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What is your personality type
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What is your personality type


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Each personality type has its strengths and each has its weaknesses. No one personality type is better than another, although some types are suited to certain jobs, roles and positions than others.

Each personality type has its strengths and each has its weaknesses. No one personality type is better than another, although some types are suited to certain jobs, roles and positions than others.

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 2. FIRE
  • 3. Characteristics:Dominant, passionate,motivated, ambitious and task-oriented
  • 4. Strengths:Fire personalities are great leadersand have a lot of enthusiasm. Theyoften encourage other people andtry to “fire them up” about an idea.They tend to be quite strong-willed,stronger than some of the othertypes.
  • 5. Weaknesses:Fires tend to be aggressive andto lack sensitivity, and they canhave problems with angermanagement.
  • 6. Fires are the types ofpersonality most likely tobecome pushy bullies.
  • 7. If they are confronted withfailure, this can extinguish themand plunge them intodepression. They can alsosuffer from burnout.
  • 8. Key sayings:“The buck stops here.” “Followme.”
  • 9. Water
  • 10. Characteristics:Loners, perfectionists,introspective, thoughtful,analytical and cautious.
  • 11. Strengths:Waters are usually sensitive tothe needs of others and have alot of capacity for empathy.They tend to be creative andimaginative and pay a lot ofattention to detail.
  • 12. They tend to be highlyorganised and like schedules.They are very safety-conscious.
  • 13. Weaknesses:Waters are the most prone toanxiety (thanks to their obsessionwith details, their tight schedulesand their perfectionism) and todepression, caused by a lack ofboundaries and a tendency to beoverwhelmed by the problems andfeelings of others.
  • 14. In the past, “melancholic” wasused to describe bothdepression and this personalitytype.
  • 15. Key sayings.“Look before you leap.” “Iunderstand how you feel.”
  • 16. Air
  • 17. Characteristics:Outgoing, friendly, sociable,impulsive, fun-loving, a people-person, optimistic and lively.
  • 18. Strengths:Airs have great people-skillsand are very hospitable andoutgoing – they’re not shy.
  • 19. They are superb at jobs thatrequire a lot of contact with thepublic – receptionists,salespeople, speakers, etc.They tend to have a happyoutlook on life that often rubs offon others.
  • 20. Weaknesses:Airs can be very impulsive andget themselves into trouble bynot being able to say no.
  • 21. They can also have problemswith commitment to a project ora person, as they tend to loseinterest with something if it isn’tfun. They can also haveproblems listening to others, asthey love to talk.
  • 22. Key sayings:“All work and no play makesJack a dull boy.” “Are we havingfun yet?” “Party, party, party!”(plus many other sayings – Airslove to talk!).
  • 23. Earth
  • 24. Characteristics:Easy-going, relaxed, calm,consistent, steady, low-energy.
  • 25. Strengths:Earths are very good at keepingcalm in stressful situations, andthey have a lot of patience.
  • 26. They are reliable andloyal. They are also greatpeacemakers, as they can staydetached and mediate ratherthan getting involved and takingsides.
  • 27. Weaknesses:Earths hate change and can bevery stubborn about taking onnew ideas or new ways of doingthings.
  • 28. They also have a tendencytowards laziness and lack ofmotivation. They often lackambition.
  • 29. Key proverb:“Slow and steady wins therace.” “Keep calm and carryon.” “Just chill out and relax!”
  • 30. What personality do youposses?More great presentations