the response to the present call to Ministries for AnnualReporting, Strategic Planning, the implementation of Management Teams, and the callfor the development of a Customer Charter. The strategy is to gather information froma range of points of inquiry: trainees, supervisors, managers and the public—for eg.Surveys on customer satisfaction—indicators, such as number of justified complaintsor reverse administrative decisions.According to Change Management Guru, Abraham Maslov, “If the only tool you haveis a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”. Therefore, the primary goal forthe Capacity Building Project is to provide varying management tools in order toimprove the professional skills of senior and middle level public officers. In addition,while it is not obligatory, professional development such as these may soon form partof the criteria for promotion for some positions in the Public Service—Hence thecertificate. It is a recommendation that the Joint Staff Relations Councils will besubmitting to the Cabinet. The Office of Governance will be circulating itscertificated training schedule for this new financial year, with emphasis on IT,leadership and change management. We invite you to participate.Lastly, our mantra for this financial year has been, “Achieving More With Less”, andthis we have accomplished. I would like to commend members of my team—a smallgroup in size but extremely large in commitment and drive.Seremei !! Thank you!!Myrtle PalacioDirector Office of Governance 3