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Second Screen Business for Operators
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Second Screen Business for Operators



“Second Screen Business for Operators” provides insights about the business operators can develop on second screen applications. ...

“Second Screen Business for Operators” provides insights about the business operators can develop on second screen applications.

Based on the second screen white paper “Decrypting the Second Screen Market”, this paper presents briefly the second screen application market and describes how operators can be positioned on this market (including SWOT analysis).

Operators can be positioned on TV Discovery Applications to increase their sales by making users consume more content on their platform through effortless TV discovery (recommendation, smooth browsing, user-friendly interface…). This type of applications can be launched quite easily and have positive impacts quickly.

They can also be positioned on Social TV Applications to increase operator content value and gain new clients with worldwide consumer analytics. Operators would then choose to diversify their offer.



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Second Screen Business for Operators Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Second Screen Business For Operators
  • 2. Who is mediatvcom ? Digital media, broadcast television and new technologies Consulting Project Management Auditing Our Customers  TV channels  Service and Technology Providers  Telco Operators  Government Agencies Mediatvcom covers the whole content life cycle
  • 3. A Second Screen Application Is… …designed to be used while watching TV on a first screen 1st Screen Content (TV show, sport, news, movies…)2nd Screen App (Additional content, social EPG…)
  • 4. Streaming Applications A Second Screen Application Is NOT… …a first screen service on a second screen VOD Applications
  • 5. Why Should Second Screen Matter ? 85% of tablet / smartphone owners use their device while watching TV at least once a month* 40% do it daily* Digital Multitasking *Q4 2011 Nielsen Survey
  • 6. Millions shipped 450 300 150 Why Should Second Screen Matter ? Tablet sales will keep increasing 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 PC Tablets PC data : IDC. Tablet data : Gartner Why?  Price erosion  Very ergonomic  Multiple tablets per household
  • 7. Therefore… …YOU, operators, SHOULD CARE !
  • 8. 2nd Screen App Market for Operators Multitasking  Users will turn to other applications. Operators’ content offering will loose value (less audience and consumption on the platform) Increase the ARPU Keep consumers from churning Opportunities Threats Gain new customers How ? Let’s discover…
  • 9. To Succeed On The Market You need… Consumers want …user engagement & loyalty to your app Discover content easily (live, VOD, or extra) Social Sharing and commenting Enhance the viewing experience Good user Experience
  • 10. The Market Segmentation Mediatvcom has tested more than 50 second screen apps worldwide and has proposed this market segmentation Social TV Apps (Emerging pure players & Telco operators) TV Show & Movie Apps (Content Owners, TV channels & networks) TV Discovery Apps (Emerging pure players & Telco operators) Social Enhance Discover
  • 11. Business Goals Social TV Apps TV Show & Movie Apps TV Discovery Apps Aim at building a large audience around a social TV network and earning money by valorizing the audience (advertisement…) Aim at recapturing the audience and increasing user engagement to the main content & brand Aim at increasing sales and content value by having users consume more content through effortless TV discovery
  • 12. TV Show & Movie Apps …What Does This Mean For Operators ? Yet… Need for premium second screen content Social TV Apps TV Discovery Apps
  • 13. Keys For Successful TV Discovery Apps Discover Experience Provide relevant recommendation (live, VOD or extra content) Offer an ergonomic interface and a seamless experience Social EnhanceIntegrate with existing social networks (Facebook, Twitter…) Provide additional content (basic or rich information)
  • 14. TV Discovery Apps – SWOT Analysis Strengths  Existing customer database  Knowing customer information on personalized devices allows relevant recommendation Weaknesses Operators are limited to their own content offer for VOD content Opportunities  Increase the ARPU by having users consume more content  Keep consumers from churning by presenting the content offering in a very attractive way Threats Users will turn to other applications and operators will lose this market space Helpful Harmful InternalOriginExternalOrigin
  • 15. Keys For Successful Social TV Apps You need to find new creative concepts to earn consumer loyalty to the social network Based on a strong and active TV-dedicated Social Network
  • 16. Social TV Apps – SWOT Analysis Strengths An existing client database to start developing commerce with Weaknesses Social networking is not the operator core business Opportunities Increase operator content value and gain new clients with worldwide consumer analytics Threats A large number of social TV applications exist, therefore the market is fragmented and penetration is limited Helpful Harmful InternalOriginExternalOrigin
  • 17. Which Second Screen App For Operators ?  Choice to diversify the offer  Or turn to a data provider to benefit from the analytics TV Discovery Apps Social TV Apps  Easy to launch  Positive business results quickly
  • 18. Mediatvcom Can Help You… …Design and build your 2nd screen project to launch timely and reach your success objectives. Specify the product (Define the strategy, benchmark competition, define the concept and features of the app) Organize and train your teams on 2nd screen (Define the organization and train the team to run the service : Technical, editorial, marketing) Design and integrate the end-to-end architecture (Back and front office, app technical design, integration with the existing systems, interoperability… ) Time Think Build PreRun
  • 19. More Information on Mediatvcom Blog… Find this presentation on our blog http://blog.mediatvcom.com/second-screen-business-for-operators- mediatvcom-new-presentation/ Also find our Second Screen White Paper “Decrypting the Second Screen Market” http://blog.mediatvcom.com/resources-center/second-screen/ “Decrypting the second screen application market” analyses the segmentation of the second screen application market and describes the challenges to launch such applications.
  • 20. Second Screen Business For Operators Mediatvcom 16, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France mrenard@mediatvcom.com +33 1 76 61 83 73