Sad and hypnotherapy


Published on SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

is not a huge problem on the Gold Coast, but it does happen. SAD is caused by people not getting

enough exposure to sunlight, as sunlight stimulates the pineal gland to produce feel-good chemicals. To

overcome despondency caused by a spell of gloomy weather, get outside more to chill out and to

exercise, increase your exposure to natural light and eat more oily fish.

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Sad and hypnotherapy

  1. 1. SAD AND
  2. 2. Problems with anxiety andexcess worry are oftentriggers that eventuallylead to problems withdepression, as well asbeing psychologicaldisorders in their ownright.
  3. 3. Often, there is a largemental component toclinical depression –feelings of beingoverwhelmed, feelings thatyou can’t cope and otherfeelings along those linesall play their part.
  4. 4. Long-term stress andburnout also are factorsthat can be triggers.
  5. 5. All of these physicalfactors are things thatpeople often address usinghypnotherapy, as this isone way of getting deepinto the psyche to exploreand deal with underlyingissues.
  6. 6. These underlying issuesare often what lie behindproblems with anxiety,depression, panic attacksand the like.
  7. 7. There can also be aphysical side todepression and its cronies.
  8. 8. Sometimes, long-termillness can result in thissort of mental problem,although it could beargued which is the causeand which is the effect.
  9. 9. Sometimes, problems inbrain chemistry are toblame.
  10. 10. And sometimes, theproblem is SAD.
  11. 11. Thanks to the climate wehave here in Queenlsand,SAD (Seasonal AffectiveDisorder) shouldn’t be aproblem, as this is usuallycaused by a lack ofexposure to naturalsunlight.
  12. 12. Although people who havelived here for a while areless likely to suffer fromSAD, if you are a travellerinto this area or if youusually live here and goelsewhere for businessreasons, you mayencounter problems with it.
  13. 13. Even if you live here yearround, SAD may become aproblem if you spend mostof your time indoors underartificial lights and/or areon night shift for a lot ofthe time.
  14. 14. Now, SAD is a purelyphysical phenomenon.While it is in your mind, allright, it is all to do withyour brain chemicals andyour hormones (no, notyour sex hormones – someof the other ones!).
  15. 15. Your pineal gland issensitive to the amount ofbright sunlight you areexposed to, and this glandis responsible for releasingmelatonin into your system– one of the feel-goodhormones.
  16. 16. If your pineal gland doesn’tget enough sunlight, itdoesn’t produce enough ofwhat it needs to in ordertofeel good.
  17. 17. So what you always had ahunch was true actually istrue: dull gloomy weatherreally does make you feeldull and gloomy.
  18. 18. The problem is mostpronounced in higherlatitudes and especially inScandinavian countries,where SAD can look likeactual full-on clinicaldepression – in many ways, itis full-on clinical depression –but it clears up almost likemagic once the darker daysof winter are over.
  19. 19. Good thing this problem cannow be addressed usingHypnotherapy for Depressionor Hypnotherapy for SAD 
  20. 20. Find the facts