Sort out your life with a to do list
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Sort out your life with a to do list


  • 479 views Lists are a great way to overcome and manage stress, as stress and feeling overwhelmed is often the root cause of ... Lists are a great way to overcome and manage stress, as stress and feeling overwhelmed is often the root cause of a lot of problems treated via hypnotherapy.



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Sort out your life with a to do list Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sort Out Your Lifewith a To-Do
  • 2. There is something so verysatisfying about crossing a task off your To Do list.
  • 3. If you don’t write yourself any other handy lists, this is a very good place to start.
  • 4. If your To Do list is very long, thenyou might need to examine your life a bit. Do you really need to get all those things done in one day?
  • 5. Or can some of them be left off, delayed slightly or delegated?Perhaps it’s time for you to be more realistic in your expectations for yourself and possibly say no to a few requests.
  • 6. Don’t beat yourself up and tell yourself you’re a failure justbecause you’re not Superman or Superwoman and can’t geteverything in a massive list done within a 24 hour period.
  • 7. Even if you could get it all done, you won’t be able to sustain thatsort of pressure for long – burnoutand/or depression are likely results of this sort of over-achievement.
  • 8. The Greeks have a proverb thatsays that if you try to do more than three major tasks in one day, thegods will kick you. It’s good advice!
  • 9. But there’s more to making lists than just To Do lists.
  • 10. Another very good list that will helpyou beat stress and make you feelbetter about yourself is a gratitude list.
  • 11. This sort of list will help you get some perspective on life and helpyou realise that you’ve got plenty to be happy about.
  • 12. You can write one big gratitude listin a single session where you try to list, say, 50 things that you’re grateful for.
  • 13. Another possibility is to have agratitude list as a form of journal,where you write down a minimum of six things that you’ve enjoyed that day or you’re grateful for.
  • 14. These can be simple things, suchas “sunny weather” or “great cup of coffee for morning tea” or more significant things like “manage to close the deal with that important client”.
  • 15. Gratitude lists are especially helpfulif you feel the years creeping up onyou and you start hankering to be a teenager again:
  • 16. make a list of all the reasons why the age you are is better thanbeing a teenager (come on, youdon’t really want to go back to the days of school uniforms, exams and acne, do you?).
  • 17. Gratitude lists look back, but other lists look forward.
  • 18. Make a list of your goals. Thesecan be from any area of life, suchas career, family, travel or health.
  • 19. Don’t censor yourself – nobody’sgoing to see this list except you!
  • 20. Live your life to the fullest. Beat the stress and sort out your life with a smart to-do list.
  • 21. If you want to beat stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional and mental stresses, contact Hypnotherapy Brisbane
  • 22. Call us at (07) 5576 6410 or