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An introduction to Mykonos, an enterprise development framework and security service for building secure and scalable Web applications

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Mykonos Media Presentation

  1. 1. Make a bigger impact.™ Al Huizenga Mykonos Product Manager 650-329-9000 ext. 1110
  2. 2. About Mykonos Mykonos LLC is a new company, and a wholly- owned subsidiary of BlueTie, Inc. BlueTie was founded in 1999 as one of the first Software as a Service providers Provides hosted email to millions of users white- labeled through ISP's Ten years experience building AJAX Web services used by millions Founded Mykonos to solve the problems of Web application development and security ::::::::::::::::::::
  3. 3. Market Analysis Software development market 65% of all software applications Web-based by 2011 1 million software developers in US, 6 million worldwide Need for better Web development technology Manual coding of multi-lingual, scalability, white-labeling No security framework exists for AJAX today 90% of developers have no web application experience ::::::::::::::::::::
  4. 4. What is Mykonos? An enterprise development framework and security service for building secure and scalable Web applications Visual Builder & enterprise components reduce dev time Drag-and-drop application creation Integrated multi-lingual, white-label, scalability, cross-browser Fine-grained security service continuously protects client-side code and data, and secures transport layer Integrates into authentication, policy management and logging ::::::::::::::::::::
  5. 5. Mykonos Stack Toolkits Plug-ins IDEs Fine-grained security • Dedicated RPC engine • Secured service, client, and transport layer • Signed components, payload verification, AES encryption… Faster development • Visual Builder for rapid dev • Cross-browser for future-proofing apps • Built-in scalability, multilingual, white labeling, component library… PHP J2EE .NET Proprietary Clouds BYO Code Clouds On Premise ::::::::::::::::::::
  6. 6. Enterprise Security Continuous, fine-grained security at the client and transport layers Client-side surface Server-side surface Component Single sign-on Client sandbox Server security and XSS (Mykonos) sandbox Access policy protection (Mykonos) management Plugin sandbox Obfuscation Logging and (Flash, Silverlig App ht…) Logging and auditing auditing RIA Client RIA Server Communication Communication surface Multi-level security Digitally signed payloads SSL support Non-SSL encryption ::::::::::::::::::::
  7. 7. Threats Protected by Mykonos Cross site scripting (XSS) Cross site request forgery (CSRF) Broken authentication and session management Malicious file execution Brute force Insecure direct object Insecure cryptographic storage Insecure communications (encryption) ::::::::::::::::::::
  8. 8. Developer Efficiency Reduce development time by 60% Rapid UI development with OO extensibility 50+ pre-built components Integrated white-labeling Automated build and deployment Multi-lingual support Zero-touch install Mykonos Visual Builder ::::::::::::::::::::
  9. 9. Rich End User Experience Drag-and-drop Animations Multi-apps, windows and frames Docking/undocking/resizing Asynchronous alerts Pixel-perfect rendering cross browser Mykonos Consumer Banking Sample ::::::::::::::::::::
  10. 10. Benefits Across Your Company CIO Standardizes security/development processes across all developers Continuous security updates keep applications safe ROI in 60 days: Reduce development time by up to 60% Developers Reduces security/scalability code reviews, testing, debugging Pre-built components eliminate manual coding Company Faster time-to-market Better end user experience ::::::::::::::::::::
  11. 11. Summary The first web application framework architected completely for the enterprise Build it fast, build it secure, keep it secure Version 1.1 available April 20th 2009 1-877-88WINGS Also launching VAR certification program Optimal early-stage terms for partners ::::::::::::::::::::
  12. 12. Q&A