EN - 2nd MyUniversity leaflet


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2nd MyUniversity project leaflet in English

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EN - 2nd MyUniversity leaflet

  1. 1. MyUniversity project has equipped 14 universities from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Spain, Slovakia and Swedenwith cutting edge e-Participation portals based on the same software solution. Each portal offers to themembers of the end-user universities as well as to the members of other universities and stakeholdersof the higher education area from these countries an opportunity to collaborate within decision – makingprocesses that address several of the Bologna Action Lines.All portals have the same structure but some look & feel features and the language of the user interfacewere customized for each university. The portals have an easily-accessible, in-depth content on subjectsrelated to universities’ everyday life, EU and national legislation and policy directly related to higher Information Society and Mediaeducation, universities’ policy draft proposals, Bologna Process developments, events and action lines.The end-users universities are able to: European CommissionDisseminate key information on the Bologna process;Easily publish national and European consultations on the Bologna Process on their e-Participation portaland then allow university personnel and students to provide feedback on them;Create online surveys and discussions that can enhance the existing traditional “on-site” meetings organ-ized by them for their own decision-making processes; Project website: www.myuniversity-project.euGather their students’ views on the key issues affecting them. CONTACT INFORMATION Project Coordinator :GFI NV, TECHNOLOGIELAAN 11/102 3001 Heverlee, Belgium Tel. +32(0)16 38 11 11 Fax. +32(0)16 38 11 00 E-mail: info.myuniversity@gfi.be
  2. 2. Students, alumni and teaching, research and administrative staff of other universities besides those Main features of theinvolved in this project are invited as well to join the debates on core Bologna subjects from the e-Participation portals:university e-Participating portals. E-participation tools:Please visit the e-Participation portal of the university/universities from your country and have your Pollssay! Forum discussions ePetitionsInternational Business School Bulgaria (Bulgaria) www.e-myuniversity.eu/ibsedu “Letter to officials” toolUniversity of National and World Economy (Bulgaria) www.e-myuniversity.eu/unwe Mini-sites for starting and manageUniversity of Vilnius (Lithuania) www.e-myuniversity.eu/vu participative processesSlovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (Slovakia) www.e-myuniversity.eu/uniagSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Slovakia) www.e-myuniversity.eu/stuba Personal account/profile of the userUniversity of Presov in Presov (Slovakia) www.e-myUniversity.eu/unipoRey Juan Carlos University (Spain) www.e-myuniversity.eu/urjc Search featureUniversity of León (Spain) www.e-myuniversity.eu/ulePolytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain) www.e-myuniversity.eu/upc “Contact us” featureAutonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) www.e-myuniversity.eu/uabUniversity of Barcelona (Spain) www.e-myuniversity.eu/ub Calendar listing the upcoming eventsUniversity of Girona (Spain) www.e-myuniversity.eu/udgUniversity of Lleida (Spain) www.e-myuniversity.eu/udl Really Simple Syndication (RSS)Stockholm University (Sweden) www.e-myuniversity.eu/suMyUniversity is an EU co-funded project CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3bis The ICT PSP Programme website : http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/ict_psp